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Best Toilets For Heavy People

Best Toilets For Heavy People

There’s no escaping a toilet, its a day to day product each and everyone of us needs. While designed to be as helpful as possible, for a bigger person the toilet can sometimes seem intimidating. While looking for the best toilets for heavy people it can be frightening not knowing whether the toilet can handle your body weight or not.

I’ve personally never broken a toilet as such, just the toilet seat from poor bracket components. The seat would sway from side to side which has lead to a few accidents over the years too. But the toilets I’ve used have always stood up and taken the weight.

But nonetheless, will a toilet be able to handle the weight of someone weighing 500 pounds. This can often put heavier people off suing public toilets and toilets at the parks. Not knowing whether they are heavy duty enough to handle the weight. I couldn’t think of anything more embarrassing than to break a public toilet.

Do Toilets Have Weight Capacities

How much weight can a toilet actually hold, this is a hard question to answer as most of the time the new toilet your looking at doesn’t state a weight capacity. More often than not, further research is needed.

For example, Kohler states that their floor mounted toilets can hold a static weight of 1000 pounds. While their wall hung toilets have a capacity of 500 pounds. However, their are other wall hung toilet brands with higher weight capacities to 880 pounds.

Meanwhile Gerber have stated that their toilets can handle 500 pounds of vertical force on their water china toilet bowls. If you are close to 500 pounds in weight, I would surely go for a Kohler over a Gerber.

I have noticed fluctuating weight capacities on the Swiss Madison toilets. From 500 pounds to 800 pounds. So again, I’d feel safer on a toilet with a 1000 pound capacity to handle the dynamic capacity us bigger people put on the bowl when initiating the sitting position.

Stainless steel toilets and wall hung toilets are said to be stronger and hold more weight. For example a stainless steel Zurn wall mounted toilet can hold up to 1000 pounds.

For the toilets for big and tall people, a 20″-21″ extra high toilet is recommended. At this height you can comfortably sit with your knees and legs not scrambled up.

1000 Lbs Capacity Floor Toilets

Seat Features Price

KOHLER K-3987-RA-0 Bathroom-Hardware, White

14.5"h Round Dual Flush 1.1-1.6GPF, 12" Rough In, Seat Not Included. Uses 20% Less Water Check Price Amazon

KOHLER K-6669-0 Memoirs Stately Comfort Height 2-Piece Elongated Toilet, 1.28 GPF, White

16.5" Elongated 3 Bolt Installation, 1.28GPF Aqua Piston, Polished Chrome Lever, Concealed Trapway Check Price Amazon

2000 Pound Capacity Heavy Duty Toilet

To play it safe as a heavier person, one can always look into the toilets which have declared a weight capacity of 2000 pounds or more. While there’s not a great deal of them out there, that specify such a high weight capacity, with a little research its possible to find them.

American Standard 3641.001.020 Right Width Right Height Flush Valve Elongated Bowl, White

Its nice to see the American Standard brand have a Bariatric toilet tested to hold a minimum of 2000 pounds. Its a water efficient toilet which uses just 1.28 gallons per flush up to 1.6gpf while being highly efficient.

Its a bit different to your regular toilets but with the higher weight capacity, it may be worth a shot. The toilet bowl sits at 17 inches high, this is without the seat. A seat riser may be required for the big and tall people. The seat that comes with the toilet has an open front but can be changed with an oversized toilet seat if needed.

Installation appears to be pretty basic provided you have allowed a minimum rough in of 10 inches from the wall. The flush valve comes with this model found on amazon, so the tools you need are pretty basic. From a tape measure to a screwdriver. Full instructions can be found here.

American Standard 3641.001.020 Right Width Right Height Flush Valve Elongated Bowl, White

Wall Mounted Toilets For Heavy People

According to the National Consensus Standards, all wall hung toilets need to have a weight capacity of 500 pounds. If you’re around 400 pounds you may be thinking, sweet I under 500 pounds.

But think again as you need to take into consideration of the weight of the actual toilet bowl which can be around 50 pounds, the support brackets in your wall and understand that static weight is less than your dynamic weight.

A wall hung toilet with a weight capacity of 500 pounds means it can safely hold 500 pounds sitting on it. This static weight is tested by slowly placing 500 pounds on the toilet.

Now as you go to sit on a wall hung toilet, there will be extra dynamic force from the motion of you sitting on the toilet. This dynamic force is a greater weight than your static body weight.

So what does this mean for the big people, no wall hung toilets? I would certainly avoid public wall hung toilets as there is no way to tell if the structure of the wall can support your weight and you don’t know the capacity of the toilet.

Geberit 111.798.00.1 Toilets and Bidets

High Weight Capacity Wall Hung Toilet

If you’re in the market for a wall hung toilet for your own home and you’re a heavier than 350 pounds, I would suggest considering a wall hung toilet with a higher weight capacity. Doesn’t hurt to play it safe right.

The Geberit dual flush wall mounted system can support up to 880 pounds, which is better suited to heavy people. Whats great about the Geberit also is that it can be used with many of the leading wall hung toilet bowls.

The Geberit system is often bought alongside the Toto CT418F#01 toilet bowl as they fit together nicely. But for the heavy person, the Toto has a specified weight capacity of 700 pounds. This higher weight capacity goes well with the 880 pound capacity of the Geberit.

Geberit 111.798.00.1 Toilets and Bidets

Compatible Wall Hung Toilets

High Weight Capacity Wall Hung Toilet

If these Duravit wall mounted toilet doesn’t suit your style, there are a number of compatible toilet bowls from a number of brands.

Duravit Toilet F.A.Q

Does this Duravit come with a seat?. No, you will need to buy a compatible seat. Most elongated toilet seats will do the trick. The official Duravit toilet seats sold separately are models 0063810000 or 0063890000.

Does it need a flush actuator plate? Yes, the Geberit 115.770.11.5 is compatible.

Is It Automatic Flush? No, its a push button flushing toilet

Duravit 63810000, Small, White

Bariatric Toilets

While the obese people may find the regular porcelain toilets suitable for their needs with weight capacities up to 1000 pounds. A powder coated stainless steel toilet by Willoughby can hold 2000 pounds.

Giving the reassurance a morbidly obese person needs from a toilet. These toilets are stronger as they are welded with a heavy gauge stainless steel. Finished in a white gloss powder coating so they don’t look so out of place in your bathroom.

The General Consensus

From the information gathered here, its easy to see that a large number of toilets are suitable for heavy people. If the toilet is made from quality porcelain and the brand is reputable, there’s a good chance the toilet will live to tell the tale.

However, its still a good idea to find out what the toilet brands recommended maximum weight limit is. As shown earlier, the Gerber toilets have a lower capacity of 500 pounds, which is not really suitable for many heavy people.

Because Kohler have clarified their weight capacity to be 1000 pounds, it makes more sense to buy a Kohler toilet over a Gerber when you’re significantly heavy.

Bariatric toilets with a weight capacity of 2000 pounds are there if needed. They are few and far between, but its good to know that the morbidly obese people can safely use a toilet without the fear of breaking the bowl. When all else fails, try going with a 1000 pound commode chair as a way to give the extra strength needed.

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