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Heavy Duty Rollaway Beds For Heavy People

Heavy Duty Rollaway Beds For Heavy PeopleAren’t rollaway beds the best thing since sliced cheese. Unless your a big and heavy person and weigh over 250 pounds. Finding suitable heavy duty rollaway beds for heavy people can be a nightmare. Most of these beds on wheels are either not wide enough or have a weight capacity simply not high enough for a heavier person.

Even if you’re not overweight but have larger guests coming over for the holidays, you will still need to find a heavy duty rollaway cot. It’s not worth risking it on a sub 250 pound capacity bed.

Sure your guests may survive the night, but after extended periods of time the foundation will simply give way. Or the bars bend and springs snap causing the canvas to tear. Not only will your guests be upset, but you will too as you would have wasted a bunch of money on a rollaway cot that’s now rendered useless.

There Are Options For The Big Adults

But fear not, I have come to save you the heartache. Below you can find a handful of rollaway cots for heavy people with weights capacities from 320 lbs to over 500 lbs. These are all built heavy duty so that they can support the extra weight without buckling.

However, trying to find a queen size rollaway or anything bigger than a twin XL is quite the mission. So if you do manage to find one, please let me know in the comments below. This would be particularly handy for when couples stay the night whether they are big or not.

Compare Roll-Away Beds By Weight Capacity

Size Capacity Price
32"W x 75" 500 LB Check Price Amazon
38" x 75"L 400 LB Check Price Amazon
31.5"W x 75"L 400 LB Check Price Amazon
30"w x 72"L 375 LB Check Price Amazon
31"W x 75"L 320 LB Check Price Amazon


Best Rollaway Bed For A Heavy Person

Mammoth 640 LB Weight CapacityBest Rollaway Bed For Heavy Person

With such a high weight capacity of 640 pounds, it’s an easy choice to consider this Porta-Bed™ heavy-duty roll away bed. 

But there’s much more to this guest bed that makes it ideal for the big person. So let me break it down into the key factors that I consider to be useful for the larger person.

Built Like A Tank

The absolute first thing I look for when buying any form of furniture is the weight capacity. Is the bed going to be strong enough to support my 400 pound body?

Well the good news is that this folding bed has the highest weight capacity I have seen. At 640 pounds max weight limit, it is head and shoulders above the competition. Most rolling beds like this will max out at 400 pounds and even then, I’m sceptical of putting my full body weight on it. 

Why Is It So Sturdy?Roll away bed for heavy adult

So why is this bed much stronger than any other rollaway bed listed? While it may look similar from the outside, the Porta-Bed™ utilizes a unique structural component that gives it that extra bit of reinforcement needed to safely hold a heavy person. 

To start with, the bed uses high density steel as the slats that hold the mattress. Whereas other beds will often use canvas or even worse, a weaker fabric. Canvas is great, but if you weigh more than 250 pounds, chances are you want something that is going last longer than 3 months.

The platform is also reinforced with 8 horizontal cross bars. Many companies fall short here and only provide 6, so this is where this model picks up the extra strength to support over 600 pounds.  

The foundation, which takes the bulk of the weight is evenly distributed over 4 horizontal legs, where others may only feature 3. Because the support frame of the legs runs horizontally along the ground, there’s more surface contact giving the bed more resistance to higher body weight. 

Comes With A Wide Dual Layer Mattress

The next best thing about the Porta-Bed™ is that it is actually a true Twin size, whereas many others are simply single beds dressed up as twin sizes. The Porta-Bed™ is a full 38-inches wide. That is 7 inches wider than many other rollaway beds

Being a Twin size, it also has length suitable for larger adults, that is it measures 75-inches in length. The mattress, which is included, is a dual layer memory foam mattress. 

I know memory foam is not always the best choice for heavy people, but this mattress uses a high density memory foam as the base (2.5″ thick). This base layer gives the mattress the structural integrity to support heavier people compared to softer less dense foam that flattens out like a pancake. 

The top layer (1.5″) is the softer foam designed to give you the comfort and resilience commonly associated with memory foam. Finishing off the 4-inch thick mattress is a breathable and easy to clean removable mattress cover. 

Overall Vibe

The overall vibe of the Porta-Bed™ rollaway bed is predominantly positive. Its high weight capacity and wider sleeping surface make it a option hard to discount. The fact all 4 castor wheels feature locking mechanisms is also a huge benefit, especially if your guests are sleeping on a hard flat surface like wooden floors or tiles. 

the only downside is that it is a little bit more expensive than most other brands. But this small amount is nothing in comparison to the huge 640 pound weight capacity on offer from the Rollaway bed.

Even if you’re guests are not overweight, I feel they would find the strength and stability of the bed reassuring as they doze off. 

Porta-Bed™ 640 LB Rated Rollaway Bed


500 Lbs (Pound) Capacity Rollaway Bed

500 Lbs Rollaway Bed Cot
For the average height (5’9″) male, it’s considered obese if you way more than 203 pounds, which I find simply ridiculous. So is this roll away bed good for obese people?.

Considering it has a 500 pound weight capacity and the only rollaway that I could find with a 500 lb capacity, I would say absolutely. But it’s more than just a rollaway bed for obese people. It’s luxurious!.

This bed has features I have not seen on other rollaways before and I must say I’m impressed. To start with, most rollaways have the caster wheels in the center of the bed, which does make moving it more difficult once it’s unfolded. But on this cot the caster wheels are on the two ends. So instead of just 4 wheels, you get 8. This makes it super easy to move the bed around on the floor once it is unfolded.

The frame of the roll away is also quite thick and heavy duty. Its also been reinforced with stabilizer bars, giving it the real heavy duty appeal. But the feature I love the most about the frame is that it comes with handles/armrests.

These steel bed rails are off center so that when you get out of bed you can pull yourself up. Now as a big person myself, this feature is a godsend. Getting out of bed is always a struggle and having these handles helps a lot.

Adjustable Back Feature Is Awesome

Most rollaway beds you simply lay on and sleep. But not with this one, you can raise the back section of the bed from 0° to 80°. This allows you to sit up and read a book, watch TV etc. Just a little extra you don’t get from other rollaway beds.

In terms of size, I would have like it to be wider. But in saying that there’s not much available in the 500 pound capacity range. The frame itself is 32 inches wide while the mattress is half an inch shorter. The length of the bed frame is 75 inches but the mattress is slightly longer (78.7″) so tall people can have their feet overhang more.

The bed also comes with a pillow and dust cover to protect the mattress when folded away. The casters all have locks so the bed doesn’t slide around during the night and the feet come with non slip pads so the legs don’t damage the floor. Overall this rollaway is a high quality and heavy duty bed for someone that needs the high weight capacity.

500 Lbs Capacity Rollaway Bed


Heavy Duty 400 Pound Capacity Rollaway Cot

Heavy Duty 400 Pound Capacity Rollaway Cot
While the above rollaway has a higher weight capacity, it lacks a bit in width. This premium line of rollaway by Milliard has an extra 6 inches of width, totalling 38″ wide by 75″ in length.

The height of the bed is also not too bad considering its a folding rolling bed. With the mattress on top, it measures 16 inches from floor to top. So not too low that a bigger person cant pull themselves up.

The reasonably high weight capacity of 400 pounds is backed up by double reinforced stabilizers on the base of the steel tubed frame. So it’s quite a stable and sturdy portable bed.

But Is It Comfortable?

As a child I used to love laying on the trampoline in the backyard, I just found it so comfortable and supportive. This rollaway by Milliard uses the same trampoline design as the foundation for the mattress.

But making it even more comfortable is the 2.5 pound rated memory foam mattress. This is smack bang in the middle of firm and soft in terms of density. So you get a nice supportive mattress which isn’t too hard, yet soft enough to doze off in no time.


It’s easy design combined with simple caster wheel assembly completes this rollaway. I love everything about this rollaway, the fact it’s a little wider yet still doesn’t have an annoying center support bar digging into your back.

The trampoline base with memory foam mattress is the true winner for me. It’s just too comfortable and makes getting out of bed all that much more difficult, as in you don’t want to get out!.

I do wish this bed also had bed rails like the above rollaway. But like I said, that is the only rollaway I have seen with bed rails before so I can’t be too picky.

Milliard Premium 400 Lbs Rolling Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress


Alternative 400 Lbs Rollaway Option

Similar design to the above Milliard, this 400 pound capacity rollaway folding bed is by ‘Layout’. Said to be one of if not the most comfortable folding bed on wheels you can buy. This again is due to the solid poly tarp trampoline style base finished with a memory foam mattress.

However this rolling bed is not as wide as the above Milliard. Perhaps better suited to the overweight people around the 250 lbs to 300 lbs depending on your body width. As this rollaway has a width of 31.5″.

The full metal frame is also double reinforced to give it that heavy duty rating. Around the edges of the poly tarp are 32 metal springs which provide you with that supportive trampoline feel. The 4 inch thick memory foam mattress does the rest. The mattress also comes with a cover to protect it from sweat, dirt etc.

The rollaway can easily be folded up when not in use. The 360° caster wheels make for simple transportation over any household surface. The buckle which simply clicks in holds the mattress and frame together in storage. For long term storage the legs can be folded up to provide a more compact design.

Layout 75x31.5-Inch Metal Folding Bed Frame with Memory Foam Mattress


375 Pound Rated Rollaway Folding Bed

Blantex make this 375 pound capacity rollaway bed and if you have never heard of Blantex before, they make some of the most durable and heavy duty folding beds, cots and sleeping equipment for relief workers and the military.

However in terms of being a good guest bed for large people, I would pay serious attention to the width of this bed. Its only 30 inches wide so it may not be suitable for very larger people. Even with the 375 pound weight capacity.

The bed is also slightly shorter coming in at 72 inches long. So not ideal for tall people either. But if your under 6 foot tall and don’t have a huge build, you will appreciate the sturdiness and strength the 20 gauge steel frame offers. 20 gauge steel is quite thick as these measurements usually run from 1 gauge to 30 gauge.

Steel Rollaway Beds

In the picture it appears as tho the rollaway doesn’t have caster wheels. But the Blantex does in fact have wheels as you can see in the above smaller image. Overall the Blantex is a good solid little bed. But I wouldn’t recommend this rollaway for obese people as the size of the bed is simply too small. 

Roll over image to zoom in Blantex XK-14 Heavy Duty Steel Roll-a-way Bed


Rollaway Bed For Overweight People 320 Lbs Capacity

Rollaway Bed For Overweight People
The last option for heavy duty rollaways is this 320 pound rated bed by Mecor. Again it’s not a very wide bed coming in at only 31 inches. But for us overweight people we don’t have a great deal of options available to us.

The Mecor folding bed on wheels is similar to the Milliard except it has a lower weight capacity. It’s 75 inches long and as I just mentioned 31 inches wide.

However this one sits 2 inches lower to the ground with a total height of 14 inches. So this could be a deal breaker for people with bad backs, the elderly and beer bellies as it’s harder to get up from lower heights. I fall into 2 of those 3 categories and know just how hard it is to stand from low to ground chairs. So keep this in mind.

The steel tubing on the Mecor does look very solid, so the 320 pound capacity does ring true to me. The base frame is also reinforced to give it that extra strength while also giving the frame a longer lifespan.

On top of the breathable mesh base is a 3 inch thick memory foam mattress. While it’s not the thickest memory foam mattress you can buy, the fact its on a spring loaded mesh base means you will still find it quite comfortable and supportive. But in saying that, most folding beds only have a 3 inch thick mattress anyway.

If you fall under the 320 pound weight capacity and can handle a 31 inch wide temporary bed, then give the Mecor a shot. It’s a quality rollaway with a decent weight rating. I just wish it was 10 or so inches wider.

Mecor Metal Rollaway Guest Bed for Adults Heavy Duty Frame 320 lbs


Which Rollaway Is Best For You?

If features and functionality like a reclining back rest and bed rails suit you, then go fo the 500 pound capacity rollaway. But if you need a wider rollaway which still has a decent 400 pound capacity, I would suggest the Milliard Rollaway. It would be my go to choice unless you weight more than 400 pounds.


Key Factors To Consider When Buying A Rollaway Bed As a Big Adult

The problem with rolling guests beds is that they are usually small in size and for a very good reason. To be compact enough for easy storage. 

This creates a huge problem for bigger size adults, especially if you weigh more than 250 pounds. A portable bed that is just 31 inches wide is going to limit the amount of sleeping space for anyone larger in nature. 

Ideally, you want to find a bed that is a Twin, Twin XL, or even a Queen rollaway (if they exist). A twin size rollaway will have a width of 38-inches, giving you an extra 7 inches of shoulder width. For anyone that tosses and turns during the night, this extra 7-inches of bed with will be pure gold. 

A Strong Heavy-Duty Steel Frame

The key to surviving the night on a rollaway bed as a big person is a strong foundation. The last thing you want is for your guests to end up crashing on the floor due to a cheaply made frame. 

When comparing the various offers, its critical you take a good look at the structural integrity of the bed frame. You don’t need a engineering degree, but at the very least count how many braces and support poles/legs the bed has. The more the better. 

A Durable Laying Surface

Its often debated as to whether a canvas foundation or a steel platform is best. However, when you’re a large person, the steel platform wins hands down.

This is because it provides a stronger and more stable surface to support upwards of 400 pounds. But this is not to say canvas is bad, but just be mindful of the longevity from a fabric material held together by a few springs and sewn in stitches. 

Size Does Matter

Don’t compromise on the thickness of the mattress. While I know it is a portable guest bed to be used temporarily, you still want it to be comfortable.

From my experience, you don’t want a rollaway bed with a mattress less than 4-inches in thickness. Otherwise the mattress can bottom out much easier under a heavier persons weight. 

Other Features Are A Bonus

The biggest downside to being a large and heavy person is that we often don’t get as many choices as the thinner population. This is especially true when it comes to rollaway beds.

So while one bed may highlight a feature that is of particular interest to you, if it doesn’t have the have the above requirements, it may not be a good choice for a heavier adult. 

However in saying that, our number 1 recommended rollaway bed does feature all the requirements for a big man while not shying away from some smaller more convenient features. so all in all, its not a bad choice, especially if you weight anywhere remotely close to 500 lbs. 

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