Best Heavy Duty Air Mattresses Over 300 Lbs For Heavy People

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Heavy Duty Air Mattresses Over 300 Lbs For Heavy People

When you’re on the search to buy the best heavy duty air mattress, you should keep a few things in mind before purchasing the first thing you see.

Air mattresses for heavy people certainly are a case of one size does not fit all. But there’s more than just the size you need to consider.

Other aspects come into play when you are placing heavy loads on top of a inflated device. Such as seam stitching quality, material thickness, internal support coil construction and comfort.

To help make life a little easier for us big guys, we have narrowed down to weight capacity for the temporary and camping air mattresses for heavy people.

Do note that some air mattresses are rated to 300, 500 to 600 lbs. But do consider if this is a twin size or queen and if your going to be using this mattress for 1 or 2 people. First we will have a look at some of the important features I look for in a air mattress.

Compare The Best Heavy Duty Air Mattresses

Capacity Sizes Price
600 Lbs Twin, Queen Check Price Amazon
500 Lbs Queen Check Price Amazon
500 Lbs Twin, Queen, King Check Price Amazon
500 Lbs Queen Check Price Amazon
800 Lbs Queen Check Price Amazon


What I Look For In An Air Mattress

  • The height of the air mattress from the ground is a critical factor I consider. This is because if the mattress is too low to the ground it makes it that much harder to get in and off the mattress.
  • Thickness of the mattress is also important for buying a air mattress for the overweight or obese persons.
  • Heavy Duty Label: It’s got to be made from the highest quality materials built to withstand our heavy body weights.
  • Size of the air mattress is very important if you plan to have 2 plus size people sleeping on it. In particular make sure you check the width of the air mattress so you not constantly rolling off it. Twin size, Queen size or King size etc.
  • Built in pump is always a winner for me. Just for the pure convenience of it. But this is less important for camping air mattresses.
  • Many people find air beds to be better for bad backs and at times have used air beds as a replacement for their normal mattresses for heavy people.
  • *Recently Added 800 pound Capacity Air Mattress


Our Recommendation For Best Camping Air Mattress For Heavy People

Coleman Double High Queen Air Bed

Best Heavy Duty Camping Air Mattress For Heavy People
While many of the heavy duty air mattresses here can be used for camping, the Coleman Queen Size Air Bed is my personal favorite. It ticks all the above requirements. Especially for height from ground.

This enormous air bed sits a nice 18 inches from the floor when pumped up. Which creates a more comfortable nights sleep and assists us bigger guys to get in and out of better much easier.

The air mattress itself is waterproof and to me that’s a no brainer for when it comes to camping. The soft suede topping is very comfortable. You will not really need an additional mattress topper like on some other air beds. While there’s no official weight rating, it’s a good idea to read reviews to get a grasp. Other similar Coleman air beds hold 600 lbs.

The integrated pump works amazingly. It plugs in and pumps up the bed in just mere minutes, deflating is just as easy. The air bed should stay firm all through the night and hopefully won’t leave you laying flat on the hard ground.


Coleman Double High Air Bed - Built In Pump


500 Lbs Permanent Air Mattress

Dual Comfort Control Pumps By Serta

500 Lbs Permanent Air Mattress
If your looking for an air mattress up to 500 pound weight capacity that you don’t need to continuously pump air into, then you should check out the Raised Air Mattress by Serta.

This air mattress boasts 2 air pumps for complete control over your comfort level. For customization of comfort you simply just select whether you want plush, firm or medium settings.

The ‘Never Flat’ pumps works for you to ensure that the air mattress stays at your desired comfort level without going flat. Excellent feature but one that requires power to work. So not ideal for non powered camping sites. When the Never Flat pump detects any air loss in the mattress it automatically tops up the mattress to the settings you entered.

The brand behind this air mattress is Serta, who are famous for providing plus sized office chairs for the overweight community. I think Serta have delivered again in terms of quality and affordability with this plus size air mattress.

I consider this air mattress a good choice for people who suffer from bad backs as well. One can suffer from a bad back and decide to try out an air mattress as temporary relief. I know I have done this before, but would suggest seeking medical advice for long term sleeping.

But because of the Never Flat technology, I find it’s a really good bed for back pain sufferers. Knowing that the mattress will be set to your desired level of comfort is huge for me.

I think a lot of the comfort has to do with the ability to control the comfort levels from the dual pumps. Without deflating during the night it helps keep the ergonomic levels at an acceptable level.

The pumps sounds like a gentle refrigerator noise while it’s maintaining air level stages. So you shouldn’t even notice it, unless you a light sleeper. I would definitely consider this mattress as my (Powered) camping sleep solution as it ticks all my required boxes.

Serta Air Mattress 500 Lbs Capacity


Best Support Air Mattress Up To 500 Pounds

SoundAsleep’s Dream Series – 500 Pound Queen Size Air Bed

SoundAsleep present this magnificent Dream Series 500 lbs capacity air mattress which has many of the bells and whistles one may come to expect.

I found it to be one very high quality product. It looks as tho every part of this air bed is made from tough thick and quality materials. I was very impressed when I first laid down on this mattress.

It sits at 19″ from ground level which made getting in very easy (The highest from ground level is 22″ in my experience). The soft padding instantly made me feel like “yes, this is the one”.

The air mattress by SoundAsleep is one of the leaders in this field in regards to innovating the simple air mattress. The comfort coil technology is what provides the amazing level of comfort. Its basically 40 air coils spread evenly inside the bed to create the evenly comfortable platform.

But the uniqueness comes from these 40 air coils being vertical support beams rather than horizontal channels. Horizontal beams tend to warp out of shape and create a big air bubble in the middle of the bed. But with these vertical channels, they act like soft posts supporting your entire body evenly.

As for setting this SoundAsleep mattress up, it’s nothing unusual. Pretty basic and very fast. The pump adds exceptional value to this product. On your first nights sleep and possibly the first few nights sleep, you may notice that the mattress has deflated just a little bit.

Don’t worry, the rep’s from SoundAsleep have explained whats happening and it’s quite normal. Basically just the PVC stretching as all plastics do. Once you deflate it and pump it up again. The air bed should be good to go.


SoundAsleep 500 Lbs Capacity Air Bed


Guest Air Beds For Heavy People

The Insta-Bed Heavy Duty Air Bed

Best Plus Size Air Mattress
The Insta-Bed has the highest height from ground of all the heavy duty air mattresses discussed here. It raises to a very helpful 22 inches. The gripping bottom of the air bed works extremely well, so well I can see this being used as a full time bed.

However if you need a bed set up in a hurry for unexpected guests, this Insta-Bed may do the trick. Very simple and fast to pump up with the built in pump.  I believe the Insta-Bed is one of those beds likely to impress even the harshest of sleep critics.

What is fascinating about this style of air mattress is it’s unique chamber. It’s a dual chamber that prevents air movement inside the mattress which then forms a stronger stable outer edge. This helps for easily getting into and out of the air bed. So when you press on the edge of the bed, you shouldn’t slip off. I’ve done this on many normal mattresses and many other air beds as I am sure you have too.

Overall I find The Insta-Bed to be a really good choice for a guest bed or temporary travel air bed because of it’s portability and supreme comfort. The weight capacity of 500 Lbs is very appealing to us bigger Guys and seals the deal for me.


Insta-Bed Air Bed


Insta-Bed Air Bed Video Review

Watch this video review about how to set up the Insta-Bed with ease.


The Best Air Bed For Big And Tall Persons

The Quick Luxe Queen Size Air Bed – 600 Lbs Capacity

The Quick Luxe seems to sell out rather fast, so please check availability on amazon here.

The thing with air beds and especially when being frequently used by big Men or Women is that they can easily get damaged. A lot of other air mattresses don’t come with a great length of warranty for this reason. However the Quick Luxe defies the odds and usually offers a 6 month replacement warranty which is pretty cool.

The Quick Luxe is another quality product catering for the XL market. This air bed can hold up to 600 Pounds. It also sits 20 inches from ground level which isn’t too bad to get in and out from. Unlike some cheaper beds, I have found this bed has less sag in the middle and keeps a firm yet comfortable surface for a good nights sleep. 

If you’re planning to set this bed up for an extended period, I would say that the Quick Luxe may last 2 weeks before needing to put more air in it. Which is a pretty long time to be camping, especially with the kids.

However with the built in air pump, it’s super quick and easy to inflate and pump up. So if you can spare a few minutes every day, this air bed makes a good guest bed as it can be stored away so quickly. I couldn’t find too much negative about the Quick Luxe, even the support staff were amazing.

Which I know is not all that common these days. So if your after a heavy duty and reliable air bed catering to high weight capacities, then I suggest you consider the Quick Luxe as your next buying option.


Quick Luxe Air Bed


800 Pound Capacity Air Mattress By Coleman

800 Pound Capacity Air Mattress By Coleman
Available On

This was a request by a reader to source out a 800 lbs weight capacity airbed. The only applicable air mattress I could find that holds 800 pounds is the Coleman All Terrain Plus Double High.

Unfortunately I am not familiar with this mattress, but it does look to be rather strong going by the product description. I urge you to do your due diligence on this air bed if you are needing a Queen air bed at this high weight rating.


What Makes An Air Mattress Heavy Duty

After reviewing the above airbeds, its easy to see the difference between a heavy duty air mattress and some cheap plastic type inflatable bed. But unfortunately, a lot of us shop with our wallets rather than our head.

By this I mean, it’s hard to justify spending $100 on an air mattress, especially if you’re only going to use it during the warmer months when camping.

It’s a battle, but you need to put those thoughts out of your head. An air mattress is an essential item and one that can either give you the best nights sleep, or turn your camping trip into a nightmare.

So spending a little extra to ensure you get quality stitched seams and thicker more durable materials used in the bed are well worth the investment. Especially as a heavy person, the last thing you want is to pop the seams on the first night.

A quality air mattress that has been looked after can last you a long time. So spending the right amount of money on one compared to buying a dozen cheap models makes no sense at all. Buying quality will ensure your body has a good nights rest and survive many camping seasons.

Heavy Duty Internal Coil SystemBest Heavy Duty Air Mattress

To really get the most out of a heavy duty air mattress, you need to ensure it has an internal coil system. These air coils are what provide your body with the support it needs. Don’t be fooled into thinking all air mattresses have this feature.

The cheaper options are typically horizontally running air chambers. These don’t provide very good support, especially for a heavy person. These types of inflatables are usually the ones you see with a huge bubble in the center. This is how the air tries to escape as a result of the bed not having internal air coils.

With an air coils system, the air travels up and down these coils which act as support beams underneath your body. They contour to your body and provide even support which the horizontal chambers on cheaper model do not.

Even when you sit on the edge of a high quality air mattress with an internal air coil system, the bed won’t cave in. You get enough support to sit on the edge of the airbed, even as a heavier person. This in my opinion is one of the best features of a heavy duty air mattress. Makes getting in and out of bed for a heavy person so much easier.









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