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Building Self Esteem With Exercise As A Heavy Person

Self Value: Am I worth It?

Self Esteem With Exercise As A Heavy PersonAs somebody who’s suffered from serious self esteem issues for as long as I can remember, I know all too well the pressures being obese can put on someone. As a young 3rd grader, I remember feeling insecure about the fat on my inner legs when we all sat down on the floor as a group in School. I use to compare (without anyone knowing) how wide my leg was. To be more precise, a few inches above the knee cap on the inner side. I was not even 10 years old and already I had self esteem issues.

Weight issues are just one factor that affects self esteem levels, but one that affects many Americans each and every day. Whats even more disturbing is the obesity rate for young kids. In 2011 it was recorded that 14.7% of 2 to 4 year old Children in America were obese. Now this can surely lead to future self esteem issues.

The body is made up of many components such as muscles, cells, joints, blood, fat many bones and much more. These components all work together alongside the brain to try keep us fit and healthy. However, like everything else that’s good for us, these components need our human assistance to keep and maintain a healthy body. Which therefor means we must transform some aspects of out life to assist a healthy mind and body.

Physical exercise is a very common way to transform both our bodies and self esteem in the one process. Unfortunately as self esteem and being overweight go hand in hand, many folks fail to transform their inner bodies. I know this all too well, sadly I have delayed or made excuse after excuse to avoid healthy eating. Even simple exercises such as taking a peaceful walk on a high weight capacity treadmill in the comfort of my own home was a dreaded task. Little did I realize that these simple changes could make me stronger. Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.

Start Increasing Self Esteem With Simple Stretches

Living a happy and healthier lifestyle is by no means an easy feat. We all know this, and some even struggle with it years later. But we MUST make a personal change to accomplish a longer and more fulfilling life. Starting with basic stretches and warm up routines are amazing progress for a big Man if you ask me. Not only does stretching protect the joints and muscles from potential damage, it’s the first step in making a great change. Congrats! can you feel a little increase in self esteem?.  Please don’t take stretching for granted, especially as a larger person. It doesn’t end well if one starts exercising without the adequate stretches.

Stick with stretching and warming up, especially if one falls into the obese category. I find just stretching as the beginning steps for really overweight people to be a good choice. Like anything thats worth mastering, I believe one must master the baby steps before moving onto bigger and greater accomplishments.

Once the confidence is there and the body is use to stretching more, its time for a full work out schedule. *Note: It’s advisable to consult a Doctor if any sort of exercise is something the body hasn’t experienced in a very long time.

Start small and don’t expect miracle results after one routine. I find 2 to 3 times a week and about 20-40 minutes are a good starting point for us overweight beginners. Be aware that exercising is going to be painful, also know that it will take some serious amount of time. Don’t believe the hype of the latest weight lose program, Fad etc. Losing weight to get self esteem back is HARD!.

Gradually increase the training and exercises to more frequent occurrences, whatever best suits your lifestyle. However I don’t recommend going over 1 hour exercise sessions. Thats all that’s needed to improve the bodies fitness and ultimately self esteem in my opinion.

Achieving Small Goals Leads To Greater Self Worth

Achieving set goals/plans/dreams are something many people strive to do. As a larger person, some goals may seem even harder to achieve. Which may be very true in many cases…But think of the satisfaction, pride, reward and the increased self esteem once the goal has been accomplished.By doing the hard yards now, life hopefully becomes easier down the track. It’s the getting started part I’ve found to be most difficult.

After sticking with exercise as the weapon against low self esteem, self worth and belief should increase. This is because the exercise is allowing the person to hold an image of themselves much higher than before (when loss self esteem was simply accepted). Exercise and achieving small goals can make people feel better about themselves, a sense of purpose and achievement is fairly common during the mission to increase self esteem.

Once everything is running well, the body and mind start to work seamlessly together. As the mind stays focused on a healthier lifestyle, the body reaps the rewards of the minds commitment. While the body is being well looked after, it is also feeding the mind with positive thoughts. These positive thoughts have a subtle but important affect on the self esteem.

Exercise Equipment For Heavy People

While not everybody will require exercise equipment for heavier people,  it’s a good idea to look at the weight capacity of the current equipment. With a large percentage of people being overweight or obese, it’s important the machine is capable of handling heavier weights. We recommend you check the user weight capacity on:

Can You Get Your Self Esteem Back?

Many people put good health at the bottom of the list, mainly because they fear lifestyle change. While it’s very easy to comfortably live with myself being overweight, it’s not doing wonders for my body. Nor my mind. Change is exactly that…Change, and yes it is scary. Thinking of the fact I can’t have this.. or that… topped with that… is quite scary. However, deep down buried beneath the layers of fat I know it’s only doing me harm. Will exercise and loosing some weight help bring my self esteem back?. Yes, but not 100% I believe. Scars are scars, and do take time to heal. So while I may be better in the body, my mind may take longer to adapt to the change. Which will ultimately slow down the increase in self esteem.

What Are Your Thoughts?

I would love to hear some of your stories on being overweight/obese and dealing with low self esteem. How did you beat the low self value?. By sharing your story you may be able to help out some other struggling person. Did exercise help you get you self esteem back? Or was weight never the issue?. I welcome all feedback. Thanks!

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