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Adult Tricycles For Heavy People

I can confidently say that tricycles are much easier to ride compared to regular bicycles as a bigger person. With the number of adult tricycles for heavy people on the rise, it’s about time we all start to embrace this 3-wheel phenomenon.

When you first think of a tricycle, the memories of your 3-year old self attempting the trike for the first time start rushing back. Those were the good ole days right?

Listen up, the good ole days are back! With heavy duty adult tricycles we can relive our younger days in a much safer and stable way.

But don’t worry, these tricycles are built for us big boys and gals, so get rid of that image of your 4 year old self right now because it’s time to dive into the best high weight capacity tricycles available.

Compare The Best Heavy Duty Adult Tricycles

Capacity Features Price
450 LB 7 Speed Shimano, Carbon Steel Frame, 24-26" Wheel options, Front/Rear Baskets, Wide Seat, Very Sturdy

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350 LB 20/24/26" Wheel options, 50 LB Rear Basket Limit, Step-Thru design, 7 Speeds

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300 LB 24-26" Wheel Options, 1,3 & 7 Speed options, Step-Thru Design, Premium Quality , Front/Rear and parking Brakes

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Compare Electric Tricycles For Heavy Adults

Capacity Features Price
450 LB 750 Watt Motor, 48V 20Ah Rechargeable Battery, Top Speed: 22 MPH, Large Baskets, Step Thru Design

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440 LB Rear Wheel Differential, 750W 48V Motor, Top Speed 26 MPH, Max 72 Mile per charge

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400 LB 500 Watt Motor, 20 MPH top Speed, 35 Mile range (40-55 mile range with pedal assist), Shimano 7-speed

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Highest Weight Capacity Tricycle

Heavy Duty Adult Tricycles

The highest user weight limit tricycle I have come across is this 450 LB capacity Tricycle by Viribus. Viribus have only been around since 2018, but are quickly making a name for themselves as one of the best bicycle brands catering to ergonomic comfort.

With a staggering 100,000 ‘shock tests’ performed on each and every Viribus bike before leaving the factory, us consumers can feel that little bit extra confident in buying a reliable and durable tricycle.

The Big Man Specs

  • 450 LB weight capacity
  • 26″ Or 24″ alloy wheel rims options
  • 26″ Wheel Design Suitable for people between 5’4″ to 6’2″
  • 24″ Wheel design suitable for people 4’8″ to 5’6″
  • 7 Speed – Shimano shift system
  • High carbon steel frame
  • Adjustable Wide Padded Seat.

Ergonomic Design For Maximum Comfort

As a big man myself, I know there’s more to buying a tricycle than just the weight capacity. Being ‘oversized’ comes with its advantages, but also a lot of restrictive negatives.

However, I find that Viribus have done a fantastic job at achieving a nice mix of ergonomic design and comfort to allow the larger rider easy access and a more enjoyable ride.

This is greatly achieved by the step-thru design in combination with the upright riding position. The raised handlebars allow for an enhance ergonomic experienced that can actually reduce the amount of pressure and strain on your back and wrists.

The step-thru design of this tricycle makes getting on and off all that much easier. Lower to the ground, the step-thru access point is a selling point for heavy people and the elderly. Any design improvement that makes getting on and off easier when you weigh 300+ LB is a sure win in my experience.

Viribus 7 Speed Tricycle 450 LB MORE DETAILS

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Best Tricycle For Big And Tall People

350 LB Capacity – Max User Height 6’2″

Tricycle Big and Tall

The MoonCool is one of the better choices for the big and tall riders. With a weight capacity of 350 Lbs and a recommended max user height of 6’2″ its easy to see why.

Having the extra height and have never rode a regular bicycle before can lead to a daunting first time tricycle experience. Fortunately, a tricycle is much more stable compared to a regular bike, so if you’re a big and tall person looking to get outside of your comfort zone, this MoonCool 26″ option might be a good fit.

The iron steel frame offers the support needed for heavy people. However do consider the fact that any groceries items stored in the large rear basket counts towards the bikes overall 350 pound weight capacity. The basket itself can handle up to 50 pounds.

Assembly Could Be This Trikes Downfall

Unfortunately the MoonCool tricycle for heavy people has a few concerning assembly reviews. I myself am not very bike savvy, so a trip to the bike repair store is on the cards.

While many have managed to assemble the trike though the not so in-depth instructions, there are a number of folks complaining that its taken a very long time and been a very difficult process.

So keep this in mind when buying not just this MoonCarl, but any tricycle. If you are happy to allow a few extra bucks for your local bike store to assemble the tricycle for you, then assembly wont be an issue at all.

Mooncool 350 LB 26 MORE DETAILS

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Premium 300 LB Tricycle For Overweight Persons

Tricycles For Overweight People

Schwinn for the win right? Well, in terms of premium quality Schwinn takes the cake. Unfortunately this tricycle only has a 300 LB weight capacity. Which is fine for plus size and overweight persons. Do remember to also allocate some of the trikes weight capacity to whatever you are storing in the rear basket.

The Schwinn Meridian Tricycle comes in a few speed and size options to cater to most peoples unique needs. 24″ and 26″ wheel sizes which are pretty common. However you can choose between single speed, 7 speed and a 3 speed deluxe twist shifter option.

The simplicity of shifting gears with a twist of the handle is rather enjoyable. However, it does come at an added cost. So be mindful when comparing the different speed options. Perhaps the 7 speed cheaper option is all you need?

If you plan on only riding on flat areas, the single drivetrain 1 speed) option would be the way to go. Less maintenance and much simpler assembly. Plus its super easy to use. Just jump on and pedal away.

A Few Specifications

  • 15.5″ Aluminum Frame
  • 24-26″ Cruiser Tires
  • Adjustable handlebar and large seat
  • Rear expander brake combined with a alloy linear pull front brake for ulitmate stopping power.
  • Also comes with a locking brake for keeping the trike in one position when not in use.
  • Step-Thru design for easy access on and off.
  • Wide Rear Wheel position offers greater stability for the heavier person.
Schwinn 300 LB 1 to 7 Speed Tricycle MORE DETAILS

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450 LB Capacity Electric Tricycle

Best For Big & Tall – Up to 6’4″

Electric Trike For Heavy Adults

If the thought of swapping over your car for an electric tricycle to get around town has ever popped into your head, you’re not alone. For me, the AddMotor M-330 electric tricycle is the go to option for heavy riders.

With a 450 LB weight limit and a 22 MPH top speed, us heavy people can zoom around town like never before. The step thru frame makes getting on and off a breeze and the 4″ Kenda fat tires make riding on all kinds of terrain a pleasant experience. If you’ve ever wanted to ride on the sand, these tires are the ones to go for.

The 750w motor is quite powerful and allows for quicker acceleration. Being a front mounted motor allows the tricycle to become more stable and well balanced at faster speeds up to 22 MPH.

Cruising at top speed you can expect to travel about 40 miles. For farther distances you need to stress the battery less and travel at lower speeds.. For example you can travel about 85 miles (more than double the top speed) when cruising at 8 MPH.

These numbers are of course just guidelines as external factors will affect your personal outcome. This includes your body weight. If you weight 300 LB, don’t expect to be pushing 85 MPH on a full battery charge.

  • Includes a Mulitmodal Taillight. This light allows you to be seen by everyone around you as it has left/right turning signals, braking lights and hazard lights.
  • Alert oncoming traffic with the EB2.0 particular bike horn
  • 7- Speed Gear Shifter allows for greater torque to get up those troublesome hills
  • Takes about 8 or so hours to fully charge the battery
  • Suits heavy riders from 5’2″ to 6’4″

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Trike For Heavy Adults

440 LB Weight Limit

Adult E-Trikes

The second listing for electric tricycles is by Malisa, a California based company with a full US based support team dedicated to ensuring your purchase process to riding experience is an enjoyable one.

Weighting 90 LBS this e-trike has a robust aluminum alloy frame capable of handling up to 440 pounds. Classified as the ‘premium’ line of e-trikes by Malisa, the company claims that this trike is one of the most comfortable and safest e-trikes on the current market.

One should hope so with the price tag of the 750 watt brushless motor electric tricycle. It’s often said, ‘you get what you paid for’ and with this Malisa trike, is that the case?

Get To Know The Malisa Forte 440 LB E-Trike

The 750 Watt brushless 48V Bafang motor allows the Forte to travel at top speed of 26 MPH when peaking at 900 watts, which is 4 MPH faster than the above ADDMOTOR e-trike. Top speed is not always the biggest factor to consider as a heavy person as the faster you go, the more unstable you can become.

However, the Forte is stacked with 3 fat tires and a sturdy frame to give the extra stability required at top speeds. Much like the ADDMOTOR, the Forte can also go on multiple terrains including sand and grass.

Experience The Differential Power

A unique feature of the Malisa Forte Go-bike is the rear wheel differential. What this does is allows each rear wheel to turn independently of each other to enable safer, more efficient and tight corner turns. This feature alone makes it one of the safest options for nervous heavy riders.

  • Front Suspension Lock
  • Shimano 7-speed Altus deraileur
  • Front & Rear disc brakes for ultimate stability when stopping.
  • Kenda Tires. 24″ front and 20″ rear tires.
  • Display screen for tracking the odometer, watts, speed, battery life and wen the pedal assist feature is enabled.
  • Fast Charging 18ah Lithium-ion Battery (up to 72 Miles at slow speeds)
Forte 440 LB E-Trike MORE DETAILS

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400 LB Electric Tricycle Adult Size

Heavy Duty Adult e-trike

The final e-trike for heavy people is this 400 pound capacity option is the Burch Bike by Culver Mobility. This electric tricycle is slightly less powerful due to the 500 Watt motor making it ideal for small trips around town. For longer trips/sight seeing one of the above options is a better fit.

However due to being a 500 watt motor, you are getting a safer top speed at 20 MPH. However, the distance per battery charge is capped at 35 miles. Hence making it a good runaround town trike.

Weighing just 70 LBS (20 lbs lighter than above options), this around town trike can easily be maneuvered for parking and or storage when needed. However, the fat tires does mean you can use this e-trike for more than around town street riding.

So while the motor and battery are not as powerful as other options, you can still use the Burch Bike for off road adventures within reason. The 7-speed Shimano also allows for easier hill challenges.

Additional Information

  • 35 Mle range – roughly 40-55 miles when using pedal assist
  • Fast Charging at only 4-6 hours for quick turnarounds
  • Front suspension forks
  • Front Tires 4″ x 24″ Kendra. 20″ Rear Tires
  • Durable Aluminum Alloy 6061 frame
  • Hydraulic Brakes
  • Large seat with backrest
  • Front and rear baskets
400 LB e-Trike by Culver MORE DETAILS

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Electric Tricycles Vs Regular Trike

There’s no denying that a tricycle will help the big man with greater stability. However, as we have looked at both electric tricycles and manual trikes, which is better for the heavy person?

I’m just going to come out and say it, an electric tricycle is better! For similar reasons as to why an electric bike is better for the heavier persons.

In my opinion, what makes an electric tricycle better is the fact you can use it in both a manual and an electric mode. Best of both worlds, however this does come at an added expense.

I hear you saying “But it’s just not worth the money.” Well let me tell you that it’s possible to get much more from an electric version than you ever could with a manual tricycle, especially as a heavy person.

What am I talking about? Simply put, a practical mode of reliable transport, similar to what an electric mobility scooter provides, but far more practical and way cooler.

As a result you will be able to travel at faster speeds to get to your destination quicker and travel much farther than you possible could riding a regular tricycle.

  • 3 Wheels = Extra Drag. going on 10 to 20 mile rides can seem daunting on a regular tricycle, especially as 3 wheels creates extra drag making it tougher to go longer distances. With pedal assist you can take regular brakes from manual mode and jump into electric mode.
  • Better for carrying loads – The great thing about tricycles is the basket storage. If you take advantage of this storage by doing groceries you will feel the extra weight strain on a regular trike. On the motorized models, this extra resistance is drastically reduced.
  • Go up hills and slopes far easier due to motorized gears.
  • These advantages of an electric tricycle allow you to have fun while going down to the grocery store, shopping, load up the basket and travel home without breaking a sweat.

Why Choose A Tricycle Over A Regular Bicycle?

There are a number of reasons as to why someone would choose a heavy duty tricycle over a regular bicycles for heavy people. However, for the the heavier persons the number one reason is user safety and bike stability.

Bicycle Stability = User Safety

A Tricycle is generally considered a safer option to ride as they are considerably more stable on the road compared to its 2-wheel counterpart. Safety and stability are the two main concerns and are essential criteria for the elderly riders and us heavy people.

Tips For Choosing A Stable Tricycle

  • A tricycle with a broader foundation is going to give the larger size person the extra stability and confidence to safely manage riding around town. So always consider the overall size and dimensions of the bike compared to your body height, size and weight.
  • Test in store: Not always an option as adult tricycles for heavy people are not that commonly found in your box stores.
  • Get consumer feedback. Read as many reviews as you can on your potentially new tricycle. Watch videos of people demonstrating the bike where possible.
  • Comfort. Without testing instore, its hard to determine the level of comfort a tricycle can provide you. However, with the right seat seat up, heavy people can find great comfort in riding a tricycle compared to a regular bike. However, a comfortable tricycle may come at the cost of speed and maneuverability.

Simplified Transportation Mode For Heavy People

Anything that makes my day to day life easier is a positive in my opinion. With adult tricycles for heavy people becoming largely more popular, its easy to see why this mode of transportation is on the rise.

The number of electric mobility devices are also becoming increasingly popular among heavy people. So whether or not you prefer an electric adult tricycle or a regular trike, chances are you’re going to be choosing one of the best stable transportation modes for a larger person.

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