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Extra Large Massage Chairs For Overweight People

As a result of extensive research, I have managed to find a few of the best massage chairs for heavy people. I came about this research after I heard of a story about an obese person being refused a professional massage because of their size. While this is obviously not the right approach, it got me thinking about the variety of extra large massage chairs for overweight people.

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It’s Worth Noting, Weight Capacity Is Not Everything

Buying a massage chair is a big investment, that’s without considering the needs of a plus size person. Massage chairs range in prices from just under $1000 to over well $10,000. So its safe to say that doing some in-depth product research is essential.

However, as a heavy person the first step is to always eliminate the products with a weight capacity not suitable to your body weight. This helps narrow down the playing field greatly. Seeing as though buying a massage chair can set you back $1000 plus, going further than just weight capacity is essential.

However, I am surprised that the maximum weight capacity for a massage chair available is only 400 pounds (LBS). With some recliner chairs having a 500 Lbs capacity, one could assume a massage chair could withstand 500 pounds as well. But it appears not, and 400 pounds is the highest ‘official’ weight capacity I found from my research.

Why Heavy & Overweight People Should Get A Robotic Massage Chairmassages for big people

Being obese or even slightly overweight can have some significant affects on the body. Besides the health issues, having the extra 100, 200, 300 pounds extra weight to carry around can really take its toll.

The more common affected areas of the body from living with extra weight include: Knees, back, neck, ankles, feet and the hips. These are common impact zones and when one is overweight, extreme pressure can be forced onto these zones.

All sorts of muscle related injuries can occur as a result of carrying around the extra pounds. Pulled muscles, pinched nerves, ankle strains and the list goes on. Owning your own massage chair can be a godsend in times of discomfort and muscle pain.

Big & Tall Massage Chairs For Overweight People Overview

Capacity Zero Gravity Features Price
400 Lbs 145 Degrees 6 Massage Styles, Heated Back Restt, Full Body airbags, Bluetooth Speakers
320 Lbs 123 Degrees L Track - 6 rolling massage nodes from neck down to thighs, wide shoulder and seat area, 9 auto programs, 12" leg extension for tall people up to 6'5"
330 Lbs 4D Massage Technology, voice Control, Wireless Charging, SL Track design, Full body massage including Calves & Feet.
300 Lbs Made in USA for people up to 6'7", manual control for pin pointing massage zones, high end model
264 Lbs Ultra Premium 3D massage capabilities including 10 Junetsu thumb like massages. Total combination of 110 manual massage functions including heat therapy.
250 Lbs *Up To 170 Degrees Heat in lower back and feet, 30 airbags, hand & wrist massager, 35" wide chair

Highest Weight Capacity Massage Chair – 400 Lbs

The Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Best Bang For You Buck Chair

Best Massage Chair For Heavy People

One of the best massage chairs for overweight people. With a weight rating of 400 lbs and, what I consider an affordable price, there’s not much out there that competes with the Real Relax for the heavier person.

In terms of the high weight capacity, built in features and attractive price, I think I have found the perfect massage chair for the big person.

This chair even has a heater in the seat, which as we know is a health benefit of heat therapy. This is something I wasn’t expecting from this chair that just keeps on giving.

Whats To Love

  • I’ve compared the Real Relax Favor 06 to other $2500+ massage chairs and this affordable massage chair boasts the same if not better feature then its competitors.
  • Feels really nice when it reaches the glute muscles. Having a manual mode gives you this freedom to pinpoint pain areas in your body. Many folks use the manual feature more than the built in massage modes simply because of the customization you can do.
  • Comes in one piece (Thankfully) and is fairly straight forward to assemble. 90% of the chair is assembled for you.
  • Looks like a high end massage chair if looks are something of concern to you.
  • Great selection of settings you can customize to suit your individual needs. Speed, density, intensity etc. 6 Massage types including Thai, Strong, Relaxing, Sleep and Recovery.
  • Rather comfortable and offers a great range of massage. With full body airbags combined with 5 intensity levels, getting a shiatsu massage is a true pleasure. The massage points in the heated back rest are ideally located in my opinion
  • Has an extendable foot rest to cater to taller people
  • I love the neck and shoulder massager. It actually wraps around your neck to give a more life like massage. When you pay upwards of $100 per massage session, it wont take long for this purchase to pay off itself. One of the closest to real life massage machines available in this price range.
  • 400 pound weight capacity. Simply nothing better in my opinion.

What To Be Mindful Of?

  • Cheaper than you may expect. How is this a con?. Well because the price is so much cheaper than the $3000+ massage chairs, you may think this is cheap rip off. But it’s not, its just a really good massage chair with a realistic price tag.
  • The Bluetooth speakers are not the best I’ve come across, but in saying that, its a massage chair and not a dance studio.
  • I really wish the control pad had a light up backing to be able to see all the functionable buttons. Highly recommended massage chair for heavy people up to 400 lbs.
Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair

Best Big And Tall Massage Chairs

best massage chair big and tall

Being overweight makes it hard enough to find many products, but being tall as well is the nail in the coffin more times than not. When it comes to finding the best big and tall massage chairs, life gets a whole lot more complicated.

However it’s certainly not impossible as you’re about to find out. This next massage chair is for big and tall people up to 6’5″ tall with a maximum weight capacity of 320 pounds. While being a great big and tall massage chair, its also a popular choice for average size people as well. The chair in question is the SM 7300 Kahuna Chair which is now available on amazon.

The Kahuna SM-7300 Massage Chair Review

Named the Kahuna chair because its relevant to the big and tall persons, perhaps but either way this chair is a beast. If this chair had a higher weight capacity it would certainly be the ultimate massage chair for heavy people. So lets have a look at what makes the Kahuna chair so relevant for the big and tall people.

Built For Larger People

The 320 pound weight capacity is not huge, I get that. But it is still up there when it comes to massage chairs. Not many if any at all are of this quality and offer this many options to the bigger person.

Where this massage chair wins it for me is in the shoulder width. Kahuna have added an extra 3 inches of width into the shoulder region of the chair to accommodate wider individuals. The total shoulder width is 24 inches.

As a person with very broad shoulders, I cant praise Kahuna enough for thinking of us wider folks. Now I would like a wider seat, but the 21 inch wide seat is sufficient considering that most massage chairs are designed to be narrow to allow for the airbags and internal mechanisms of the chair.

Tall People Rejoice

Most massage chairs these days come with foot extensions, the Kahuna comes with a huge 12 inch extension which makes this massage chair suitable for people up to 6’5″ comfortably.

Most chairs are lucky to seat a 6 foot man comfortably. While this is not as ‘tall rated’ as the next massage chair below, it does have a higher weight capacity making it ideal for the big and tall people.

Kahuna Sm-7300 Overview

Without dragging on too much, you can quite easily see how this massage chair is good for the big and tall persons. So I’ll speed things up by quickly going over some of the key components which make the Kahuna one of the best massage chairs of 2019.

Zero Gravity & L Track

This massage chair performs the zero gravity position. This position is especially rewarding for heavier people as it relieves just about all the pressure on your body. It’s similar to feeling like your floating on a cloud as the body is in a position where the pressure points are relieved.

Massage chairs are either S track or L Track. S track is where the massage only covers you back and neck. L track, which is a relatively new break though in massage technology covers from your neck down to your buttocks.

So you can get your thighs and butt massaged by the shiatsu massaging nodes and not just air pressure like the S track chairs do. But what’s amazing about the Kahuna is that it has an extra 2 massaging nodes.

Most massage chairs only have 4 massaging heads which go up and down the S or L track. This one has 6, so you get greater coverage and greater relief quicker. Just another reason why this massage chair is very popular among the big and tall people.

SM-7300 Kahuna Massage Chair 320Lb Capacity

High End Premium Massage Chairs For Big People

Possibly The BEST Massage Chair In The World!

Best high end massage chair

The Luraco i9 Medical Massage chair has some pretty amazing testimonials scattered across the net. This 300 Lbs tested made in the USA massage chair has certainly left a lasting impression on many Americans.

Approved by FDA 9Huge win for this chair), In fact it, the Luraco i7 (the i9 predecessor) was voted best medical massage chair by Tech Guru at the International Consumer Electronics.

Awesome Massage Chair For Tall People

It’s also the best massage chair for tall people in my opinion as former NBA star Jerome Williams whom is 6’9″ tall personally uses this massage chair. Now if a tall basketball player can fit in one of these, just about anyone can. Now I’m not anywhere near that height, but if you are then this is the chair for you. Hands down.

Simple Design & User Interface

The i9 Max feels like it is is the ultimate advanced version of any massage chair, with up to date technology that’s sure to leave a smile.  Advanced, yet simply. Which is why this chair is so popular. Nobody likes to mess around with a control for an hour just to turn the thing on. Which is why I like the idea of the smartphone style display. The simple layout makes the chair easy to use, which is a attribute we all want.

While simple in display, the irobotics 9 is more advanced in the areas that matter. The actual massaging!. With an incredible 5 intensity settings and 6 massage locations, controlled massaging is now the way of the future. According to Luraco, this chair could be classified as a 7D massage chair. Next level massage!

But what I found the most appealing for a big person is the scan feature. The chair will actually scan your body so the rollers can adjust the massage to suit your individual body shape. This is just incredible for a custom full body massage. While you maybe able to get a good idea just be doing basic research about what to expect from the i9 Max, the below video will give you a complete run through on this amazing massage chair.

Luraco iRobotics 7 Massage Chair

 Mid Range Oversized Massage Chair

Plus Size Massage Chairs

As technology evolves, improvements in items such as massage chairs evolve with it. The iRest 330 LB capacity massage chair is the definition of a proven product evolving to adapt to modern technology.

The iRest A710 is an advanced massage chair designed in a away to look almost futuristic. However, the advancements don’t stop at visual appeal. Featuring 4D technology, AI voice controls and automatic body scanning, the iRest 330 pound capacity massager takes things to the next level.

While this all may sound super dooper fancy, its really about customizing the massage to you, the users body. Where older outdated machines tend to work on a average body shape approach, the automated scanning system of the iRest allows you to feel the real effects of a machine powered but personally customized massage.

This next level personal approach is achieved by using the scanner to micro-adjust down to the minor details such as shoulder position, your unique body curves and even personalized shiatsu locations.

Brief Overview

While I do encourage all my readers to endeavor more in-depth research, I will highlight just a few of the key points worth considering. We already know this massage chair is suited to people below 330 pounds, so lets take a look a little deeper.

  • 4D Massage technology – Basically means the rollers can operate in 4 dimensions. So imagine using this in combination with the AI scanner to target a specific location in your lower back or shoulder. The rollers can push in, out, move sideways and up and down. All at varying speeds, density and all in real time.
  • User Storage and Recall – If you suffer a reoccurring condition, this memory recall features allows you to access your preferred massage to cater to that particular condition. No need to reconfigure the settings everytime.
  • 53.15″ SL Track – Full body massage which follows the natural curve of your spine. This can be used in combination with various massage types like Shiatus or tapping.
  • Voice control, quick access buttons and Wireless Charging.
  • Full Body air compression Massage.
  • Much, much more.

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Bells & Whistles Massage Chair For Heavy People – 264 Pounds Capacity

The Panasonic EP-MA 73 Review

Massage Chairs For Heavy People

The thing with being a big Man and finding seating is one must always look into the width of both the seat and the back. This is why I like the Panasonic MA73.

Unlike more common narrow thinner massage chairs you may have seen at the Mall. This beast of a chair is wide enough for the big Man. As for weight capacity, it isn’t the highest with a maximum weight limit of 264 pounds. But the build of this massage chair is pure quality. The chair doesn’t feel like its going to bend when in use, which is credit to the heavy duty frame/support the Panasonic MA73.

While this Panasonic massage chair is not too dissimilar to the iRobotics, it does have a lower weight capacity. But the other features are the true stand out here. The heated hand and arm massage is something that has to be felt to be believed. Not all chairs come with arm and hand massaging devices, so it’s really good if you can snap up the chance to test run when you can. I constantly get hand cramps from repetitive movements and small hand massages work a treat. For someone with serious RA, this chair could be a very nice addition to relief.

What Makes The Panasonic EP – MA 73 Such A Good Massage Chair?

The extra wide massage chair has 5 different massage settings which is ideal if multiple people intend to use this chair. I prefer the Swedish massage while my Partner cant get enough of the Shiatsu Massage on the hardest setting. Which is too intense for me, but can easily be lowered. Or one can just mix up all kinds of massages to best perform to suit there body.

The conveniently placed control is particularly good for these scenarios. A few hits of the button and change the settings to suit you, brilliant. But at first the control can seem daunting, after some extended use it becomes just another control you know like the back of your hand. Mastering the control is just another reason to indulge in a full body massage.

For the price of the Panasonic EP-MA73 you get a lot of bang for your buck. It’s one of the more up to date models that offers full body massages with 5 different massaging styles.

But for the fact it has a higher than standard weight capacity, wider seat area and hand and feet massage capabilities make this chair an easy recommendation for the overweight population.

The Panasonic EP-MA 73

Massage Chair For plus Size People

250 Lbs Capacity For The Budget Minded

Heavy Duty Massage Chairs For Plus Size People

Massage chairs can vary in prices from the hundreds to the thousands. This Electric Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair fits into the budged end of the scale.

Which is fine for a 250 pound capacity. But for anything heavier than that, one might question the amount of strength and support the chair can offer for what I consider a low price.

One of the features of The Shiatsu that I think is one of it’s best is the shear amount of extension the roller heads have. They can go down and get into the tail bone area, which other chairs can sometimes struggle with. For me, it’s my lower back area that needs the most attention and because the Shiatsu can focus more on the lower back region it’s a good choice.

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What Are The Reviews Like?

For the buttock and thigh region the shiatsu and vibrating function stop just above. This is where you get a pressure massage from the 20 or so air bags in the lower section of the chair.

In terms of a massage experience, this chair delivers. However, after going through many reviews there seems to be some mixed reviews on the after sales support. Many people got answers immediately, while some were left disappointed. So be sure to read the amazon reviews before making a decision.

My overall opinion is pretty straight forward. If you can’t afford a more expensive massage chair, then this may be your best bet. The comfort, massage features and the 250 lbs weight capacity will suit many folks. But at the same time may leave some folks wanting more.

For those interested, the chair reclines back but not to zero gravity and the distance from the top of the chair to the feet is about 75 inches which is a decent length for the big and tall people.

Electric Shiatsu By Best Massage

Massage Is Good For Big People

Fortunately a simple massage may help with some of these conditions. However with the stigmata attached to obese people, it’s not uncommon for a massage parlor to turn down the business. This may be a result of either personal judgement from the staff or inadequate massage tables, stools etc. Whatever the reasons are behind the business, hope is not completely lost. This is where the heavy duty robotic massage chair plays their role.

Massage chairs are relatively new in the grand scheme of things, according to Wiki they were first introduced to the market in 1954. But it hasn’t been until the last decade or so that they have really taken off.

Prices are starting to reflect the popularity and decrease slightly, which I’m very happy about. So it’s important to note that some of the newer massage chairs may actually be cheaper than some of the older models.

Why Do Massage Chairs Have Weight Capacities?

For the average size person, the weight capacity is not something that even enters their mind. Unfortunately for us overweight people, we know all to well the dangers of sitting on something not designed for the heavier person.

There’s not a single product I buy that I haven’t checked the weight capacity on first, and that includes massage chairs.

Besides the obvious reason; The chair may break under heavy weights, checking the massage chairs weight capacity also has warranty conditions. If the massage chair clearly states a weight capacity of 300 pounds and you weigh 400 pounds, you should not tempt fate.

Should the unfortunate happen and you break the chair, chances are your new massage chair won’t be covered by warranty. This is something everyone should consider buying a massage chair.

Check the weight capacity first and don’t just go off what others have said. Be sure to check the manufacturers warranty to make sure you are covered within your weigh range. Reach out to the seller directly and he/she does not know, that’s a good sign to step away.



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  1. Ellensburger says:

    The “Real Relax” brand massage chairs say they have a 440 lb weight capacity and are less expensive than the other chairs listed here. I have been researching massage chairs and am thinking about buying one. The iDeal brand chairs have some with weight capacity of 320 as well and very nice features.