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Oversized Recliner Chairs For Plus Sized People

Living the life of a plus sized person is never easy, especially when it comes to sitting arrangements in the lounge. Having the extra width and stability Oversized Recliner Chairs have to offer brings a greater increase in confidence, comfort and lifestyle back to the heavier person.

Depending on the persons specific needs, there are usually a few things I recommend when looking to buy a oversized reclining chair. These may or may not be relevant to your specific situation and perhaps you just want a larger recliner chair for the extra sitting space. So below you can find our best recommendations for oversized recliner chairs which can cater to the larger community.

What To Consider As A Big Person

  • High Weight Capacity – As an oversized recliner chair is mainly built for the big and tall persons, it’s of high importance to buy a recliner which has a higher weight capacity than the actual weight you weight. It’s also good to go above the limit to take into consideration of the impact one can put on the chair upon initial landing. Also allow for the weight of any Dogs, Children or even the Wife sitting on your knee.
  • Lift Option – Having a recliner which has a lift feature is a must for obese or very heavy people. The lift feature tilts the chair up so the person can gently reverse into the chair and lower themselves to the ‘normal sitting position. On the other side it lifts you out of the chair into a standing position. This is important because having the extra weight behind us makes it difficult to get in and out of the lower sitting chairs.
  • Extra Wide Seat – Pretty self explanatory, the wider the seat the bigger the backside can be and comfortably fit. While comfort is a factor, having that extra width is just as important to cater for the plus size community.

My Favorite Oversized Reclining Chair

Mega Motion Lift 500 Lbs Weight Capacity

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This beautiful recliner by Mega Motion ticks all the boxes. Firstly it has a decent weight capacity of 500 pounds which should cater for a large number of plus size folks. I love the lift feature on offer here. Sits up beautifully for easy entry and exit, which as I said earlier is very important for the larger Guys and Gals.

But whats also great about this recliner is the backup battery powered function. As the steel lift function is operated by electricity, what happens if the electricity is cut off for whatever reason?. Exactly, one could be literally stuck in the recline position unable to pull themselves out. This is what makes the battery back up power so important. Adds that extra layer of security and confidence to fully recline.

Speaking of recline, the Mega Motion has just 3 seating positions. This would have to be its greatest flaw in my opinion. However Mega Motion also has an Infinite Position Recliner, but can cost a bit more. This may not even be an issue to you, but I like to have full control on the angle of which I recline.

This chair has the partial recline and full recline only. But after considering that this chair ticks all my required boxes (Seat width between the arms is 27 inches), I still find this one to be the best all rounder for oversized folks. The comfort, steel lift and extra heavy duty build of this recliner make it a winner for me.

Mega Motion Easy Comfort Superior 3 Position Heavy Duty Big Lift Chair


Extra Large Heavy Duty Recliner Chair

The Classic “Stallion”

Extra Large Heavy Duty Recliner Chair
The Stallion is a popular choice among the big and tall people. Made in the USA and boasting a massive 500 pounds weight capacity, it’s easy to see why I could not include the Stallion by Lane Furniture.

This chair was built for the heavy community. The huge weight capacity and the extra wide seating area are 2 of the best features on the Stallion.

While this chair doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of some of the leading recliners on the market,  it does have everything the big man needs. My favorite part of this chair is that when it’s in the fully reclined position, it measures in at almost the same length of a King sized mattress. Not too bad for a reclining chair right.

I believe it to be one of if not the tallest recliner suited for tall people. With a back height of 48 inches, not too many people would out grow this chair and a fully reclined measurement of 79″. Suitable for the big and tall people up to about 6’8″.

The seat area has a extra wide seating area of between 25 -26 inches, which is pretty incredible for a single recliner. Which is why it made it onto the list of the widest recliners.

Heavy Duty Constructed Frame

Beneath the seat you can find the foundation of the chair. The timber support frames and mechanisms are re-enforced to cater to the extra high weight capacity. With the extra weight, you need extra cushioning right. The Stallion looks to be fully loaded with padding and cushion support.

Overall I think many people may really love this oversized recliner chair because of the shear amount of pros. Compared to the negatives, it’s an easy choice. The only negative which I feel some people may encounter is the lever to recline. Depending on the size of the person, having a Recliner Lever Extender may prove very useful. This level extender can make leaning over the side to recline that much easier for the bigger person.

The "Stallion" Recliner Chair


See The Stallion Recliner First Hand

Short video shows up close just how BIG the Stallion recliner chair really is.


The Wide Tallow Recliner Is One Oversized Recliner

*Updated Larkinhurst Model

*Updated Larkinhurst Model Replaced Tallow Model

Ashley furniture have been making some fantastic furniture over the years, and the Tallow from the Signature Range is no exception. While this chair has no lift function, it’s still a great choice for people seeking a oversize reclining chair. With a width of approx. 22 inches wide for the seat, you can easily reverse a plumper than normal backside into the chair with ease.    

The thing I probably like most about the Tallow recliner is it’s appearance. The soft faux leather is amazing and complimented by the rolled arms and nail head button like beading. Which just so happen to meet the AHFA standards. Finished off with some comfortable padding and you have your self a classic looking traditional recliner that boasts style and comfort.

As for the reclining functionality, this is where the Tallow looses a point. While the recline is nice, it’s harder than most to lock into position. One has to put some more weight into it to make sure the recline is not going to fold back in on you.

But for the actual lever itself and the motion of reclining back, the Tallow gains some extra points for its smooth transition. It doesn’t just flick back throwing body parts all across the room, which is quite handy if you have little ones running around not expecting a foot to the face.

While I couldn’t suss out an official weight capacity for the chair, I came across other Big Men up to 350 pounds whom have testified to the durability and strength of this chair. For Recliners up to 500 lbs visit here. Overall I can’t fault this chair too much, the slight recline lock problems can easily be overlooked by the extra wide seat, simple amazing style and comfort of the chair. 

Recliner By Ashley Furniture


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  1. Lynne Ross says:

    I’m a short but large woman. Would these help me to stand up out of a chair better?

  2. Jane Allen says:

    Love this post, it’s so detailed. I love the idea of buying a recliner with a power lift option. I think it’s the way to go. I love the fact that this website caters to big people. It’s a refreshing innovation. I just shared through Facebook.