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Extra Large Sleeping Bags For Big And Tall People

We are very pleased we found these extra large sleeping bags for the big and tall. The one thing I hate most about being a plus size big man is being confined to small and tight spaces. This has never been more important to me when I’m out of my comfort zone (home) and when I’m outdoors camping with my heavy duty sleeping bag.

I’m very claustrophobic and I simply cannot sleep and even fit in a standard size sleeping bag.

I need an extra wide sleeping bag for any camping/hiking trip I go on. There’s no if buts or maybes. I must have the room to move. Plus being a big person already, it’s critical I use sleeping bags with wide enough sleeping space to cater for my oversized body and give me room to bend my knees, stretch my legs and roll around if I please.

Compare Big & Tall Sleeping Bags

Size Rating Price
62Wx94L 0 or 20 Degrees F. Check Price Amazon
39Wx92L 15 Degrees F. Check Price Amazon
Double 15 Degrees F. Check Price Amazon
39"Wx79"L - Check Price Amazon
68"Wx80L" 20 Degrees F. Check Price Amazon
32"W x 82"L 0 Degrees F. Check Price Amazon
32" x 87" 15 Degree F. Check Price Amazon
40"x 85" 0 Degrees F. Check Price Amazon


What To Look For

So enough about my needs for a plus size sleeping bag, lets concentrate on finding the best sleeping bag for you. I will share a few of my highly recommended top rated sleeping bags for large people like myself. These sleeping bags are bigger and wider then the normal bags. They are designed for keeping us bigger guys or couples comfortable and warm on those cold weather nights.

How tall you are is critical to getting a good sleeping bag. So make sure you note the length of the bags, however we aim to bring you what we believe are the best big and tall sleeping bags. No short and undersized sleeping bags here.

The actual weight of the sleeping bag is important to a degree as well. You will need a lightweight sleeping bag if you plan on hiking for days for obvious reasons. However if your anything like me and only plan on camping in it’s simplest form, then the weight is not as important.

But what is important especially to the bigger man and women is having enough room in the sleeping bag to stretch the legs and not feel like a sardine in a can. So let’s get into it.


8 BIG Sleeping Bags For Big People

60″ Wide Sleeping Bag Teton Sports

 Extra Wide Sleeping Bags For Plus Size
First up in the our BIG 5 sleeping bags is the sleeping bag fit for a King or Queen. In fact both at the same time!. Teton Sports have nailed the best oversized sleeping bag award (In my opinion if there was such an award). This is a huge sleeping bag. It measures in at 63 inches wide by an impressive 94 inches tall. 

Which is about double the width of a standard bag and a few inches taller then the standard. I’d say suitable to a tall person to about 6’6″. Before you ask whats the temperature rating for this super size sleeping bag, let me tell you this.  You choose!. Pick either 0 degrees or 20 degrees Fahrenheit and your on your way.

This mammoth size sleeping bag has some handy features that people tend to overlook. It’s equipped with a hood which is perfect for open air camping. It pulls over your face and has a funnel like catchment for breathing. Ideal for keeping pesky bugs from biting you and trying there hardest to get in your mouth.

The double sided zippers are also handy which prevent zippers from getting stuck and caught up. They can open from either side and from the bottom. For storage/packing away I will pass on this tip. Rather then trying to roll this back into it’s bag, just stuff it in there. It’s a heck of a lot easier. Remember, this is a plus size sleeping bag made from thick materials. So rolling it up perfect is a camping adventure in itself. Just stuff it in there.


Editors Choice - Extra Wide Sleeping Bag


Extra Large Single Person Sleeping Bag

Coleman Big Basin Review

Coleman’s big and tall sleeping bag is a pretty amazing solo person sleeping bag. It has the potential of fitting over 6 foot tall people and wide enough to possibly fit a 300 lb+ sized person.

It’s called the big Basin Extreme Weather and it certainly lives up to it’s name. For 0 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit this sleeping bag should keep you nice and toasty.

Upon initial landing inside the bag, you may still feel cold. But wait… 15 minutes and then after 30 minutes you may feel so warm and comfortable. It’s almost like sleeping in my own bed back home. Once warmed up, this sleeping bag is a great opportunity for larger Lads.

I have rather wide shoulders and this can sometimes be an issue for me, not just with sleeping bags, but with many things. However with the ‘big Basin’ upper body size is irrelevant to me. Considering they market the extra big bottom section for extra leg room, I’m quite impressed with the upper half size of the sleeping bag as well.  plus the lack of confinement is spectacular.

What is rather good with this sleeping bag is how it retains it’s warmth. For a midnight visit to the toilet, one would be bracing for a cold and chilly start to the sleeping bag… But nope, the Big Basin performs very well in this department. Will be almost as warm as when you left the bag 10 minutes ago. Great value I say.


Big Basin By Coleman


Super King Size Sleeping Bags – Super Large

Big Agnes Makes This King Sized Sleeping Bags

Big Agnes Sleeping Bag Review of the King Solomon: Warning, this is one super king size sleeping bag not for the faint hearted. Ok a little dramatic. But it is super size large, very warm and snug.

This is a 2 person sleeping bag (Possibly enough space for 3 normal size people) so it’s well suited to the bigger population. It also is extra long for the tall people up to about 6’2″ I reckon.

Do note the bottom of the sleeping bag is not insulated. This is because it’s designed with sleeves in which you slip insulated pads or air mattresses into. This is because it creates a stable laying platform so you don’t end up laying on the flat earth when you roll around like you would in a normal sleeping bag. For the Big Agnes King Size sleeping bag I found the Insulated Q Core (Reg size) 20′ x 72″ a nice fit.

The pillow slots are a nice little feature to this oversized sleeping bag as well. They should keep the pillow intact for the whole night and best of all, it keeps them clean. One thing I do not like about many sleeping bags is how they manage to let cold air in through the top.

Fortunately this Big Agnes offers a unique strap/collars that go around your shoulders/neck and are designed to keep the warm air in and stop the cold air from entering.

Overall I find this sleeping bag pretty impressive. It’s on my list for super king sized double sleeping bags for large people for sure. It has many of the things I look for in a sleeping bag; extra large, extra length, super warm, ultra comfortable, unique features and is made from water resistant materials.

However, the price is a little more then I expected for a XXL sleeping bag. But as we all know, you get what you pay for, and this is a very nice premium sleeping bag designed for us bigger folk. I think its worth sacrificing a few bucks for tho.


Big Agnes King Size Sleeping Bag

Budget King Size Sleeping Bag

Extra Large Single Sleeping Bag

Extra Large Single Sleeping Bag
If your on a tight budget yet need a super sized extra large king size sleeping bag, then I suggest checking out the Coleman Alabaster.

This king size bag is meant for one big man and measure in at 39 inches wide by 79 inches tall. 39 inches is 8 inches wider then the normal sleeping bags in this price range.  It’s insulated with 5 pounds of thermotech to a temperature rating of 30 degrees F.

For the cheap price of this sleeping bag, you do get some decent features. Besides the extra room to move of course. There’s a little velcro pocket attached to the side up the top, so if you need to store your keys, coins etc they are always at hands reach.

The zipper is heavy duty and is less likely to get caught up in a mess. Another nice little touch is the fleece material around the top is soft and cushioning so the sleeping bag material shouldn’t irritate you through the night.


Coleman Alabaster King Size Sleeping Bag


Another Huge Sleeping Bag For A Big Person Or Big People

The ALPS Mountaineering Sleeping Bag

Oversized Sleeping bags for large people
ALPS Mountaineering produce some pretty awesome camping gear, even for us plus size people. Including one of the best XXL camping chairs I’ve ever seen.

As for their sleeping bags, depending on your size and if you want to sleep with your partner in the same sleeping bag, I highly recommend this Double Wide Sleeping Bag.

Firstly it measures in at about the size of a Queen size mattress which is 68 inches wide. Plenty of leg room for us larger folks. Which I love.

But this sleeping bag also separates into 2 individual bags. For those awkward moments…you know when you have been booted out of the tent and you can’t sleep out on the couch because your in the wilderness… So you can settle on separate sleeping bags instead right. Or make up of course and enjoy this huge snuggle friendly plus size sleeping bag.

Word of warning, this sleeping bag is so big it’s not very travel friendly. So don’t plan to go hiking with this big guy, it will probably just slow you down. But this ALPS Mountaineering bag is perfect for the big couples wanting a weekend away, or simply a one night camping adventure. Temperature rated to 20 degrees Fahrenheit and still very cosy in the warmer months. A good buy for serious spacious camping adventures.


ALPS Mountaineering Twin Peak Sleeping Bag


Extra Wide Mummy Sleeping Bag

Extra Wide Mummy Sleeping Bag
Mummy sleeping bags are some of the most common sleeping bags on the market. So what makes this Coleman sleeping bag stand out from a lot of the others? First of it’s a Coleman who make some of the finest camping gear on the market and are generally market leaders.

The size of this sleeping bag is something I really like and makes it worth paying attention to. It has the ability to have people who are 6 feet 2 inches to be able to sleep in it. This is thanks to it being 32 inches wide x 82 inches long. So it’s a really good sized sleeping bag for big and tall people.

Being a a sleeping bag means it really needs to be able to handle the colder weathers in my opinion. The manufactures specifications have designed this sleeping bag to be able to handle between 0 – 10°F. So it achieves handling the colder weather quite well in my opinion.

Tho while it can handle the cold really well it does do a surprisingly good job in the warmer climates. This is if you keep the adjustable hood loose, and also make sure to us the 2 way zipper. This will allow it to breath and keep you cooler in the warmer moments.

One thing that I like about this sleeping bag is the feet of it. They made it to be more of a square style area. This will give your feet a little more room to move around.

Some people will find this sleeping bag a little heavy. It does weigh roughly 5.8 lbs which might be to much for some peoples situation. It might be an issue for those who are planning to take it backpack camping. So this is something to consider if you’re going to be backpacking.

Coleman 0°F Mummy Sleeping Bag


Mummy Sleeping Bag For Big & Tall People 

Mummy Sleeping Bag For Big & Tall People 
Being big and tall and wanting to camp can be one of the most frustrating things to do. Since finding things that will fit your size can feel near impossible. Which is one of the things that make this sleeping bag excellent compared to a lot of others on the market.

This is in big part thanks to it being one of the longer sleeping bags on the market that I’ve seen. It measures an impressive 87 inches long, which according to the manufactures specs allows for people who are 6 feet 6 inches tall. It’s also has a decent width of 32 inches. Combined makes this a great option for the big and tall crowd.

Wanting to keep the weight down and keep the warmth in is not an easy feat. Which is why I’m impressed with this sleeping bag as it manages to achieve both of these fairly well. With it being able to go between 20 to 40 degrees which will be useful for a number of weather conditions. However, not ideal in super cold conditions.

Rather Lightweight

They have managed to keep the weight down a fair amount. It only weighs 2.89 lbs which is quite impressive for a bulky item like this. Certainly a solid choice for people who want to backpack and keep the weight down or camp lightly. The weight of this sleeping bag also makes it a good choice for people who need to walk a small distance to where they’ll be sleeping.

When you put it away into its bag it measures 10 inches long and 7.5 inches in diameter. It’s not the smallest but when you consider it can have someone whose 6’6″ tall, makes it all the more impressive in my opinion.

A small thing that I like is that it comes in a range of different colors. While this isn’t that important, it’s nice to see some more options in my opinion. So if you want something that looks nicer then your standard sleeping bag, there are 5 different colors to choose from.

Hyke & Byke Quandary Mummy Sleeping Bag


Extra Wide Single Sleeping Bag

Extra Wide Single Sleeping Bag
Coleman has once again come in with another amazing sleeping bag. This time they’re aiming for the big and tall people out there with this sleeping bag. It has some impressive dimensions that are going to make life a little more comfortable for us larger campers.

This is one of the widest individual sleeping bags that I’ve come across in my times reviewing camping products. It has an impressive width measurement of 40 inches, easily making it one of the widest out there. This will help the bigger people out there who aren’t necessarily tall but need the extra wiggle room.

However, it can also help accommodate for people who are tall as well. While it’s not the longest on this list, it has an impressive 85 inches in length. This is still a lot of room for a lot of people and according the specs will be good for people, who are up to 6 feet 5 inches tall.

Quite Comfortable To Sleep In

Apart from being a larger size, it’s also a very comfortable sleeping bag. For me this is a big part thanks to the flannel liner, which is a very comfortable fabric. This type of fabric makes it a fairly warm sleeping bag as well. This is also reflected by its 0°F temperature rating.

If you’re a big car camper then this is a great sleeping bag for this type of camping. It’s a little too large and heavy to really be a backpacking bag in my opinion. But for trips where you set up base camp close to your vehicle, the size and weigh is often an irrelevance.

Something that you should consider is, since it is so large, cleaning it maybe difficult. Fitting it into a standard washing machine is really not a good idea. So it’s recommended to try and clean it with a industrial washing machine if possible. This is a small downside to an otherwise incredible sleeping bag. The price we pay for being bigger campers.

Coleman Big Game


Want More Big Man Sleeping Bags?

Still can’t decide or don’t think the above sleeping bags suit your style?. Perhaps you are looking for a bigger sleeping bag at variable temperature ratings, or maybe you need a longer sleeping bag?.

While there are quite a few XXL sleeping bags for the big and tall people, I’ve tried to give you my observations as to which are the best. However we all are unique and have different tastes. So to see all the available big Man’s sleeping bags click the link below for full access.

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