Office Chairs With 400 Lbs Capacity

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Office Chairs With 400 Lbs CapacityMore and more manufactures are producing office chairs with 400 Lbs capacity and it’s about time I say. I don’t know how many times I’ve felt insecure and on the edge when sitting in a under capacity computer chair. It’s a frightening experience and one I’m sure thousands of overweight people all around the world encounter on a daily basis.

If you work in a office where you don’t get a choice in what chair you can use at your station, perhaps it’s time to confront the boss. It’s important that where we spend almost one third of our lives is a ergonomic and pain free environment. Using an office chair that is too narrow, too short, under weight capacity or simply cheap and nasty is not good enough.

As a big person myself, I know how difficult it can be to find anything that is suitable for up to 500 pounds in capacity. Including office chairs. Last time I went to my local office store the biggest weight capacity they sold was 250 lbs. Excuse me, that is simply not good enough.

So in order to fix this problem, many of us bigger people turn online. But where to start?. Are these chairs any good and more importantly, can they hold five hundred pounds?. These are the questions I wish to answer as I present some of the best office chairs with a high weight capacity of 400 lbs. Before we jump straight into them, it’s important to understand that with office chairs there area lot of moving parts. These parts need heavy duty reinforcements. So therefor the price usually reflects these reinforcements. Unfortunately, that’s just how it is in the big mans world.

My Favorite 400 Pound Weight Capacity Big And Tall Office Chair

400 Pound Weight Capacity Big And Tall Office ChairMy all time favorite big mans office chair belongs to Space Seating. A company that’s been building these chairs and in my opinion haven’t received the fame they deserve. The actual chair in question is the big and tall AirGrid. I know this will differ from person to person, but there’s several things I personally like in a office chair. The AirGrid ticks all the boxes as far as I’m concerned. Plus it has a 400 lbs capacity. So we onto a winner already.

Few Things I Love About The AirGrid

  • Mesh Material: This is important to me as having a mesh backing like the AirGrid does allows for extra airflow to the back region. I don’t know about you, but in air conditioning I still sweat. So I won’t to keep cool as much as possible. As hard as that is when you are obese. The mesh back of the AirGrid creates a cooler environment for my back.
  • Adjustable Arms: These arms are actually very cool even if you don’t like arms on a chair. I like them becasue they can adjust upwards in height and also in width. So if the chair is just a little too narrow, spread the arms out for a better fit.
  • Padded seat which is also finished in a mesh material to allow maximum air flow.
  • Lumbar Support: Yes please!. As a lot of us bigger people suffer back pain, a office chair which offers lumbar support is just too good to pass up on.

Great For The Big And Tall

With those few features that I look for in a 400 pound capacity office chair out of the way, the last thing that remains is how well it suits the big and tall community. Being taller than average but not super tall, I can confidently say this chair is designed for both the heavier people and the taller generation. The seat is wide (Between arms about 22″) and also deeper for longer legs (Around 21″). The 5 star heavy duty base appears to be made extremely well. Something that just looks like it can handle a ton of weight.

The other little things this chair can do is obviously raise and lower using the pneumatic lift, and also tilt and lock into position. Which is a nice touch for a chair that can support higher weight limits. Overall, I find the AirGrid to be a very good choice for anyone looking for a office chair up to 400 lbs.

AirGrid Space Seating 400 Lb With Arms


Best Fabric No Arms 400 Lbs Rated Office Chair

Hercules No Arms Flash Furniture
The Good
  • 400 Lbs Weight Capacity
  • No Arms/Arm Edition Available
  • Fabric, not cheap bonded leather
  • Very BIG. Very wide
  • 3-5 minute Assembly time
  • Well Priced
The Bad
  • May be too big for smaller users to use

So if I can’t have a mesh style of chair, the next best for me is always a fabric. As I’m not willing to pay thousands for a real leather chair, fabric is the next best thing. So when it comes to being fabric, wide, big and super strong there’s non other than the Flash Furniture ‘Hercules’ edition.

This thing is a monster, it weights over 60 lbs and just stands there looking like it’s built for a King. Being such a large chair, you might suspect that it is difficult to assemble?. Rest assured, this chair is one of the easiest chairs to put together it’s almost ridiculous. There’s literally 6 parts to this chair and only 4 simple steps to assemble. See if you can beat my personal best of 3 minutes.

‘I can’t feel my arms’, that’s probably becasue there are no arms on this chair. No arms, no worries right. By removing the arms, this chair allows much more user freedom. One of my good friends uses this chair as his gaming chair. With no arms to interfere with you actual arms and game play its a welcomed treat.

So it’s very big, sturdy (One of the sturdiest chairs I’ve come across), has no arms and is made from fabric. What about the comfort?. The chair is well padded for what it is. Keep in mind this chair isn’t very expensive either. But when you have up to 400 lbs of weight on you for 8 hours a day, the padding does wear thin over time. This is not too much of a concern for me as I use a seat pad for massaging etc anyways. But for the price of this, I think the padding is rather thick and quite comfortable.

Overall, it is hard to fault this chair. Maybe if you like arms you may disagree. But, fortunately Flash Furniture releases the Hercules Arm Edition (Which also has a 400 pound weight capacity) to cater to those folks.

Hercules 400 Lb No Arms Office Chair

A Computer Chair That Is Rated To 400 Lbs And Can Be Used 24/7

Computer Chair That Is Rated To 400 Lbs And Can Be Used 24/7
This is another classic ‘Hercules’ office chair with a high weight capacity of 400 pounds. Unlike the above Hercules model, this chair is designed for heavy duty use around the clock. The other notable difference is the material they are made from. This one is made form a leather soft upholstery which is basically a mix of leather and polyurethane. This creates a more durable and a more comfortable surface compared to bonded.

So why review another ‘Hercules’ chair?. Well simply put, they are the best out there for heavy people that don’t want to spend upwards of a thousand bucks. I know how hard it is to save these days, so I’m providing what I call great value for money office chairs to the plus size community.

So with that out of the way, lets look at what really impresses me with this 400 pound rated 24/7 office chair.

  • Heavy duty use. Not just the high 400 pound weight capacity, but a 24/7 rating. This shocked me a bit as I didn’t think a chair build to handle heavy weights could last 24 hour a day usage. But trust me, once you sit in this chair, its very easy to see why. You may know with some chairs the moment you sit in them that they are not going to last. But with this Hercules chair, your assured the moment the backside meets seat for the first time. It’s that well built.
  • Exceptional Lumbar Support. I can’t get enough of this feature. Why all chairs don’t include this is beyond me. I have noticed that some folks are unsure how to use this feature. So I will give a brief run down so you don’t think Hercules is trying to jib you. First of all it’s whats called a pressurized lumbar support system. So with anything related to pressure, there’s got to be some turning involved. Under the front right of the seat is a dial or knob if you will. Get down on all fours and turn that beast. You will need to use your hands as fingers won’t be strong enough. Turn one way to increase the amount of lumbar support you need, and turn the other to deflate for less support in the lumbar region. That simple. A hose connects the two which creates the pressure to offer an amazing lumbar support office chair.
  • Multi-functional: This chair has the ability to tilt lock rock and recline. This is quite impressive for a chair of this weight capacity. When it starts getting into high numbers, the lock feature is often removed as the chair couldn’t maintain the weight. This is an indication of how well it’s built.

Summing Up The Hercules 400 Lbs 24/7 Task Chair

Without going into all the specs as you can find them on the amazon product description page, this chair is certainly designed for extra wide bodies. However I don’t feel it’s super suitable to tall people. Even with the wider shoulder padding that I simply love. Well my broad shoulders love. But the chair just reaches the back of my head and I’m probably just above average height. So a tall person may have no head rest.

The arms aren’t padded which doesn’t bother me. Nor are they sharp. Rounded and a soft feeling plastic makes the ideal when the desk starts to get to hard to lean on. But without a doubt the most impressive features are the lumbar support, functionality and capability to take extra wide office workers in. Highly recommended and great value for money.

Hercules Intensive Use 24/7 400 Pound Office Chair


Quick Gaming Chair Review With 400 Lb Rating

Gaming Chair Review With 400 Lb Rating
As I already have gaming chair reviews, I still wanted to include this chair by KillaBee briefly. This is a relatively new chair to me and I think it’s up there with the best, yet doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg.

So it has a 400 pound capacity and has the cool gaming colors you often see with gaming chairs. But the fun doesn’t stop there. If you work from home, or if your boss allows, this office chair can be used as a recliner. Comes with a foot rest and all. Perfect for chilling out while plying games on the PC, or while on the phone for work duties.

With such a decent price, I wasn’t expecting too much in the way of padding, but the Killabee chair blew me away. It has an adjustable lumbar cushion as well as a padded head rest. Talk about looking after the inner gamer. The chair is designed for us big and tall people too. Even with one leg upon under the other leg I can fit. That’s how wide this thing is (22.4 inches to be precise).

Another very cool ‘Bigman’ feature are the adjustable arms. They go in all directions and can even be left off the chair if you don’t like arms. So some chairs just adjust up or down to cater to the users height. With the Killabee, the arms also adjust outwards. Meaning if your belly or thighs get in the way, you can adjust the arms to point away from your body while still giving your arms somewhere to rest. Very cool.

This may not be your typical 400 pound office chair, but it certainly is a comfortable and adjustable chair you can use anywhere. So if something like this sounds like it is build just for you, don’t hesitate to check it out.

KillaBee 400 Lbs Rated Gaming Chair

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