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Under Desk Treadmill For Heavy People Up To 400 LBS

Under Desk Treadmills Heavy People

When it comes to buying under desk treadmills for heavy people, there are some basic yet important factors to consider. However, these factors will vary slightly when compared to buying a regular heavy-duty treadmill. 

For starters, you won’t be exceeding speeds of 4mph in most cases, and the built in monitor commonly associated with the treadmill will be non-existent, unless you are looking for a treadmill with a desk attached to it. 

Weight Capacity & Frame Durability

The key component to buying an under desk treadmill as a heavy person is the structural integrity of the frame. Without a heavy-duty and sturdy frame, the weight capacity is irrelevant. simply put, a person that weighs over 250 pounds can easily cause damage to the structural components of the deck and frame. 

A goody sturdy steel frame is often a good indication as to whether the treadmill can support heavier users. This will often be reflected by the treadmills weight capacity. 

But not always, which is why it is important to pay particular attention to the quality of the frame. Just because a manufacturer slaps a 400 LB label on the box, does not necessarily mean it will be able to support a 400 pound person for an extended period of time. By doing your due-diligence you can minimize the chances of receiving a ‘dud’. 

Compare By Weight Capacity

Deck Capacity Price
20"W x 50"L 400 LB Check Price Amazon
20"W x 50"L 350 LB Check Price Amazon
16.54”W x 41.34”L 320 LB Check Price Amazon
20"W x 46"L 325 LB Check Price Amazon
16"W x 43"L 300 LB Check Price Amazon
17"W x 41"L 300 LB Check Price Amazon
17"W x 43"L 265 LB Check Price Amazon
16"W x 40"L 265 LB Check Price Amazon

Size Is Everything

Normally us bigger folks love anything oversized, and in terms of a regular treadmill this is also the case. However, with under desk treadmills you need to be aware of your surroundings. Are you looking to use the treadmill at work in a shared office, or at home where space is unlimited? 

Be mindful of just how much floor space you have beneath your standing desk and if sharing an office with a co-worker, be sure you don’t invade on their workspace either. 

Once you have your workspace dimensions in order, then you can decide if a wider platform treadmill is right for you. A wider deck is naturally going to give a heavier person the freedom to walk comfortably without feeling too restricted.

Anything too narrow will feel like you’re walking a tight rope, which never ends well for a larger size person. 

400LB Capacity Under Desk Treadmill

400LB Capacity Under Desk Treadmill

It comes as no surprise that LifeSpan have one of the best heavy-duty under desk treadmills, considering they produce one the best commercial 450 LB treadmills. LifeSpan are a common brand of treadmills found throughout clubs and Gyms across America, so its a brand you can trust and rely on.

The TR5000-DT3 is a 400 LB capacity under desk treadmill by LifeSpan and is certainly the best option for heavy people. It is designed and built to be able to handle the toughest of workouts.

Featuring a powerful 3Hp heavy-duty motor, you just know it has the right amount of torque to be able to propel a 300 plus pound person day in, day out. 

The deck on the TR5000 is impressive to say the least. When you compare it to any other on this page, you can clearly see it is heads and shoulders above the competition. 

The deck is reversible and an incredible 1-inch thick. The dimensions are also big man approved. Coming in at 20 inches wide with a length of 50-inches.

Most under desk treadmills have a width of just 16-inches and the extra 4-inches available on the TR5000 is very valuable to any larger user. If you’re a tall person, the 50-inch length will give you that extra room to cater to longer strides. 

Features That Make The TR500-DT3 One Of The Best All-round

  • Bluetooth Capable – Sync the Lifespan app on your phone and wirelessly track the hard work you are performing while at work.
  • Anodized aluminum side rails provide a robust and sturdy platform for heavier users
  • 6-Impact cushions allow you to feel comfortable with every stride taking the impact out of your joints out with every step.
  • Low profile – 4.6″ step up gives you a low to the ground walking surface maximising the space you have under your desk. Especially handy if you don’t have a height adjustable working desk. 
  • Speed Variation – 0.4 to 4mph 
  • Compact display panel for discreet placement on your desk without occupying too much work area.
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame (very important for heavy people)

It’s The Best Of The Best At A Price

The Lifespan Tr5000 is truly one of the best under desk treadmills and as a heavy user, there isn’t a better option in my opinion. However, as we have all come to know, the better something is and the heavier you weigh, the more expensive the product is.

Which is the only downside to the TR5000, the price tag. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind paying extra for high weight capacity products like a treadmill, especially if it is premium quality, but the high end price tag may simply be out of reach for some of us. 

LifeSpan Fitness TR5000-DT3 Under Desk Treadmill

350 LB Capacity Alternative

Lifespan has a similar under desk treadmill to the above TR5000, however this model has a slightly less weight capacity of 350 LB and does not include the Bluetooth syncing capability. 

This model is known as the TR1200-DTs and it too has a 20″W x 50″L deck. The TR1200 can be found on amazon here. 

Sturdy Treadmill Walking Pad 320 LBS Capacity

Sperax 2.5 HP For Office & Home Use

Walking Pad Heavy People 300 LBS

After searching high and low, I believe I have found the sweet spot for 300 LBS+ capacity under desk treadmills. The Sperax 320 LB walking pad has the perfect balance of affordability, price, robust sturdiness and practicality.

In terms of specifications, the Sperax competes with most others on this list. However, the key feature for me is just how sturdy this under desk walking pad actually is.

A Robust, Sturdy Solution For Heavier Persons

Finding exercise equipment that can actually support your body weight has always been a challenge when you live life of the heavier side. However, its not just about finding a product with sufficient weight capacity, its also about feeling safe whilst on the machine.

With this Sperax walking Pad’s unique structural design, its easy to feel confident and supported. The robust build really stands out on this walking pad, especially when you are comparing it to the likes of a $1000 plus under desk treadmill.

Even at the slightly higher speeds (up to 3.8 mph), the solid frame feels stable and well balanced. Feeling wobbly or instable on the Sperax is not something to fear anymore. The durability of the walking pad is also well suited to heavier folks considering the high weight capacity of 320 pounds.

Decent Size Walking Deck

As with the majority of under desk treadmills listed on this page, the Sperax model also has a decent size walking deck. Coming in at 41″ x 16.5″. However, its the supportive cushioned deck that may separate this model from the others.

With your natural walking stride, you can feel the support without the deck feeling ‘too soft’, which can really help improve your low-impact cardiovascular exercise in the office or home.

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Treadmill With Desk For Heavy Person 

325 LB Weight Limit

Treadmill With Desk For Heavy Person

If you’re an office worker looking for an all in one solution, Exerpeutic has this treadmill with an attached desk built right in. This gives you the freedom to work from anywhere you set up the treadmill, regardless of where you normally have your desk arranged. 

With a 325 pound weight capacity and a 20-inch wide x 46-inch long walking platform, the EverWork 5000 by Exerpuetic is a great solution for big and tall people. 

What’s great about the EverWork 5000 is that the desk is height adjustable, allowing you to adjust the desk to an ergonomic level to suit your height. The desk uses air pistons to automatically raise the height to suit tall people up to 6’5″. 

The desk can also be separated from the treadmill if you only need to use the desk at that particular time. The treadmill features wheels so you can lift one end and roll it out of the way. Allowing you to take full advantage of the large 46″wide x 24″ deep desk. 

The built-in display used for displaying your workout data and the various programs is not intrusive either. So if you do need to separate the treadmill from the desk, you can still comfortable rest your arms on the built-in armrests while typing away on the keyboard.

Key Features to Consider

  • 1.5HP Quiet Drive Motor – Decent for a under desk treadmill at this price point
  • 0.1mph speed increments form 0.6 to 4 mph. 4 x quick speed buttons built into console. 
  •  Can be used as a stand-alone standing desk. 
  • Access holes for hiding cords out of the way and built-in accessory ports
  • Backlit LCD monitor conveniently located so that it does not interfere with your work. 
  • Height adjustable desk to suit users 5′ to 6’5″
  • Includes 5 workout programs built into the console along with the ability to set 3 goals for your workouts. 

Overall I love the idea of the EverWork 5000 treadmill desk. It allows you to position the desk where you want without restrictions. By doing this you can keep different work formats for ‘exercise work’ and regular work separated, making your work space more organized. 

I really like the foam padded armrests as it can make the friction between your arm and the desk while walking on the treadmill far less, making it easier to carry on with your work. All in all, its a good buy for the price considering it doubles as a stand alone standing desk. 

Exerpeutic 5000 ExerWork 325LB Treadmill Desk

Best 300 LB Under Desk Treadmill

Under Desk Walking Pad 300 Pounds

The combination of a 3.0HP Motor combined with this being a 3-in-1 model in my opinion makes the DeerRun under desk treadmill the best with 300 LB weight capacity. While DeerRun may sound like a funny name, the truth is they have been specializing in treadmills for some time now, so rest assured this is not some nobody brand name.

Being a 3 in 1 treadmill and walking pad, you have the option to both walk and run should you desire. With the walking pad having a top speed of 3.8 MPH and the running top speed coming in at 7.5 MPH thanks to the powerful 3HP motor.

The higher horse power of the motor allows users up to 300 pounds to safely use the machine, all while not exceeding 60 db, making it a low noise option for busy homes or offices.

Slightly Longer Deck

When you are slightly taller than the average person, every inch counts when it comes to the length of the walking deck. This under desk treadmill features a slightly longer 5-layer deck, coming in at 43″ in length. However, the width of the deck is a little underwhelming at 16″.

However, this is made up for with its shock absorbers. Having a decent shock absorbing setup is crucial for heavy people as it can drastically reduce the impact on knees, ankles, joints and muscles.

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Under Desk Treadmill For Overweight People

Under Desk Treadmill For Overweight People

It’s surprising how many of these under desk treadmills have such a low weight capacity, the majority of them max out at 220 pounds. I find this rather ridiculous since 42% of the American population is now classified as obese by the CDC

So if the above options are not really suitable for you, the next best options are the few 265 LB capacity under desk treadmills. 

The stand-out option for me is this lightweight design by CitySports found on amazon here. It not only has a 265 pound weight rating, but it also has a slightly wider deck compared to other 265 lb options. 

The deck measures 17-inches wide by 43″ in length. so it’s not super wide, but it has a longer deck for tall people with deeper strides and for the keen walkers that wish to push this machine to its maximum speed of 4MPH.

If you’re exceptionally tall, over 6’6″,  you will probably find that the 43-inch deck suitable to speeds of around 2.8MHP. If you go faster than this, you will find that your strides are being compromised. 

Surprisingly Quite Motor

Whether you’re working from home or in a crowded option, its always nice to have a machine that operates quietly. This CitySports treadmill is one of the quietest going around. It so quite that they built Bluetooth speakers into the frame so you can listen to tunes or an e-book while walking. 

However, chances are you won’t need the speakers as such, because you’re meant to be working hard behind your desk right? But nonetheless, its a nice feature to have just in case. 

This Safety Feature Can Be A Negative

The CitySports model has a built in safety feature that some may argue is silly, while others will praise the idea. It will entirely depend on the intended use of the treadmill.

This feature is that the treadmill won’t operate without the wireless control. This is a good feature in the case where you have young kids around and you don’t want them accidently turning the treadmill on when you are out of the room. 

The downside of this is that if you lose the control, you won’t be able to operate the treadmill. This feature could be a make or break feature for many people, so it is certainly something worth considering. 

CitySports 265LB Under Desk Treadmill

2-In-1 Walking Treadmill for Under Desk

265 LB Capacity

There are a fair few 2-in-1 under desk treadmills floating around and the one that I feel is best suited to the heavier person is the 265 LB SuperFit by GYMAX. 

A 2-in-1 treadmill is basically a treadmill that has fold up rails and display for using as a regular treadmill to run on, while also being compact when folded down for use under a desk. 

Many of the folding treadmills like this have a max user weight of 220 pounds, simply because the structural design of the folding mechanism doesn’t allow for excessive weight. However, GYMAX changes all that with their 265 pound model. 

Powerful 2.25HP Motor

I find it rather impressive that the SuperFit GYMAX has managed to fit a 2.25HP motor into this compact design while still managing to maintain an affordable price point. 

The 2.25HP motor delivers a solid punch in terms of performance without being excessively noisy. The noise reduction technology has been built into the actually running belt of the SuperFit. Along with the usual shock absorption layers, there is also sound proofing.

This sound insulation layer in the actual belt itself helps to absorb the normal functioning noises of the treadmill. However, as this is also a regular running treadmill, at the top speed of 7.5MPH you can expect a considerable difference in noise compared to using it as an under desk walking treadmill. 

Key Functions Of the SuperFit By GYMAX

  • Can be used as either under desk or regular treadmill – Folding operation on wheels for easy transportation
  • 16″W x 40″L Deck – Shorter deck for spaces with minimal floor space
  • Top Speed: Under Desk: 4MPH Running: 7.5MPH
  • Dual Display: On deck for under desk use, touch screen LCD display on armrest when used as regular treadmill
  • 5 Layer shock absorbing belt with sound absorbers
  • Safety key stops the treadmill when removed in case of accidents
  • Bluetooth speakers built in with wireless control
GYMAX SuperFit 2-In-1 Folding Treadmill


How To Successfully Use An Under Desk Treadmill

There’s no doubt in my mind that walking on an under desk treadmill is the easiest way to either stay in shape or lose weight as an overweight office worker. 

Unfortunately not all offices are equipped with standing desks (yet) which is quite sad, considering health experts label inactivity as a contributing factor to premature mortality, as much as 9% worldwide

In my opinion, sitting behind a desk for 40 hours per week classifies as inactivity and I don’t want to be part of that 9% mortality rate. So by implementing a simple to use under desk treadmill into my daily work schedule, I plan on being part of the 91%. 

So with that said, how does an overweight office worker start walking on one of these whiz bang devices? Well it’s quite easy, a lot easier than working out on a heavy-duty treadmill

Start Slow & Steady

The reason I’m a big advocate for under desk treadmills is that it’s not difficult. When a heavy person like myself finds the workout too hard, whether it be on the joints, body or mental capacity, it simply becomes ‘too difficult’, and as a result, I find it hard to stay motivated to continue working out. 

With an underdesk treadmill, you never have to push yourself to speeds of greater than 4mph and tackle steep inclines of 15%. You simply take it easy and go at a slow pace.

Slow Down, You’re Going Too Fast

Remember how I said in that small case study that the subjects were burning 100 calories extra per hour at just 1mph?. Well, this is the ideal speed to be walking at when working behind the desk. If you go too fast, it can make working on your actual day job impossible, unless you are in a zoom call or watching a webinar replay. 

When you take a casual stroll down the street, you are likely walking at about 3mph, so you will need to teach your body to slow down, remember its not a race here. 

Incremental Increases

Once you have got the slower paced walking down pat, you can start working on the length of your workout. As a morbidly obese person myself, I know that any extended periods of walking/standing can be rather challenging. 

There’s absolutely no point to using a under desk treadmill for 3 to 5 hours per day when you’re as unfit as I am. I’ll just get burned out, tired and as a result my work efficiency will suffer. 

So its best to start out with 2 short sessions a day. I like to start out with small 15 minute walks before getting off. Then repeat this same session again in the afternoon. This allows me to still focus on my job and not get too tired.

However, once you find that 15 minutes is flying by so quick, you can extend the sessions by 5-10 minutes. Eventually you may find yourself walking 2 x 1 hr sessions (or more) everyday burning an extra 1000 calories every work week. 

The key is to walk slow and take it easy in the beginning. This is a long term battle and one that should be treated as such. With these tips and the above reviews on the best under desk treadmills for heavy people, I feel confident you too can join the 91% club. 

Can An Overweight Person Lose Weight Using An Under Desk Treadmill?

The last thing I want to say before heading on into the under desk treadmill reviews for heavy people is Congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back for taking the time to recognize that sitting all day behind a desk is not good for your health. 

But what’s even better is that you can actually lose weight, while being paid to work by your employer. Or if you work for yourself, you’re paying yourself to lose weight while still getting the job done. 

How Much Weight Can You Lose?

How does burning an extra 100 calories an hour without pushing yourself to the limit sound? A small study was done on 15 obese people walking on an under desk treadmill at a speed of just 1mph.

The result was an extra 100 calories per hour were burned compared to sitting in an office chair behind the desk without walking. 

Now imagine going to your job as per normal, but spending just 2 to 3 hours a day on the walking treadmill while you are working away on your desk as you normally do.

In a years time, you could have a weight loss of between 44 lbs and 66 lbs. All from simply walking away under your desk while still getting your work done. 

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