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Big And Tall Gaming Chairs For Big Guys

Plus Size Gaming Chairs For Big Men

Finding the best big and tall gaming chairs for bug guys is no easy feat. This is one area the market hasn’t catered very well to, in regards to the heavy or overweight population.

I don’t consider myself so much of a full-time gamer anymore, but I do know that spending hours in front of the console and TV can become very uncomfortable. Especially if you’re big and tall.

Back in the day, I played an online game from my laptop for almost 36 hours without sleep. This was an uncomfortable day and a half, but I was determined to level up my character so much, that comfort did not matter. Heck, I wasn’t even aware of such a gaming chair.

What I Need

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So as it stands now, I’m in the market for finding a decent heavy duty gaming chair. The 1 chair that is available at my local office store has a tiny 200 Lbs weight capacity. Which as you may know, will simply not do. I need a high weigh capacity gaming chair, or it’s no chair at all.

So by doing some solid research I have found a few candidates as possible good gaming chairs for us heavy people. I will dig around to try to find the weight capacities and the dimensions to make it easier for any other large gamer needing comfort whilst gaming.

Compare Heavy Duty Gaming Chairs

Capacity Seat Width Price

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair with Wide Flat Seat, 400 Lbs Weight Limit, Rocker and Seat Height Adjustment Mechanisms - Indigo

400 Lbs 23.25"

Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair for Adults, 350LBS Office Chair with Retractable Footrest, Adjustable Armrest, Classic PU Leather Big and Tall Ergonomic Computer Chair

350 Lbs 22.44" Seat Width

X Rocker Vibe 2.1 Floor Rocker Chair - Video Gaming Chair with Bluetooth and Vibration Motors - Immersive Audio with Speakers & Subwoofer - Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Entertainment - Black/Red

275 Lbs -

Fantasylab Big and Tall Gaming Chair Gaming Chair 450lbs with 6D Flip-up Armrests, Massage Waist Pillow, Headrest Gaming Chair for Heavy People with Metal Base Adjustable Computer Chair for Gamers

450 Lbs 24"

AutoFull C3 Gaming Chair Office Chair PC Chair with Ergonomics Lumbar Support, Racing Style PU Leather High Back Adjustable Swivel Task Chair with Footrest (Grey)

350 Lbs 19"

COLAMY Big and Tall Gaming Chair 350lbs, Racing Computer Gamer Chair, Ergonomic Office PC Chair with Upholstered Seat, Lumbar Support, 4D Armrest for Adult Teens, Black

350 Lbs 20.87"

Gaming Chair Big and Tall Office Chair 500lb Wide Seat Desk Chair with Lumbar Support Headrest 2D Arms Task Swivel Ergonomic PU Adjustable Massage Racing Computer Chair for Adults Gamer(Black)

500 Lbs 22.4"

Best Big And Tall Gaming Chairs

Any-who, there’s much to love about these luxury big and tall gaming chairs. As the name suggests, they are the high end premium and downright expensive gaming chairs. So if you’re on a tight budget, don’t bother checking the price. But if you’re curious, you can check the price on amazon here.

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair with Wide Flat Seat, 400 Lbs Weight Limit, Rocker and Seat Height Adjustment Mechanisms - Indigo

Also A Good Gaming Chair For The Tall People

Besides the weight capacity being good for a big person, the chair’s settings allow for gamers over 6 foot to comfortably sit without strain. No more blaming the poor neck support of the chair for loosing in Team Deathmatch now. This chair by AKRacing certainly has got the big and tall community in mind with this release.

Keeping on with the luxury features, one of the best features I’ve seen on a gaming chair like this is the 3D arm rests. Besides eye sight, what’s the most important feature you would consider about gaming in a chair?. Having your hands in a comfortable position that suits YOUR individual arms. If your hands are cramped or stretched out, not centered correctly. Then it may as well be game over.

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair with Wide Flat Seat, 400 Lbs Weight Limit, Rocker and Seat Height Adjustment Mechanisms - Indigo

With the AKRacing Master Series line, you have full control over the arm rests. More control than you may initially think. These armrests do it all, move up down inward and outward. But the cool feature about these arm rests are they twist. So that you can position your arm on the angle that you need to be at your best. It’s the same with the recline tilt and lock feature. The chair can go all the way back to 180 degrees.

On a loosing steak?. No problem, take a 10 minute nap in the 180 degree position to recharge the batteries. The chair has other tilt and lock positions as well, I just love the 180 position.

Being an oversized gaming chair, I can confidently say anyone under 330 pounds would enjoy this chair. The padding, the custom features and the dazzling good looks make this one of the hottest gaming chairs on the market.

*Available in some pretty cool colors too. P.S. Don’t say I didn’t warn you about the price tag!

AKRacing Masters Series Max Gaming Chair with Wide Flat Seat, 400 Lbs Weight Limit, Rocker and Seat Height Adjustment Mechanisms – Indigo

Gaming Chairs For Fat Guys

Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair for Adults, 350LBS Office Chair with Retractable Footrest, Adjustable Armrest, Classic PU Leather Big and Tall Ergonomic Computer Chair

When it comes to gaming chairs for fat guys, the Blue Whale chair comes to mind. With its impressive features, comfort, and the safety aspects it offers. When you add all those together you will be getting one of the best heavy duty gaming chairs on the market.

It’s hard to go past the feature that makes this chair so good and something that makes it worth your consideration. This the excellent massage pillow that this chair has included with it.

You can easily plug it into a USB port to give you a lot more comfort than a standard gaming chair.

Being able to massage those tender back muscles after an 8 hour session on Call Of Duty is something I never imagined possible. But thanks to this awesome chair, you can now game in relieve tension at the same time.

Thick Heavy Duty Padded Seat

The seat of this chair is 4.7-inches thick which is made out of a high-density sponge which adds to the comfort of this chair even more. As you may have guessed, Blue Whale has focused comfort with this chair and in my opinion, I believe they have achieved this to a very high level.

Durability on this gaming chair is really high thanks to the heavy-duty metal base. Unlike a lot of other chairs whose metal base is at the front of the chair which can be dangerous at times. This one is near the back which becomes the center when you recline it back which makes it more stable. Making it a safe chair to relax on.

While this chair has a lot of great features and is really comfortable it does have one downside. That is you can’t lock the armrests in place which is disappointing and really the only downside of the chair but far from a dealbreaker.

Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair for Adults, 350LBS Office Chair with Retractable Footrest, Adjustable Armrest, Classic PU Leather Big and Tall Ergonomic Computer Chair

Big & Tall Details

  • 400 Lbs Weight Capacity
  • 22.44″ Wide Seat
  • Seat Height: 19.09″ – 22.05″
  • Backrest Height: 31.89″

Blue Whale Massage Gaming Chair for Adults, 350LBS Office Chair with Retractable Footrest, Adjustable Armrest, Classic PU Leather Big and Tall Ergonomic Computer Chair

Rocking Gaming Chairs For Heavy People

X-Rocker Pro H3 275 Lbs Weight Capacity

X Rocker Vibe 2.1 Floor Rocker Chair - Video Gaming Chair with Bluetooth and Vibration Motors - Immersive Audio with Speakers & Subwoofer - Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Entertainment - Black/Red

According to the X-Rocker website, this Pro series H3 model has a weight capacity of 275Lbs. It looks awesome and boasts some cool features.

However, because it is a floor rocker getting in and out of this gaming chair could prove a struggle for gamers pushing 300 pounds. The floor is our worst enemy!. There is a pedestal version of this chair which is raised. But I couldn’t find the actual weight capacity. It’s called the X-Rocker Pro 2.1 if you want to compare the 2.

X-Rocker have been sponsors for competitive BaseLAN 27 tournament, which speaks volumes for the company. I trusted and very professional gaming authority. Knowing that company behind this gaming chair are leaders in their field, makes it a hard decision. Which is better?. The X-Rocker Pro H3Vs Vertagear SL6000?.

What I am having a hard time getting past is the built in speaker and sub woofer speaker the X-Rocker boasts. I mean…It’s amazing!. Talk of the town if I had one of these beasts!. There are 4 speakers and 1 subwoofer which is built into the back. The other 4 speakers are beside the head rest and down by the seat.

X Rocker Vibe 2.1 Floor Rocker Chair – Video Gaming Chair with Bluetooth and Vibration Motors – Immersive Audio with Speakers & Subwoofer – Ergonomic Design for Comfortable Entertainment – Black/Red

What Are Some Complaints About The X-Rocker Pro Wireless Gaming Chair?

This short video does a bang on job reviewing the X-Rocker chair. Make sure you watch it all the way through if you are considering buying the X-Rocker Pro H3. It’s an insight you may want to see.

Unconventional Gaming Chair 350 Lbs Capacity

TIMBER RIDGE Zero Gravity polyester Chair Oversized Recliner 350lbs Capacity Patio Lounge Chair Padded Lawn Chair with Headrest XXL for Outdoor, Camping, Patio, Lawn, Blue

Thinking outside the box a little and you can find chairs suitable for gaming all around you. I hosted a party just recently and one of my gaming friends was over. I offered him a seat and he sat down on my zero gravity chair.

Within seconds he was like “Man, this chair would be so good for gaming”. At first I thought was he must have been drunk, but I’ll be damned. A good zero gravity chair is a great chair for gaming in. Who cares if it’s intended for outdoors use.

Padded Zero Gravity Chair For Gaming 350 Lbs

So what makes a zero gravity chair so special?. Well to start with they are extremely comfortable. This is because they simulate the position astronauts use when preparing to rocket into space. This position has the least amount of pressure on the body which makes them so relaxing and comfortable.

 This Timber Ridge chair is also padded, where many zero gravity chairs are not. So you get even more comfort from this chair. It also has a decent 350 pound weight capacity, so bigger uses are well catered for.

However, I don’t think a zero gravity chair like this is suitable for all gaming styles. Due to being a more relaxed and laid back type of sitting position, focusing can be more difficult. Certainly not a chair I would use in a online battle of call of duty as I like to be positioned so I’m sitting forward and not tilted back even the slightest.

TIMBER RIDGE Zero Gravity polyester Chair Oversized Recliner 350lbs Capacity Patio Lounge Chair Padded Lawn Chair with Headrest XXL for Outdoor, Camping, Patio, Lawn, Blue


Gaming Chairs Currently Unavailable/Discontinued

The Highest Weight Capacity DX Racer Gaming Chair

The Tank – 450 Lbs Weight Capacity

One of the big names the gaming chair industry – DX Racer produces some of the highest weight capacity chairs perfect for the big and tall.

The ‘Tank’ is suitable for people up to 6’7″ (200 cm) and a maximum weight of 450 pounds (200kg). But being the biggest chair on the market (That we could find), comes at a price. It’s also quite costly to be part of the ‘tank’ series. But if you can afford one, then you are not going to regret it. It’s a beast of a chair with large amounts of functionality.

Available in both the US and the UK, the DX Racer ‘Tank’ series is going to become a very popular chair among bigger gamers. You are spoiled for comfort and ease of use with this chair. It boasts all the good ergonomic features required to play for hours straight without discomfort.

The lumbar support has an amazing affect on the lower back which is a godsend for people like myself that suffer back pain when sitting on the computer for hours on end.

The Tank Heavy Duty Gaming Chair

Being a 26″ gap between the shoulder areas should be plenty of room for most people I would assume. The seat size is what impresses me the most at 20″ in diameter and about 17″ wide at the front. Well it impresses me only because the padding on the seat is top notch. Otherwise, it wouldn’t play such an important role in comfortable gaming.

Moving on to the arms. To have arms or to not have arms, that s the question?. With the Tank, you can shift them to pretty much anywhere you like. Being 4D adjustable arms gives us the freedom to put them where we want based on which type of game is on the menu.

While most of the time arms can be restrictive and make it harder to fit in the seat, they also act as great leverage points for pulling up out of the bucket style seat. So it’s a good option to have these adjustable 4D arms.

Probably The Best Chair A Big Man Could Own

Overall its a high quality gaming chair which is literally built like a tank. But unfortunately the price tag may scare some people away. But my advice is this, if you can afford it. Get the DX Racer Tank.

When it comes to items that you use for 8 hours plus each and every day (Like a chair, bed etc) you cannot be tight with money. They are more expensive because they are simply better and will last a lot longer in my opinion.

Extra Large Vertagear Chairs For Gaming

The first few oversized gaming chairs are all by Vertagear. What drew me to these chairs was how big they looked. A lot of the other chairs I could tell immediately that they wouldn’t be surface. But when I saw these 3, I knew they must have a heavier weight capacity. I was right.

440 Lbs Weight Capacity Gaming Chair!

The first cab off the rank is the Vertagear PL6000. The reason this is my number one choice is simply due to the fact it’s purpose built for big and heavy people.

Compared to the other 2 Vertagear chairs (See below), this chair looks like a tank. It’s bigger, stronger, has a 440 pounds weight capacity and is simply more bad ass than the other Vertagear chairs. Plus it’s got a feature I simply love: Perforated material. Meaning an increase in air flow to the body. We all know how hot and sweaty it can get for long gaming periods.

The seat and back rest are slightly wider also, so it allows for extra rump storage. The only negative difference between this model and the SL4000 & SL5000 is that back rest itself doesn’t recline as far back as them. This Big Man’s gaming chair goes back 150 degrees compared to 180 for the other 2 models. Which is understandable considering it’s high weight capacity of 440 lbs.

Because of the heavier weight capacity, the frame/base itself is built stronger from heavy duty industrial grade steel. Which is very reassuring for a larger person. If you are a fairly hefty sized gamer, I would highly recommend going with the PL6000. I don’t think there is anything else on the market with a higher weight capacity. That is unless you venture down the big man’s office chair route.

Heavy Duty Chairs For Gaming

So the other chairs I’m looking at are the Vertagear SL2000 and the SL line in general. From my research, I haven’t noticed too much difference overall.

The noticeable differences are that the SL2000 has a flatter seat, while some of the others have the hump in the front of the seat. Another difference is that I believe the SL2000 will be better suited to the big and tall due to its 330 pound weight limit.

The Vertagear SL Vs PL Line

Differences aside, the rest of the features seem attractive to me. However, the advantage lays with the PLline in regard to the big gamers.  The width on the back of the seat where your shoulder would rest is slightly larger at 21.5 inches. I have extra-wide shoulders, so this is really a plus for me.

While we are on the backrest of the chair, I must say I’m sold on the 2 extra support cushions. The lumbar and neck cushion will hopefully solve many sore necks and lower back problems from extended gaming sessions.

While I’m not normally a fan of PVC leather as I prefer mesh style padding, I must say that these chairs do look mighty comfortable. Lack of airflow to the body may be an issue, but heck…That’s what fans are for right?.

The 2 other features that drew me to the Vertagear SL gaming series chairs are the reclining feature and the adjustable armrests. First, the recline feature allows the back of the chair to tilt to 170 degrees, which has me written all over it. The chair even has lock tilt mode. Meaning the front and back of the chair can be tilted back and locked into place to the position best suited.

4d Adjustable Arms

They call the adjustable arms 4d. Which I guess is relevant because the arm rest can pretty much be adjusted into any position. It can be raised, tiled back or forward and even moved inwards towards your body or outwards for extra space.

We often overlook small features like this when gaming. But at the position, blood flow is maximized which results in less cramping and strains. That means more gaming enjoyment.

Overall, Vertagear are one of my first choices. With a weight capacity of 330 lbs, I think many Gamers should find the SL2000 sufficient.

However, if you are bigger, go with the Pl6000 mentioned above.  While the Vertagear gaming chairs don’t have some of the technology other chairs may have, it does have the right build for a big Man.

400 Lb Gaming Chairs For Large Adults

Extra Wide Seat

This Killabee Von Racer has a lot to offer a gamer who is in the market for a new gaming chair. What I like most about the Von Racer is that it stays comfortable for those long gaming sessions without having the pain issues that can come with them.

Comfort is one of the most important things when you’re going to be using the chair for hours at a time. Von Racer made the right decision in making the seat out of memory foam which as most of us know, is super comfortable. This combined with the neck and back cushion allows for ultimate comfort for those long gaming sessions.

What makes this chair so good is the sheer amount of customization this chair has on offer. If you need to adjust a part of this chair you’re able to do so which is what is so good about it. The arms, backrest, and seat are all adjustable to different levels.

Spacious For The Larger Adults

The Killabee chair Von Racer has a good amount of room for bigger people which is great but does mean you should measure how much space you have. The internal width of the seat is 21.7-inches and a depth of 20.5-inches which works really well when it’s combined with the 23.2-inches for the backrest make this comfortable for larger people.

Being a gaming chair for heavy people it does need that good weight capacity which it does have. It is a robust, strong and durable 400 lb gaming chair. It achieves this by having an extremely durable and stable metal base which makes it safer to use. This is made even better as the chair itself has a metal frame, which adds to the overall durability and heavy duty long term use.

Big And Tall Features

While we have touched mainly on the heavy person features of this 400 pound capacity gaming chair, let’s have a look as to why it’s also good for the tall people.

Being rated as a big and tall gaming chair indicates a few things, firstly the weight capacity which we have already covered. The Killabee does a killer job at vouching for us heavy gamers.

If you are quite tall as well, the other factors to consider are seat height and backrest height. The Von racer has also got you covered here. The seat height can extend up to 22.8″ tall, which is about 2-4 inches taller than many other chairs.

The backrest is also quite tall, coming in at 33.5″. This allows taller people to lean back and stretch out with adequate head and shoulder support. Without a doubt, I find the Killabee Von Racer to be one of the best gaming chairs for big and tall people as a result of these dimensions.

200Kg Gaming Chair (440 Lbs)

Because I’m a fan of Vertagear, let’s have another look at why I think this is one of the best gaming chairs for the big and tall people.

One of the best 200kg gaming chair has to be this beast by Vertagear. The heavy-duty 200kg weight limit 9440 lb) is quite robust and is a direct result of the strong steel construction.

A lot more goes into a gaming chair then a lot of people think which is why companies like Vertagear are appreciated. They know that it needs to be more than just a fancy looking chair to be considered a gaming chair, especially for how long you can sit there and game!

One of the most overlooked features when it comes to gaming chairs is how adjustable are the armrests. You’re able to adjust these in 4 different ways with the standard up and down.

But you can also bring them forward and back so you can get closer to where your keyboard is which provides a lot more comfort behind the desk.

Heavy Duty Steel Frame

The chair itself has a really durable steel frame that is more than just durable. The design is what many gamers would call a classic racing design, which is one of the most common. This is for good reason, as it looks stylish but also really comfortable to sit and game in.

For most gamers, their chair will be used for more than just gaming. Often we will use it for when we just want to relax and watch twitch. So this chair having the ability to go into a reclined position is excellent for more than just gaming.

Without a doubt, one of the most frustrating things when it comes to chairs like this is how hard they are to assemble. You normally need some a lot of room and two people to actually set them up which isn’t the case with this chair.

Are Gaming Chairs Good For Your BodyErgonomic gaming Chairs For Heavy People

Because gaming chairs have grown in popularity so much over the years, many gamers are concerned as to whether they are good for your body or not. While many simply don’t care, the people that take care of their bodies have serious concerns.

When it comes to gaming chairs, the same risks are involved as an office worker sitting behind a desk for 8 hours a day. Many people play games for longer than 8 hours a day, which can be concerning for a number of reasons.

Sitting For Long Periods Is Bad For You

Working behind a desk has been labeled by many as the ‘new smoking’ in terms of damage it can do your body. So with the power of many great minds, they came up with the standing desk.

This helps office workers get off their backsides and stand to allow blood to circulate and get in a little exercise at the same time.

But what option does a gamer have when playing games for 8 hours a day?. The best option for a gamer is to buy an ergonomic office chair. These chairs cater to your individual body needs and provide optimum support so that you can sit and play in the correct posture.

Slouching over or leaning back while sitting for long periods can take its toll on your body. Gaming chairs typically aren’t designed to be all that ergonomic. Most of it’s the visual appeal. So if you’re concerned about your body posture and health. Take a serious look into an ergonomic office chair as a gaming chair replacement.

Why Do Gaming Chairs Have Weight Capacities

Like most products for heavy people, gaming chairs also have a weight capacity. But why do gaming chairs have a weight rating in the first place?.

One would like to think its for customer safety, but I believe the reason more and more products are now coming out with weight capacities listed is simply down to voiding warranties.

If you break a gaming chair while still under warranty, and there is no weight limit listed, the company can’t hold this against you. But if the weight capacity is listed and you weigh more than the capacity, chances are they will void your warranty.

This is not just speculation either, there are products that disclose this on their product warranty. Specifying that the product is only covered under warranty fo the stated weight rating.

So its important that you buy a gaming chair with a weight limit which is below your actual weight. Otherwise, you may be risking the warranty should anything bad happen to the chair. At the end of the day, big and tall gaming chairs are designed to be heavy duty, but one should never assume that it is capable of handling any weight load.

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  1. Al says:

    There is one thing I never knew about but after reading some “fine print” I came to find out that my 400Lbs office chair really only is for 275Lbs. The term 400 or 500 or whatever number they place on it only means the chair can endure, for a moment, this kind of weight and not that me and my Voluptuous body weighing in at 370 pounds will be able to enjoy the chair for a long time until the pneumatic lifter gives out. Also, because of my height the legs of the chair need not be sharp as I almost cut off my foot (well, okay it left a nasty blood stain and a painful healing). Even a 500 pound chair, with all due respect, is not a chair that is comfortable since I am quite tall. I am working from home on a chair that cannot support me in any way (LazyBoy keeps telling me it can). So I put in a heavy duty plastic pipe to not lower the chair and as such the comfort is completely gone, might as well sit on a concrete bench. I am desperately looking for a proper chair that can support my weight, is somewhat comfortable and no I do not need to recline. I do want adjustable arms and I want solid wheels. I looked at ANDA Seat Dark Knight but it still has restrictions, DX Racer Tank might be an option and I looked at E-Blue as well. But there is always the small print…. So not a gaming chair but a proper office chair… Well looking there is going to either cost me 1500 Canadian dollars and still says in the small print the chair is only fit for someone below 300 Lbs. Aside from losing weight – please guide me to a proper chair that lasts for about 2 – 4 years and is anywhere around 500 – 650 CAD.

  2. michaelclarke says:

    The overall article cover the best information, and i hope people will realise the power of gaming chair.

  3. Alex says:

    Hey man!

    I was wondering if you had any experience with Secretlab chairs? I have wanted a Secretlab Titan for a long time but I’ve been concerned about the weight limit. They’re rated at <290 lbs. and I fluctuate around 280, so depending on the time of the year I very well could hit that 290 mark, haha. I know they're very well made chairs and I fit in them comfortably, I just have concerns with the long-term.

    Thanks so much!

    • bigman says:

      Hi Alex, I haven’t had the pleasure. Unfortunately I am above the specified weight capacity and would never buy something lower than what I weigh. As much as I wont to loose weight, plans don’t always work out. The SecretLab Titan is on amazon, perhaps you could leave a question on the description page and see if you get any further information. Looks like a really sturdy and comfortable chair tho. I like the adjustable lumbar feature.

  4. CoCo Taggart says:

    Hello! I am looking for a comfortable chair for my husband Bob. He weighs about 275, is diabetic with neuropathy , back problems and no cartiledge in either knee. He has agent orange health issues from being in country in 1968. He is about 6 feet tall and will turn age 70 in April.
    What would you recommend?
    Also, could I mail you postal money orders to pay for the chair? I want to surprise him and do not want him to see any charge on our debit cards.
    Are the chair(s) shipped already assembled? or do you have some one you contract with in the Phx area that I could pay for the assembly? Thank you for your knowledge and assistance!

    • bigman says:

      Hi Coco. These are gaming chairs which are intended for gaming for long sessions. I don’t think they would be appropriate for your Husband. Have you considered a powered lift recliner chair?. You can view a few of the bigger ones by clicking here. These chairs help you get in and out of the chair which would be more comfortable than a gaming chair in this case. All the chairs are shipper through amazon and usually need assembly.

  5. Teresa Bethel says:

    How tall are you? Looking for a rocker game chair for my husband who is 6’4. Any advice on what chair would be best?

    • bigman says:

      Hi Teresa, sorry about the very late reply. Must have slipped through the system. It also comes down to how wide of a seat your Husband needs and the weight limit. The AKRacing Pro-X is especially good for taller gamers over 6 foot and has a weight capacity of 330 Lbs.

    • bigman says:

      Thanks Web Spider, these Heavy Duty Gaming Chair recommendations will help out our UK readers, much appreciated.

  6. Linda R says:

    DXRacers are the BEST gaming/office chairs for heavy people. They have different series that accommodate different weight limits, but it’s pretty easy to look up and the manufacturer is very responsive. We have one of the King series and one of the Iron series and LOVE them both. They are incredibly comfortable and we’ve had them well over a year with heavy use (I work from home so am in mine at least 12 hours a day) and they still look brand new and there is no “sag” in the cushions. They are pricey, but if you’re tired of replacing lower quality chairs (like I was!) they’re worth the investment.

    • Gina W. says:

      I agree to that Linda, my chair is almost 2 years old and the seat cushion is still holding up. I have a king series, and for what these chairs cost, which mine at the time was $470, I have gotten more than value for money.

    • bigman says:

      Hey Linda,
      Thank you for your feedback. It’s really nice when other people share there opinions on products that will help out the larger sized community.

  7. Thania Montana says:

    A rocking chair is a stylist and nice gaming chair for heavy man. I like it. Thank you very much.

  8. Katie Russell says:

    The Big man gaming chair is wonderful and comfortable furniture. Thank you.

  9. Barbara Carney says:

    I think the funniest substitute for a gaming chair I’ve ever used would probably be a rocking chair.
    Thanks for sharing this info. I’m a big man

    • bigman says:

      A rocking chair can be a great gaming chair, except the rocking motion can be annoying when leaning forward then jolting backwards to dodge bullets and what like. Not a good thing for a large fella.