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How To Begin A Weight Loss Journey As A Big Man

As a big Man and considerably overweight, making the first steps to starting a weight loss journey can be daunting. The overwhelming aspect of achieving weight loss goals can be a road block in the journey before it even begins. So building up the courage to take the first baby steps into weight loss as a big Man is probably the hardest part of the journey.

The gym world can be very a confusing and intimidating place to be when starting a new health routine. Especially when I was considerably overweight. I wasn’t the biggest person n the world, even tho I thought I was at times.  But I was extremely unfit, big and didn’t feel good about myself.

I wanted to lose weight and get fit fast. I always wanted to go the gym but I was simply too afraid. I didn’t know what to do and there were people everywhere with amazing bodies. My girlfriend suggested to come along to a weight lifting/cardio class with her I. thought it would be a good idea and a fun way to easy myself into the gym. The class was full of mostly women and only a of couple of guys.

I couldn’t help but notice I was the biggest person there. So I wanted to keep up with everyone and not look unfit, which when I look back is just plain crazy of me. But anyways,I was dying on the inside. I was sweating, huffing and puffing and was off beat to every move. It was not a pretty site.

I was very proud of myself when the class finished. I was motivated to keep going. The next morning I woke up and wow! Did I struggle to get out of bed or what. My musscles were so sore. I couldn’t lift my arms over my head i couldn’t get up the stairs, down the stairs, sit down, stand up. I was so discouraged. I rang my friend and asked if this was normal she laughed and said yes. I just thought to myself that I couldn’t keep this up, I was in agony.

I was excited to get back to the gym even through all the pain, but I knew I had to recover fast. So I got a personal trainer and was back at the gym 3 days later. He had great advice for me and showed me ways to recover from an intense workout.

Stretches For My Large Body Really Hurt

Because I was on the heavier side (Still am, but improving my life daily) stretching wasnt as easy for me and as natural as it is for a smaller person. I would attempt to do streaches after my workouts as recommended by my trainer. Bending over and touching my toes, now this was a challenge. As my belly was big to say the least I had to take it very slowly, baby steps. By touching my toes, this would stretch out the back of my legs. It took some time but eventually got easier.

Another stretch I would do Is hold on to something to get my balance and pull my leg to my butt. This would stretch the front of my legs. As simply as it may seem, these basic stretches were my foundation for the beginning of my fitness improvements. It’s about taking tiny baby steps just to get you back in the game. I had to learn how to crawl before I could walk essentially.

After a while, when I started to become better at stretches I decided to look into Yoga. Then I started doing a yoga class once a week and this was very benifical to my flexibility and my muscles would get less and less sore with each workout.

I found water also plays a big part in muscle recovery. I learned from the early stages to make sure that I was hydrated before and after a workout. Water is just good for everything right?.

Epson Salt Bath Treatment

Here is my all time favorite thing to do for my muscles (Yes hidden behind the layers of fat I do have muscles). After a intense workout, which may not be so intense for you, is an Epson salt bath. Much like a heat pack, the salt bath’s heat can assist in soothing aching muscles. Epsom salt has numerous health benefits aswell, it’s not all about helping me recover from a work out. I recommend looking into Epson salt baths further to find out exactly the health benefits for you skin, mind, muscles and overall body. Many of studies can back this up, just do some digging.

In conclusion my advice to anyone who is unactive and wants to start working out is to take it slow. Take it really easy and remember that it won’t happen overnight. Most good things in life take time to happen.  Be kind to your body and make sure you take the time after every workout to stretch your muscles. Drink plenty of water and look into an Epson bath as I believe it is good for the muscles and good for the soul.


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  1. Sally says:

    I have to agree with you – start out slow. That’s what I’m doing. Walks with my pups. I’m going to implement the stretches you mention above, too!!

    The other thing is to realize we are making a life change, which also, usually, includes the way we eat. Look up the etymology of “diet”. The word has been altered over the recent history to have bad connotations. It’s actually a really cool word!

    Taking the time to get educated on what good nutrition is and those nagging questions about carbs has been helpful, too. Then seeing what works for me. Just realize the body will crave the bad stuff till you put the hammer down! ; ))

    Good luck and here’s to a healthier, thriving 2016 for all of us!

    • bigman says:

      Thanks for stopping by Sally, I appreciate your comments. I did do a search for “Etymology” found some interesting reads. Doing simple things as walking the pups daily and cutting back on bad foods can make such a difference. Here’s to a healthy 2016.