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Extra Large Toilet Seats For Heavy People

Extra Large Toilet Seats For Heavy People

The available toilet seats for heavy people don’t give us big men much variety these days. However, I’d much rather a toilet seat that can withstand my heavy weight limit then to have no products to choose from. So today we are going to look closely at a few of the oversized toilet seats available for overweight individuals.

Now there isn’t a whole heap of information to share when it comes to finding a suitable toilet seat. Obviously they have to be heavy duty and can handle a fair amount of weight. This is also applicable to your actual toilet as well.

What is also important to me is how much the actual toilet seat slides around. I hate it when that happens and you think you’re going to end up breaking it or falling off. This is due to inferior brackets and joints.

Apart from decent joiners, you are going to need a stable toilet for the seat to comfortably sit on. You may not be aware, but toilets actually have a weight capacity. Most toilets have at least a 500 pound limit, but for many heavy people, this is not enough.

Especially when you factor in the dynamic force that your body puts on the ceramic bowl as you sit down. This is a far higher number compared to your weight. So the toilet itself, should be able to hold well above your weight to be effective long term.

If you’re concerned about the weight capacity of your toilet, you can find suitable toilets for heavy people here. With weight capacities up to 2000 pounds, most heavy people will feel much safer on one of these toilets. With the toilet now sorted, I’ve managed to narrow down the main contenders to just 4 suitable toilet seats for us big guys.

Big John’s 1200 Lbs Capacity Toilet Seat

Heavy Duty Toilet Seat

A well known Company in the field of big and heavy people’s toilet seats are by Big John. My preferred big man toilet seat is this Bariatric Heavy Duty 1200 pound weight capacity toilet seat.

This seat can actually fit both round and elongated bowls which is quite handy. Another appealing aspect to this toilet seat is that it actually sits 2″ higher then the normal seats. Which is a prayer answered. It’s an absolute nightmare to try get up from low toilets without the assistance of a grab bar.

This seat actually grips to the toilet bowl which therefor creates a non slip product. The seat won’t slide around on you and won’t give you the feeling that your going to fall off. The fact it’s a very heavy duty seat as well will give the bigger folk much more confidence on the toilet. Again it is rated to a massive 1200 pound weight capacity by the manufacturer.

The only issue I see many consumers having with this seat is the price tag. It may be a little hefty, but as we all know…The things for the big and heavy always cost an arm and a leg more. But for the price you pay, your getting that satisfaction of knowing you can confidently continue on with life’s essentials.

Big Johns 1200 Lb Toilet Seat

Heavy Duty Toilet Seat With Molded Spaces

Heavy Duty Commercial Toilet Seat

This 1000 pound capacity toilet seat by Bemis sets a new standard when it comes to proving a safe and adequate toilet seat for heavy people. You see, with many other heavy duty use seats, the spaces are attached, making them vulnerable break at any moment.

Bemis fixes this by utilizing molded in spacers eliminating the chances of attached spaces reaching breaking point. A feature most people don’t think about, but a crucial one for us larger individuals.

Heavier But Justified

When you first unpack the Bemis 1000CPT Paramount toilet seat you will instantly notice the weight difference compared to a regular toilet seat. This seat is heavier coming in around 5pounds.

While heavier may not make something heavy duty by definition, but its a good start. The hardware is also heavier, giving you the solid sturdy feel, something you certainly want when putting extreme weights on top of a plastic seat. Larger, stronger hinges are a must have for larger people.

After installing the seat you will notice that it is a oversized seat indeed. This creates an overhang of roughly 1.5 inches on the front and sides. So you will need to make sure no skin on the back of your legs is beneath the seat when you sit down.

2- Inches Means The World

While a larger seat is handy for a big person, the size of the opening is just as important. As this toilet seat suits both round and elongated shapes, the opening size will differ.

The opening for the round is 11″ while the elongated seat has an opening of 13″. Most of us larger folks require extra wiping room, so if possible, go with the elongated toilet design for up to 2 inches of extra hand space.

Overall the Bemis Paramount 1000 LB toilet seat is a winner for the heavy community. It’s commercial grade no flex construction combined with molded spaces and an oversized seat creates a toilet seat fit for just about anyone.

Bemis 1000 LB Oversize Toilet Seat

The 800 Pound Toilet Seat For Plus Size People

What’s the best seat in the house?. The toilet of course, everything important happens in this cubicle.

Again, Big John strikes with this toilet seat for larger people. Like the 1200 pound capacity seat, this seat is made in the USA. Both of these seats boast the bigger than normal sized seats. With dimensions of 19 inches from front to back and from either side also. However this big toilet seat is more affordable compared to it’s bigger hitting Brother.

It’s extra wide for our bigger you know whats, and appears more sturdier and stronger then then standard seats. Overall this 800 pound capacity toilet seat by Big John is our household favorite and I’m sure will start to infiltrate toilets near you at any given time.

Big John Toilet Seat


Want An Alternative?- American Standard

The 4th toilet seat for bigger people is made by American standard. Do note that this seat is only for elongated toilets bowls and is the seat only. So no toilet seat cover comes with the seat. Hence why it’s usually the cheaper option. This seat is often found in many popular Malls, so next time you’re out shopping take a glimpse at the Mall’s toilet and see for yourself.

American Standard Toilet Seat

Round Or Elongated? – The Million Dollar Question

Most people don’t care or have not even considered what’s better, a round or elongated toilet seat? But for us heavier people, its a question that demands answers.

The first thing one must understand is the difference between the two seats. In a nut shell, the difference is the measurement from the seats bolt position to the front of the bowl.

On average, a round seat will measure 16.5″, while an elongated seat comes in at 18.5″. So the elongated is more narrow in width, but longer in design. This extra 2-inches from front to back allows the user more wiping space.

The Flaws

Image Credit

This reason alone makes the elongated design the hands down winner. However, there are a couple of flaws to the elongated toilet seat design.

The round seat offers a bigger person more surface area, especially for those with wider back sides. So they can be considered more comfortable to sit on. But remember, you are sacrificing on average 2″ of wiping space compared to an elongated seat.

However, the toilet seats for heavy people mentioned on this page can be considered oversized and give you that extra width compared to a standard round toilet seat.

While elongated seats are commonly referred to as the more attractive design, they can have practical imperfections. Being longer by design opens them up for troubles in tiny spaces. Often what you will find is that the toilet door will bang into the front of the seat due to the 2-inches of extra depth. This is something to keep in mind if you have not already planned out your bathroom.

At the end of the day, it will always come down to your personal choice. One heavy person may swear by round seats, whilst another may despise them. The main thing to consider is the extra depth an elongated seat gives you, which is crucial for that extra wiping clearance.


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  1. Sadaf Ather says:

    Hi, need extra large 7”/8”raise toilet seat for disabled person can you make it

  2. Arlene Weiland says:

    I have a 500lb. Son who is handicapped. Needs a elongate bowl that is wide. Looking for a good bidet that will clean well. Also a large output and a good flush.

  3. Deb says:

    Looking for a big seat riser. We have a big John toilet seat. Looking to get a few inches higher to match the height of his power chair. He has trouble getting back into his chair because of the height.

    • bigman says:

      Hi Deb, do you have the Big John that is 19″ wide?. If so you will need a riser that caters to the extra width. In this case I would have a look at the AbbelWare Tall-Ette found here on amazon. The weight capacity you need will determine the price as this riser has different legs to support heavier weights. I would suggest the 600 pound capacity riser which has steel legs. The opening is quite wide and the total width is 22.5″. So should be a good fit for the Big John. Hope this helps.

  4. Wayne Anderton says:

    I I am looking for a steel stainless steel toilet seat with risers on it if possible? I bought several Big John toilet seat and they last for a year or so and even though the hinges or heavy duty metal they’re connected too heavy plastic and eventually the twisting and turning crack stem so I need a stainless steel toilet with stainless steel hinges so the twisting and turning. The breaking and cracking issue does anybody know where to find one like this? Any help you can give would be appreciated. God bless you all.

  5. Candy says:

    Would these fit on a bed side pottie chair

  6. My mother is over weight the toilet is kinda close to Wal and I know she twist I have 2 problems she doesn’t make it there on time so where toilet seat hooks is hard to clean I need a bigger toilet seat tall toilet and a toilet to remove what can I get

  7. Kathryn Ann Stewart-McDonald says:

    Where can you find a large capacity toilet bowl for very tall people?

  8. Debra R Sunderland says:

    I’m looking for a padded toilet seat that is extra large. Do you know of anyone that makes one?

    • bigman says:

      Sorry for the late reply, but I have found it difficult to find padded risers over 16 inches wide. Maybe some readers may have some suggestions?. The other option is to use a padded toilet chair. Something like the model by Eagle Health Supplies which has a larger seat and a bigger opening than most risers I have seen. Plus the hand rails area god send. But due to the size of them, they may not suit all bathrooms.

      • Judy B. says:

        You say the Eagle has a bigger opening than most risers. Is this opening larger than standard toilets, enuf to get the hand in the back to wipe?

        • bigman says:

          The inside of the toilet seat measure 10 inches. The cut out hole measure 14″ long x 3.25″ wide at the front and 7 inches wide at the maximum. Hope this helps.

  9. Michael schofield says:

    I have back disorder and I am 34stones so twist on the seat in need a very heavy duty seat.I have broken 5 seats and now I don’t use a seat.