Outdoor Rocking Chairs For Heavy People (600 Lbs)

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TheseOutdoors Rocking Chairs For Heavy People 5 outdoor rocking chairs for heavy people are categorized into individual high weight capacities below. Starting from 300 pound capacity rocking chairs going up all the way up to 600 lbs.

Most rockers can undergo a fair amount of stress and high impact due to the rocking motion. Which is fine for the normal sized person (up to 250 lbs). However for us overweight and big people, we can cause even more heavy duty pressure on the high impact areas of the rocker due to our extra weight we carry around.  This reason alone can limit our choices to finding a good oversized rocking chair.

Fortunately the market is slowly listening to our Big Man needs and introducing more products for the big and tall people. For now, we have sourced out 5 of our recommended outdoors rocking chairs for big people. Now is the time to finally enjoy a nice relaxing afternoon rocking away on a outdoor chair. Just be sure to note how wide these rocking chairs are so that they are suitable for your needs.

Quick Rocker Comparison Guide

Capacity Size Price
450 Lbs 27.3W x 28.6D x 44H Check Price Amazon
600 Lbs 29.5W x 36D x 41H Check Price Amazon
450 Lbs 34L X 26W X 34H Check Price Amazon
400 Lbs 33.75L X 26.5W X 42.5H Check Price Amazon
600 Lbs 33L X 29.75W X 42H Check Price Amazon


Want Indoor Rocking Chairs?

The rocking chairs listed below are ideal for outdoors use, should you prefer to have a rocker inside the house you need to check out the selection of indoor rockers for heavy people.

Rocking Chairs For Obese People

Outdoor Rockers 400 Lbs Weight Capacity

oversized rockers for heavy people
Highwood produce this stunning 400 pound capacity rocking chair which was even tested by a 400 lb Samoan Man according to the specs. In case you didn’t know, Highwood make all the ‘timber look’ products you can see on many theme parks and more.

So it’s not actually a timber rocker, but looks 95% like a real wooden rocker. The closest thing to real timber without having the hassles of maintaining a wooden chair, like oiling, painting, cleaning etc. The timber look of the chair is in great detail. The grains and wood knots look amazing.

This Highwood chair is from the premium line and could set you back a fair bit. But it’s worth every cent if you ask me. Its highly durable and really well made. Its a very wide rocker which also sits high which I do like. Which is just great for us bigger people because I find low sitting chairs a pain to get out of.

While the rocker doesn’t have any padding to mention, it is still quite comfortable for a timber type chair. But I would suggest, being a bigger person. For extended rocking sessions I would add a cushion or two for even more comfort. Available in many colors and made in the USA. If you have the money to spend, I recommend you get this chair.

Premium Rocking Chair 400 Lbs


Heavy Duty Rocking Chair

Heavy Duty Rocking Chair
If sturdiness is what your after and you want to be able to enjoy a gentle rock outdoors, this 600 pound capacity rocking chair by Amish is a great choice.

Built using thick slats of treated pine and finished with 18 heavy duty screws, the Amish rocker is built tough. This is one chair that won’t crumble beneath you which is why it makes for a great choice when your obese.

It also has a pretty wide seat measuring 23 inches giving you extra space to feel comfortable in. The height from the floor is roughly 18 to 19 inches which does making getting out of the chair a little easier.

The chair itself comes in a variety of finishes, including unfinished. If you want to color your chair to match your decor, this is the choice you want. But if you want it already colored you can choose from a number of Eco friendly stained versions.

However I would recommend adding another coat or 2 of stain in a years time to prevent the sun and rain from damaging the chair. This is not a hard task and will add years to the lifespan of your chair.

Overall its hard to beat the Amish if you want a really heavy duty rocking chair. Its built super strong and uses heavy duty materials to justify its 600 pound weight capacity. Its roomy enough for obese people to feel safe and secure in while rocking.

600 Lbs Amish Wooden Rocker


500 – 600 Lbs Weight Capacity Rocker

Semco Plastic Rocking Chair

This high weight capacity rocking chair is made by Semco Plastics, who are a large American company specializing in molding plastics to many industries. Including patio furniture like this 600 pound capacity rocking chair.

While it may look simple, it’s one heavy duty chair. Snaps together with 4 separate pieces of high quality plastic. None of the flimsy cheap plastic chairs you may be use to seeing.

This chair is highly popular among the large people because it is so sturdy and made from heavy duty materials. Without the fear of breaking yet another chair, its easy to see why many plus size people choose this chair. I think it’s almost a challenge to break one of these beasts.

Other benefits to this chair include an extra large seat (21 inches between the arms). Because of it’s high quality plastics and the fact it’s not a timber rocker you can expect bare minimum maintenance. No rusting, no peeling, no warping, no painting etc. It’s a really good buy for us big people needing a solid, sturdy, wide, comfortable and best of all maintenance free outdoor rocking chair. Hooray!


600 Lbs Capacity Semco Rocker


400 Pound Rocking Chair For Big & Tall People

Rocking Chair For Big & Tall PeopleTrex Outdoors has this awesome looking ‘Yacht’ rocker which is ideal for big and tall people. While there is no specified weight capacity, the Seller does state it has a 400 pound capacity. Even on the Trex site there is no mention.

I really like the look of this rocker, it just screams quality. It’s also made from PolyWood so maintenance on this chair is slim to none. Which I simply love. No sanding, oiling or varnishing require, ever!.

In terms of size, its quite a tall chair measuring 42.5 inches tall which includes a high backrest. Both the backrest and the arms are about 25 inches, so the tall person can comfortably have his/her shoulders supported with their arms rested on a nice height armrest.

While the Trex rocker has a total width of 27 inches, between the arms its only 20 inches, which could be a cause for concern for the extra big people. So keep this in mind when t=checking out the Trex.

Trex Outdoor Furniture Yacht Club Rocker


Folding Wicker Rocking Chair 300 Lbs CapacityRocking Chairs For Overweight People

For heavy people up to 300 pounds, this folding rocker chair is my best recommendation. I find it’s rather comfortable because it has a width between the arms of 25 inches. It has great eye appeal and is made from weather resistant wood and resin wicker.

The resin wicker is the woven material on the back rest and seat, made to resist UV and water. While this rocker is designed for outdoor use, I suggest keeping it out of the rain for extended periods as it can cause paint to peel from the wooden frame.

One of the better features of this rocking chair, besides being rated to a 300 pound limit, is the fact it folds away. Which is perfect for outdoor patios and decks. Super easy to fold it away when not in use to gain extra lifespan from the rocker. Overall I find this chair to be very sturdy, comfortable, appealing and well built for a plus size person. Highly recommended.

300 Lb Capacity Rocking Chair


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