Indoor Rocking Chairs For Heavy People

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Indoor Rocking Chairs For Heavy PeopleRockers are a great way to relax and pass time whether it be in the lounge room or in the nursery with bubs. These indoor rocking chairs for heavy people listed below take the guesswork out of knowing whether or not the chair will support your weight.

But much like outdoors rockers, the options for the overweight or obese person can be quite slim. This is not ideal for the big man as the thought of crashing down to the ground midway through rocking does not sound appealing at all.

So it’s very important that you know beforehand the weight capacity of the rocking chair. Not only will this potentially save you from injuring yourself, but also the hassle of returning or buying a new rocker.

For obese people, the best option to go with is one of the rocker recliners below. This is because they are built stronger to hold higher weights up to 450 pounds. However, if you’re after the more modern type of indoor rocker, the options go up to a maximum user weight of 330 pounds.

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Compare Indoor Rockers By Capacity

Size Capacity Price
36-55"(L) x 39"(W) x 37"(H) 450 LB Check Price Amazon
35.5"L x 36.5"W x39"H 300 LB Check Price Amazon
47"L x 25"W x 34"H 400 LB Check Price Amazon
31.50"L x 25.98"W x 36.22"H 330 LB Check Price Amazon
36.6"L x 51.2"W x 44.1"H 500 LB Check Price Amazon
26.5"W x 43.5"L x 36"H 330 LB Check Price Amazon
40.9"L 31.9"H 36.4"H With 31.5"Wide seat between arms 300 LB Check Price Amazon
29.50"W x 35.25"L x 39"H 300 LB Check Price Amazon
47.2"L x 24.8"W x 31.5"H 330 LB Check Price Amazon


Rocker Recliners For Heavy People

Rocker Recliners For Heavy People
Rocker recliners are a good choice for bigger people because they can be well-padded and have bigger dimensions. However, finding one with a 500-pound capacity seems to be quite difficult, especially if the quality is what you’re after.

So with that said, the closest rocker recliner with a high weight capacity I have come across is this 450-pound option by Best Choice Products. While it has a high maximum user weight, there are some things to consider.

The first thing is that it is PU leather and not the real deal. But when you see the price on amazon you can understand why. I haven’t had the best experiences with PU leather in the past as it can deteriorate faster than genuine leather. Especially in hot humid conditions. Which is why I like to put a cover or towel down before using it.

The second annoying thing about this rocker recliner is the footrest can be challenging to put back down after reclining. This will depend on your lower body strength I guess. But if you’re using this chair as a simple indoor rocking chair, this won’t be an issue.

But it is worth noting that the chair doesn’t switch off ‘rocking mode’ once you recline back. Most of the time this is not an issue. But if you have kids or a dog that loves to jump up on the sofa with you, it can still rock while you are reclined.

While it may sound like I am saying this chair is horrible, I am not. I think its quite the buy considering the price. I have a recliner five times the price of this and yet have had issues with it. Basically what I’m saying is this is the type of chair you buy for the weight capacity and affordability. Just don’t expect high-end quality on a price like this.

Basic Dimensions

  • Seat height: 18 inches
  • Seat measures 21 (L)” by 20″ (W)
  • 37″ Total height (Not the best for people over 6 foot)
  • Firm but supportive padding. Not too plush.
450 Lbs Capacity Rocker Recliner


300 Lbs Capacity Rocker Recliner

If you don’t need a higher capacity chair, then I would suggest considering this Mecor rocking recliner. While its weight capacity is lower at 300 pounds, overall I find it to be a superior option.

It has basically got the same measurements as the above Best Choice Products rocker, but with a better material to finish. I also like that the seat is one inch higher as it makes getting in and out of the seat that much easier.

The total height is 2 inches taller, so still not the best option for taller people, but a slight improvement on the 37-inch tall rocking chair above. The total length of the chair when fully reclined is 64 inches.

I much prefer the lever style of reclining this chair compared to the handle. Much easier to release the footrest. In terms of padding, it’s about par with the Best Choice Products which I find to be the happy medium us bigger people need.

Overall this 330-pound rocker recliner is a decent chair. I love that it is a fabric material rather than a knock off leather. It’s meant to be high-end material, whatever that means. Its meant to not deform, or resist it at least and be colorfast. But just remember it’s only capable of handling 330 pounds in the tighter 20-inch seat.

Mecor Manual Reclining Rocking Chair


400 Pound Capacity Steel Frame Rocking Chair

While wicker chairs are often associated with the outdoors due to their weather resistance, they also can make beautiful indoor rockers as well. If they are well presented and have an interior appeal like this rocker by SCYL Color Your Life, you can easily use them indoors without looking out of place.

This particular wicker rocker has a huge weight capacity of 400 pounds, making it a great choice for plus size people.

Considering the price of one or two of these chairs, I find them to be the best value for a heavier person. How much exactly? you can check latest price on amazon here.

The rust-resistant frame has been reinforced to able to support heavier loads. All while being hidden out of sight by the beautiful brown and black PE wicker.

This rocking chair also comes with the padding so no need to go out and purchase additional covers. It’s also a soft sponge rather than a foam padding which I quite like. This is because foam can become flat and stay flat without bouncing back.

What I really like is the ability to recline the seat and bring up the footrest with the push of a single button. No need to push your body into the chair to get it to recline. The button is located on the right side and when you push it, both the footrest and the back will recline to the position you desire.

In terms of the rocking motion, it’s not like your at an amusement park kind of excitement. But it’s just enough to set the mood and with the recline feature life doesn’t get much better. For a 400-pound rocking chair to have this recline feature, it’s quite rare and one that many big people will appreciate.

400 Lbs Steel Wicker Rocking Chair With Recline


Modern Rocking Chairs For Overweight People

Rocking Chairs For Overweight People
Moving away from the rocker recliners into the indoor rocking chairs is this 330-pound capacity modern brown option by Haotian. I quite like this rocking chair because of its darker appearance as it is a great contrast to the modern whites in many people’s lounge rooms. It turns the chair into more of a standout piece.

Looks aside, its a nice sturdy rocking chair. Built from Birchwood to withstand 330 pounds. Birch is a hardwood and the perfect material for a rocking chair due to its superior strength.

In terms of size, the seat is quite wide measuring 23 inches between the arms. While the 18-inch depth isn’t the greatest for taller folks, the design of the chair allows you to lay back and the adjustable footrest will keep those long legs comfortable.

The backrest is quite high at about 30 inches, which is helpful to taller people and it even has a built-in pillow for extra comfort.

On the side is a handy little pocket with multiple storage sleeves. Especially useful if this becomes your TV chair as you can stuff the remotes in the pockets. Imagine never having to search for the remote again.

While there are there color and style options for this chair, unfortunately, the brown option is a PU leather. Again, is not my number one choice. But it is removable with a zipper that runs up the back should you ever want to replace it with fabric or such.

Haotian Rocking Chair with Foot Rest Design


500 Lbs Capacity Rustic Rocker For The Obese

Rocker For Obese People
This next rocking chair has a weight capacity of 500 pounds and is a double-wide chair. Perfect for obese people as the capacity is high and the width of the seat offers plenty of space.

While it can be used outdoors, it also makes for a very appealing indoors rocker as well. Especially if you are going after that rustic feel in a cabin for example. But do remember this thing is huge, 51.2 inches wide so make sure you allow plenty of rocking space by the fire.

Its a very sturdy rocker, being 500 pounds capacity, but also offers a unique appeal. This is because of the log design which has been varnished to add the rustic character. I like how the front of the chair has been reinforced with an extra log between the front legs. This gives reassurance to the big person that the chair is quite heavy-duty.

My only gripe is that the seat is a little short. So tall people will find it more difficult to get comfortable as the back of the knees won’t sit in snug with the seat. Also, some people may find the backrest to be too vertical and not slanted enough. This, of course, is a personal preference tho. Some people prefer to be sitting upwards when rocking.

Leigh Country Double Char Log Rocker


Interior Rocking Chair With 330 Lbs Capacity

High Weight Capacity Interior Rocking Chair
This rocker by Giantex is quite similar in design to the Birch rocker by Haotian mentioned previously. This chair, however, offers slightly different measurements with a grey and natural Birch timber appeal. 

With a 330-pound weight capacity and a 22-inch wide seat between the arms, many heavy people will be able to comfortably sit and rock away with the Giantex.

I do like how this variety of the Birch rocker uses a fabric padded cover rather than PU leather. The fabric cover is also removable to make cleaning it much easier. There’s also a fabric pillow attached at the headrest. This too can be removed as it is held on using a magnet. Should you not like the pillow that is.

But like the brown version of this chair, this Giantex also slants backward a bit. Which may be concerning for some of the bigger people as getting up may be more of a hassle. Getting in not so much, but trying to pull yourself up at 320 pounds can be more difficult. Other than the laid back style of this rocker, its not a part product. Price is on point and is padded enough to do the job.

Giantex Fabric Padded Rocking Chair


Oversized Indoor Rocking Chair

Oversized Indoor Rocking Chair
When you first look at this oversized indoor rocking chair your first thought will be that it looks extremely stylish! Thankfully this indoor rocking chair is more than just good looks and by adding it to one of your rooms you will help increase your relaxation time.

One thing that really stands out with this chair is the gentle rocking motion it provides thanks to it’s tough (300lbs capacity) solid wooden rocker feet. This motion makes it extremely relaxing when you’re sitting on it with the kids reading them a book or when you’re just trying to relax.

Comfort is one of the most crucial things for a rocking chair and this model from Esright is one that really stands out here. The combination of the soft polyester fabric and thicker padded seat cushions make it extremely comfortable to sit on.

Perfect For Size For Big People

The size of this rocking chair is designed to be about one and a half times bigger than your standard rocking chair, which makes it a great choice for a bigger person. The seat itself offers 31.5″ of width so it should fit most bigger people comfortably.

One Thing To Consider

Something that does happen with this rocking chair is that when you get up from it the back has a tendency to slide backward. So you will have to move it back into place which can be a little frustrating but as long as you keep it away from the wall it shouldn’t be a dealbreaker for you.

Esright Grey Upholstered Rocking Chair


300 LB Rocking Chair For Indoor Use

300 LB Rocking Chair For Indoor Use
If you’re someone who likes the antique look of wooden furniture then you’re in luck with this stylish indoor rocking chair by Coaster Home Furnishings. They have nailed the style and design aspect that makes it stand out in any room that you will want to put it in.

The foam padding they have used is firmer than you might think which works really well against the wooden frame. If they went with something softer you’d feel like you were sitting on the wood itself so I really like the firmer padding they have used.

Being a rocking chair requires the chair to have a good rocking motion since some can be somewhat jagged which makes it uncomfortable. Thankfully that’s not the case here with it having a nice smooth motion.

Better For The Earth

They have made this out of a rubberwood which is more environmentally friendly as the wood comes from plantations. While this isn’t something that will appeal to everyone, I know there are people out there who will like this aspect so it’s something that I had to mention in this review.

Downside That Can Be An Issue

One thing that I’ve noticed with this chair is that it’s not as durable as it really should be. Whether it’s because the instructions weren’t very clear and people put it together poorly or they got a lemon I’ve seen enough comments about it to make note of it. A lot of people also didn’t have this issue so it’s not a complete deal-breaker in my opinion.

Coaster Home Furnishings CO. Rocking Chair


Massage Rocking Chair For Heavy People

If you’re wanting to take your rocking chair to the next level, why not introduce a nice body massage while rocking your worries away. Sounds perfect right. For over 20 years Oways have been doing just that with their rocking chair with built-in massage features.

The Oways massage rocker has a weight capacity of 330 pounds and is roughly the same size as the other modern rockers on this list. With a total width of 24.8″, due to the timber armrests, the space between the arms would be about 21 to 22 inches.

The chair also sits quite low with a total height of just 31.5 inches tall. So do keep this in mind if you find it too difficult to get down low when sitting.

But if you do find the size to right for you, this chair will take rocking to the next level. Extra padding throughout the chair to allow for the built-in massage components. The headrest alone comes with 4 massage heads for relieving tension in the back of your neck and lower head. This massage pillow is also adjustable so you can get it into the right position.

On the back, you get 6 massage heads to relieve lower back pain and tight muscles. Creating extra blood flow so you can relax and recover nicely while rocking away. On the seat of the chair are 2 vibrating massagers to keep the blood flowing down to your lower half and hips.

Overall, if you want something fancy and you can fit inside the arms of the chair, this is going to be a great rocking experience. It’s not a huge chair and has a weight capacity of 330 pounds, so it’s certainly not for every heavy person.

Oways 3D Massage Rocking Chair


Will The Oways Massage Rocker Fit You?

While the Oways massage rocker sounds like a dream come true, the question is will you actually fit in it comfortably. Most tall people simply will be too long for the chair. But heavy people, well up to 330 pounds, might be able to obtain the benefits of this chair.

The video below gives you an idea of how big the chair is along with a relatively big man using it and all of its functions. This will give you a better idea as to whether you will fit or not.


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