Wicker Chairs For Heavy People

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Wicker Chairs For Heavy PeopleWicker furniture adds ample amounts of design and style to anyone’s patio or outdoor entertaining area. However, wicker chairs for heavy people are not as easy to find.

Wicker chairs tend to have a heavy-duty design to them, but when you weigh 400 pounds, it’s not worth risking it if the chair hasn’t specified a high weight capacity.

As wicker can deteriorate in extreme conditions if not well maintained, it’s important that a heavy person ensures that the actual support system of the chair is capable of handling their weight.

But finding wicker chairs and furniture with labeled weight capacities is not an easy task. Many manufacturers don’t test their chairs to hold weights higher than the average size person. Fortunately, some do and these are the wicker chairs mentioned below. All of them have specified weight capacities from 350 lb to 500lb.


Compare Wicker Furniture For Heavy People

Includes Capacity Price
2 Chairs 1 Side Table 500 LB Per Chair Check Price Amazon
Patio Glider 500 Lb Check Price Amazon
4 Piece Set Including Table 400 LB Per Chair Check Price Amazon
2 Chairs With Cushions & Side Table 400 LB Per Chair Check Price Amazon
2 x Wicker Chairs 350 LB Per Chair Check Price Amazon
2 x Wicker Loungers With Cushions 400 LB Per Lounger Check Price Amazon
2 x Wicker Loungers With Cushions & Side Table 350 LB Per Lounger Check Price Amazon
2 x Barstools 330 LB Check Price Amazon


Wicker Barstools 330LB Weight Limit

Wicker Barstools for heavy people
It can be hard to find wicker barstools for heavy people simply because the added height creates greater force on the structural supports. Fortunately there is this 2-pack of wicker barstools with a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

While it’s not the highest capacity, it does give the overweight people to option to enjoy wicker furniture behind the bar or counter height bench. 

While each leg has been reinforced by joining support bars, I would not be tempted to sit on these chairs if I were heavier than 320 pounds. I am dubious about sitting up high at my weight as a result of breaking friends barstools in the past.

However, these chairs seem to be built better with thicker legs compared to many other wicker barstools. The legs have a 24mm diameter (about 1-inch) compared to a standard 19mm barstool legs.

So this is reassuring. You also need to ensure you can fit in the 19.7″ wide seat as the stool has armrests. If you generally need a seat that is wider than 20-inches, then this barstool would likely be too narrow. 

2 x Wicker Barstools 330LB Capacity


Wicker Chairs 500 LB Capacity

Wicker Chairs 500 LB Capacity
It’s hard to go past these incredibly stylish set of wicker chairs that are excellent for heavy people thanks to the great weight capacity and size. If you’re on the larger size, then these are a great option as each chair is able to support 500lbs weight.

Something that I find a nice touch is that this set of 2 wicker chairs also comes with a very useful matching side table. This makes relaxing with a drink and a book much easier to do since you have somewhere to put things down on.

Heavy-Duty Wicker Chairs Yet Comfortable

The comfort of these wicker chairs is great thanks to the ergonomic design of the armrests. The curved design allows your arms to rest comfortably and have extra support that a lot of other chairs don’t offer which adds to the comfort of these chairs.

While the cushions might look a little thin from a glance but they’re 3″ thick. This level of thickness combined with the firm padding really makes this chair more comfortable. The padding is a little firm that holds its shape when you sit on it for long periods of time.

Perfect For The Bigger Person

Having the great 500lbs weight capacity is great for the bigger people but a chair needs more than this in my opinion. The seat itself needs to be big enough to fit you which this chair is capable of doing thanks to the impressive measurements of 33.25″ long by 29.25″ height by 30.5″ wide.

Set of 2 Outdoor Patio Wicker Chairs 500 LB Each


500 LB Wicker Glider Rocking Chair

500 LB Wicker Glider Rocking Chair
When you think of a wicker chair what you will think of is something that most likely looks exactly like this Valencia wicker chair, especially if you’re after an outdoors rocking chair. Being such a simple design does make this chair actually stand out in my opinion, it’s not trying to be overly fancy and take away from the room.

While this chair is a very simple design it’s still a chair that I believe to be stylish. It does come in 4 different color variations which give you more options and helps find something that will suit the look you either have or are going for.

Assembling these wicker chairs isn’t very difficult and doesn’t take long. It will take roughly around 2 hours to set up if you have a little bit of experience setting up furniture. There is an option to get expert assembly if you’re not the most confident if you don’t mind spending a little bit of extra money.

Extra Stong Durable Frame

Knowing what a chair is made out of can help you know exactly how durable it is which is crucial for bigger people. Valencia went with very durable steel for the frame and a tough but comfortable wicker resin. In my opinion, this is one of the best features of this wicker chair.

One of the biggest issues that can face a wicker chair is that the weather elements can hurt them fairly easily. That’s not the case thanks to the UV protection they made sure this chair had when designing it. So it can handle being used as an external chair if that’s what you’re looking for.

Valencia Steel-Frame Wicker Glider Rocking Chair


400 LB Wicker Furniture Chairs & Table Set

400 LB Wicker Furniture Chairs
This wicker table set by Ovios is a cut above the rest when it comes to style and quality. The stylish design is the first thing that really does catch your eye when you first see them making them instantly add style to where you will be putting them.

With this table set including two single chairs, a love seat, and a table you’re getting great value for money in my opinion. Having four chairs that weigh capacities of 400lbs makes this set excellent for a heavy family looking for some peace of mind on their next table set.

Ovios went with sponge foam for the padding the seat cushions use which is 3.94″ thick. This gives you a good amount of support which is important for any chair but it’s the comfort of this that really stands out and makes it worth your time.

High-quality Wicker

One of the things that really sets this table set apart in my opinion, is the impressive high-quality materials they have made it out of. The wicker is weather resistant which protects it from the outside elements making it great for any outdoor use.

The quality of this wicker table set is improved even further by the excellent workmanship that went into it. With the way the wicker goes together does give it that hand-woven style that a lot of people do really like. Ovios do claim that it’s 100% hand-woven and while I’m not 100% if it is, it doesn’t stop it from being excellent.

All Weather Water-Resistant and UV Resistant Rattan Wicker Deep Seating


Rocking Wicker Conversation Set 400 LBs Weight Limit

Rocking Wicker Conversation Set 400 LBs
If you’ve never had the experience of relaxing outside in a recliner then I can say you’ve been missing out and the best way to rectify this is with these excellent wicker reclining chairs from Enstver. You’ll kick yourself for not trying it earlier and want to start relaxing outside more often!

It’s very easy to assume that these chairs are only good because of there reclining feature, but you’d be mistaken in thinking this. For me, it’s the comfort they offer thanks to the fairly thick cushion and the really comfortable armrests which are wider than your standard chairs.

To improve upon the already incredible comfort, these chairs are also rocking chairs as well. You can set them up in a way that will allow you to rock without having to continuously push yourself which is something that I think most people will like about this wicker reclining/ rocking chairs.

Safety Is A Key Design Choice

While reclining is the best way to get comfortable in my opinion, there are people who struggle to trust it since they don’t feel safe. Enstver made a smart design choice by including a device at the back of the chair that will help in preventing the chair from falling over making it much safer.

In my opinion, the best feature on these chairs will always be the reclining feature they have. The mechanism is smooth so you don’t get that stutter other chairs can have which does make you feel safer when putting it into its recline mode.

Set of 2 Indoor & Outdoor Reclining Chair


Heavy-Duty Wicker Chairs With 350 Lbs Capacity

Wicker Chairs With 350 Lbs Capacity
With the way the wicker has been woven on these chairs, it really gives it that feeling that these chairs very durable and stable. Which is exactly what Best Choice Products were going for and have achieved in my opinion. While the 350lbs max weight capacity isn’t the biggest on the market, it does work really well with how stable these chairs are.

Having a chair that has a 500lbs weight capacity doesn’t mean much if when you sit on the chair you don’t feel like it’s going to support you. This is a big part of the reason I really like these chairs as you feel like they’re able to hold you and not going to just give out at any second.

Comfortable Thanks To Clever Design

The design of these chairs is something that I really like thanks to them being really comfortable. The backrest and armrests are curved which feels really comfortable when you sit in them. This design is ergonomic which makes sitting in them for long periods easier to do.

Weather Protection Is Hit And Miss

It’s hard to deny that an error was made when they were designing these chairs for the external weather. While the frame and cushions do have a good amount of weather protection especially against the sun’s UV rays.

The covers of the cushions are where the problem is since they aren’t weather resistant. This can be a problem if you leave them somewhere they can get wet which can cause them to get damaged if you don’t wash and dry them quickly enough. So not a dealbreaker, but something worth considering.

Set of 2 Modern Contemporary Wicker Chairs 350 LB


Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounger For Heavy People

400 Lbs Capacity

 Outdoor Wicker Chaise Lounger For Heavy People
Chaise lounges have often been associated with being near and around pools which does make a lot of sense since they’re one of the best ways to get comfortable and relax outside in my opinion. The problem I see is people think this is the only place people should use them which is a shame since they’re great in multiple areas.

While you can use these chairs anywhere that doesn’t have a pool RST Brands understands that most people will use them there. So they made the correct choice of giving this chair resistance to salt and chlorine which are essential when you have these chairs near a pool.

Comfort Is Incredible With These Chairs

If you’re looking to increase your comfort then it’s hard to go past these chaise chairs from RST Brands. They’re stylish and come in a range of colors but most importantly they’re comfortable when you just want to sit down and relax for a while.

One thing that I really like about these wicker chairs from RST Brands is how you can have them in two positions. You can either lay down or sit up in them so you’re able to find a comfortable position far easier than most other chairs.

Wicker Chairs For Big People

While the 400lbs weight capacity the aluminum frame gives these chairs is excellent for the bigger folks out there. I find it’s the width and height of these chairs that really stands out. With it being 28.5″ wide it offers you plenty of room when you’re on it and the height being 19″ makes it easy to get on and off of.

400 LB Wicker Chaise Lounges


Wicker Chaise Lounger For Big And Tall People 350 LB

Wicker Chaise Lounger For Big And Tall People
There is a lot to like about this set of wicker chaise chairs from Outsunny who do make a lot of quality garden furniture. Which is a trend they continue with these excellent chaise lounges that are stylish, comfortable, and most importantly high-quality.

Big And tall? No Worries

This is something that I really like about these chairs is just how versatile they are when it comes to who can use them. Having the impressive 350lbs weight capacity is great for the bigger people out there and mainly thanks to the excellent polypropylene resin frame.

If you’re a big or tall person then there is a good chance you’ve struggled to find a product to suit you. If you’re both of these things then it seems about a one in a million chance to find something to suit you. With this chair measuring 78.5″ long  it will suit both big and tall people.

Unique Construction

This is one of the things that really stand out about these lounges in my opinion. They’re made out of a polypropylene resin that is designed to look like a rattan style. In my opinion, they have nailed the look they were going for that also has another great advantage you might not realize.

While most outside chairs have some kind of weather protection, not many of them compare to these lounges. This is thanks to the polypropylene resin as it’s durable and offers more protection than your standard wicker chairs. This makes it a great option for those who know these chairs will be getting wet.

Outsunny 3 Piece Rattan Wicker Adjustable Chaise Lounge


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