Boat Seats For Heavy People

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Boat Seats For Heavy PeopleWhen it comes to accommodating boat seats for heavy people it’s not an easy thing to do. Many people fear that a heavy person will be too much for their seat and end up breaking the foundation. Whether its the seat pole and mount or the actual seat itself, damage can be done.

This is why you need to invest in heavy-duty boat seats which can handle high weights, but not all or many boat seats include a weight capacity. So deciding which one is best for your weight can be tricky.

Below you can find suitable boat seats for bigger people along with a seat pole that can handle over 400 pounds.

Compare Heavy Duty Boat Seats

Size Price
400 LB Capacity, 22"D x21"W x 10"H Seat Check Price Amazon
22.25"W x 20"D x15.5"H Seat Check Price Amazon
21.5"W x 18"D x 24"H Backrest Check Price Amazon
20.5"Wx18"Dx14.5"H Check Price Amazon
Seat Dimensions: 18. 25" H, 17. 75" W, 22. 5" D Check Price Amazon
400LBS+, Footprint 19.25" x 18.25". Seat height mount 14.25" Check Price Amazon

Best Boat Seat For Heavy Person 400 LB Capacity

Best Boat Seat For Heavy Person
Being comfortable when you’re on a boat and fishing is one of life’s best pleasures which is where this chair from Millennium Marine really shines. It has a lot of excellent features while still keeping the comfort level really high which is something I think most people will really like.

When you consider the size of this chair (22″ long by 21″ wide by 10″high) you’d be surprised at the amount of room you will still have on the boat. This is because they made the smart design choice that you can fold the chair up so you can move around easily.

Something that really impresses me with this chair is how quickly the seat does dry when it gets wet. Often an underrated feature that improves the comfort of the chair since who likes sitting on a wet sit when they’re trying to relax and fish?

Durability Is King

There is one thing you want your boat chair to be, that is for it to be durable. They’re often outside and get a lot of damage from the sun which can make them brittle and damage very easily. This is why I really like how Millennium Marine went with something that is UV, mold, and mildew resistant.

To increase the durability of this chair they also went with a frame that’s made out of durable aluminum. I really like this as it won’t have the problems other materials will have when you’re out on the water which gives this chair a longer life than your standard chairs.

Millennium Marine B100 Boat Seat


The Big Mans Boat Seat

22.25″ Wide Seat

Big Mans Boat Seat
When they made this chair Wise did a lot of things right that make it an excellent chair for the big men out there which is why they even named it the Big Man! So if you’re a big man looking for a new chair for your boat, or you have a friend who is bigger and you want him to come boating with you than this chair is a good option.

One thing I really like about this chair is the padding they used for the seat that is extremely comfortable. A big part of this is the way the foam creates minimal pressure even after long periods so your legs don’t feel uncomfortable.

I really like the hinges on this chair since they’re made out of durable aluminum that gives this chair more support. They did go with tough high-impact plastic for the frame that doesn’t feel it has the support you need. It’s tougher then you would think but could stand to be tougher in my opinion.

Impressive Size For The Big Man

The amount of room that this chair offers the person sitting on it rarely matched by its competitors. This is thanks to its impressive measurements of 22.75″ high by 22.25″ wide with plenty of depth that measures 15.5″.

Designed For Convenience

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find things that will suit the products you own. This is why I like that Wise gave this chair a mount that will work with any standard BIA 4 bolt system. So you won’t have to spend hours researching and finding out if this will fit your system.

Wise 8WD245 Series Big Man Boat Seat


Oversized Heavy Duty Boat Seat

21.5″ Wide

Oversized Heavy Duty Boat Seat
Leader Accessories have knocked it out of the park with the style of this boat chair which is not something that usually said about a boating chair. Thankfully this chair is more than just it’s excellent looks and is one of the better chairs on the market for big people in my opinion.

One of the important features that a boat chair is that needs to have good upholstery that can handle getting wet. With this chair having vinyl that was constructed with a marine-grade makes this chair easily able to handle getting wet while out on the boat.

While it’s only a small thing you can get this chair in 3 different colors. One of them being a camo which is something I know a lot of people will like since it’s a requirement for some people.

Giving You The Support That You Need

Support is one of the key features of this chair that really stands out in my opinion. A big part of this is thanks to how the chair only has a little bit of give in it, even after hours. This makes sitting in this chair while fishing a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

When you combine the give of this chair with the higher back you get one of the more supportive boat chairs in my opinion. The 24″ of height is higher than most of the standard boat chairs you will find on the market which can cause you some problems for your back which adds incredible value to this chair.

Leader Accessories Big Man High Back Folding Boat Seat


Extra Wide Boat Seat

20.5″ Wide Seat

Extra Wide Boat Seat
When it comes to boat chairs there are a number of things that often get overlooked since they’re just a “chair”. This way of thinking will lead to you having a terrible experience on your next boating trip which is where Leader Accessories comes into play once again.

Leader Accessories understand the importance of a boating chair and this heavy-duty model is a perfect example of it. It has some incredible durability thanks to the molded plastic shell which is much more durable than you might think and can handle those times you need that durability.

A lot of the comfort of this boating chair comes from the impressive size and the compression foam they used for the padding. It has impressive dimensions of 20.5″ wide by 18″ deep by 14.5″ high which will allow you to sit on this boating chair in comfort and not feel like you’re squished on there.

What You Can Mount It To

This is an important question as you need to know what you can mount it to and Leader Accessories have kept it fairly simple. You’re able to mount this to your standard 5″ by 5″ mounting bolt pattern which is a fairly common pattern and will work for a good number of people.

Wide Variety Of Choices

For some people, this is only a small thing but for others, it’s important as they like things to match. This is that this chair has an impressive 13 different color designs that offer you a wide variety of choices and will help you find something that will match your current boat.

Plastic Shell Folding Boat Seat



Big Persons Captain’s Boat Seat With Pedestal

22.5″ Wide Seat

Big Persons Captain's Boat Seat With Pedestal
Wise has a good reputation for making high-quality products that are suited to a wide range of people while not breaking the bank in the process. They’ve done it once again with this excellent adjustable boating chair that is not just comfortable but also durable.

This is one of the most comfortable boating chairs going on the market in my opinion. The foam padding is a good start to the comfort that is improved with how this chair actually has armrests. This makes sitting on this chair a lot more comfortable compared to your standard boating chair.

Thankfully they have treated these chairs vinyl with UV protection and mildew resistant making it very tough from the external elements. To protect it even further from the elements they made the base out of aluminum which when you combine these things you have an extremely durable chair.

Boat Chair Made Easy

Often one of the biggest problems people face when looking for a new boating chair is that they rarely come with the pedestal. So you need to go get that separate so I really like how Wise have included the pedestal with this chair making it much more convenient than a lot of other chairs on the market.

While I personally like how you can get these two together I know not everyone else does. If you just like the chair itself without the pedestal than you’re in luck as you can just get the chair itself and save yourself some extra money.

Standard Pilot Chair with Adjustable Height Pedestal and Seat Slide


Heavy Duty Boat Seat Stand 350 LB+

Heavy Duty Boat Seat Stand
A lot of people out there already have a good chair and need a strong base which is where once again Wise comes into play. They’ve made this excellent seat stand for boating that will help increase not only your comfort but also give you peace of mind when sitting.

One of the biggest issues that can be difficult for boating chairs and big people is that most don’t have a decent weight capacity. Which is one of the reasons that this stand is really great since it has a useful 350lbs maximum weight capacity that will give you peace of mind when sitting on the chair.

Stability Is High On This Chair

While the impressive weight capacity of this chair is impressive it would be pointless if you sat on it and it moved a lot you wouldn’t trust it. So they added rubber leg caps on the feet of these chairs that keep you stable which will help you feel better when sitting on the chair.

The caps do help with the stability of the chair but it’s the wide base that really stands out. The base is 19.25″ wide by 18.25″ deep which gives it a solid and strong construction that gives you peace of mind when sitting on it.

Durability Is Impressive

A big part of the durability of this chair comes from the smart decision that Wise made when designing this base. They made it from a very strong steel tube construction which gives it the impressive capabilities that this chair has.

Wise Portable Seat Stand for Boat Seats

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