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Heavy Duty Tailgate Chairs For Heavy People

heavy-duty-tailgate-chairs-for-heavy-peopleTailgating is a great way to socialize, eat food, drink and have an all round good time before the big event. But if you’re a big Man it’s not as much fun, unless you are armed with heavy duty tailgate chairs for heavy people. Standing for extended periods can be a painful en-devour as a large person, so seating is always required at such social gigs.

But one can’t rely on their mates to provide the seating, as who knows what the weight capacity is or if it’s even wide enough to rest our backsides in. So to really enjoy a tailgate party without busting your body, its essential you think ahead. Don’t just wing it. Because there is nothing more embarrassing than breaking a chair in the middle of the parking lot with hundreds of people looking on. It’s not worth it!. Fork out a few bucks and get a tailgate chair you can trust.

In order to have a successful tailgate party as a plus size person, we have pulled together our resources to find some common tailgate chairs and some unique chairs you my have not considered before.

The Best Tailgate Chairs For Heavy People Guide

Camping Chairs Are A Popular ChoiceHeavy Duty Tailgate Chairs

Portable camping chairs or Quad chairs are a fantastic choice for tailgating. They are lightweight and fold up quite compact. But the standard camping chair you buy from the Mall may not be wide enough and strong enough to hold a heavy person.

It’s important to check the weight capacity and look at the build of the frame. These are strong signals as to whether the camping chair is suitable for your needs. Measure your waist and compare sizes with the width of the camp chair.

Suitable Heavy Duty Tailgate Camp Chairs:


Stadium ChairsStadium Seats Used As Tailgating Chairs

Another good option to use for tailgate parties are stadium chairs. Depending on the type of seat you get, you can use these types of chairs for portable seats to use just about anywhere.

Whether its for making a bleacher bearable to sit on for several hours straight to adding comfort to an existing stadium chair to using as a standalone seat for the ground.

Stadium chairs are quite versatile making them great options for tailgating. However, the standard stadium seats are not durable enough for a bigger person. One needs to get an oversized stadium seat with a higher weight capacity in order to be effective.


The Deluxe Tailgating Chair For Overweight People

Outdoor Folding Fusion Chair 350 Lbs Weight Capacity – Picnic Time

This chair by Picnic Time is the one to make all your friends jealous. It boasts many features you couldn’t even imagine from a simple chair. Plus it’s padded and suits the Big Man nicely. The important features are that it can withstand up to 350 pounds of weight and has a wide seat of almost 24 inches.

The height from seat to ground is a decent height of 15 inches roughly. The frame is made from heavy duty aluminum and has many bolts for reinforcement. Now we know it can hold some heavy weight, lets get into the fun stuff about this chair.

While the chair itself looks big, it may also appear to be a pain to transport. But this is not true, in fact this chair by Picnic Time is quite portable. It folds down into a tidy backpack with padded back straps. So carrying around this tail gate chair is far from an issue. The padded straps are a great selling point too.

But the party really starts with the side cooler bag. It’s insulated, so keeping the beers cool will not be an issue. But wait for it… This cooler is about 18 inches deep and 4 inches wide. Guess how many cans you could fit into it?. 24! Yup 24 cans of your favorite beverage. Not that you would need 24, but it never hurts to have extra space right.


Picnic Time? More Like Tailgating Time!

Speaking of space, the storage on this chair is unbelievable. I can’t honestly think of what kind of things you could put in there for a tailgate party. Maybe your handbag/snack bag, towels, sunscreen, sweets etc. The storage is just under the stable side table, which is perfectly suited to a tailgate event. There’s pockets galore, even a separate pocket for your smart phone.

But wait there’s more (Oh how I hate that saying), this chair can even become a shade shelter. If you’re tailgating event is during the day in the sun, then I highly recommend you pick up the optional umbrella. This attachment alone will transform your tailgate party. Like I said, this is the deluxe chair and I haven’t even covered all the cool features.

Picnic Time Padded Deluxe Chair


300 Lbs Capacity Mesh Tailgate Chair

Trekology Compact Adjustable Chair

This is a great chair for tailgating because it’s very lightweight and portable. Comes with a carry case for easy transport. But what’s important in regards to heavy people is the weight capacity and strength of the build.

Firstly the capacity is not huge, but it’s a respectable 300 pounds. When it comes to the width it’s an estimated 22 inches. Which again is not huge, but will fit many plus size folks.

The thing I love most about the Trekology chair is the two mesh side sections. As a big Man myself, the thing I hate most is sweating and being outdoors in the sun is a major hurdle. However, if a chair can offer any relief from the heat, then I’m in. Which is why I like the mesh idea on this chair. The 2 side mesh sections are neatly positioned to assist in air flow to the side of the body and up the armpits.

The legs and frame are made from sturdy Alloy on the chair and the legs can be adjust to 3 heights. The highest being 15 inches from the ground level. Maybe a little low for obese people, but decent level for people around 250 – 300 lbs. The storage pouch with Velcro straps is a neat idea. Strap it beneath the chair and use it to put car keys, wallet etc and never worry about loosing the carry case again.  Negative = No cooler for drinks.

Trekology Mesh Portable Chair

Folding Chairs Are A Great Tailgate Alternative

Heavy duty folding chairs are another option to consider taking to a tailgate get together. They are super simple to set up and very lightweight to carry. For a list of compatible folding chairs up to 1000 pounds, please visit our Heavy Duty Folding Chairs buying guide.


Folding Stool Cooler Chair 270 lbs Capacity

I use to use one of these cooler bag chairs for work, they are amazing ideas. Especially for tail gate chairs. What a better place to keep your drinks safe and chilled then right beneath you. The only negative however is that they aren’t super strong. So this stool has the highest weight capacity we could find, being 270 lbs.

This particular stool is a camo style, so pretty relevant for many social events. The seat width is about 14 inches, so not too wide. But it is a decent height from the ground which is almost 18 inches in height. So you don’t have to bend down too far to sit down.

This folding stool also comes with some nice extras that I never had. A back strap on the back so you can easily walk around the parking lot pre-game with a coldie on hand. Plus it has a drink holder on the side and a big storage pocket. Pretty well equipped for such a item. While it doesn’t have a back rest, nor a huge seat, I think this type of chair is a great idea for tailgate parties where you don’t need to stand for hours on end.

Camo Folding Stool & Cooler


Tailgate Seat Problem Cured?

We hope you have managed to get some ideas from these Heavy Duty Tailgate Chairs For Heavy People. Between the camping chairs, folding chairs and these unique chairs there are a great selection available for the big Man. But as we all have different tastes, we have also listed 4 more high weight capacity chairs suitable for tailgating below.




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