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Ever Feel Too Fat To Exercise

Ever Feel Too Fat To ExerciseDo you ever feel too fat to exercise?. I do all the time and it can be crippling to say the least. I know this is not the right way to feel when it comes to striving to loose weight, but when I look in the mirror, I often think ‘it’s just too hard, look at me. Exercise can’t fix this’. The mind can play some awful tricks on us during moments of weakness. So the challenge for me isn’t really beating the bulge but controlling the mind.

Healthy living is something many of us overweight people strive for, but fail to achieve. Myself included. The truth is, it isn’t easy at ell, especially if weight has gotten out of control. While it might come more naturally to some, for most that are dealing with weight issues, it can be difficult to even get up and exercise. If you find yourself too fat for exercise, you still have options to consider. Below, we will be going over some of the top tips to get healthy if you find yourself too fat for traditional exercise.


Yes I’m Fat, No I Won’t Continue To Blame MyselfBlaming Yourself For Being Too Fat

One of the main things you are going to want to do in order to begin your journey to getting into better shape is to not be too hard on yourself. While it might seem like it’s your fault and you might want to beat yourself up about it, that will only lead you down a negative path and further away from your fitness goals.

There is science behind allowing yourself to approach weight loss and healthy living from a growth aspect rather than one that is a fixed state. You will want to approach your weight loss journey as a long-term goal to better yourself for yourself. You cannot approach your weight loss as a way to conform to societies standards or due to negative connotations with being overweight. Having a positive mindset about it will lead you towards being able to achieve your fitness goals.

As hard as it may be to accept that you have become a large person, beating yourself up about it is not going to help your cause. This has been one of the greatest mind shifts I have had in recent years after I realized that blaming myself for eating so much, was in fact making me eat more.

Retrain The Brain

While some might view healthy living as something you just do, it is not. In fact, healthy living is actually a skill that you learn and work at to become better at implementing it. No one simply wakes up one day and makes the dramatic transition to living healthy.

Instead, it is something that is implemented gradually and as you get better at it, you start to notice changes in your weight and health. You shouldn’t approach changing to a healthy lifestyle as something you simply do because it is going to end up putting you in a very negative mind state when you happen to fail at a particular exercise or you happen to break your good eating habits one day. Once you approach it as a skill, you will be able to deal with the daily pitfalls that come with learning a skill.

Sure there will be many failures along the way. For me it’s been an addiction to fast food that has been installed into my skill set from a young age. So breaking this trend is certainly not easy. But it can be done. One step at a time.

Can Exercising Be Fun When You’re Obese?Ways To Loose Weight When Too Fat

In order to develop the right mindset about working out and exercising, you should focus on finding something that you actively enjoy doing. By finding an activity that you actually enjoy, you will be able to turn exercising from a chore into something much more than that.

You will be able to turn exercise into something that you actively seek out and look to do on a regular basis because you will be getting your exercise in by participating in activities that you enjoy. Find something that you would see as rewarding and something that you fully enjoy in order to make exercising fun and exciting for you. Also, you want to find something that is not painful and something that will make you happy. Avoiding activities that are painful will help ease the transition because it will keep your mind off exercising and on having fun.

Traditional exercise may not be applicable due to the size of your body, however it’s not an excuse to give up. Start with absolutely anything you can do to get parts of your body moving and burning calories. Even if it’s as simple as lifting hand weights while watching TV, or going for longer walks in the Mall while shopping. Or when hanging out the washing, some simple repetitions of bending over to pick up pegs or lift and raising the laundry basket a few extra times. Just to get in some bonus movement for you body without having to struggle on a treadmill for example.

Focus On The Things You Can Control.

Another important tip that you are going to want to implement is to focus purely on the things that you can control and the things that you can do right now. By focusing on the little things that you can actually do, you should be able to begin to implement some form of routine that you can follow which will help you on the journey to weight loss and healthy living.

Instead of worrying about implementing everything that can help you lose weight from the start, focus on the things that you can actually implement into your routine at the very moment you are in. This will allow you to focus on each and every day and keep you from constantly worrying about the finish line.

Consistency Is Key

The hardest part about exercising as a obese person is staying motivated. Seeing results is very hard to achieve in a short time frame. So loosing motivation is very easy to do. But I have found that consistently doing something for 12 months can make a drastic improvement. Don’t worry too much about ‘how much weight you can loose’, but focus more on sticking to your plan for the whole 12 months. Then analyze the results. You will see better results when you aren’t stepping on the bathroom scales every 6 hours.

Checking your weight every day can lead to disappointment, so I find that making sure you stick to your daily plan much more motivating. Checking your weight every month can create a better mindset as you should see results if you have retrained your brain to staying the course.

Overall, there is plenty you can do in order to increase your chances of having a successful transition from being overweight and unable to exercise freely to someone that is healthy and capable. This will take time. It is by no means a fast fix. Loosing weight can be a life long mission. However, there are exercise equipment designed for heavy people to aid in the journey once you feel like you can handle the extra workload.

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