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Heavy Duty Knee Walkers With High Weight Capacity

Heavy Duty Knee Walkers With High Weight Capacity

Knee Rover PRO –

Heavy duty knee walkers are perfect for heavy people with any sort of pain or injury below the knee. While crutches, or even a wheel chair could be a possible alternative, knee walkers most definitely have their place.

Heavy duty crutches are great for around the house, but not so much for day trips or even extended holidays. Walking around as a big Man for a long time is hard enough, not too mention on crutches. This is painstaking and also a very drawn out process. Yes they are great for maintaining exercise while on the crutches, but they are in my opinion no where near as good as a knee walkers.

Wheelchairs are also a option when the unfortunate happens and one leg is out of action. However, wheelchairs are expensive, bulky and not very single person friendly. It takes some serious upper body strength to pull around 400 lbs all day long. That is unless you have someone on hand to push you around all day… No I didn’t think so. Even the ever popular mobility scooter for heavy people is sometimes not the best option.

So the trusty Knee walker or scooter is the perfect choice for overweight or heavy people needing self sufficient mobility without the restrictions. But it is important to note that not all knee walkers are suitable for heavy duty use. Some have low weight capacities, which could end badly for the obese person. No need to cause further injury right, so we have gone out to find the best heavy duty knee walkers for heavy people.

The Best Heavy Duty Knee Walker 400 Lbs Weight Capacity

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The All Terrain Knee Rover PRO With Knee Suspension Review

 The Best Heavy Duty 400 Lbs Knee Walker
The Knee Rover is without a doubt the best heavy duty knee walker we could find. With a high weight capacity of 400 pounds, this all terrain walker will get just about anyone moving again. Unlike traditional knee walkers, the Knee Rover has 3 wheels rather than 4.

But before you start worrying about stability from just 3 wheels, hold up 1 second. While stability is a very common concern for many big Guys and Gals, there’s adjustable options you can make to this scooter which will eliminate any tipping over. Such as the handlebars, they can moved forward so your not only saving your back from pain of leaning over, but also making it a safer 3 wheel option. Having only 1 wheel on the back is also a good thing for people like myself (A little clumsy). With the 4 wheel versions, I think I will find I’m not alone when it comes to running over your walking foot!. Having the one centralized wheel makes life much easier in regards to running over the foot.

The Knee Rover is probably the definition of heavy duty when it comes to knee walkers. The double bar aluminum construction and the heavy duty welded joints simply look tough. They appear to be super strong, which is something you want to see from a 400 Lbs weight capacity mobility device. Another aspect of its ‘heavy duty’ rating are the wheels.

How Big Are The Knee Rover Wheels?

The pneumatic wheels are a big 12 inch in diameter and look super tough. They can handle most surfaces rather easy, I guess that’s why it’s called the All Terrain Knee Rover… On a side note, you will need to inflate the tires before use. So don’t go buying the Knee Rover with expectations of hitting the road immediately.

The shock absorber, which is a fantastic idea by the way is an upgrade on the older model Knee Rover. I see this being the stock standard in years to come. Having the shock absorber makes handling any terrain much more comfortable and actually achievable. Surfaces this Knee rover can handle include: gravel driveways, grass, footpaths, uneven roads, dirt tracks etc.


The seat itself is very soft and well padded. This will be more than sufficient for many users. However, my recommendation if you have a full leg cast up to the actual knee is to invest in a memory foam seat pillow. Believe me, this will come in handy on long walks or journeys.

Topping of yet another great feature is the included backpack. This was an unexpected bonus and its a great way to keep valuables safe when walking out in public. For the amount of value the Knee Walker offers, it’s really hard to look past it. The extra heavy duty frame combined with the 400 Lbs weight capacity make the Knee Rover a good choice for heavy people.

The Pro Knee Rover All Terrain


The Best Heavy Duty Indoors Knee Walker

The Nova Heavy Duty Range – 400 Lbs Weight Capacity

Best Indoors Heavy Duty Knee Walker
The Nova Heavy Duty Medical Knee Walker also has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. But in some areas when compared to the Knee Rover, the Nova Medical lacks. Considering the price difference is not all that great, I would highly recommend the Knee Rover over the Nova. But moving on…The Nova is still a great knee walker.

The Nova has smaller tires which measure in at 8 inches, so therefor they are not as good for outdoor rough terrain use. While they are perfect on pathways and streets with small cracks, for taking off road I wouldn’t recommend. But the Nova has 4 wheels, which for some will increase the stability issue.

The Nova brand is a fairly well known brand, you may have even seen this knee walker before at your local pharmacy. So the quality of this walker is not missing. It’s all high quality materials and will go the distance. However just be aware, that rough terrains will be an issue.

The Nova also has a slight difference in height adjustments compared to the KneeRover. This model is for slightly shorter people. The recommended user height is for people between 4.11 inch and 6.2 inch in height. The seat for your leg is universal meaning you can rest your left or right leg on it without any hassle. I do like the inner curved surface which allows the leg to stay still without sliding off the seat.

The turning circle on the Nova Knee Walker is better than that of the KneeRover. Which is why this walker is better suited to indoors as there are much more tighter corners to turn. In addition to the turning radius, the Nova also has 2 sets of brakes. The first set is your stock standard which you use while walking. The second is a park brake. This is for when you either sit down or park your walker to jump onto the crutches, wheelchair etc. This brake will keep your knee walker where you want it, and not rolling down the street. A very good feature and one I believe should be installed on all knee walkers.

Overall I find the Nova Heavy duty Knee Walker to be a runner up to the KneeRover. Purely based on the fact the Nova can’t handle rougher terrain as well. We never know when we will need to walk over something a little more tough, and therefor I find a heavy duty wheel and frame structure is necessary. However if you only intent to use a knee walker indoors on flat surfaces, then the Nova will work just fine. With the quality build and the 400 lbs weight capacity you should be fine.

Also Available in multiple colors and as a Tall’ person model.

Nova Heavy Duty Knee Walker 400 Lbs


The Best Budget Minded Knee Walker For Heavy Duty Use

The Roscoe Knee Scooter With 350 lbs Weight Capacity

The Best Heavy Duty knee Walker For Overweight People
For about half the price of the previous models, you can pick up this Roscoe Knee Scooter. It makes for a better option than renting a knee walker from a Pharmacy if you only need a temporary walker. The Roscoe is another scooter made of high quality materials, except the basket. It can be a bit flimsy, so be gentle with it.

This knee walker has 4 wheels that are 8″ in diameter. They are made of a hard rubber like material, similar to what roller blades have. So they can easily handle concrete and hard surfaces. The wheels also don’t leave marks on hardwood floors or tiles either. The Roscoe also boasts a hand brake, but is slightly difficult to enable.

The Roscoe goes downhill a tad because its turning radius is not good at all. Expect to do frequent 6 point turns. But the reason for this is to add extra stability to the walker. Another cautionary tip: take the scooter down to a bike shop to test the brakes, many folks have noticed that they are very tough to squeeze. A local bike dealer should be able to fix this very quickly and often free of charge.

Out of the 3 mentioned knee walkers, this one has the lowest weight capacity of 350 pounds. Which is fine, but the wheeler itself isn’t as heavy duty as I would have liked. The smaller less ruggered wheels wouldn’t handle tough terrain and this would be an issue for some folks. In saying that, the seat is rather well padded, so no additional padding should be required, just be careful going down hills by holding in the brake so you don’t fly down the slope. The smaller wheels could more easily flip the wheeler over larger cracks at faster speeds.


Roscoe 350 Lbs Capacity Knee Scooter


Knee Walker With Seat

Knee Walker With SeatThis knee walker with seat by KneeRover is a great alternative to the traditional knee walkers and mobility aids. It allows you the opportunity to sit on the seat with your leg rested up. Using your other leg you can move the scooter around.

However, it only has a 300 pound weight capacity. So it won’t be suitable for all heavy people. But it does have an adjustable seat and handlebars which makes it a good choice for the taller person.

I like how the basket is positioned as it makes grabbing items out quite easy when you are sitting down.

My only complaint would be that I wish the leg rests were more padded. If you are on a long walk the back of you leg can get uncomfortable. But its not hard to wrap some cheap foam around leg rests for additional comfort.

Suitable for people from 5 foot to 6’6″ tall and either leg can be raised as the bar is on both sides. If the idea of sitting down while having your injured leg rested is what you need, then the KneeRover may be the best option for you.

KneeRover Seated Knee Scooter



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  1. Jorjann C says:

    I have a seated kneerover scooter, can i buy 4 wheels that are usef in the HEAVY DUTY KNEE SCOOTER? Thanks

  2. Shawn White says:

    Do you have any knee scooter that can take 500 lbs.

    I’m 6′-4′ tall and weigh 502 lbs.

    • Trevor says:

      I found one that can take 500 pounds, it’s called the “roll-a-bout knee walker sw500”. BTW this isn’t an ad, I’m just trying to help.