Heavy Duty Camping Chairs For Heavy People

Camping Chairs For Heavy People

Camping chairs for heavy people must be heavy duty, there’s no two ways around it. When your a big man like myself, the risk of injuring yourself and or breaking the chair from inferior structural support is simply not worth it.

Weight capacity plays a big role in a heavy duty camping chair, but there’s more to investigate when it comes to the bigger person. Such as width of the seat, in particular between the arms, height of the seat and the reinforcement qualities of the frame.

These are just some of the features I have looked into when compiling this list of high weight capacity camping chairs.

The Best Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

Capacity Size wXd Weight Price
800 Lbs 24" x 21" 12.5lbs
500 Lbs 35" x 24" 9lbs
400 Lbs 25.5" x 28" 11.8lbs
500 Lbs 23" x 19" 11.8lbs
350 Lbs 20" x 22" 23lbs


Camp Chairs For Heavy People By Weight Capacity

Heavy Duty 800 Lbs Folding Camping Chair

Alps Mountaineering Available In USA & UK

800 pound camping chairs for big and tall people
What a rock steady durable and ultra sturdy camping chair especially designed for the really heavy Men. Or what’s even better, is that if your not in the obese category, this chair has the potential of having your partner sit on your lap with less fear of breaking the darn chair.

I’m super impressed with this chair and I think it really lives up to it’s 800 pound heavy duty weight capacity rating.

60 inch waist?. Shouldn’t be a problem in this 24″ x 21″ seat, which is nicely padded mind you. One other factor you should also consider when you want to buy a big mans camping chair, is ease of entry and exit. As a big man, I know how hard it can be to get up from low positions. This is not the case with this 800 pound chair. Simply rest your elbows on the arm rests and gently pop yourself out.

Why I Rate It Highly

For the most part, this King Kong Alps Mountaineering chair is the best rated in my opinion. It’s XL with a massive weight capacity. It’s affordable and extremely comfortable to me. You could have any random person sit in it, and I reckon there would be smiles all round. 

The only downside I can think of with this King Kong chair is that it could be a little heavy to lug around. Especially if the upper body strength isn’t at its peak. I’m only stating this because if your looking for a hiking chair, then you might find it too heavy to carry for long distances.

However it’s perfect for camping, fishing, sports events, the beach etc. Just don’t plan long journeys with this chair. Otherwise It’s definitely a great chair.


Alps Mountaineering King Kong
The industry leader in my opinion when it comes to maximum weight capacity. This king Kong outdoors chair can withstand a mammoth 800 Lbs!. Just look at the support beams.


Heavy Duty Camping Chairs 500 Pounds Rating

The 500 Lbs Folding Camp Chairs

Folding Camping Chairs For Big Guys
My best recommendation for heavy duty camping chairs with 500 pounds rating has to be the Quik Chair by Quik Shade. (No it’s not a spelling mistake) The big weight capacity is backed by a large 35 inch seat.

Although some consumer reviews state ripping of the stitching, I believe it comes down to how well you maintain your chair. Try and keep them out of the weather when not needed and you may just extend the lifespan of any chair.

Basic Features But Very Sturdy

It has the standard cup holders on each arm which is a nice touch. Many times chairs come with just one cup holder which can be very annoying, especially if you have young kids stealing your drink holder space.

No bells and whistles with this chair. It’s for the budget minded consumers looking for a durable camping chair for heavy people. The sturdy 4 way thick steel legs are a reason this chair can hold up to 500 lbs, while the strong polyester fabric is what assists in sitting on the seat capable for bigger people.

Comes with a tidy carry bag which is good for portability, but after a while I tend to loose my carry bags anyway. I recommend this camp chair as a quick replacement, but I personally find the King Kong camping chair to be of much better value for overall performance.

Quik Chair 500 Lbs By Quik Shade


Oversized Camping Chairs

When size is of the essence, it doesn’t get much bigger than the XXXXL camp chair by Easy Go Products. This thing is huge measuring a whopping 60 inches wide with a depth of 36 inches.

While huge in size, it does only support up to 400 pounds. But in terms of size, it cant be beaten. However if you’re after camping chairs with higher weight capacities, check out some of the options below. Also check out the huge 60 inch chair just for fun. Its massive!.


Camping Chairs With 400 Lbs Capacity

XXL Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair

Camping Chairs With 400 Lbs Capacity
I love this chair, not just because it is rated as a 400 pound capacity chair but also because it has a very professional and funky type of appeal to it. It’s unique features of locking into positions is exactly that.

Unique!. It locks into position for portability and locks into position for stability when in the ‘open’ position.

The large seat measure in at 25.5 x 28 inches, so very suitable for the overweight and plus size campers out there. The back rest is slightly reclined compared to normal camp chairs available, which I don’t mind at all. The cross hatching support bars are where this chair gets it’s tough 400 lbs heavy duty rating.

In the middle of the back, you will notice a mesh material. This is fantastic for those hot summers days when you build up uncontrollable sweat. The mesh backing allows air flow to your back which cools you down and reduces sweat. Excellent feature in my opinion and one I’d love to see implemented in more camping chairs.

Again, I love this 400 Lbs weight capacity folding camp chair. It has lot’s of bells and whistles including “Sag Free Seat” which you have to experience first hand to believe. It’s lightweight and very strong I believe. A great buy and comes highly recommended by the Big & Heavy Team.

*I must point out this chair comes in a variety of cool colors, but I prefer the orange or blue.


Kijaro Dual Lock Folding Chair


Extra Wide 500 Pound Camping Chairs

Guide Gear Camo Mossy Oak Version

Besides the impressive 500 Lbs rating, this heavy duty folding chair  by Guide Gear has a nice oversized seat that’s suitable for heavy and obese people.

It measure in at 19″ by 23″. So if your backside is fairly large, this is my recommended folding camping chair for you. It’s big man features are also backed by a very comfortable seat. Which is made from a padded polyester material with a central support system to prevent ripping under heavy weight capacities.

Sits at 20 inches from ground level. So not too low for getting in and out of which is a relief.

Need To Store Things Safely?

I’m a sucker for camping chairs with the ability to store a 6 pack of cans in too. Which this Guide Gear camp chair does offer. Saves me getting up and down all the time when I’m fishing or just sitting back taking in the scenery. Besides cans, you can treat it as an ordinary storage pocket if you like.

Can it hold 500 lbs?. Well I’m not quite that heavy but I do find it very sturdy underneath my body. The oversize of it gives me confidence that it would live up to it’s weight capacity. The tube bars are criss crossed on every side compared to just 2 sides like on the ‘standard’ camping chairs.

Guide Gear 500 Lbs Camo Mossy Oak Camp Chair


Heavy Duty Zero Gravity Chairs For Camping

Zero Gravity Chairs For Camping
350 Lbs Capacity – On Amazon.com

If you’re looking for a more premium line of camp chairs, the zero gravity range is hands down the best way to complete escape life and immerse yourself in the outdoors. Both my partner and I prefer the zero gravity chairs when camping.

I have previously done a buyers guide on zero gravity chairs for big people here if you want the full selection.

What Are Zero Gravity Camping Chairs

Heavy Duty Camping Chairs

Zero gravity chairs are more of a glamor camp chair. They recline and raise the feet to position your body in the zero gravity position. This position is meant to resemble the position astronauts use when preparing to shoot off into space.

This position reduces pressure on your body and allows blood to circulate. It’s the most relaxing position I have ever been in. So when you combine this with nature and fresh air, the stress of day to day life can quickly dissipate.

Negatives To Camping With A Chair Like ThisCompare Camping Chairs

While the zero gravity camping chairs offer some great benefits like unmatched comfort, they also come with 2 considerably big negatives.

  1. Bulky: While they do fold down, they are considerably more bulky than a regular camp chair. This is a huge concern for people with limit space in their cars. But if space isn’t much of a concern to you, hurry up and buy one now.
  2. Weight: A regular camp chair weighs around 9lbs whereas a zero gravity chair can weigh over 20lbs. Which is considerably higher and can make it a burden to carry around.

Overall There’s Many Heavy Duty Camp Chairs Available

Just on this list alone you can see that there is no shortage of heavy duty camping chairs available. However its important to buy one that suits your needs.

For example not all chairs have side tables or cup holders. I could go camping these days without my zero gravity chair with side tables as they come in handy everyday.

But for some people, these extras wont be needed and a wider seat is more practical. So its important you decipher through the chairs until you find the one that meets your strict needs.


What To Look For When Buying A Oversized Camp Chair

When it comes to Heavy Duty camping chairs, I need more then what a regular size chair can offer. Here are a few quick pointers I consider when trying to find the best camping chairs for heavy people.

  • Comfort: A camping chair has to be comfortable. Bottom line is that I will be spending many hours in my camping chair down by the beach, fire pit, camp site and even as a pool chair at home reading books. So it must be comfortable to sit in for at least 2 hours sessions.
  • Does The Camping Chair Recline? Heavy duty reclining chairs are rare to find, but do exist. Make sure they can accept your weight.
  • Weight: How heavy the camp chair is can be a make or break point for me. As it’s hard enough carrying around general camping gear without having to lug around a over the top chair.
  • Weight Capacity: Weight capacity for a camping chair is detrimental to my buying decision and on this page we are going to show you some of the best heavy weight capacity camp chairs money can buy. So you won’t have to suffer anxiety or embarrassment ever again. Just choose your weight limit, pack the car and be on our way.
  • Large Seat: A camping chair with a large or oversized seat is not always a must, depending on your size. But still I tend to always buy them because I like that little bit of extra space.
  • Camping chair must be folding, no ifs buts or maybes for myself.
  • Price: While I know most of the products for us big and heavy people are usually overpriced, this doesn’t bother me at all. This is because I know that they are made from the best heavy duty materials designed to help us bigger people enjoy life with greater ease. Plus hopefully last many many more years then a standard weight capacity chair. So it’s a price I’m quite willing to pay.

Camping As A Big Man

It doesn’t matter if your from the USA or the UK, enjoying the great outdoors is one of the best ways to unwind. Escaping from the hustle and bustle of the big city to relaxing by the camp fire is what I call a holiday.

Naturally when your embracing the beauty of nature, your going to need a camping chair of some sort. Which is where the problem lies.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had anxiety about breaking every chair I sit on. This is because I have done my thorough research into high capacity camping chairs built for us larger guys and gals. But not everyone is aware of the dangers regular chairs pose.

The fear of having to sit on an inadequate chair is quite overwhelming. I find myself standing for long periods of time just to avoid sitting and it’s rather embarrassing. However I do carry around a few portable heavy duty folding chairs for big people with me now, as my back up seat for such occasions.


View Our Top 5 Extra Large Camping Chairs For Big Guys

Capacity Size wXd Weight Price
800 Lbs 24" x 21" 12.5lbs
500 Lbs 35" x 24" 9lbs
400 Lbs 25.5" x 28" 11.8lbs
500 Lbs 23" x 19" 11.8lbs
350 Lbs 20" x 22" 23lbs


This short video shows our top 5 recommended extra wide and large camping chairs. Overall, I don’t think you can look past the Alps Mountaineering chair. It is in my opinion the best camp chair a larger size person can get with too much compromise. With a 800 pound weight capacity, extra strong reinforced support and a decent price tag, it’s my #1 recommendation for Summer 2017.




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