Hoverboards For Heavy People [420LB]

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Hoverboards For Heavy PeopleWhen it comes to hoverboards for heavy people, one brand pays particular attention to this market. Offering a hoverboard for large riders up to 420-pounds.

Most hoverboards will max out at 220 pounds, making them not suitable for the big people, or even plus size adults. So if you fall into this category, the good news is there are a handful of options for you.

Down below you can find hoverboards with weight capacities between 265 lb and 420 lb for the heaviest of riders. Just keep in mind that riding a hoverboard can be dangerous, so if this is your first time, ensure you are practicing somewhere safe.

If you go fo the 420 lb capacity board, you have the option to practice riding the board off-road on softer surfaces like on grass or sand. This is the ideal place to practice as should you fall, and you probably will, the impact is not as harsh as a faceful of concrete or bitumen.

Compare Hoverboards By Weight Capacity

Details Capacity Price
2x300W Motor, 10" Tires, 12MPH top speed, 12 Mile range, charge time 2-3hrs, 30 degree inclines 420 Lb Check Price Amazon
33" Larger board, 9.3MPH, 15 degree inclines, 9.3 Mile range, 400W double motor, 3,5Hr charge time 265 Lb Check Price Amazon
700W Brushless dual motor, 9.3MPH, Range: 8.7 Mils, 15-20 degree inclines, 2Hr charge time 265 Lb Check Price Amazon
500W dual motor, 7.45MPH, Range: 8.4Miles, 10" Tires 265 Lb Check Price Amazon


Best Hoverboard For Heavy Adults

For Someone That Weighs 300 Lb – 400 Lb

Best Hoverboard For Heavy Adults
Swagtron has made some clever design choices with this hoverboard that make it one of the best choices for heavy and obese people. It has a high weight capacity of 420 lbs and offers a lot of extra features that really make it stand out from the pack.

There aren’t a lot of hoverboards for heavy people which is what makes this hoverboard standout compared to others on the market. This Hoverboard has a heavy duty capacity of 420lbs which makes it one of the only boards on the market that will handle a plus-size 300 lb to 400 lb person.

If It’s Not A Heavy Duty Hoverboard, Don’t Risk It

Sure you may see other overweight people riding around on another hoverboard with a lower capacity, but don’t be fooled by this. It’s only a matter of time before the inferior board breaks under the heavy pressure being applied to it.

If it’s not designed for a heavy rider, don’t risk. Not only are you risking your safety, but chances are you are voiding the warranty if you ride it and you weigh more than the specified weight capacity.

The Swagboard Features

One of the features that I really like with this hoverboard is how you connect your phone via Bluetooth so you can play music from your phone. While this is a fairly common feature for hoverboards it works really well with this particular hoverboard in my opinion.

The battery of a hoverboard is important as it affects how long it will last before needing to recharge it. Nothing worse than getting all excited about a new toy and the run time on it is just a few minutes, such a let down. So pay particular attention to the run time before buying any hoverboard.

Depending on how hard you push this hoverboard you can get anywhere between 7 miles to 12 miles on a single charge. This is a really good amount of charge and makes it work really well for day to day use.

Charging a battery for a hoverboard can take a long time and sometimes make them not very useful for some people. This isn’t the case with this hoverboard as it only takes between 2 and 3 hours to charge it. This is a really quick charge time that just adds even more value to this hoverboard.

Having 10-inch wheels on this board gives it some versatility compared to other boards on the market. These tires allow you to go over more rugged terrain without having to sacrifice a lot of speed. Considering this board can go up to 12mph gives you the ability to go quite fast over rugged terrain.

The larger wheels on the hoverboard also assist the big man by providing a more supportive foundation. Overall, it’s hard to go past this heavy duty self-balancing hoverboard by Swagtron. It’s in a league of its own when it comes to heavy people. Certainly worth your time investigating.

wagtron Swagboard Outlaw T6 Off-Road Hoverboard


Best Hoverboard For Overweight People

Best Hoverboard For Overweight People
When you have the name LAMBORGHINI behind your product there are certain expectations that come along with it in my opinion. You expect high-quality materials, high performance, and supreme reliability which is what you’ll get with this hoverboard in my opinion.

Right off the bat, it’s worth noting that this hoverboard is better suited to overweight people, obese riders will be higher than the 265-pound weight capacity.

This hoverboard has a 400W motor which allows it to go up to 9.3mph which makes it perfect for city riding. This is really what this board was designed to do so I don’t consider it a downside it can’t go on more rugged terrain since it wasn’t designed to do it.

Charing this hoverboard does take a little bit of time with it taking roughly 3.5 hours which is fairly decent overall. This amount of time is still good enough to make this your day to day hoverboard. It works even better if you’re able to charge it while you’re at work since then you don’t have to worry about running out mid-ride.

Decent Runtime

For the smaller 36V battery, I’m impressed with just how much mileage you can get out of this hoverboard. It has an impressive 9.3 miles you’re able to travel which like always can vary depending on hard you push it. While this is less than the model above, it’s good for such a small battery.

The tires on this board are what makes this hoverboard designed for city use only in my opinion. They’re 8.5 inches in size but have a very low profile, so they can’t handle off-road rugged terrain. It can still handle your basic needs and has enough traction for some light snow coverage. But don’t go pushing it too far.

If there was one downside of this hoverboard is that you can’t turn the lights off without the use of an app. This is more of a personal thing but I would have preferred being able to do this manually.

LAMBORGHINI TwoDots Hoverboard


High Weight Capacity Hoverboards

High Weight Capacity Hoverboards
Having an all-terrain hoverboard can make your weekends a lot more exciting but can also cut down on travel time in some situations. Unlike most other hoverboards that limit you to the streets, being able to go off-road allows you to take short cuts and have more fun while riding.

This board by Tomoloo makes going off-road not only easy but a joy thanks to its 8.5-inch rubber tires. These off-road tires being made of rubber makes them hard to puncture so this makes them a lot more durable compared to other non-rubber tires in my opinion.

265 Lb Weight Capacity With 700W Power

265-pound capacity is not huge, I get that. But as I mentioned earlier, not many hoverboards support heavy people. So bridging the gap between a child’s board and a board suitable for larger adults is this Tomoloo.

The 700W motor (dual 350W) is really impressive as it allows you to go up 15-20 degree inclines which is really useful for people who live in hilly areas. This motor is one of the reasons this hoverboard is able to handle such inclines at speeds of up to 9.3mph which makes this an easy recommendation.

Tomoloo made an interesting design choice with the battery on this hoverboard that personally I really like. They sacrificed a little bit of range to give it a quicker charge time. Whether you like this or not will be up to you but I like being able to charge this hoverboard in 2 hours and still get 8.7miles out of it.

One thing I’ve seen with this hoverboard that I need to mention here is please read the instructions. A lot of people kept mentioning issues that could have been avoided if they read and followed the instructions such as getting stuck in cruise control mode.

Overall this is an excellent hoverboard that offers a lot more than your average board and one you should consider if you want to go more off-road. Even if the offroad use isn’t something that you will do, the rugged capabilities of this board make it excellent for city use as well. Since it will handle the random uneven cracks on paths and roads.

TOMOLOO Hover Board UL2272 Certified


265 Pound Capacity Hoverboard For Adults

Hoverboard For Adults
Out of all the hoverboards on this list, this board by Hover-1 is the most stylish in my opinion. Thankfully it’s not only stylish but it’s also comfortable to ride and has some nice features that make it worth your time considering if it’s right for you.

Yet another hoverboard with 265 lbs weight capacity, so ideal for large adults, but not the obese people.

This hoverboard was designed with beginners in mind thanks to a feature that it has. It has the ability to be put into 3 different modes so if you’re a first-timer you can put it in the beginner mode. This is really useful for when you’re starting out as you’re not being put on something that was designed for someone who has spent hundreds of hours on one.

Great For Beginners

Another reason this is great for beginners is that it has a lower top speed compared to other boards on the market. It has a top speed of 7.45mph which isn’t as fast as the others on this list, which makes it easier to get used to using a hoverboard. Tho if you have a lot of experience and want something faster I’d recommend one of the other boards on this list.

The 36V lithium-ion battery gives this board a decent amount of range which will vary on how hard you push it. With ideal conditions you can get up to 8.4 miles from a single charge. One thing I do like is that they put the battery indicator at your feet so you can tell how much charge you have left.

Hover-1 made an interesting design choice with its 500W motor which is they combined two 250W motors to get there. This is why it has a lower max speed compared to other single motor 500W hoverboard but I don’t consider this a bad thing.

There’s a lot to like about this hoverboard especially if you’re a beginner. As a heavier person, going too fast could be dangerous, and unless you plan on one day taking on faster speeds, the Hover-1 should be sufficient. If you have a lot more experience and you don’t mind the lower speed than it’s a good option, otherwise I’d recommend one of the others on this list.

Hover-1 Titan Electric Self-Balancing Hoverboard


Segways For Large People

Segways are popular in bigger cities for people who want to get from place to place with minimal fuss. As this is what segways are able to provide, you can understand their popularity in recent times.

However, if you’re looking for segways for large people, there is some critical information you need to consider first and foremost as most larger riders don’t recommend using a segway. I personally feel bigger riders should stick to a high weight capacity electric scooter as I find them to be safer to use.

Why Segways Are Not Ideal For Big People

There are a couple of reasons why being a large person and using a segway is not recommended. Not only can they be dangerous to you, but to innocent bystanders as well. This is a big part of the reason that a segway isn’t recommended for large people since you’re putting yourself and others in danger.

With the term large comes a few different definitions that make this difficult. Someone who is 6’6″ and weighs 300lbs is considered large while someone who is 5’9″ and 400lbs is also large. The biggest difference is someone who is 6’6″ and 300lbs is more likely to able to use a segway because they will be healthier and have better reaction times.

larger The Person, The Slower The Response Time

Being large will cause a segway to have a far greater stopping distance which can be extremely dangerous and something that needs to be considered. If you’re inexperienced, the greater stopping distance can lead to serious injury or worse a fatality.

Having to carry the extra weight will cause the batteries to die a lot quicker since it has to work that bit harder. This will also make the batteries not last as long meaning it will just end up costing you more in the long run in my opinion.

Don’t Bottom Out

You can also run into the issue of your weight causing the segway to bottom out which can lead to injury. Not only can this cause you injury it can also break the segway and I’d wager warranty won’t cover someone who is over the weight capacity, which can cause you even more financial pain.

At the end of the day, I’m sure there are 300 lb people using Segways, but without the guarantee of high weight capacity, better breaks and a wider platform, I don’t believe at this point in time that a segway is suitable for a heavy person.


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