Heavy Duty Step Stools 400 lbs Weight Capacity

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Heavy Duty Step Stools 400 lbs Weight CapacityAs an overweight person, doing some of the common practices such as changing a light bulb can become a mission and a half. With these heavy duty step stools up to 400 lbs weight capacity doing such tasks is not only easier but a heck of a lot safer.

Ive often gone to step up on a kitchen chair or crate then had second thoughts… Will it hold my high weight or will I crash to the ground in one epic fail. Being the conservative person I am, I saved my extra large body the torture and embarrassment. So I grabbed myself a stepping platform built to handle heavy people.  Which I will soon discuss along with a few other step stool options for the plus sized person.

While steeping stools are moderately priced, if you can get your hands (feet) on a heavy duty rated one, its well worth the extra few bucks. Once you have one in your house/garage you may be amazed by how frequently you will find yourself using it. Obviously changing light bulbs is a big one for many people, but other various activities that require that extra foot in height greatly appreciate the safety and support of a stepping stool.

Other activities you will need a step stool for include: reaching objects from roof racks, cleaning tops of kitchen cupboards, overhead hangers in caravans, outdoors door step, top shelf cupboards, cleaning windows, cleaning ceiling fans, bath stool, the opportunities are simply endless. Which is why I grabbed more then one, perfect to store in appropriate rooms for even easier access.

1000 Lbs Capacity Step Stool

Safety Step Stool For Obese People

1000 Pound Capacity Step Stool For Obese People
Made in the USA and tested in an actual lab to handle a massive 1000 pounds, the Safety Step is one of the best step stools for overweight people in our opinion. Being a heavier then ‘normal’ person myself, I must have products with a “Heavy Duty” rating. The safety step stool proves to be one tough and durable stool. It looks heavy duty and can take a huge amount of weight.

With it’s heavy duty appearance and design, this stepping stool may not match every need. When it comes to decor for example.  While it does come in some pretty cool colors, it still looks like a stepping platform one would normally find in the garage. Which is fine if you aren’t planning to keep it stored in one location (by the bath for example).

But asides from visual appeal, this stool is built like a tank and I reckon it could handle some serious heavy duty use. I love the fact it has the non slip stripes on the standing surface. Which is especially useful when working outdoors in wet/snow conditions. Safety when elevating a big Man is always a per-requisite for me. The four individual welded strong legs are topped off with anti tip plastic caps.


1000 Lbs Safety Step Stool

400 Pound Weight Capacity Folding Step Stool

Kikkerland Tall Rhino

The Kikkerland Rhino is a neat little folding step stool a great choice for people up to 400 Lbs. It’s much taller than that of the Safety Stool, actually it’s double the height at 16 inches. However height is a factor to consider as a large person because the higher the step the harder it is to safely step up. For extra height step stools you could consider heavy duty step ladders as an alternative.

The Rhino is a well constructed stool which can very easily be folded down for storage or transport. Be sure to check that all sides are locked together before using the stool or it could end badly for you. This is not hard to do, but just a warning. The four legs also have non slip pads about the size of a dime designed to give the user a more comfortable and safer experience.

This Kikkerland stool is more then just your ordinary stepping device. With its extra height it becomes a universal stool and seat in one. Many people big and tall have bought the Rhino for reasons other than to use as a height device. A popular choice for us bigger people is using the Rhino as a bath seat and with its visual appeal and high weight capacity its easy to see why. Surprisingly comfortable as well. Other places this stool would come in handy is as an outdoor gardening seat, painters best friend while painting down low, stocking the kitchen cupboards, and many more.


Kikkerland Rhino 400 Lbs Stepping Stool

Extra Large Stepping Stool For Big People

Camco’s 400 Lb Weight Rated Step

400 Lbs Stepping Stool For Outdoors
Made from UV stabilized resin, one would suspect a plastic step to not be able to handle such heavy weights right?. Wrong.. This heavy duty plastic stepping stool is a favorite among many outdoors bigger folks. While it may come off as a little flimsy when you step on it, it won’t buckle beneath you. It’s designed this way to be able to support the higher weight capacities. It can hold up to 400 pounds according to manufacturer.

This stool is about 9.5 inches from the ground level, so should really be only used to stand on. While it has a textured top as the non slip surface, I would recommend not using it in wet weather. If you must use it in wet conditions, go out and buy some cheap non slip tape and glue it to the top. This will help tremendously with wet conditions.

This Camco step is a popular choice for campers and outdoors people alike for its ability to firmly place in one spot as a temporary step. Each leg has holes in them to allow for stakes to be hammered through them for increased stability. Frequently used as a step up for caravans and larger cars while camping.


Camco XL Stepping Stool 400 Lbs


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