Best Heavy Duty Beach Carts Reviews For Soft Sand

Best Heavy Duty Beach Carts Reviews For Soft SandBeing a big person I know how difficult it can be walking on soft sand without carrying a load. But carrying beach gear is almost impossible without some for of assistance. This is why a beach cart or trolley is an important part of the big mans beach gear. But not just any old carry cart, it has to be one of the best heavy duty beach carts for going on soft sand.

Models with small wheels and a lack of storage space are just a waste of my time. As walking in soft sand is especially difficult, imagine trying to tow or push an inferior beach cart full of your coolers, towels, umbrellas etc. It’s certainly impossible in some situations.

To be part of the best heavy duty beach cart club, the product needs to first meet my criteria. What I look for when I want to buy a new beach cart that is able to handle soft sand are as follows.

  • Big wheels are a given. Smaller wheels can get buried in the sand too easy and sand in the bearings is never a good thing.
  • Tall handles are especially important if you are a larger person as well. Bending over and dragging 100 pounds across soft sand is no easy task. So when possible, keep an eye out for the length of handle the cart comes with.
  • Overall cart size and capacity. There’s a few kinds of carts you can buy and they all have different measurements and weight capacities. Some are more like fridge trolleys where you can strap a large cooler, while others have a tub.
  • Tub wall height is important if you are carrying a lot of gear, especially smaller items.
  • Quality of framework. This is where the heavy duty part comes in. The joints and visible welding needs to be high quality and uses only tough materials to handle more of a beating than say a garden cart would handle.

Reviewing Heavy Duty Beach Carts

Reviewing Heavy Duty Beach CartsStarting with a more affordable model, this Beachcomber MacWagon by Mac Sports is a great little heavy duty beach cart. It has a pretty hefty weight capacity of 150 pounds. So storing a few heavy items should not put a dint in this cart. Towing the kids may even be a possibility!.

What I like about this cart is that it is collapsible and not made from hard materials. So therefor its a bit lighter and easier to push or pull behind you. While the frame is a hard steel design, the walls are made from a tough 600 denier fabric. Which is basically a reference to how strong the polyester fabric is. The lower the number the weaker the fibers. 600 is a decent thickness when it comes to materials used in this instance.

The MacWagon has an extendable telescopic handle which I love. Besides the quality and durability of the handle, it’s also a good height when extended. It comes out a couple feet which is just right for pushing or pulling this thing behind. Next to the handle attached to the front of the beach wagon are two mesh pockets for storing drinks. Brilliant idea as walking and pushing a cart like this while holding a drink is not easy. So the added drink holders are great.

While the wheels on the MacWagon aren’t the pricey pneumatic tires they are still quite heavy duty. There’s 4 wheels in total, 2 at the front and 2 at the back. The front wheels are closer together for optimal steering. But what makes these wheels more heavy duty than other standard carts is there size and design.

The are rather thick wheels measuring in at just over 4 inches wide while having a height of 10 inches. So they are not toy wheels by any stretch of the imagination. But what really sold me on this model was the little slots in each wheel. While they are there for traction, they are not extremely deep like other wheels. This means less sand gets stuck in the wheels which creates a lighter and easily load to push. Another small but relevant feature is that the axle that connects the tires is connected to the handle. So when you are pulling the cart, you are keeping it from being buried under soft sand.

*Folds Down Into Handy Carry Case As Seen Below

Mac Sports Heavy Duty Collapsible All Terrain Beach Cart


Best Beach Cart For Soft Sand – 220 Lbs Capacity

Best Beach Cart For Soft SandGetting from the parking lot over the soft sand to reach your beach destination can be a nightmare with inadequate wheels. Fortunately this Wheeleez beach cart exists to save the day. It has huge ‘patented’ balloon wheels that treat sand like grass on dirt. While this is one of the more expensive carts available, the heavy duty wheels make the investment a wise one.

Especially if you are a regular beach goer. The balloon wheels have an incredible 16.5″ diameter and are almost double the width of the MacWagon measuring 7.9 inches wide. So as you can imagine, this heavy duty beach cart was built for going over soft sand. What’s also relevant to being a beach cart is that the frame is made from marine grade aluminum and has stainless steel nuts and bolts. So being on salt water won’t faze this monster.

The depth inside the tub is 12.5 inches deep. Which is enough for average day trips to the beach. But if you were to carry enough gear that it goes up near the handle, then I’d recommend tying them down with some cheap bungee cords. This will allow you to fully take advantage of the 220 pound weight capacity. Excellent for when you are carrying multiple coolers and beach toys down in one trip.

Wheeleez Beach Cart With Balloon Wheels
The Good
  • Very high weight capacity for stacking multiple coolers and heavy beach gear in one trip
  • The largest beach cart wheels Ive seen. 16.5" balloon wheels!
  • Heavy duty products used. Nothing is spared .
  • Good deep and wide tub for storage.
  • Very heavy duty handle
The Bad
  • Only comes in orange color.
  • Can take up a fair chunk of boot space
  • Handle can be taken off with spanner if needed.


Best Folding Beach Trolley For Pulling Over Soft Sand

Best Beach Trolley For Pulling Over Soft SandWhile we are praising the above beach cart by Wheeleez, why not take a look at an alternative beach trolley for soft sand beach encounters. Also made by Wheeleez, this folding beach cart acts more like a fridge trolley than a cart. That is it has no tub and can be easily pulled up or taken down stairs with a heavy load on board.

Many other trolley style beach carts have a netting or casement around the outside of the trolley. Not this model tho. Which I quite like. Because there is no restricting sides, I can stack all sorts of gear on this thing and not worry about it fitting inside the actual basket area. While the cart is 14 inches wide, you can still stack a 20 inch wide camping cooler on it if you like. Or 5 oversized beach chairs if need be. That’s the freedom of having no sides that this Wheeleez offers.

The wheels on this model are pretty much the same as the above wagon beach cart except slightly smaller. They are about 12″ x 7 inch wide. Still big pneumatic soft rubber tires that glide over sand like its no ones business.

The last two features that are appealing about this beach cart are the extendable handle and the fold away design. The biggest drawback to the tub style Wheeleez was that it was difficult to fit in the trunk along with other beach gear. This trolley version is the opposite. It fits just about anywhere due to its folding design. The bottom flap folds up into the frame so that it is a thin easy to manage item. The bottom lifting flap has a 45 inch depth to it. So it can carry some pretty bulky items as well. I like how the platform has a curved end to it. This makes it sit level with the wheels. The platform is raised slightly so that rocks, or items don’t get in the way when it is in the vertical position.

Lastly the telescopic handle just completes the package. It’s high quality and very durable. It extents out quite a bit so you don’t have to bend over to pull this thing. The padded handle was also a nice addition that I wasn’t expecting. Overall, the best heavy duty beach trolley and platform cart in my opinion.

Folding Beach Cart by Wheeleez


Not Quite Convinced The Wheeleez Tires Are That Good On Sand?

It’s easy to say something works well on sand, but without seeing it first hand it can be unbelievable. I’ve seen 70 years old pulling a Wheeelez carts across soft sand with and without loads on board. But anyways, watch this short video that shows you the difference these balloon wheels make when trying to lug luggage around on sand at the beach.


Heavy Duty Beach Wagon 8 Inch Wheels

Heavy Duty Beach Wagon
When you need a beach cart for lighter duties but still want heavy duty wheels to get you over tougher terrains, the TimberRidge is a good option. The wheels are not pneumatic soft rubber like the above model. They are a harder plastic that measure at 8 inches in diameter and just under 4 inches wide. So while not the most heavy duty beach cart in the world, certainly a tough cart nonetheless.

This beach wagon has a 150 pound weight capacity on hard land, but on soft sand at the beach it is lowered to 110 lbs. Which is still a decent load. The tires have groves in them, but I don’t feel they are deep enough to get too much traction. While it may be fine over wetter sand, the really dry soft sand it may struggle with a full load. But getting to and from the car for parks, camping, lakes, picnics etc. This make a great reliable wagon.

Inside the tub, the bottom is mesh. So not ideal for sharp objects. But ideal for lightweight beach gear. As its mesh, the sand can easily be wiped off the gear rather than staying inside the tub. While the bottom area is not a hard material, the frame certainly is. This is quite a sturdy little beach wagon. The wide gap between the wheels make pulling it through the sand a bit easier. Carts that have all 4 wheels narrower seem to struggle on any sand.

My biggest grip with the TimberRidge beach cart is that the handle may be a little too short. Especially for taller people. As reaching down to pull 100 pounds may get tiresome on the back really fast. Other than having a lower weight capacity and a shorter handle, I found the TimberRidge to be a heavy duty and sturdy little beach wagon.

TimberRidge Beach Wagon

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