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Plus Size Beach Chairs For Heavy People

Plus Size Beach Chairs For Heavy People

When your a plus size person, finding a good heavy duty beach chair for heavy people can be a tedious and frustrating challenge. With hundreds upon hundreds of beach chairs available, how are we big people meant to find the right beach chair to suit our heavy weight limits?.

The answer to this question is just a few mouse/finger scrolls away.

So before you pack up the car and head down to the beach this summer, make sure your armed with the right weight capacity beach chair to suit you. Be sure to check out beach chairs for heavy people as well. These chairs can hold from 325 pounds to 800 pounds.

Save Time, Buy Online

I dislike spending hours upon hours going form shop to shop, just to be seriously disappointed. Then to discover that the so called heavy duty folding beach chair has a tiny weight capacity of only 200 lbs. Been there one too many times… Or from searching online stores for countless just hours to discover that they don’t even display the weight limit. Now that’s frustrating!.

So no more headaches. It’s time now to reveal heavy duty plus size Beach Chairs For Heavy People once and for all. As more manufacturers cotton on to our big person beach needs, we will be sure to update these lists with the latest and greatest products available for the larger beach lover. Check them out now.

Beach Chairs For Overweight People

My Number 1 Top Rated 300 LB Beach Chair

 Beach Chairs For Overweight People

The following beach chairs are suitable for overweight people with weight capacities between 200 lbs to 300 lbs. For more heavy duty beach chairs, check the above links.

For the best value 300 pound beach chair, I find it hard to look past the Sport Brella Portable Beach Chair.  It’s the perfect height for me when relaxing on the beach, with adequate resting space for your head too. The reclined position of the backing is just right. Not too reclined that you can’t have a conversation, but reclined enough for an easy nap. This of course depends on your height and shape too.

I like the padded arms and the location of the cup holder is a good choice. While the umbrella is not a full on beach umbrella, it does compliment this chair very nicely. It’s a low profile chair like most beach chairs for complete relaxation while soaking in some Vitamin D.  The seat size is sufficient for an overweight person measuring in at about 24 inches wide.

Overall, for the price of this plus size beach chair and umbrella combo,  I think it’s a great buy. Throw in the cool carry case and your potentially getting a decent chair at a decent price.

Sport-Brella Beach Chair

Plus Size Beach Chair Recliner 250 Lbs Capacity

Sports-Brella Recliner Chair

This 250 pound capacity recliner beach chair is a good choice for the plus size person. This is the beach chair that could make all your friends wanting one for themselves. The design is flawless if you ask me and very well thought out. I find there’s many pros compared to cons for this excellent beach chair. The 250 Lb rating will be a little limiting to some of us big guys, but for those under 250 lbs you’re in the right area.

So many things I like about this chair, so lets start with its storage features. For those hot days, and you really need a cool drink this chair comes to the rescue. The built in insulated cooler pocket is one of the best ideas I’ve ever seen on a beach chair. It’s big enough to carry 3-4 cans and keep them cool while you have another sitting in the cup holder.

Built-in Convenience

Attached to the other arm is another storage pocket where you can keep even more drinks, sunscreen, keys, cell phone etc. But what really tops this chair off is the built in bottle opener. A pure genius idea. Chiller, opener and pouch for your empties. All you need now is a portable camping toilet and your set for the afternoon.

So this beach chair comes with a 360 degree umbrella and also a foot rest. Both excellent yet very convenient features. But if 1 or both annoy you, it’s simple to detach both of these features. But I don’t see why you would need to if using this chair at the beach. Overall I find this an amazing plus size beach chair that just screams total relaxation for an amazing price that may even shock you into buying several at once. You wouldn’t be the first!

250 Lb Recliner Beach Chair

240 LB Beach Chair With The Bells & Whistles

Rio Brands WearEver Review

Rio Brands are fairly well known for producing top quality beach gear, and this 5 position recliner with additional foot rest is no exception if you ask me. Well my whole family thinks it’s a true 10 star beach chair for features and best of all durability.

My only problem with this chair is that it’s only rated to hold 240 lbs weight capacity. If I was under 240 pounds, I would be stocking up on these bad boys in a heartbeat. What I do find very useful is this chairs backpack feature. This allows you to carry the beach chair on your back and doubles as a back pack for the beach. So it makes the trip that much easier. Load up the pockets with your beach gear, carry it down to the sand and unfold for an all in one reclining beach chair.

So it reclines to 5 positions, which does include the flat position. But whats even cooler is the foot rest. It can be adjusted to how you like. So if your a tall person, this chair can cater to your feet with ease. It’s a great option for any person of any height (within reason) up to 240 pounds.

Rio Gear Original Steel Backpack Chair

Tips For Buying Beach Chairs For Heavy People

  • ALWAYS check weight capacity – Don’t waste hard earned money on inferior chairs. We try to clearly label all chairs with their appropriate documented weight capacities.
  • Read Reviews – We try to always provide a link consumer reviews. But don’t just focus on one persons point of view. By reading several reviews you can get a really good idea as to whether that beach chair is for you
  • Questions are often posted online, which can give valuable insight to the selected beach chair. If the description does not state the seat width, height etc, usually you can find this information in the questions asked sections.
  • Height from seat to ground – While beach chairs are generally low to the ground, when your an obese person being that low can be extremely difficult to get up and down from. Some beach chairs do sit higher from the ground and these chairs may be more appropriate to your size.
  • Price – Don’t always buy any cheap beach chair you come across. The reason our recommended beach chairs may seem higher in price compared to standard chairs is because they need to be made with heavy duty materials to handle high weight capacities. More expensive beach chairs don’t necessarily mean better quality either. Hence why we try to point you in the right direction with tried and tested products to make your buying decision easier.

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