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Bariatric Rolling Walkers For Overweight People (Up To 700 Lbs)

Bariatric Rolling Walkers For Overweight People Up To 600 LbsI find heavy-duty bariatric Rolling Walkers for Overweight People can mean the difference between struggling on canes and running out of puff very quickly or enjoying mobility with greater ease.

However, not just any rolling walker will do for me. For the Big Man like myself, a walker must pertain certain features before I even consider it worthy.

A big person’s rollator walker must be heavy-duty rated. This is not an option, while most heavy-duty walkers are just that, always be sure to check the weight capacity and strength of the frame support system.

The rollators mentioned below all have high weight capacities ranging from 400 lb up to 700lb for the obese people. However, weight capacity alone is not enough. Ensure the seat is wide enough for your backside to fit and that the seat is tall enough if you’re a big and tall person.

Compare Heavy-Duty Rollators By Weight Capacity

Seat Capacity Price
18.5"W x 14"D x 21.5"H 700 LB Check Price Amazon
19.75”W x 13.25”D x 22"H 500 LB Check Price Amazon
18"W x 14"D x 22" 500 LB Check Price Amazon
23"W x 10"D x 21"H 450 LB Check Price Amazon
19"W x 13"D x 22"H 400 LB Check Price Amazon
19"W x 16"D x Adjustable Height 500 LB Check Price Amazon
18"W x 14.5"D x 22"H 440 LB Check Price Amazon


My Top Picks

For Big & Tall People: Days Rollator Up To 700 Lbs Capacity

Wider Rollator Shorter Height: 500 Lbs Nova Rollator


What To Consider When Buying A Big Mans Rollator

This is one of the most crucial elements of buying a good rolling walker for heavy people. As we get older, our bodies generally find most things harder to achieve, including walking. When you add the extra body weight us larger people carry around, well mobility becomes a big issue.

Having a heavy-duty walker with a seat is also a recommended asset. The seat can be your best friend. The seat should be well-padded and have an extra wide area to support our bigger bodies. So when we do run out of puff, or joints start aching.

The padded seat will always be on hand for a quick rest. Naturally, with a larger seat, you must find an extra-wide walker frame to allow the bigger space. A padded back rest always helps too.

One other important thing to look for in a rolling walker for a heavy person is the quality of the braking system. While this may be pretty straight forward, its a key factor to tumbles and runaway walkers. Sometimes the braking system is not a priority when indeed it should be. So make sure the brakes are easy to use, reliable and will last a long time.

Cheap Doesn’t Mean Quality

Price is often a factor in any buying decision and as Walkers are usually a cheaper alternative to Heavy Duty Mobility Scooters, the savings you can make will be reflected in the quality and ease of use. Scooters can cost 10 times the amount of a Walker, but they can make life much easier. So when it comes to putting a price on ease of living, it’s not always best to go for the cheapest necessary. So you may expect to pay a little bit more for a real heavy-duty walker built for the larger person.

While there are more factors you could consider, with just the above features you will be able to find a pretty good and reliable bariatric rolling walker for an overweight person. To help you in the right direction, we here at Big & Heavy People have done some of the research for you.

We have gone out and found some heavy-duty roller walkers with high weight capacities to showcase here for you. Because we don’t want to steer anyone in the wrong direction, we have focused on high-quality walkers which are most suitable to heavy people.

Rolling Walker For People Up To 700 Lbs

Best Rollator For Big And Tall People

Best Rollator For Big And Tall People
The highest weight capacity rollator I have come across is the ‘Days Mobility’ which has a heavy-duty capacity of 700 pounds. Not only is this good for heavy people, but it’s also got the capability to handle big and tall people.

The handles on the Days Rollator can extend to 39 inches tall. Which is a good 2 or so inches taller than standard height rolling walkers. While it’s not the tallest rollator on the market, it certainly offers the taller person a better option. So for big and tall people, the Days option is certainly worthy of a look.

Who Are The Days Mobility Rollator Best Suited To

However, where it excels in height and weight capabilities, the width lets the Days rollator down. When compared to the 500-pound capacity Nova rollator below, this Days model is slightly more narrow.

The seat width measures 18.5 inches wide (1.5″ less than the Nova) and the distance in between the handlebars is 22 inches, about 2 inches less than the Nova. So if you’re not over 500 pounds and need a wider area, the Nova makes a better choice.

But if weight capacity is the major issue for you, this Days Mobility is the best I’ve seen. The steel supports and frames give you that peace of mind one needs from a 700-pound rollator.

If you’re shorter than say 5’10”, the Days may be too tall for you. But for people around 6 foot and taller who weight 400 pounds or more, this is a great choice. The 21.5″ high seat and adjustable handlebars give the big and tall people the best chance of finding the perfect fitting rollator.

Days 700 Lbs Rollator


Rollator For Heavy People (500 Lbs)

The Nova Mighty Mack Walker Review

Best Rolling Walker For Obese People
The Mighty Mack rolling walker is a leader in the field in terms of heavy-duty. This extra-strong walker can handle a high weight capacity of up to 500 pounds according to the manufacturer.

Which is quite incredible for an item that only weighs about 26 lbs. The weight of the walker is evenly distributed so its rather easy to carry around, making this a really good portable rolling walker.

When you fold it down, it’s easy to just put in the back seat of the car or beside your seat on the bus, etc. The comfort and easiness to carry are a huge positive for this walker.

The brakes work kinda like a car’s handbrake. Push down on the hand brakes and gently squeeze again for full release. The brakes work really well and put the 8″ tough rugged wheels to a stand still on demand. Which is critical for when we go to sit down. But when you do go to sit down you may be surprised.

Extra Wide Rolling Walker

The Mighty Mack is one wide walker. For the actual dimensions for sitting purposes: Distance between handle bars is 23.3/4″. The actual seat itself measures in at 20 inches wide and from front to back it’s 13.3/4″.

This amount of seat space is ample for most people up to 500 Lbs in weight. While the walker’s extra width is amazing for our larger bodies it’s not ideal for doorway frames, in particular the bathroom.

Depending on the width of your bathroom frame, the Mighty Mack may be too wide. However, you can slightly turn the walker to fit through the most narrow doorways. But I suggest you have a cane set up in the bathroom at all times anyway.

Nova Mighty Mack Reviews Conclusion

Without even mentioning some of the features such as a handy wire basket which is detachable, you can easily see how the Nova Might Mack is like the Rolls Royce of rolling walkers. Its oversized frame and seat combined with a very well constructed and stable support system make this a great rolling walker for obese people the world over.

While the Nova Mighty Mack may cost you a few more bucks than other brands, I find it assuring to know it has such a high weight capacity.

Nova Mighty Mack Rolling Walker


500 Pound Capacity Rolling Walkers With Seats

Invacare Flip-Up Seat Bariatric Walker

Bariatric Rollators

The Invacare has a weight capacity rating of 500 lbs according to the manufacturer. This walker is an alternative to the above Mighty Mack walker.

It’s a bit cheaper but has a smaller weight capacity limit. Like all good heavy duty walkers, the Invacare is made from steel and not aluminum like the lower capacity walkers.

However, because the Invacare is made from heavy-duty steel, the weight of the roller can become an issue. Depending on your upper body strength you may struggle to lift the walker by yourself. The walker itself comes in at 26 pounds.

18″ Wide Seat Between 22’5″ Arms

As for the width of the seating area, the widest part is 22.5″ but the actual padded area is 18″. Which is still wide enough for anyone with 60-64″ hips.  The seat sits about 22 inches from the floor level, which is important to consider if you are shorter. There are additional holes in the bars for the height of the handlebars which go up to about 40″.

I like the idea of the storage/basket area being under the seat because it makes the walker less bulky. The storage area is also considerably large and capable of carrying valuables as well as food and drinks. Which is great for long walks with the dog or even picnics. Life can be easier because the walker folds down to a compact 7″ thick. Ideal for traveling to parks, work or the Mall because of its folding down capabilities.

Overall I find the Invacare a great alternative to the Might Mack if finances are a concern to you. The Invacare looks to me like a solid unit that could stand the test of time. Because of the steel structure, the walker is extremely stable and reliable.

Also boasting 8″ wheels which I feel are less heavy-duty than the Mighty Mack, but easily stopped with the above par braking system.

The only drawbacks to the Invacare are the fact it doesn’t have an adjustable backrest, the screw covers on the external of the frame are sub-standard in my opinion and the heavy weight may put some users off. Otherwise, the Invacare rolling walker is a fine mobility product for heavy people.

Invacare 500 Lbs Capacity Roller Walker


Bariatric Rollator With Extra Wide Seat

Bariatric Rollator With Extra Wide Seat
When it comes to heavy-duty rollators it’s hard to look past Drive Medical and their excellent entry into this crowded market. This bariatric rollator gets everything right and will help give you a better quality of life with its numerous improvements over the standard rollators on the market.

With this unit having an aluminum frame it’s not only tough but also lightweight. Considering this frame can hold 450 lb, it’s quite an impressive feature. However, it does weigh around 27lbs so it might be a little heavy for some people with physical limitations to get out by yourself. Sadly this is something that comes with something that’s heavy-duty.

The front wheels are an impressive 10-inches which makes them good for going over most terrain. They’re also fairly easy to steer since they have a really good turning radius on most surfaces.

Heavy-Duty Approved

The things a rollator needs to be classified as heavy-duty are quite extensive which is why most don’t try to design them. One of the most obvious is that it needs to have a really good weight capacity for the bigger people out there. With this rollator having a 450lbs weight capacity it easily passes the heavy-duty weight test.

There is a misunderstanding with what the suspension on a rollator is there for with most thinking it’s for when you’re walking. This isn’t the case with the unique shock absorbers on this unit meant for when you sit on it. This gives it excellent durability for when you’re sitting on the rollator.

Extra Wide Seat

A good rollator for bigger people needs more space than your standard machines. Which is something Drive Medical understood when they designed this unit giving it an impressive seat width of 23-inches. Adding the height of 22-inches and you’ve got an amazing seat that has plenty of room and easy to get in and out of as a big and tall person.

Drive Medical Heavy Duty Nitro Euro


Rolling Walker For Big And Tall People

Rolling Walker For Big And Tall People
Drive Medical makes another appearance on this list which should come as no surprise as they make some of the best rollators on the market in my opinion. This model may not look as impressive as the previous HD Nitro rollator but don’t let its looks deceive you, it’s still an impressive machine.

Something that is often overlooked with these units is the handles themselves. This is a mistake to do so since these are the things your hands will hold for long periods so they need to be comfortable. The handles on this unit are comfortable and have the brake handles easily accessible from there.

This rolling walker for big and tall people does come with a backrest which is a useful thing to have even tho it’s a little thin in my opinion. You’re able to remove this cushioning and put something a bit more comfortable there. So it’s far from a deal-breaker.

400 Lbs Weight Capacity

Being such an important part for someone who is on the heavier side, the weight capacity needs to be high to give you peace of mind when you use it. In my opinion, this rollator does this thanks to its 400lbs weight capacity. There may be others out there with this capacity but they often break the bank, unlike this machine.

The Dimensions Make It Suitable For Tall People

There is a lot of dimension to a rollator with all of them being important since they all affect something. The seat dimensions are 19″ wide by 13″ long by 22″ high which makes it easy to get out of. The handles offer a decent amount of range with the minimum being 34.5″ and a maximum of 38.5″.

Folding this rollator is really simple and it compacts really well with it easily fitting in your trunk for when you need to transport it. It folds down to 27.5″ by 24.5″ by 34″ which makes it one of the smaller heavy-duty rollators out there.

Drive Medical Bariatric Rollator


500 Lbs Rollator With Large Seat

500 Lbs Rollator With Large Seat
The number of people who need and use rollators is getting higher every year which means more there are more rollators on the market than ever before. This makes it impressive when a rollator like this model from OasisSpace stands out from the pack and makes you take note.

Something that you might notice right away with this unit is the backrest isn’t your usual aluminum bar with some padding. I really like how they went with the strap design as it’s more comfortable than a thinly padded bar and can allow you to stretch your back on it without digging in.

Safety Is Important

Stability is important when it comes to rollators since you’re relying on them to not tip over and you get an injury. The wide 24.8-inch base combined with the all-terrain 8-inch wheels makes this one of the more stable machines out there in my opinion.

I really like the backrest that this unit comes with and how they made it safer to lean back on. The included lock on the backrest gives you peace of mind when you do lean back on this model. Safety was one of the key things OasisSpace worked on when they made this rollator.

Suits A Wide Range Of People

One of the biggest issues for a rollator is finding one that is the right height for you. Often you’re left hunched further over from them being too short or they’re too high which makes them uncomfortable. The handles on this unit are very adjustable offering more space between maximum and minimum. height.

  • Maximum Handle Height – 41-Inches
  • Minimum Handle Height – 31-Inches

When you combine these excellent height variations with the overall heavy-duty nature of this rollator with its weight capacity of 500lbs and large seat. You have an excellent machine that will suit a lot of different size people and most importantly your needs.

OasisSpace Heavy Duty Rollator Walker 500 Lb


Plus Size Walkers For Over 300 Pounds With Wide Seat

Plus Size Walkers For Over 300 Pounds
Comodità may not be a company you have ever heard of but they’re one you should watch out for in the future if is this rollator is anything to go by. Comodità is an Italian word that translates to comfort in English, and comfort is certainly what you want from your rollator.

This walker does a lot of the important features a rollator requires right without sacrificing the small things as many other companies do.

The seat width on a rollator is one of the more important measurements you will take into consideration as a heavy person before making your purchase decision. With this padded seat offering a good 18-inch width x 14.5″ deep, it will accommodate some decently wide people who need that extra bit of room.

Oversized 440 Lb Capacity Rollator

This is a really large rollator that isn’t for your average person since it’s so large. If your door is less then 30-inches wide this rollator won’t fit through it. You should measure your doorways before purchasing this unit to make sure it will fit since it is so wide.

Comoditàreally did go all out when they were designing this model in making sure it had a good amount of quality of life improvements and is heavy-duty. With it having an impressive maximum weight capacity of 440lbs does allow it to be used by a wide range of people.

Quality Of Life Features Are Useful

Something that is often left out with rollators is the simple things that can make your life easier. This is a problem that’s throughout the rollator industry which is why I like what Comodità has done with this excellent model.

This model has added something so simple but useful in your day to day life. This is they included a cup holder and cane holder on this unit. Yes, this is a simple addition but it makes life easier when you’re out and about and something that should be included on every rollator in my opinion.

Comodità Spazio Extra Wide Heavy-Duty Rollator


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  1. Chuck Paradis says:

    I have searched amazon for Days Mobility Rollator Walker with seat and wheels (700lb capacity) and all that comes up is a much lighter duty walker.

  2. Judyk says:

    Does anyone know of a walker with a seat and a 700 lb weight capacity?

  3. Valerie Wouters9ycs says:

    Should also have the option to transform bariatric rollator into a transpirt chair. I am not finding any bariatric combos. I can walk some but there are times I need the wheelchair part without having to buy two separate pieces.

  4. Jason says:

    The Nova Mighty Mack Walker that you have written about you say it is for up 600lbs. But when I go to amazon it says only up to 500lbs. I weigh around 540lbs. I don’t want to take a chance on the 500lb walker “might” hold out. So do they offer a Bariatric Rolling Walkers for people over 500lbs?

    • bigman says:

      Hi Jason, you are correct and I have rectified this. There are a couple on amazon stating they have 600 pounds capacity but when checking the Nova website, it states they are 500 lbs. Days mobility have a 700 pound version on amazon here if you would like to check it out.

  5. Linda Van densen says:

    i need a phone number please

    • bigman says:

      Hi Linda, you have to contact the sellers on amazon directly by clicking on the links/images to the Walker you’re interested in. Thanks.

  6. A. T. Grudnoski says:

    It is clear that specifications don’t consider user’s height, width or sitting height…why are these essential details missing?

    • bigman says:

      It is quite annoying that they don’t. But I think it’s because not everybody has the same body measurements. Sure two people may be exactly 6 foot tall, but one of them may have a longer upper body while the other has longer legs. Yet they are both 6 foot. For height you need to manually measure up to your elbows while standing. This will give you a good idea as to what height rollator you need. Width, they should state the seat size somewhere on the description page or in the questions and answers section. If you want me to have a look around, let me know your size details and I’ll see what I can find.

  7. Judy Davidson says:

    I have had the Invacare Flip Up Seat Bariatric Walker since 2011. Two days ago my rear tires both cracked down the middle. I have to find parts for them.