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500 lb Beach Chairs For Obese People

500 Lbs Beach Chairs For Obese People

Why should being an obese or heavy person stop anyone from kicking back by the water and taking in the rays?. Well it shouldn’t, and that’s why we have done our thing to bring you what we think are the best 500 Lb Beach Chairs.

The trip down to the beach has been a favorite past time for families all across the world and will always continue to be the highlight of any Summer throughout America.

Our favorite beach accessory is and always will be the humble beach chair. A rather simple and modest accessory which brings us hours of enjoyment, but when ill prepared can result in a horrible outdoors adventure you would rather forget. Don’t let the inferior beach chair win yet again…

If your a big person, I suggest taking a look at a XXL beach chair with high weight capacities.  A chair built for us big guys, a chair that shouldn’t buckle under the pressure and most of all a beach chair that has the potential to hold 500 pounds or more. We have also more reviews on Big Men’s Beach Chairs From 240 Lbs Here.

The Jumbo Beach Chair With 500 Lb Weight Capacity

Best 500 Pound Capacity Beach Chair
It’s time to get comfortable again down at the beach, and there’s no better way when your an obese person then to be armed with an appropriate sized beach chair.

This 500 pound capacity Jumbo size chair can do wonders for for fun levels. It’s really big, and at first I thought it was going to be too heavy to carry. But, I put those fears aside, because the Big Jumbo chair is rather light considering and can easily be transported to and from the beach.

It’s one of those chairs that feels like its going to last forever. It appears that well made. Well it’s meant to handle large capacities, so it should right. The other benefit us bigger guys will gain from this chair is easy access.

Unlike some other beach chairs that sit a mere 4-6 inches from the ground, this jumbo oversized beach chair has a good 12 inches from seat to ground. So this will assist in the already hard task of walking in sand that much easier to get up and down in the chair.

The features of this chair include wide timber arm rests, which have been protected from the weather with a weatherproof varnish (but may require maintenance), rust proof aluminum, double layered material for extra strength, shoulder strap, adjustable drink holder and copious amounts of storage.

Extra large Velcro pockets on the back of the seat, under the arm rest and even below the sitting area. So no excuse for no room for sunscreen now. Without a doubt the biggest and best beach chair I’ve seen for a long time. Especially in the 500 lbs category. Big Man Approved!.


Jumbo XL 500 Lb Beach Chair



Is It A Couch Or Is It A Chair?

Beach Couch For 500 Pound People

 500 lbs capacity beach chair sofa
The Algoma outdoors activity couch is a great alternative to the classic beach chair. As there are not too many options when it comes to beach chairs for 500 lb people, I could see myself settling for this beach couch.

It’s lower to the ground (Like a traditional beach chair)  then other outdoor chairs, but still high enough for access to get on and off it. At the front legs the chair is 12 inches from the ground while at the rear end it’s 10 inches.

The overall height from ground to the highest part of the back rest measures in at 28 inches. This chair is a real heavy duty extra wide beach chair which should be able to fit one big guy up to 500 pounds, or 2 slightly less bigger people side by side. Which is a great idea for couples who want to not only enjoy the beach lifestyle, but also each others company.

Probably one of this chairs biggest positive is how light it is to carry. You may be amazed when you carry this beach chair for the first time, especially considering it’s high weight capacity. It folds up very easy and even has a carry strap for even easier portability.

The material is made from 600 vinyl backing polyester which is pulled very tight, like a drum. This creates the strong sturdy seat that holds up us big guys. On the back of the vinyl backing are 2 extra large pouches, which are very nice for storing water, sunscreen, keys, cell phone etc. Perfect for down at the beach.

As for negatives, my only gripe is if your lazy like me and you want to shuffle forward you will have to manually stand and drag it forward. Otherwise the chair can start to fold on itself. Be Warned: you may also find that your friends, even random strangers will be wanting to try out this cool chair.


500 Lb Beach Chair - Couch


Extra Wide 650 Lb Capacity Beach Chair

This extra wide beach chair has a seat width of almost 24 inches and sits a nice 17 to 18 inches from the ground. So should be easy to get in and out of for the obese beach goer. It’s the biggest weight capacity beach chair I have come across with an impressive 650 pound weight rating.

The seat itself is made from a vinyl mesh like weather resistant material which boasts warm and calming beach colors to give it that special beach appeal. The heavy duty Aluminum tubing frame shouldn’t rust on you either being Aluminum. Which makes this beach chair a good choice for long stays at the beach. Whether your on holidays or own a beach house.

It’s also fairly light to carry around, when folded up it is about 15 lbs. The 3 different recline positions was something I wasn’t expecting from a beach chair of this style, because on first impressions you may even think it’s a chair ideal for camping.

But I just cant get enough of the recliner feature. Lastly there is 1 side pouch for your keys and gear, plus 1 cup holder on the right arm. Not bad going for a beach chair that can support 500 pounds with an extra wide seat.

Extra Wide 650 Lb Folding Beach Chair

Beware Of The Chairs Weight

Not all beach chairs are as light as the above options and even still, they can certainly take a toll on the obese person when carrying them down to the sand. 15 pounds initially doesn’t feel too heavy, but after a 5 minute stroll down to the sand, it feels like you’re carrying watermelons around.

A good idea to offset the weight of a beach chair are some sand loving beach wagons. These carts are designed to cut through sand so you don’t get stuck, but best of all have high weight capacities. So you can store you beach chair along with all your beach stuff and walk much more freely down to the beach.


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