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Extra Large Kayaks For Big Guys & Gals

When your a tad bit overweight or simply a heavy person and love the idea of Kayaking but have always been somewhat hesitant due to weight capacities. It’s time to leave those fears on the shore and jump into a suitable Kayak for big guys and girls.

Kayaking is too much fun to be missing out on and us large people should not be limited by our size.

Further down this page you can find all our best recommended plus size Kayaks suitable to buy if you need a Kayak with the ‘Heavy Duty’ rating. So just scroll on down to get started.

Buying Tips – Kayaks For Heavy People

The majority of kayaks listed below are hard shell kayaks. If you’re limited on storage space, have no roof racks/trailer or can’t lift 70 pounds, then perhaps an inflatable kayak is a great alternative. With weight capacities up to 750 pounds, these inflatable kayaks can get the big man on the water in no time.

  • First time Kayaking?. It’s advisable to start off your Kayak adventure in calm still waters before you tackle and harsher conditions. Wider kayaks are great for the flat waters as they don’t tip so easy. I prefer to take on the calm waters anyway as it’s less stressful, peaceful and it’s a great way to have a chat with your mates on the water.
  • I think the hardest part for a big guy when kayaking is getting out of the darn thing. Truth is there is no easy way. But I do recommend that us bigger people should go out kayaking with other people we know. Other people can help you out by offering an arm to pull on to get up. Also, I also tell people to practice getting out of your kayak at home on the floor. Become familiar with the kayak and know you limitations.
  • What happens if you capsize? Like I said, always go out with another person. Although you shouldn’t have too many dramas on a long flat kayak on flat water. Try and avoid the smaller and more narrow kayaks as they can tip much easier. Attaching a safety strap to the cockpits cowling is another good idea, as you can pull yourself back in from the strap. have your friend counter balance the weight of the kayak.
  • Look for big open cockpit areas and extra wide kayaks. We will state the width and Kayak’s weight capacity ratings below.
  • ALWAYS wear a plus size life jacket
  • Consider a oversized Canoe for more than 1 person. 

So Let’s Compare The High Weight Capacity Kayaks

Capacity Size Features Price
550 Lbs 13' Pedal Drive Fishing Kayak Perfect fishing Kayak suited to Lakes, Rivers, Ocean. 33.25" wide, weighs 80 Lbs. 2 Person option available (670 LB Capacity)
250 Lbs 10 Foot Recreational 30" Wide Cockpit
300 Lbs 11 Foot Ocean, River, Lake 3 Point Hull 29.5" Wide
419 Lbs 12.5 Foot Perfect for fishing coastal lakes and oceans
500 Lbs 10 Foot Fishing Kayak Very Stable and still kayak. Great for beginners and Fisherman
325 Lbs Old Town Vapor 10' recreational kayak Perfect for both anglers and recreational paddlers. The short hull makes it easy to get into the water.


500 Lbs Capacity Kayak For Fishing

500 Lbs Capacity Kayak For FishingStarting with a kayak that can handle some serious weight is the 10 Foot LifeTime Sport Fisher. While designed to hold up to 3 people, it’s also perfect for the solo big Man kayaker due to the high 500 pound weight capacity.

There’s plenty of leg room and seat space for the larger person, without sacrificing storage space. When set up for one plus size person, you still get the entire deck and hull areas to store gear. While the front bungees were at arms reach for the dry goods and safety gear.

Considering the price which you can check on amazon, it’s not a bad fishing kayak. Don’t expect to be hauling down setting new time records, but you can expect a nice steady kayak for fishing or simply relaxing on the water. Being a wider and shorter kayak, it’s ideal for the heavier people to jump on board and not expect to pay through the roof prices.

Which also makes it a great kayak for getting started. It’s very stable on the water and as it sits higher above the water, paddling is much easier for the less experienced person. Also easier on us larger people as well. Overall, it’s a very good kayak that offers a good decent weight capacity and plenty of room to do the things you enjoy most.

Lifetime Sport Fisher 10 Foot Kayak


250 – 350 Lbs Top Rated Kayaks For Overweight People

Old Town Recreational Kayak 275-325 Lbs

best kayak for overweight peopleA step up from the common 250 pound weight capacity kayaks is the 10 foot Old Town Recreational kayak with a weight rating of 275-325 pounds. The overall width measures in at 28.5″ with a cockpit size of 19.5 x 48 inches.

Old Town know what they are doing when it comes to Kayaks, and this 10 footer is my personal favorite entry level Kayak to calm rivers, lakes and swimming holes. The perfect beginners kayak for a bigger person.

The cockpit is spacious enough to fit a bigger guy and his child in, which is superb for Father Daughter adventures. Plus I don’t like the idea of having a dual cockpit Kayak with a young child in separate cockpits. Especially as I’m oversized.

A very stable ride, like I said great for people learning to paddle. The hull is very durable, a lot more so then then the majority of recreational kayaks. Other things worth noting are the adjustable seat/back rest, cup holders, extra storage cockpit for lunch, goodies etc and not too heavy considering.

My only negative is that the drainage plug is in a not so easy position, However a great Kayak, and one you will often see in Kayak hire shops because of how reliable and sturdy this thing is.

Old Town Kayak. I Recommend 275-325 Lbs


250 Lbs Capacity Kayak For Plus Size People

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10best kayaks for plus size people

As you may be aware, Kayaking can be a pretty expensive sport. So when starting out it’s a good idea to begin on a low end entry level Kayak.

Which this Aruba 10 foot recreational kayak by Sun Dolphin is. It has a sit in cockpit width of 30 inches and is officially rated to hold a weight capacity of 250 pounds.

For a beginner overweight person looking to get started kayaking then I do recommend you check out this Kayak further. Its well made, boasts a strong hull and has sufficient storage space for moderate river trips. However you can add more storage, lots more by modifying behind the seat area. After warranty has expired of course and your much more experienced at kayaking.

The seat itself is rather good and has a high back for the taller people. I find this 250 pound capacity kayak is very easy to handle, especially for the beginner. The Aruba 10 kayak in my opinion is perfect for the casual and beginner kayaking adventurer.

250 Lb Kayak Good For Beginners


My Number 1 All Rounder Big Mans Kayak 300 Lbs

River, lakes & Ocean KayakOversized Kayaks For Heavy People

If you looking for a plus size kayak that’s not only good for taking on the flat water but also to tackle the ocean, then you may consider the Ocean kayak Scrambler.

It’s 11 foot, rated to hold a weight capacity of 300 pounds and has a width of 29.5 inches. Which means plenty of leg room and big enough for many of us heavier people.

Not only is this kayak ideal for the big and tall, but it’s simply a great Kayak for everyone, even beginners. It’s one of those Kayaks you can take out complete beginners on there first attempt at kayaking and they should have less problems learning to control the scrambler.

The scrambler is not a new Kayak, it’s been in production for about 20 years and over the years has been modified to be the the awesome Kayak that it is today. While some kayaks cant handle flat water and surf/ocean conditions, the I think scrambler thrives on it. 

I find the unique 3 point hull makes it super easy to kayak through the oceans waves, while still a very stable and reliable kayak for calmer lakes and rivers. Check out all it’s features and see if it suits your needs.

The Famous Scambler By Ocean Kayak


Recommended High Weight Capacity Kayaks From The Readers

Below you can find Kayaks that are recommended or alternative options to the above kayaks available for the plus size community. These have been recommendations by the readers of this blog.

If you have another Kayak suitable to the big person that is not on this list. Please feel free to add your recommendation in the comments section below. Please be aware the minimum weight capacity should be 250 lbs.

  • Moken 10 By FeelFree – 350 Lbs weight capacity
  • Sport Fisher by LifeTime – 500 Pound weight capacity
  • Frenzy by Ocean Kayak – 275-325 lbs rating
  • Malibu Two XL – 450-500 pound weight rating.



Coleman Inflatable 350 Lb Kayak

best inflatable kayak for big people
While this Coleman Sevylor kayak is technically classified as a fishing and hunting kayak, this 350 pound capacity kayak is just great for the relaxing paddle down the stream.

While the fishing part is a bonus too, as the fish swim right below you as if nothing was above them. Plus the canvas cover makes a great protection against against unwanted hooks, compared to many other vinyl kayaks.

Plus size kayaks may seem a little frightening at first because your paranoid it’s just going to sink. Being inflatable and a heavy person right. But you may be blown away when you learn how durable and stable these kayaks can be.

Plus the fact they are inflatable and portable is just pure genius in my opinion. That way if you decide to only use the kayak a few times, you can easily store it away with out taking up too much valuable space.

When you are brave enough to enter the white waters, and above 300 pounds, you may find it difficult to hind hard shell kayaks in your weight capacity. That’s where this heavy duty Coleman kayak steps in. As I rate this kayak as one tough big mans kayak which I find can handle the rough waters as well within reason.

For more inflatable kayaks, visit the page on heavy duty inflatable kayaks.

350 Lb Inflatable Kayak


500 Lbs Capacity Kayak

I found it’s slim pickings for a one man hard shell kayak with a weight capacity of 500 pounds. However they may exist!. You just gotta look far and wide. However we have managed to find a pretty darn nice kayak which fits into the 500 pound weight capacity rating.

It’s a beauty but it’s not cheap. Again like many things for us big and tall people, we have to pay extra for the things in life we need due to our large sizes.

The kayak in question is the Hobie Mirage i12s. It’s a real heavy duty kayak which is built to increase speed and stability. Good choice for the bigger guys looking for that Adrenalin rush without sacrificing much stability. One heck of a comfortable kayak for long weekend trips on the water with plenty of storage options. No need to starve and dehydrate here.

500 Pound Hobie Mirage Kayak


Kayak Alternative For Big People

Kayaks can be restrictive for the big person due to the cockpits. With the rise in popularity for paddle boarding, many big people are changing there approach to water sports. With a paddle board for heavy people, you can feel stable and safe standing on top of a wide and flat surface.

With a kayak conversion kit you can get the best of both worlds. Paddle boarding and kayaking. Paddle boarding is just a another fun way for us heavier folks to stay active, have fun and even lose a bit of weight.


Video Tips On Getting In & Out Of A Kayak



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  1. Wayne says:

    I have back problems but would love to go kayaking with my wife. I would need to be able to stand up occasionally our at least move to a kneeling position. Any suggestions of something stable enough without tipping over?

  2. Dan T. says:

    Anyone checked out the Ascend H12 at Bass Pro? It’s a little pricey at $699 but the weight limit is listed at 450 lbs.

  3. TJ says:

    Can you recommend top 3 High Back PFD’s for the big guy (Chest size 54-56)? Would be using primarily for yak fishing but excess front storage not a necessity. Love the Astral V-8 but the brand does not carry sizing for us big guys. Thanks!

  4. Jill says:

    For sit in kayaks, I find it easiest to bring my legs out and drop them over each side (straddling the kayak). In shallow water. Lean forward to get your balance and stand up pressing upward against your kayak with your hands. Then swing one leg over like getting off a horse or walk forward or backward. I’ve not fallen once and I’m over 250 lbs. Hope this helps.

    • bigman says:

      Thanks for your insight Jill. This is a very solid technique indeed. I hope other readers can benefit from your comment. Thanks.

  5. Mark Tann says:

    Any suggestions for TANDEM kayaks, I have a disabled child that likes to kayak with me. I am about 220 pounds, when he was smaller/lighter the Swifty tandem worked well but now that he is 180 pounds, we have are capsizing too often

    • bigman says:

      There are plenty of decent Tandem Kayaks available, but they range in price. Starting as low as a hundred for an inflatable kayak to over four digits. However, in saying that there is a mid range Tandem Kayak I quite like. That is the Ocean Kayak 12 foot Malibu. It’s a sit on top so its easiest to maneuver and has 2 very comfy seats.

  6. ROBERT says:

    I’m in the market for my first kayak I’m 5-8 270 and am a very Avid fisherman so I’m looking for something with a large cockpit for comfort and ease of getting in and out because I will be using this to float down Rivers which in spots I would have to get out and pull it over the shallows I do not like the look of a sit on would love a sit in needs to have rod holders and preferably tackle storage would like to keep it under 4 or $500

  7. craig says:

    im over the weight for my little 9.5 kayak but its not an issue, it still handles well, is pretty good in the waves and is stable to where i dont fear it tipping when waves from power boats hit it from the sides… What i do find bad about it is I can get in to without issue, but getting out is another issue. I will usually roll around like a turtle on my back and end up sort of flopping over the side onto my knees in the water just to exit the darned thing. its like I’m too tall and cant get my legs into any reasonable position to lift myself up. its hard and its pretty embarrassing to say the least. So… while i love the sit ins, i dont love the worry when its time to get out so I’m going to try a sit on top. Much much easier and they seem a lot more comfy as well. Looking for one thats 300 plus rated and stable yet still speedy and maneuvers well. For flat water and slow to moderatly moving rivers and almost no salt water… but one I can afford… from $300.00 to $500.00 any thoughts? thanks!

    • bigman says:

      The Ocean Frenzy Kayak is a popular choice for sit on tops. But it will depend on your weight?. It’s a 9 foot Kayak, so similar in size to what you are use to and just fits into your budget. MY number one recommendation would go to the Ocean Kayak Prowler, but it is a few hundred over your budget. .

  8. Pat says:

    Hi there. I’m looking at the trident 4.3. I want to do a lot of lake and island camping so I’ll be carrying a fair amount of weight where my boat will have around 350 pounds of weight in it including me. This boat looks great with all the storage capabilities. Thoughts?

  9. Jannalee says:

    Check out the Aquaglide Kayak’s, some up to 600lb capacity. I have been rented them and they are awesome, One or two….

  10. Kamilla says:

    Hi we’ve recently moved to the rugged west coast of Scotland (think cold all year) and want to take advantage of the coast line on a kayak. We have been kayaking in the past in rivers and didn’t take note of the kayaks we used! Ware a rather large family the tallest is 6ft 9 and over 300 lbs. This is a great list but I was wondering are there any covered kayaks for these dimensions?

  11. PeteB says:

    Necky looksha 17 has 33″ wide cockpit and is one of the better touring yaks. I think it’s ideal SINK for plus size yakrs but if you want more comfort the wilderness systems Thresher
    Is a very high performance SOT ( that you could park a car on )

  12. XLkayakpro says:

    How about the Malibu 2XL or the Frenzy by OK,the Lifetime Sport Fisher, the Yellowfin by Vibe, or the Moken 10 by Feelfree? They all have a 350+ capacity. Why bother with any of this inflatable nonsense when there are PLENTY of good hardshell kayaks out there for big folks?

    • bigman says:

      Thanks kindly for your suggestions, they will greatly help the community. They are now added into the recommended kayaks above for people to do further research. Have a nice day.

  13. FL Dude says:

    I currently use an Ocean Kayak Aegean (discontinued) which is tandem, and sit in the middle seat. I weigh 350 and I like to take my kids out. Malibu XL is essentially same boat but tracks better.

  14. Tyler says:


    Take a look at the Weber 132 made by Lifetime. Just a thought

  15. Jamie Miles says:

    I love this website!!! I have lost 100lbs but still in the 270 range. I need/want a Kayak but am having trouble finding something that fits my budget and weight capacity.

    I love the Sun Dolphin Aruba’s (the look) but am still a good 20lbs away from the weight capacity. If I could find something in the $200-$250 range that has a weight capcity of up to 300lbs I’d be set. My guess is if I weigh 275 I shouldn’t get a kayak with a 275lb capacity in case I want to bring a drink or something with me, LOL.

    Keep up the great job on this site. It’s very helpful.

    Jamie Miles

    • Izz says:

      I bought the Aruba 12 for my first yak, I’m 6’6″ weighing in at 300 lbs. It floats along as though I’m not even in it. And just for giggles I had me niece and nephew climb on it with me and it still paddled well.. at 540+

  16. Me and my dog says:

    I’m hoping you can help.
    I’m trying to find a new kayak that will fit me, and my dog.
    I would need a weight rating of 300lbs or more, which is not too difficult to find. But my problem is the width and length of the cockpit. I am wide.. most kayaks about about 19-20″ at the widest part of the seat. I really need more than that to be comfortable. And the length needs to be about 42″ or so inches for my dog to fit in front of me.
    I thought I found a great kayak in the Pelican Maverick 100x. The measurements claimed a 25″ width and 47″ length.. weight rating 300lbs. I went right out and got one.. got it home and sat in it (not sure why I didn’t in the store, well hey, it had the measurements).. and not only would my dog not fit, but if I chose to have the pegs up a bit for a slight knee bend (which I find a comfortable position while kayaking sometimes).. my knees were almost against the front of the cockpit. I am only 5’4″. And the width had me uncomfortable.
    Of course after measuring myself I found the cockpit only 19″ wide and 35″ long. A big disappointment.
    I returned it to Dicks Sporting Goods and tried out all the kayaks in my price range and couldnt find anything suitable. The closest was the Pelican Trailblazer, which I fit comfortably, and my dog would fit too.. but the weight rating was only 275… and the LEAST I would risk is 300lbs.
    A deeper kayak may do better, and there were a couple that might have worked, but way over my price range of about $400.
    I’m now very doubtful of accurate information listed. I’d like to try to kayak out first.
    Oh… and a sit in kayak. I am not a fan of sit on top.. and my dog is not crazy about the water and is more secure sitting in, and close to me.
    Anyway… any suggestions?
    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

  17. Todd says:

    two other “kayak-like” kayaks are the Hobie Pro Angler 12 and 14 with 500lb and 600lb capacities respectively. They both have the same seat, which is rated for 350lb.
    Top-notch stability and, like the inflatable Hobie listed, it uses the pedal-driven Mirage drive. Expensive, yes. but with Hobie, you get what you pay for.

  18. maggie says:

    Thanks for the resaearch. I’m quite large, moved to LA with this beautiful ocean its a shame to let my size hold me back. I just didnt know where to find something to suit my width 😉 thx again.

  19. James says:

    Need a kayak for someone with size 15 feet. Any ideas? Thanks

    • bigman says:

      Hi James, Thanks for stopping by. Size 15, that’s a tough one. But I did some research and came across a Kayak recommended by another large person with size 15 feet. The Wilderness Systems RIDE 115 is the Kayak in question, which has a 500 lbs weight capacity and width of 33″.

      You can Buy It On Amazon

      and I think you may have to pay for shipping. Or you can find the closest dealer to you on their official website: Hope this helps.

      • Brian says:

        The Ride 115 is an amazing yak. I love mine! I do advise getting the AirPro3 seat. Its like being in a lawn chair on the river !! 🙂