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Positive Affirmations And Weight Loss – The Power Of Positive Thinking

Linking Positive Thinking, Positive Affirmations And Weight Loss

There are a lot of people who want to lose weight, but many .people do not realize the importance and the impact of positive thinking. Therefor it is often disregarded or considered a waste of time. But this is the worse thing you can do I believe. Everyone around you including your friends should have positive affirmations towards your new destiny with weight loss. If there are negative influences in your immediate circle of contacts, it may be best to minimize contact with such persons.

Positive thinking and weight loss are linked and it is important that you understand this. Linking your positive affirmations and weight loss can be hard, but the results can be worth all of the effort. Be submerged with positive influences is just one way of achieving your goal. The other is you yourself being dead set driven on remaining positive the entire time, as hard as that really is.

Positive Affirmations And Weight Loss

Restructuring Your Negative To Positive Thoughts

The first step in linking positive thinking and weight loss is to restructure your thoughts. A lot of people view weight loss as a punishment for gaining all of the weight they now want to get rid of. This is a very negative way to look at weight loss and could undermine the entire weight loss process. It is better to think that weight loss is one of the best things that you can do for your body.

Losing weight can help lower your risks of chronic disease and improve your overall health. While losing weight might not positively impact all aspects of your life, there are many benefits that you need to focus on. The way that you think about weight loss will impact your weight loss behaviors. If you are only focusing on the less appealing aspects of weight loss such as not eating some of the foods you want to, you will find that it is harder to stick to your weight loss regime. However, if you focus on the benefits and think about all the positive aspects, everything will be much easier to do.

Why I’m Trying To Lose Weight – I NEED Positive Thinking!The Power Of Positive Thinking and Weight Loss

I have recently quit smoking cigarettes and I have substituted food (Mainly sweets and chocolate) to try and beat the nasty habit. This is without a doubt the hardest thing I have ever attempted in my life and battle is ongoing on a daily basis. I was always a big Man, but since quitting the smokes I have put on a further 50-60 pounds.

Life has become extremely uncomfortable being this size. EVERYTHING is that much harder due to the extra pounds I have put on. The sad part is, I don’t feel as tho I have conquered the nicotine war, so the weight could still pile on.

But last night while watching a movie and eating chocolate I started to have a random panic attack. This was part nicotine withdrawals and part me feeling too fat to move. It was horrible, crippling and ruined the movie for me. That was the moment I decided enough is enough, I must continue to quit smoking without using food as a substitute.

Anyways, today I told my friends about my uncomfortable panic attack and how I was going to stop eating extra junk food. I was expecting to get some congratulations and affirmations on my solid plan. But instead I got doubt, disrespect and almost a comedic reaction.

All this negativity towards me wanting to make my life better did get me down. I started thinking ‘why bother’, I can’t do this’ etc. I was spiraling into self doubt and looking for excuses to keep being extremely un healthy. This is what made me realize I need affirmation and positive thinking in my life if I am going to accomplish this task. Until you realize how important remaining positive is, the chance of success is getting slimmer by the day. But at the same time, it’s very important to be aware that this is not a get slim and trim overnight strategy. It will take commitment, positive thinking, action and patience.

How I Plan To Remain Positive Though Affirmation

I have atleastt 60 pounds to loose just to get to where I was end of last year. Around Christmas time I was told that I was getting a lot fatter by the in laws in this post here. So 60 lbs will be the bare minimum. Today I went out and bought a high weight capacity treadmill to help me and my battle with the bulge. I will be leaving a review for this treadmill in the near future. So stay tuned.

A treadmill is the best option for someone of my size. The cross trainers and elliptical machines are a bit too intense on my joints, particularly my knees. So a slow starting treadmill workout for a couple months is on the cards before I consider the Hybrid Elliptical/Recumbent bike I have had my eyes on for some time.


Positive Thinking And Realistic GoalsPositive Thinking And Weight Loss

When you start planning to lose weight, you need to set yourself goals. Goals are important because they give you something to work toward and you will be able to feel a sense of achievement when you reach them. However, you need to ensure that all of your goals are actually realistic. Having unrealistic goals can easily leave you thinking negatively about the process and feeling that there is no point in trying to lose weight.

When you have a realistic goal, you will feel more positive about the weight loss process. You will be able to easily see your progress toward your goal and you can reach the smaller goals that you set. When you are able to reach your goals, you will be more positive about losing weight because you see that it is possible.

For my example, I am going to be setting a goal of losing 2 pounds per week over 26-30 weeks. This may not sound like much per week, but becasue it’s a long term strategy I will reach my goal. I won’t feel disappointed if I don’t lose 10 Lbs in a week for example. But with 2 lbs I will be on target and can remain positive.

Giving Yourself Enough Time

Many people try and lose weight as quickly as possible and this does not help when it comes to positive thinking. Changing the way that you think can be difficult and you need to give yourself time for this. You should also try and avoid rapid weight loss because it can be dangerous and should only be attempted with the supervision of a doctor.

If you try and lose weight very quickly, you are likely to set unrealistic goals. You will also be setting yourself up for future failures which will impact your positive outlook of weight loss. Many rapid weight loss diets restrict the number of calories you eat creating a calorie deficit. The problem is that this does not teach you how to have a healthy diet and you are likely to gain the weight back after the diet ends. When this happens, you will have a hard time being positive about any future weight loss.

Positive thinking is very important if you want to lose weight and keep it off. It can be hard to change the way that you think about weight loss, but you need to take the time to consider all the positive aspects of weight loss and pay less attention to the negative ones. I know I am and will be from now on.


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