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Heavy Duty Hammocks For Large & Heavy People

Can one buy Heavy Duty Hammocks For Large People?. As a heavy to obese person myself, I know for certain that us bigger people can easily get a plus size hammock. Even a hammock that can hold over 800 pounds. Now that is impressive I say, and it won’t set you back too much of your hard earned cash either.

For a hammock to cater to high weight capacity ratings, it has to be made from heavy duty materials and tested to the extreme weight capacities before I jump on board. But before you start jumping into the first hammock you see with an ‘XL’ rating on it, make sure you read the specifications and find out the actual weight capacity. Nobody wants to end up on the ground looking like a goose.

So to save the hassles, sore backsides and empty wallets, I’ve gone out on a mission to find 5 of what we think are the best heavy duty hammocks for us large and heavy folks. While I came across many so called large hammocks, I didn’t find all too many that fit into my ‘Big Man’ criteria.

Quickly Compare Hammocks

Capacity Size Price
1000 Lbs 118" x 79" Check Price Amazon
880 Lbs 156"x90" Check Price Amazon
660 Lbs 157" x 79" Check Price Amazon
450 Lbs 94" x 63" Check Price Amazon
450 Lbs 75" x 55" Check Price Amazon
770 Lbs 83" x 55" Check Price Amazon


Adhere To Weight Capacities

These hammocks are our safety net after all, so I must be 100% confident it can hold my weight for extended periods. Anyways listed below you can see which heavy duty hammocks made it into the Big Man’s Club, starting with the highest weight capacity rating and working down.

*Remember, if you plan to use any hammock with more then one person, make sure you consider the weight capacity for the two of you combined.


1000 Lbs Capacity Camping Hammock

Being big has never stopped me from enjoying the great outdoors, while its certainly challenging using a hammock as a big person, its not impossible. Once you’re set up between a couple of trees, there’s no better feeling than drifting away in the open air as the sun goes down.

However you need to ensure the hammock and the supporting gear can handle your body weight before you drive off into the middle of nowhere. The double size XL camping hammock by MalloMe fits the bill.

This hammock is huge and has a massive 1000 pound weight capacity. Even if you’re a tall person, this hammock will suit. The total length of this beast is 118″ x 79″, which is quite spacious. Even for the big camper.

While being built for the heavy person, I also love that they thought about other practicalities of a hammock. This thing weighs just 2 pounds and packs down into a carry sack the size of a soccer ball. Which is just incredible when you see the size of the hammock fully set up.

The MalloMe hammock is available in heaps of different color combinations, so its sure to suit the style of just about everyone. If you’ve let your weight hold you back from hammock camping in the past, now’s the time to give a test run in the MalloMe hammock.

MalloMe 1000 Lb Camping Hammock


880 Lb Hammock XXL

Hammock Boutique

880 Lb Hammock XXL
This hammock here I consider the best hammock for obese people, or it can also be a great way to bring two overweight couples together in one relaxing place location. With a weight capacity of over 800 pounds, there are few restrictions.

This is the Mayan Hammock for bigger people looking for a comfortable and pretty safe way to relax. Perfect for camping, by the beach or at home relaxing on the deck. A Mayan hammock is a light weight hand woven type of webbing typical made from thin strings.

This Mayan hammock is made with an extra thick cord to cater to the heavier weight bearing. The cotton material appears very well made and out performs the typical wooden end hammocks in my opinion.

What is pretty awesome about this hammock is it’s ability to swing, but under heavy weight loads, I don’t recommend swinging too heavily. With such a high rating, it’s easy to see why many families round up the kids and swing them in the hammock. Heck even us Parents can get involved for some family bonding.



Heavy Weight Capacity Hammock



Hammock For Heavy People 550 Lbs

The Jumbo Sunnydaze Decor Hammock

 top rated hammocks for big people
This is one jumbo XL size hammock. One may even be able to fit the entire family in here if they really wanted to. The best part is, one can manipulate the shape to suit individual needs. Great idea for more then one person at a time scenario. Again this is a Mayan hammock made from the finest cotton and nylon ends to prevent ripping and fraying.

With a weight capacity of 550 pounds, it’s of my opinion that it’s a good buy for the heavier person or couple. The extra thick ropes look like they would last to the end some time. The hand woven hammock has that durable appeal about it. Available in some unique colors too.



550 Lbs SunnyDaze Hammock


The Best Portable Hammock For Overweight People

We Recommend The Vivere Double Hammock 450 Lbs

best hammocks for overweight people
A top choice hammock for camping and anywhere else portability is required. The 30 lbs package packs away into a nice carry case so you can easily take it with you camping, parks, the beach etc. It comes in many different colors and you can choose from multiple different materials. However I prefer the cotton because it’s so soft and durable.

It also comes with a heavy duty frame stand that allows you to adjust the height, so that way you can set it a bit higher then normal. Which makes life easier for the bigger people to get in and out of these things. If your feeling adventurous you can even cocoon yourself into the strong tarp like bedding for a really good sleep. Trust me, it’s amazing.

Overall, if your planning on buying a hammock for a larger person rather then a multiple person hammock, then I recommend this 450 pound hammock. It’s easy to put together and pack away into the carry case. Great for camping and quick naps wherever you want. It’s made from very strong materials including the steel frame which gives the support we need and the confidence to rest easy.

Vivere Hammock & Stand 450 Lbs

Quilted Affordable Big Mans Hammock

By Best Choice Products

best hammocks for plus size people
Normally you would expect to pay a good some of money for a quality quilted hammock. But I got quite surprised by this little beauty. Before you think cheap = rubbish. Stop and take a look. This is extremely good value, I’m telling you this because I think this hammocks compares rather well  to the big ticket items. Without the expensive tag.

It’s made from strong UV resistant cotton fabric that deters the sun and is meant to be long lasting. It’s weight capacity rating is at 450 Lbs and is large enough to possibly fit 2 ‘normal’ size adults. While it doesn’t include a stand, it can easily be hooked up, or you can usually pick up a good 15 inch hammock stand reasonably priced at Amazon.

It’s one heck of an eye appealing hammock and also comes in 2 color varieties. The detachable pillow is a pretty cosy feature. It shouldn’t slip away or fall off because of the button feature which keeps it in place. But can also be removed if you wish. Which is excellent for extended periods. I find sitting in it initially a little challenging, but if you center your backside before laying down, you may master it within seconds. It’s a great time to nap with this heavy duty 450 pound hammock in your possession.


450 Lbs Hammock Quilted Fabric With Pillow


Eye Appealing Big Mans Hammock

770 Pound Rating Beauty

Big Mans Hammock
Another quality SunnyDaze hammock with a heavy duty weight capacity of 770 Lbs. This hammock is simply beautiful. It will fit into many decors around the home, on the patio and would even look stunning in the garden area. The extra crocheted surrounding really adds that element of elegance while not compromising comfort.

The soft cotton woven material feels soft and squishy just like laying on a comfortable bed. This hammock is the perfect accompaniment to a relaxing afternoon under a tree with a good solid book. All while feeling very secure by the ultra thick end pieces. This oversized hammock can also be fitted to any 15 foot hammock stand making it a very versatile and extremely relaxing hammock for us overweight guys. Can’t stress the importance of feeling ‘relaxed’ knowing your in the company of a well made heavy duty rated hammock.

American DeLuxe Style Mayan Hammock - 770 Lbs


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  1. Deb R says:

    We are needing a hammock STAND that will hold 2 large people (700lbs)
    I have yet to find a single stand online- HELP!

  2. James S. Bowman says:

    I love the rainbow pattern and it will definitely cater to my weight. Thanks for sharing these hammocks that even us big Gals and big Fellas can enjoy. I hate being disappointed when I read product descriptions just to tell me 200 pounds maximum. I mean seriously, many Adults are over 200 pounds right.

    • bigman says:

      Yes James, it is indeed frustrating, especially when many products don’t even disclose the weight capacities. I swear my leg weighs more than 200 pounds!

  3. Garden Swing Seat says:

    “Its really nice. This page contain a huge amount of material. I think it would be more and more effective for all.
    Personally I like this job. Thank you for sharing. “

  4. Linda B. says:

    Thank you so much for putting this together! I’ve never been brave enough to consider a hammock before because I assumed there could never be one strong enough to hold me (plus, I’m kind of afraid of looking like an upside down turtle trying to get into and out of the things!). But after reading about these, I’m starting to get up the nerve to try. Thank you so much for taking the time and energy to do all this research for us big and heavy folks. 🙂

  5. Raymond W Franklin says:

    Can you recommend a heavy person hammock for a 10′ stand I already have?

  6. Michael says:

    Heavy duty hammocks are great for large peoples. My brother has bought a large one recently. And it was very comfortable to sit and sleep on it.

  7. DBP says:

    Thanks for this great resource! It has really helped me on my hunt…

    Since hammocks also require using (s) hooks and sometimes chain, and their weight rating is only as strong as the weakest link, would you know of hardware parts or kits that are also weight rated to hold 600 lbs. or more? Many thanks.

    • bigman says:

      You’re absolutely correct, the hammock is only as strong as the weakest link, which often can be the bolt and chains that may be included in some of the cheaper hammock sets. If you look at heavy duty hammock bolts you can find swivels, chins and bolts with weight ratings of 600 & 700 pounds depending on which parts you need.