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Do You Have Fat Personality

Do You Have Fat Personality They say you are what you eat which may very well be true, but do you have fat personality? When I first heard these words expressed in this way, I was a little taken back as to what exactly it meant.

But it turns out, there’s actual science behind it. Which lead me to think, can my personality be what is actually making me overweight. While there may be explanations behind it all, chances are most of us have one or more of these personality traits.

So does this mean the entire population is bound to be fat in the not too distant future. With 71.6% of the population considered either obese or overweight, it sure does look like its heading this way.

My personality is a mix of the below personality traits that are considered to influence how heavy you are, but in no way am I blaming my weight gain on this. Sure being an introvert with a impulsive personality makes it very hard to say no to the bad foods, its not the only reason I’ve put on weight over the years.

However, if you’re concerned that your personality is adding inches to your waistline, perhaps its time to keep reading and find out how exactly this occurs.


What Is Fat Personality  & Do You Have One?Personality Traits That Make You Fat

A number of studies have found there are certain characteristics that show someone has an overweight personality. The main characteristics of someone with this personality are, prone to anxiety and depression, poor self control, low self-esteem, and have wild mood swings.

While most people will suffer from some of these during their life, having all four makes you a prime candidate. When you think about it, these traits could all stem from low self worth, which is something that is not easy to regain. But it can be done.

When you feel bad about yourself in general it can lead to depression and anxiety in front of other people as a result. By feeling this way, you can easily be lead down the path of no self control, by eating your emotions basically. As we all know, bottling up emotions can lead to bursting, or mood swings. So in way way or another, these fat personality traits can all gain momentum from each other. Which I imagine, can never be a good thing.

The Personality Traits That Can Influence Your Weight

There are a number of personality traits that can effect your weight as I briefly touched on earlier. Which I find is a part of the reason that some people struggle so much, including myself. Finding out what these traits are and being able to identify them, will give you the upper hand in retraining your brain. This makes it important to learn what these traits are.

Impulse – Guilty As Charged

Being impulsive is a good indicator that you could have an overweight personality. The feeling of instant gratification is hard to pass up for some people.I have moments of impulse that can last for weeks on end and then on the other end of the spectrum, be so dam restrictive.

Sometimes this is a good thing, but often not, it isn’t. Usually later on, you end up regretting it, which leaves you feeling worse than before. The short ‘buzz’ from the instant gratification unfortunately fades away quickly and you’re left with facing reality again.


Gorging On Your EmotionsEmotions Affect What You Eat

Now that you feel worse because you couldn’t resist temptation, you start to feel down on yourself. Which can lead into another trait which is emotional eating. Emotions play a big part in the way we act, and in turn, how we eat. This works with being happy and being upset, both can lead to over eating.

If you’re a human, then you’ve experienced stress. Stress plays a big factor in your emotional state. So if you’re someone who stresses easy, then there is a high chance that food can be hard to resist. So trying to either reduce stressful situations, or learning how to cope with it will help.

While this isn’t everyone, being someone who is selfless does have an impact and can lead to having a fat personality. Putting yourself last and everyone else ahead of you can often leave you feel unfulfilled. Not always, but it does happen for some people. While others get a rush from putting everyone ahead of themselves. So it really depends on how this affects you personally.

Sometimes it can be one of those cases where you should focus more on yourself. Investing more time to yourself, will help in making smarter, healthier decisions.

Forgive Yourself For Lack Of Control

One thing that you should learn to do is care for yourself, and have some self compassion. Just because you don’t get the desired results quick enough, doesn’t mean you should give up. Often times you’ll feel like you’ve failed and then resort to eating more. Learning to forgive yourself, will help you with getting back on the horse.

Trying to be more functional and sticking to a plan is a good thing to do. Being more reliable and organized will help with sticking to your regiment. You’ll often find less reliable people will often struggle with food.

Sleeping Routines Can Lead To Poor Health ChoicesHow Sleep Affects Your Personality

What time you go to bed to, and when you wake does actually make a difference. If you stay up late and sleep all day, you’re more than likely to suffer from the above personalities that can affect your weight. Studies have shown that people who wake up early and go to bed early tend to be part of the 28.4% of people that are not considered overweight or obese.

This also relates to how much sleep and the quality of sleep you get every night. When you’re always tired as a result of poor sleep, fast food and junk food becomes increasingly attractive. I know that whenever I’ve had a bad nights sleep, making a healthy lunch can be considered ‘too hard’, yet I will willingly drive 20 minutes to get fast food. In that time I could have made a healthier alternative.


Impulsive People May Have Fat Personality

Considering our personalities plays a vital role in our day to day life, it should come as no surprise that it can and will affect your weight. Whats more amazing is that it’s taken so long for this study to actually happen. With one of the key factors being how impulsive you are, making a larger difference then first thought.

While there is an old study from 1972 showing two sets of kids. With offering them a marshmallow, or asking them to wait 15 minutes to get two instead. This study showed that kids who waited the 15 minutes, ended up having higher SAT scores.

This study was to prove that if you could remove small rewards, the end goal could be much more rewarding. For us it means, ignore the packet of chips to get the higher goal of weight lose. While this is all good to hear, doing so is easier said than done.

The new studies are proving that having impulsive like tendencies can lead to poor decision making. This does make a lot of sense, since having a lack of self control does lead to making poor decisions. More often than not, without thinking of the consequences. This will come as no surprise to some people.

Identifying Your Impulsive Personality

But learning this and having proof of it is a good thing. It will help you identify something that you may of missed before. So there are a number of things that you can do to help and possibly change to improve your health.

One of the oldest sayings is old habits die hard, which is true and they can be extremely hard to break. A better options is to try and learn some new better habits instead. Instead of eating some chocolate after a difficult day, try going for a walk or eating fruit instead. Simple things like, while not easy to do, can help improve overall health.

There isn’t a person on earth who don’t get anxiety in some form. This is a common thing that often leads people to over eat. This is where a big part of the cycle begins. You eat because your anxious, then you get unhappy because your overweight, which leads to more eating. This is a hard habit to break.

Learning to talk positive about yourself, and accepting imperfections are important. Learning these two habits will make a big impact on your mental health. Which will help physical health.

Turn Impulse Into Healthy

All to often does our impulsive desires affect our health. With poor self discipline being a leading cause. One good solution to help with this is to keep a diary/journal. This will help you be more organized, and keep you disciplined. Another good way is to join a weight loss club. While this can be intimidating for a lot of people,thankfully most people there, are in the same boat.

If you’re like me and prefer to keep to yourself, then investing in some exercise equipment for the bigger person is the way to go. One can exercise freely in the comfort of their own home without any feeling of pressure. But you still need to be hard on yourself and force yourself to maintain consistency.

Seeking professional help can also be a good idea, whether it’s a doctor, psychologist or a dietician. This will help if you find yourself constantly eating, or organizing your day around eating. These things are hard to solve by yourself and getting help can help ease the stress you place on yourself.


How To Assist Your Impulse Personality

Minimize Impulse EatingFat Person Eating In Bed

Impulse eating is something that is a difficult thing to stop doing. The first step in stopping it, is by recognizing it. The telltale signs are eating when you’re not hungry, or you think about food non stop and think about weight constantly. These are all signs you’re an impulsive eater.

There are many reasons why people impulse eat. Trying to get back to a healthy relationship with food is one of the best starts you can get. With a big part being eating when hungry, then stopping when full. Often times not dieting, since diets rarely work and often give you negative thoughts. Which can lead to more overeating.

Replace Bad foods With Healthier Alternatives

There’s no doubt that food can be addictive. When you first take leap into changing your eating ways you can often feel like your missing out on something. Its like when someone is trying to quit cigarettes. You think to yourself, ‘why is he/she allowed to smoke, but I’m not?’ Or how home that person is allowed a Big Mac meal, but I have to have chicken and rice.

The battle is convincing yourself that you’re not missing out, instead you are gaining. What you are gaining is freedom from the food addiction.

Resolve Underlying Issues

Sometimes, the reason people have a fat personality is due to underlying issues. So losing weight or trying to eat healthy when these issues are not cleared up can be extremely difficult. If these underlying issues can’t be fixed for an amount of time, go easy on yourself and plan to change your diet once these issues have been resolved. You will go into it with a much clearer head and a far more positive attitude.

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