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Can You Be Overweight And Healthy At The Same Time?

Can You Be Overweight And Healthy At The Same TimeThe automatic assumption is an overweight person can never be healthy. Now, this is a complicated question and shouldn’t be admonished to the dustbin right away. Instead, it’s better to analyze whether this is true or not.

A lot of research has gone into the subject when answering “Can you be overweight and healthy?” to ensure people are getting medically sound advice as to what they should be doing.

This read will look into whether a person can be healthy and overweight at the same time. Is this impossible or does it depend on variables involved in one’s life? Let’s take a look.

What Is Considered Overweight?

Before a person can determine their health, it’s best to understand what constitutes as overweight in the first place. A simple look at the scale won’t suffice because various factors play a role such as body fat %. A person can be heavy and still look fit because they have a better percentage of lean muscle mass on their frame.

To better measure weight, it’s important to look at one’s waist size. This can tell a lot about the average man or woman.

Researchers state a man with a waist over 40 and a woman with a waist over 35 inches is at the border. Anything over these numbers is deemed overweight for both genders.

This is the scientific definition of what’s overweight.

Healthiness Is Possible As An Overweight Person

As long as a person is showing positive health, it’s possible to be overweight and stay healthy. Some people have a greater capacity to stay healthy while others will start showing signs of poor health. I know many ‘skinny’ folks are more unhealthy than myself. So the question of size is sometimes irrelevant.

Keeping tabs on this for your sake is important.

Most people can look at two aspects, blood pressure and blood sugar to see if they’re healthy while being overweight. If this isn’t a concern, you’re ready to go and will be okay at the current weight for a particular period.

Recommend Losing WeightCan Overweight People Be Healthy

Now, while it is possible to stay healthy and that is a good answer to one’s question asking, “Can you be overweight and healthy?”, you still may want to lose weight. The reason is there is a certain limit your body can handle before it starts to show wear and tear. It is better to keep it well below that “border” because too many people exceed this number significantly. Once you are into that obese category, you are going to show a lot of health trouble, and it won’t be easy on the body at all. It wasn’t until my bathroom scale could no longer register the weight that I realized something had to change. Starting with a high capacity bathroom scale!.

Additional Variables

Wine Makes You OverweightMost people who are sitting on the line have to realize there are additional variables at play. If you are a chain smoker or love drinking alcohol, you’re going to be in far worse position than someone who stays away from these things. The same applies to those who are well under weight. Unfortunately for myself, I fall into these categories. Food, Alcohol and cigarettes are all addictions and are very hard to take control over. Especially when my self esteem is already shot. Which makes it even harder to bother starting. For the coming year I am investing in exercise equipment designed for heavy people. Once I spend money on something, I have to pursue with the plan of action. That is the goal anyways. Once I start to feel more healthier both in body and mind, I feel I will have the courage to tackle my other horrible addictions.

You want to make sure these variables are kept under control, and you’re eating well.

It is one of the key steps to stay healthy in the long-term regardless of your weight.

There was a time when people thought being overweight was an immediate sign of bad health, and it doesn’t have to be this way. It all comes down to genetics and one’s habits on a day-to-day basis. If you keep these under control for as long as you can, it will work out.

Of course, you should not be toeing the line as that is risky, but many people do and can lead long lives. Make the right decisions and ensure you are taking the time to get checked up on a regular basis. This is the only way you’ll know whether health is an issue or not. Be happy with whatever shape body you own and try to keep an eye out for any signs that small changes may be needed. Before things spiral out of control. Easier said than done, I know all to well.

This is my answer to the question, can you be overweight but healthy.


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