Best Step Stools 300 Lbs To 500 Lbs Weight Capacity

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Best Step Stools 300 Lbs Capacity RatedStep stools are a necessary tool for any household or workstation. As an overweight person, I know all to well the dangers of just stepping onto a stool that has an inferior weight limit. What I’m looking for are the best step stools with 300 lbs capacity load bearing. A 300 to 500 pound weight capacity stepping stool is higher than the typical domestic step, yet high enough to support us plus size people.

Besides sitting, I believe standing on an object such as a step stool is very frightening as a big Man. Naturally we are trying to reach or work at a higher altitude. This can cause off balance and the shakes the higher we go up. This fear is only multiplied when one doesn’t have the confidence in the step ladder/stool to not crumble beneath us.

Depending on the job the stool has to perform there are some guidelines which I prefer to stick by. From my experience in the construction industry, I know how often I had wished for a tool/appliance stand on the ladder, even when just working 4 feet off the ground. So if its a step stool to be used for ‘fixing’ things then I always prefer a ladder to have a platform. The 2 other preferences I look for are gripping bottoms (to the top of the treads especially and also under the feet of the stool so it doesn’t slip on the floor), and a hand rail. As I tend to wobble a bit (fear of heights, even at low levels), having a hand rail brings me a much more sense of being safe. So therefor whatever job I need the step stool for, I will be able to confidently step up to the recommended maximum height without falling.

The step stools provided below have a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. However, I recommend you buy a higher weight capacity than your body weight. So if you weigh 300 Lbs, perhaps a heavy duty 400 lbs step stool would be better suited.

The Best 500 Lbs Rated Step Stool With Handrail

Drive Medical Heavy Duty Footstool

The Best 500 Lbs Rated Step Stool With Handrail
This footstool by Drive Medical is one that you may have possibly seen in Hospitals and health care facilities around the country. This step stool has all of the 3 features I look for as a larger person. Grip top and bottom and hand rail. As this is just a one step stool, a work platform is not really suited.

I like the industrial silver vein finish which feels nice to touch on the hands. It showcases its heavy duty rating and 500 lbs weight capacity via the strong steel tubing. The extra cross brace underneath the stool adds extra strength to the overall unit. Like any good heavy duty stool, the legs spread outwards to increase the stability and strength. The rather solid/thick looking rubber feet are perfect for tiles,vinyl, carpet and just about anywhere you need to reach that extra foot of height.

Another brilliant way to use this heavy duty footstool with handrail is to combine it with the Drive Home Bed Assist Handle for getting in and out of bed. Having that extra step in and out of bed for a big person can make bedtime much less of a struggle. There are many other uses where the Drive Medical 500 lbs weight capacity step stool could be handy. Overall I find it a great addition to the household and may just get used more than you ever imagined.

Drive Medical 500 Lbs Capacity Foot Stool


Sturdy & Durable Step Stool For Overweight People

Eva Medical Step Stool Review

With a 9 inch rise, the Eva foot stool is a great fit for people under 300 lbs. Unlike some other stools with a 12″ rise from ground to step, the Eva makes it a lot easier for a heavier person to make the first step with ease. What makes this step stool one of the more sturdier and durable stools available is the thicker legs. The thickness of the 3 layered chrome steel heavy duty legs create a solid and stable foundation. Eva Medical claim this step stool is 1/4″ thicker than other stools on the market.

At 17 inches wide and a depth of 14 inches, I would feel rather safe with both feet firmly placed on the step. The 300 lbs weight capacity, non slip surface and durable non skid rubber feet make this step stool an easy recommendation. While this Eva step stool doesn’t come with a handrail, it’s very convenient for many uses around the house. Especially over slippery tiles when trying to reach the back of the pantry. Having the 9″ height and safe step below can make such a difference.

User Tip: These kind of step stools make a great alternative to exercise steps. The sturdiness and heavy duty framework make them a cheaper yet stronger alternative to exercise steps.

Eva 300 Lbs Capacity Step Stool


The Hailo 2/3 Step 300 Pound Capacity Step Stool

Great For Around The Home

Step Stools For Heavy People
The Hailo 2 or 3 step ladder is one of my favorite tools for around the house. It has a 300 pound weight capacity and has a sturdy frame which gives me the confidence to do such things as change a light bulb, clean fans, reach the top shelf safely in the pantry/robes etc.

The thing I find the most handy as a bigger Man is the 2 handles placed at the top of the step stool. The handle grips are facing the body so you can grab onto them and pull yourself up the steps a lot easier than if there were just a rail. They also come in handy when leaning over to reach something but still need to hold onto something to maintain balance.

The platform between the 2 handles goes the width of the ladder. While it’s not huge, it comes in handy for replacing light bulbs, screwing photo frames up on the wall and basically anything where you need to hold something small. One very nice feature are the magnets on the side of the handles/platform. I find this very helpful for whenever I need to screw/nail things up high. The magnet can hold the screwdriver/nails etc when you are measuring or marking the walls out without falling to the ground.

Hailo 2/3 Step 300 Pound Capacity Step Stool


Extra Wide Industrial Step Stool

500 Pound Weight Capacity

Heavy Duty Industrial Step Stool
This step stool makes a great shed or garage step stool. Because it’s not the best looking thing in the world, it will feel right at home in the garage. This huge step stool has a high weight capacity of 500 lbs and big enough to fit many people of different shapes and sizes.

Made in the USA and most likely not too unfamiliar to many people. It’s a common warehouse industrial grade step stool which comes in a variety of sizes/steps. The main thing to take notice of with this step stool is the rise from ground to step. With a 16″ rise, this step stool may be too high for some larger folks. However the 24″ x 24″ base is very sturdy and really wide. So the rise will be some peoples biggest concern.


Be Safe On A Ladder & At Heights



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