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Best Halloween Costumes For Plus Size Women

Best Halloween Costumes For Plus Size WomenThe size of my Wife has always deterred her from participating in one of the best dress ups of the year, Halloween. But this year I have managed to talk her into joining us. But under one condition, I find her a costume. So here I am in 2017, on a mission to find suitable Halloween costumes for plus size Women so that my Wife can join us for this fun filled spooky night.

With not much to go on, “just find me a scary Women’s Halloween costume that will fit” I am going to be needing some feedback from you Guys and Gals. Perhaps you too are chasing after a dress up this Halloween of the plus size variety?. If so, I’d love to hear what you are after by leaving a comment at the bottom of this page.

But in the meantime, it’s time to get busy and look for Halloween costumes that will fit my plus size Wife without getting distracted by the ghastly ghouls costume I’ve been eyeing off for some time now. Some of the costumes below, may or may not fit your body shape. So it’s important to check out the ‘Size Chart’ if available on the products. This will let you know what sizes to expect.

*Note: These costumes don’t include Superheros. Go Here= Plus Size Superhero Womens Costumes

Extra Large Women’s Skeleton Costume

Extra Large Women's Skeleton CostumeThe humble skeleton, a symbol of Halloween and a great costume regardless of your size. I chose this plus size skeleton Halloween costume because it is a long dress. I know my Wife is self conscious of shorter dresses at times. So this dress ticks all the boxes. There are shorter skeleton costumes available but with this one you get to have leg and arm bones included. You’re not a complete skeleton if you have no arms or legs right.

The thing that attracted me to this product was it’s stretchy Polyester material. As a heavy person, anything that can stretch to bigger sizes is a good thing. From the reviews I have read, this is a true plus size costume and great value for money. So definitely a keeper this one.


Plus Size Scary Reaper Costume For Ladies

Plus Size Scary Reaper Costume For Ladies
The Reaper is another classic Halloween dress up. Normally one chosen by the Men, but this time this costume is designed for plus size Women. It’s a wrap around dress, meaning it’s not one complete dress. The chain belt holds the costume together. So I’d suggest wearing another black dress underneath this Reaper costume. Or even the above skeleton costume would look really good under this Reaper outfit.

This wrap around costume comes in up to 3 XL which is sufficient for many plus size Women. Because it is a wrap around, you get a little more freedom and don’t need to squeeze into the dress. This costume comes with the hood, Halter, gloves and even the chain belt to tie it all together. I’ve had a thing for the Reaper, so do I dare dress my Wife up as the Reaper?.


Cute Mad Hatter Oversized Women’s Halloween Costume

Alice In Wonderland has been a family favorite for as long as I’ve been alive. My Sister, love the Mad Hatter, my Wife loves Mad Hatter. But me, I don’t get it. Anyways, I know my Wife would love this costume as shes been a long time fan of Alice In Wonderland. I think she would even like this style of clothing to wear to parties in general.

The costume looks to be rather well made with all that stitching. It also looks oversized for a Halloween costume, which is great. It comes in up to 4 XL. All the colors, patterns hat etc make this costume look like it’s worth a million bucks. But surprisingly, I find it quite affordable considering the amount of time and effort put into this costume.

Mad Hatter Halloween Costume 4 XL


Curvy Witch Costume For Larger Women

Size 16-24

There are plenty of reviews on this plus size version of the Witch dress up costume. It wouldn’t be Halloween without a Witch, so it’s definitely an option worth considering. Anyways, with the amount of reviews on this costume, you should be able to work out if it is the right size for you.

The description says Plus size 16 to 24. However, I would read all the reviews to make sure its a good fit. From my research, this is one of the better Witch costumes available, and fortunately they made a larger version for the Women. For me, I know my Wife will love how the dress goes all the way to the ground. Having the second color breaks the dress up and adds an extra element that having a one tone dress would fail to deliver. The nice design on the black material is another feature that really makes this costume stand out from the rest. It’s rather well done overall and to top it off, there’s a Gothic looking Witches hat to finish.

Plus Size Goth Maiden Witch Costume


Sexy Plus Size Costume For Women

Dark Red Riding Hood/Vampire Outfit

I’m not sure on who the ‘Dark’ Red riding hood is (Maybe Red’s evil twin?), but this costume is sexy as. It’s not that easy to find a sexy plus costume for Women as the market is predominately aimed at regular sized folks. So it was a good find this costume.

I can see my Wife wearing this dress as a Vampire outfit along with the ‘Dark’ red riding hood. She would much prefer going as a Vampire, so maybe this and a set of Vampire teeth are in demand.

This gorgeous Halloween costume goes up to 3 XL. According to the product description this translates to a user that is under 230 lbs, 50 inch bust and a 42 inch waist at maximum. However, there are plenty of reviews on this outfit. So do you due diligence and see if it will fit you before ordering.

Vampire Red Riding Hood Costume 3XL


Extra Large Zombie Nurse Outfit For Women

Extra Large Zombie Nurse Outfit For Women
My Wife was never to fond on the dress up nurse costume, especially for Halloween. But when I saw this costume, my eyes just lit up. A plus size Zombie Nurse costume for Women. Now this, I had to investigate further.

So this costume comes in sizes up to 3 X which  translates to 44-46″ waist an 52-54″ bust. What it is consists of a blood stained Nurses outfit and Nurse hat which has the classic Hospital cross symbol on it.

For a once of, I think this costume is perfect for Halloween. There are steps you can take to makes this costume even more cooler. Or bloodier should I say. For a few bucks extra you can buy blood stained thigh high hosiery which will really complete the Zombie Nurse outfit. But to really complete the Zombie appeal, you got to apply facial zombie markings. This can be an add on for this costume as well, making it into one heck of a awesome plus size Halloween costume for women.






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