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Raincoats For Plus Size Women Up To Size 34 Plus

Oversized Raincoats For PLus Size Women5 Rain Coats For Larger Women Up To 6 XL

There’s nothing more annoying then taking your dog out for a quick walk for the weather to take an unexpected turn. Mother Nature has a way of surprising us all with random rain periods. A good way to prepare for the unexpected is with a stylish or an everyday wear waterproof rain coat.  But as a bigger person, it’s not as simple as throwing on a XL poncho. Well I find Ponchos horrible to firstly put on and even harder to peel off my plus sized body without getting wet anyways.

A solution is to buy specially made raincoats for plus size women. These rain jackets are not only waterproof, but are also fashion minded. Meaning you will no longer have to worry about how you look during any freak weather storm. While you may buy these oversized raincoats specifically for when you prepare to head outdoors on a rainy day, you may find yourself showcasing these fashionable rain coats all year round. The raincoats below are ideal for just about any Women such as the Business Lady, Horse riders, Travelers, Dog walkers to Mom walking her kids to school on a rainy day. So before you simply settle for the Poncho, take a look at these oversized rain coats for bigger Women.

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Roamans Rain Jacket Up To 5XL

The perfect raincoat for Fall or early Spring with sizes up to a larger then usual 5XL. This raincoat is a nice looking jacket for causal events, I particularly like it for when out walking. This is because it has 4 roomy pockets, 2 of which are zippered. Plenty of space to store the valuables such as the Cell Phone in case of rain. Also plenty of pocket space for Dog walkers to store Doggy Bags, whistles etc.

The lining itself is made from soft fleece material and is rather warm and covers the entire inside of the coat., Making it a comfortable all round jacket, and not just for rainy days. Another feature of the Roamans raincoat I really like is the fact its hoodie actually covers the entire head. Not just half the head like many before it. A cold wet head of hair never ends well in my household.

While I do think this raincoat is great value for money, I have one gripe with it. That is that the noise it makes when you swing your arms. It’s only minor but some buyers may find this irritating. Speaking of arms, there is plenty of arm room for the Plus Size Woman. Nothing worse then restricted arms right. As for size, you can get this raincoat in Women’s sizes up to 5XL if available. But beware that you should order this jacket 1 size smaller then you normally would buy. So if you normally wear a XL raincoat, you should buy a Large size in this instance. The raincoat is oversized with generous space in the stomach/waist regions.  There are many of plus sized Women testifying to the fact you should buy one size smaller. So make sure you read the reviews. Oh this raincoat is also available in some glorious colors.


Roamans Plus Size Rain Jacket


Woman Within’s 6 XL Genuine Rain Coat

Within who specialize in outfits for plus sized Women and have been satisfying customers for many years now. This 6XL rain coat is designed for the bigger Woman wanting something that’s easy to wear and has extra length. Made by Women.  The length of the rain jacket goes down to just above the knees, accompany this jacket with a pair of plus size rain boots and you’re set for a outdoors adventure. In the rain of course.

As this coat is designed more as a slicker coat then a fashionable rain coat, you can expect it to be more noisy then most. By this I mean, it’s a genuine rain coat which should protect you from the rain. Even the hoodie which equipped with an adjustable cord is waterproof, essentially removing the need of an umbrella in certain weather circumstances. After you’ve endured the rain, you can easily wash this jacket for next time.

Overall I find this a good choice rain coat for bigger people wanting something that’s designed for wet conditions which has a basic yet sharp look about it. The fact it folds down to such a small size makes it perfect to have on you at all times, whether it’s in your car, back pack or even drawer at work. This 6 XL rain coat has just the 2 zippered pockets compared to the 4 of the Roaman’s and is very light weight. Limited in color selection, but in my opinion that is fine as it’s not designed to be a fashion statement.


Genuine Cheap Water Resistant Raincoat Up To 4XL

Raincoat travel pouchIf you’re simply after a raincoat to protect your clothes underneath from moisture and not too concerned about its visual appearance then this coat is something to consider. It’s for the budget minded. It’s simply a raincoat that caters plus size Women up to 28-30″ width (4XL).

Whats appealing about this particular raincoat is the pouch it comes with. The ultra lightweight coat easy folds down and packs away nicely in the provided pouch. Which is ideal for Women who travel, walk to work – or anywhere really. Plus they are so cheap you can buy multiple coats and keep one in your bag, car, locker etc.

While the raincoats do have a certain style about them, I wouldn’t consider them as a going out kind of clothing. They are much much more comfortable and better looking than a rain poncho, so consider this coat an upgrade that can be used over and over again. Yes Ladies, it is washable and does come in some very interesting styles/colors. If you’re on a tight budget and want something a bit classier than a poncho, this raincoat maybe for you.


Oversized Women’s Raincoat – Up To 34″

 Stylish plus size rain coats for bigger Women

What Women doesn’t love Polka Dots right?. The trims on this rain jacket feature a unique dot pattern which adds another dimension of style to this already classy raincoat. Made from high quality materials, this very roomy coat not only looks good on a plus size Girl, but also protects her adequately from Mother Natures rain events.

The front zipper is normally an eye sore, but with this rain coat you can easily hide the zipper behind the flap. Thus creating an attractive yet casual jacket that can be used for more then just rain protection. For use over winter warmers, I suggest going one size larger then you normally would buy. Match this raincoat up with the beautiful Polka Dot Rain Boots for a matching outfit sure to stand out.

Stunning Full Length Rain Coat For Big Women Up To 32″

Editors Choice: By Jessica London

Jessica London Women's Plus Size Long Hooded Raincoat

Jessica London Women’s Plus Size Long Hooded Raincoat

It’s a mission trying to find a longer rain coat in the shops, especially for plus size Women. So needless to say it’s such a relief to have the ability to shop on demand online. This particular 50″ long rain coat is by Jessica London, who has made many gorgeous plus size clothing for Women. This raincoat is no exception. Comes in a variety of colors to choose from too, do note some colors may not be available in all sizes up to 32″.

Again the buttons are hidden from sight, which does wonders for this full length rain coat. The minor details are what really makes this one stylish raincoat. Looks aside, the raincoat does its job at repelling rain and the extra length is wonderful at keeping every inch dry as a bone. The added bonus is the lining inside the coat which is especially useful over the colder months.

The shawl collar goes well with this coat and really emphasizes the neck with contrasting colors. The contrast runs through to the cuffs which completes the overall visual appeal of this rain jacket. The hood is removable as well if you think it’s somewhat unnecessary. As a whole this is a fantastic plus sized rain coat, plenty of room to move in, nice length, stylish and repels rain.


Jessica London Extra Length Plus Size Raincoat



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