• Heavy Duty Bed Frames For Obese People And The Overweight

    Heavy Duty Bed Frames For Obese People And The Overweight

    If you’re in the market for a bed frame that’s suited to obese, overweight and heavy people, then you must make sure of a few things before you buy just any ole frame. As you and I are well aware, not all beds are created equal.

    Us heavier guys tend to lets say reshape the foundation. This is because standard bed frames are simply not built for our heavy duty bodies. Result: Broken bed and time to reinvest into yet another bed frame. Seen it too many times unfortunately.

    Quick Heavy Duty Bed Frame Comparison

    Weight Capacity



    Height From Ground

    Price Check

    Sleep Master - Zinus 4400 Lbs (US) - 2400 Lbs (UK) Steel Platform King Deluxe 14 Inches
    Olee Sleep T-3000 2000 Lbs Steel Slat Bed Twin To King 18 Inches
    South Shore Furntiure 500 Lbs Wooden Platform Bed Queen 9.62"
    South Shore Trinity 500 Lbs Wooden Platform Bed Queen 8.5"
    DHP Bombay Metal Bed Frame, Vintage Design 350 Lbs Vintage Metal Twin Or Full Adjustable 7" to 11"


    It’s important to check for a few things first before buying a sturdy bed frame for us bigger people.

    • Like I always say, when it comes to the big and tall, you cannot just buy the cheapest model available, no matter what product your searching for. Cheap sometimes equals inferior quality not built for us heavy people. Typically you will find the cheaper models have a lower weight capacity. However, this is not always the case.
    • Make sure you know your weight and then find a bed frame that has an adequate weight capacity to handle your weight. Also take into consideration the weights of any; Wife, partner, kids, dogs etc. that will be sharing the pleasure of your new bed. It all adds up to the overall weight limit.
    • Read Reviews. I can’t stress this enough. Most reviews I share are for us big people to help you find the right product quick and easy. If the product description doesn’t state the weight capacity for the bed frame, read the reviews and especially the questions asked by other consumer reviews. Most of the time the weight capacity is answered in these questions.
    • Steel bed frames I find offer great support for the heavier load bearing. I know they are not the most beautiful bed frames in the world, but at least you can sleep with pure confidence knowing your bed will hold your weight. Check for extra reinforcement support bars with metal brackets, or have been welded.
    • DON’T forget to take into consideration Mattresses For Large People either. A suitable mattress can mean the difference between sleeping on the clouds and sleeping on what feels like a concrete slab dressed with some fake materials.


    The Best Beds For The Obese Population

    Sleep Master ‘Deluxe’ 4400 Lbs Capacity – Available In US & UK

    Best Beds For The ObeseI love this idea for a bed!. The Sleep Master Platform Metal Frame Bed is such a great money saving and excellent invention. It’s so relevant to us heavy people. They can handle massive amounts of weight.

    In this particular case, the King size Deluxe Sleep Master is rated to withstand up to 4400 LBS of evenly distributed weight excluding weight of mattress. For UK buyers, amazon lists it as 2400 lbs. It’s important you select the ‘Deluxe’ version so that it has the 4400 pound weight capacity. Because of the design they are super strong and I reckon one of the most sturdiest bed frames you may ever come across. Just look at all those support beams.

    What I also think is just fantastic is it’s very universal. They come in all your normal sizes, King Queen etc. But they can be modified to look amazing. How so?. Well you can either use these metal bed frames as is (Which is still pretty good) but if you like a bit of style. All you have to do is slide this frame inside your existing timber bed surrounds. If your starting from scratch you can also buy this metal frame and also buy the attachments to turn this super heavy duty metal bed frame into a gorgeous eye appealing bed frame/head rest ensemble.

    Another cool feature of this frame, is the ability to create storage areas under the bed. I really don’t like super low beds that you cant even fit a single box underneath. This is not practical for many families.

    Fortunately this bed frame is raised with a spacious 13 inches to store all those unsightly boxes, shoes or whatever you want. Check out the images of the storage space or go straight to the reviews on Amazon.com. Having the extra height is also great because it’s easier on us heavier people to get in and out of bed. This is also applicable to people with bad backs.


    Sleep Master Platform Metal Bed Frame

    2000 Lb Weight Capacity Steel Slat Bed Frame

    2000 Lb Weight Capacity Steel Slat Bed FrameI typically don’t like wooden slat beds, but this is due to the difficulty of assembly. But this 2000 pound capacity King size T-3000 bed from Olee uses a much more heavy duty steel construction. No more trying to bend and twist those wooden slats into the slots on the bed. Assembly on this bed is very simple and the steel slats simply made it a dream to put together. If you allow yourself 15 to 30 minutes, you should be right.

    Apart from easy assembly, the next best feature of this T-3000 Olee bed frame is that it has a greater height between floor and bed than that of the above Sleep Master. The T-3000 is a nice 18 inches in height. So when you load a king size mattress on top, it’s pretty spot on for how high a bed for a larger person should bed. The extra space under the bed is also a great way of storing larger and taller items around the house. An extra 4 inches in height really does make a difference.

    The Beds Support System

    The support of this bed frame is quite comforting. It has a 2000 pound weight capacity (according to Olee support)  which is quite enough for two larger size people. When you add the inclusion of maybe 200 lbs for a king size mattress, you are left with some nice weight capacity freedom.

    Because everything is steel on this frame, you should expect it to go the distance in terms of longevity. There are 9 support legs on this bed frame. 3 on either sides and 3 more that run down the center of the bed. This creates a very even weight distribution construction. This is how it would achieve such a high weight capacity. Another thing I like about this frame is the lip that runs around the edge of the frame. This helps to keep the mattress in position and not slide off the bed frame. A really good idea and on that should be used more often.

    Overall I find the T-300o Olee King bed frame to be very quite to sleep on and very stable. It certainly is one of the more heavy duty bed frames out there. My only suggestion would be that if you sleep on memory foam, I would lay a cut to size bit of fibro or plywood down. Even tho the gaps are considerably small between slats (8″ between center to center). Be sure to drill holes into the ply hood so that the memory foam can breathe.

    Olee T-3000 Steel Bed Frame


    Heavy Duty Bed Frames For Overweight People 500 Lbs

    South Shore Furniture 500 Lbs Capacity

     heavy duty beds for big people
    Exploring away from the steel framed beds we venture into the complete package bed frame with bed head etc. Now this bed frame by South Shore Furniture is rated to hold up to 500 pounds. This is good for the overweight pair or even better for the big man who wants to stretch his legs. Available in Full, King or Queen which is available in either Chocolate or Pure White.

    As this bed doesn’t require a box spring and is ready to go as is, it’s a good choice for the consumer on a budget. The under board is a dead flat surface and is another great choice for memory foam mattresses designed for the plus size consumer. The mattresses are held in place by snug fitting moldings. Which is great for the times you don’t want the mattress sliding around. Underneath the bed you can find a convenient storage place for your bed sheets, pillows etc. Equivalent

    Overall we think this bed is good bang for your buck. Not too much quality is compromised with the price and it looks rather nice and well made. It’s quite a sturdy and relatively squeak free frame. Highly recommended if you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg. A great investment for the under 500 Lbs category.


    High Capacity Platform Bed By South Shore


    Alternative 500 Lb Rated Bed Frame

    Another moderately priced bed frame by South Shore Furniture. Similar to the above bed in many ways with a slight twist in design. This bed is also rated to hold up to 500 pounds but is only suitable for Full or Queen size mattresses.

    I like how the drawer is pulled out from the end of the bed rather than the sides. This is especially helpful in smaller rooms where space on either side of the bed is an issue.


    South Shore Trinity Collection Platform Bed with Drawer

    300 Lbs Plus Size Bed Frame For One

    Stunning Piece By DHP Bombay

    Best Bed Frame For Plus Size Woman
    This cute bed frame is most definitely for the Lady of the house. It’s rated to only 300 pounds, so please keep this in mind. Once you take just one look at this beautiful metal bed frame it’s extremely hard to say no too. Both my Daughters want one in their room’s they say, “Wow, it’s so so pretty, came we have it”. But I think that’s a buying choice they can make in a few years.

    You may be wondering if plus sized Women can actually fit into this adorable bed?. Simple answer Yes!. It is a twin size frame which is still the same length bed as a King or Queen. Just not as wide and still rated to 300 lbs. So its really a decent bed for any Women, overweight or not!.


    DHP Bombay Metal Bed 300 Lbs


    Folding Beds For Heavy People

    High Weight Capacity Folding Beds
    If your tight for space living in a tiny apartment, or need a heavy duty folding bed for heavy people in your guest room. Then a folding bed may be for you.

    However if your planning to use this as a permanent solution to your bedding needs, I suggest to look into getting an additional mattress for extra comfort. As with most folding beds, the mattresses are not as good. Especially for the larger persons. Just some food for thought.





46 Responsesso far.

  1. Debora Durham says:

    I am relieved that there are people out there that GET IT… I have been trying to find a single size sturdy BED Frame for MYSELF an ADULT
    I wanted a bed frame high up off the floor- a Bed frame that allows storage underneath but not draws.
    I am not an obsessively obese size woman but I Need the support for peace of mind and practicality.
    Thank You for a product that makes a lot of sense.

    • bigman says:

      Hi Debora, thank you for stopping by. I’m so glad that you have found what you are looking for. It brings us great pleasure in helping others, especially us bigger folks. Underbed storage is something I always consider when looking to buy a bed. It’s just a necessity these days.

  2. Hope says:

    Both of the South Shore frames have some horrible reviews on Amazon just recently. Make want to look at and not recommend.

  3. Cordial says:

    I would strongly encourage consumers to look at many reviews on the steel frame platform. My girlfriend and I purchased one and loved it for about a month and now it is bent to hell and uneven, and I would say we have a good 1900 to 2000 pounds of spare room on the alleged 2400 lb capactiy

    • bigman says:

      I 100% agree. In this day and age, doing your research is critical. Reading reviews before you buy should be something that’s done for every product purchased online. However, no product is perfect, so try to base your opinion off a handful of reviews so you can get an overall feel for the product. I’m sorry to hear that you got the bad seed in this case.

  4. Ashley says:

    Hi guys has anyone heard of a company called reinforced beds I need a Strong bed they have good reviews but never heard of it

  5. Miss Mack says:

    I’m super nervous about buying a bed and frame online….but I’m taking the plunge! Thanks for the advice I the bed and metal frame!

  6. Kim says:

    I bought the steel frame and it is AWFUL! It is so uncomfortable…no better than sleeping on a futon. Worst purchase I had ever made.

    • bigman says:

      Hi Kim, what kind of mattress did you use?. The comfort s usually dependent on the mattress and the frame is the structural support system.

  7. Patricia Sistrunk says:

    I need a strong strong frame. I weigh 300lbs. I have broken 3 bed frames this year, please somebody just tell me where to go.

  8. Bri says:

    The first steel frame you recommend does not live up to its weight capacity claims. We have purchased three over the last 4 years. They each end up bent all to hell. Especially where my husband sits on the edge of the bed while getting dressed in the morning. He is just under 500 lbs. Combined we weigh around 750 and these frames do not support, despite their claims. I’m around 250-260 and even more side gets bent up from normal sleeping use. Also we’ve had issues with the vertical support wires snapping off under the bed.

    • bigman says:

      Sorry to hear of your misfortune. I have certainly gone through a number of bed frames over the years. Do you have a particular frame you recommend?

  9. Lisg says:

    I have the south Shore platform bed. Combined with my husband our weight is about 375, this does not hold! The wooden slates are broken and it’s coming apart. I wouldn’t recommend. I have been looking into the steel bed frame, I’m hesitant though.

    • bigman says:

      Some wooden slats are so flimsy it’s ridiculous. I broke my Sons bed by kneeling on it and snapped a few slats. Fortunately slats can be replaced rather easy. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  10. Chase says:

    Kim I work for a company that has just developed a bed foundation for the Plus sized customer. please reach back to me so I can send you some information on the product.

    • Julikitten says:

      Chase, Can you provide me the information on the foundation your company developed? I am looking for a mattress for an large couple.

  11. Rob says:

    We found the embrace bed frame by knickerbocker capable of holding our combined weight without ANY issues. Knickerbocker said it can hold 2000LBS per leg. It looks great too.

    • bigman says:

      Thanks for sharing your find Rob. It does look like a very sturdy and strong frame. The Embrace bed frame is a tad expensive in my opinion. But as we know, with high quality heavy duty materials comes a steep price. Thanks for sharing again.

  12. Debi says:

    My husband and I just purchased a really great mattress—Saavta, very heavy mattress. But yet have not found a good foundation/frame , so the mattress is on the wood floor.
    We had just bought a slat foundation with headboard. Slats are so cheap and bending..it came with some warped/bent boards.
    We have had a metal frame that sits up off the floor and the metal slats/wires had bent.Very sad. Sooo, we are at the point of my husband building a frame, with plywood on top. You are not alone and are not crazy!

  13. Alvin Dupper says:

    Hey big man so here’s the deal I’m a 6 foot 7 430 pound man . And in my life I have probably went through idk 30 bed frames I’m a big guy . I work in a lumber mill all day bending and stretching all day and my bed is all I want when I get home and I right now the one that supports me looks like crater lake here in Oregon.. I need some help man I live on disability as it is and don’t make much because of it. I live in a adult foster home because I’m development disable because I had a brain tumor . But I’m not trying to beg or anything I just wanted to know what you had for a guy my size …lol I’m sure you don’t get guys my size very often

  14. Anonymous says:

    I would remove “Chase’s” comment above. He *says* he works for “a company” that has developed “a bed foundation” for the Plus sized customer. He left absolutely *NO* helpful information! Just an empty promise! He didn’t even leave any website or email address to reach him for the information. I think he may have been an internet troll just pranking the plus-sized community on here!

  15. James.P says:

    I’ve had the same problem since I was a kid and im about 300lbs, Can’t reccomend anything off the shelf to be honest apart from maybe the Wyoming bed frame model from reinforcedbeds.co.uk, you might have to learn some carpentry or welding because bed frames of today are designed to fail to keep people spending. If i had the space and money i’d start a bed business specializing for larger people. Im currently sleeping on a broken metal Warwick bed base on top of diy sawhorses and had no problems but the ultimatum is unfortunate for us heavier people, either you need upwards of £300 to get custom or do it yourself. Even scaffold will do it and some boards but still hitting that half a K mark. An all steel weld looking at 1k plus, so id reccomend 4 sawhorses giving you 16 points of support and maybe 2 or 3 sheets of plywood cut to size of the matress glue up and rest it on sawhorses or bolt it down it will literally support close to a 1 tonne if not more cost under £200

  16. Mary says:

    My brother I law bought decking boards, made a frame out of them, with thick plywood on top. No underneath storage but it worked. He spaced the boards about 12-16 inches apart.

    • bigman says:

      Thanks for sharing Mary. Thats a very good idea if you have someone that can help you make your own heavy duty bed. Cheers.

  17. Kel says:

    The first mattress listed here. The one that claims 4400lbs now says on its amazon page its best suited for average weight people.

    • bigman says:

      Hi Kel, are you talking about the Zinus Smart Base bed frame with the 4400 lbs weight capacity?. It still has the heavy duty weight capacity. As far as I can tell nothing has changed.

      • ZINUS website says the elite frame holds 500 pounds. Much less that shows up on comparison charts.

        • bigman says:

          Hi Bobbi, I see what you mean. However, the ‘Deluxe’ version on amazon is listed as 4400 Lbs capacity. The 500 Lbs is the ‘standard size people’ version. Hope this helps.

  18. David says:

    A few years ago, I got tired of not having enough support and built my own with 4 x 4 legs, 2 x 4 framing, and 1 x 4 slats spaced a few inches apart. I used wood screws to secure everything. It’s super solid. I’ve yet to find a bed on the market that can compare, but I’m still looking because I need a solid frame for a 2nd bed.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone know about the Purple bed frames? They are steel and they have the sumo guys as their advertisement but above I am seeing comments about how flimsy the steel is. I need help. My bed broke and it is making it difficult for me to sleep. Also, any thoughts on the Olee T-3000? Thanks in advance for the help

    • bigman says:

      The Olee T-300 18″ high bed frame ‘King Size’ apparently has a 2000 pound weight capacity. Check it out above to read more.

      It does look like a very solid bed frame and has the extra bed support posts in the middle on each of the 3 rows of support bars. This is a good sign right off the bat.

  20. Anonymous says:

    We recently bought a new bed(the King size Ashley furniture Bittersweet one) and I have been looking everywhere for a weight limit for it and can’t find one anywhere and Ashley refuses to answer me. Any idea what the weight limit for this one is?

    • bigman says:

      Sorry, I am not sure. It is very hard to get weight capacities on some beds. Is there a reason they don’t state it?. That’s what worries me.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know. Short of calling them for an answer they haven’t replied to any form of communication I’ve reached out to them with. :/

  21. Adam says:

    Was wondering how difficult it is to put the frames together?

    • bigman says:

      Not any more difficult than an ordinary bed frame Adam. Timber slat beds which need to pop into those plastic sleeves drive me crazy, so I tend to avoid them. Even for my kids beds.

  22. Joseph says:

    As a big guy over 300 lbs. I have a couple beds that seem to work for me my old one is made by eco dream . It wasa wooden slat metal frame platform bed it held up well I have only ever broken one slat and that was kneeling directly on the area. But they send extra slats with the bed , since then if I have to knee I aim towards the middle where the metal support bar is . I recently purchased a new bed which seems to be holding just as well its made by iNSTANT HOME its a nice stable wooden slat bed . The are both twin beds and i’m a restless sleeper so they have passed my sleep test.

    • bigman says:

      Thanks for your insights Joseph. I know exactly what you mean by breaking the slats with your knee. I have broken my kids bed doing this when I kiss them goodnight. Its rather hard to avoid being big, but fortunately you can buy extra wooden slats.

  23. Heavyweight says:

    My big (ha!) Issue is that I’m looking for a loft bed that will support my weight comfortably, and hopefully has the hardware to have a futon underneath. Also needed are stairs, because who has time to deal with painful narrow rungs when you need to use the restroom at 3 in the morning?

    Sadly every version I’ve found has the weight support on the lower futon, but paltry 150lbs or less on the top. I’m 280 or so, and while I have drawn up plans for making my own, I don’t have a car for carting lumber around or power tools for getting it cut.

    • bigman says:

      I can understand your ‘Ha’ moment. The only loft with stairs and futon I could find had a top bed rating of 160 lbs unfortunately. I think it might have to be a custom order from your local furniture store of handyman. Sorry I couldn’t be more help.

  24. MarvelousMichelle says:

    That SouthShore platform bed definitely works for heavy folks like myself. My husband and I sleep well on it. We’ve had it for several years and it didn’t break at all. I weigh a little over 300 pounds, by the way. My hubby is 170.

  25. huhu says:

    noknow who ate all the pies….oink oink…….mooooooooow we

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