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Best Knee Braces For Large People

Best Knee Braces For Large PeopleWhat’s funny is that heavier people are more prone to knee injuries and knee conditions such as arthritis and ACL. But the lack of plus size knee braces for large people is quite astounding. On my most recent visit to the pharmacy drug store, I was shocked that they didn’t have any extra-large knee braces.

While it’s not really funny, more disappointing if you are in dire need for a knee brace, sometimes buying things like a knee brace online is the only option.

As many are aware, the knees can take as much as 4-5 x the body weigh in force. So as a larger plus-size person, this can be quite extravagant. For any heavy person trying to lead a proactive fitness lifestyle, knee pain can be a deal-breaker.

Compare Plus Size Knee Braces & Compression Sleeves

Size Measurements Price
L To 6XL Up To* Thigh: 40" Calf: 34" Check Price Amazon
XL To 6XL Knee Cap: 29"-33" Check Price Amazon
XS To 3XL Up To* Thigh: 32" Calf: 24" Check Price Amazon
Size 1 To Size 3 Up To* Thigh: 33.9" Calf: 24" Check Price Amazon
S To 6XL Thigh: 32"-35" Check Price Amazon
Med To 7XL Up To 30" Thighs Check Price Amazon


Why Do You Need A Knee Brace

Why is a knee brace is so important?. While a knee brace can be also used to improve existing conditions, many of us bigger people use them as our joints simply hurt too much on an impact on a day to day basis. When you’re trying to work out on an oversized treadmill and your knees just can’t take it anymore, the thought of giving up becomes real.

But this doesn’t have to be the case. A knee brace can certainly help large people reduce the amount of pressure and strain forced on their knees. So before you give into knee pain, consider taking a look at the below-knee braces for people with large knees.

*Skip Size Guide: My #1 Knee Brace Recommendation On Amazon


What Size Knee Brace Do You Need

As some knee braces can go up to size 6XL, it’s very important you buy the best fitting knee brace for your knees. So figuring out what size you actually need is very important. Determining a true plus-size knee brace from an undersized XXL knee brace will greatly impact the results.

The high-quality knee braces will have size measurements on them. So all that’s left for you to do is measure your knees and pick a size appropriate knee brace.

To measure what size you need is quite simple. All you need is a soft tape measure and measure two points.

  1. 6 inches above the knee cap, measure the circumference around your thigh and take note of this number.
  2. 6 inches below your knee cap and measure the circumference around your leg.

These two numbers will determine whether you need a XX, 2XL, 4XL or a 6Xl knee brace, etc. Then check on the product description and match up your measurements with the corresponding size of the knee brace.


Best Obesity Knee Pain Brace

Best Obesity Knee Pain BraceWhen you’re obese, the knees can take a pounding. Larger thighs and legs mean a standard knee brace simply won’t be big enough. From my experience, I’ve found the BraceAbility Obesity Knee Brace to be a good fit.

This brace is designed for low impact and limited physical activity. Which is great for really large knees that aren’t expecting to go rock climbing or running a marathon. But better suited for day to day activities like walking and exercising.

Why This Knee Brace Is Good For Obese People

BraceAbility has catered to the needs of the obese people by making brace sizes up to 6XL. While they are not the only player in the market to do this, I find the small details are what separate them from the rest. Here are a few things I find appealing about the BraceAbility Obesity knee pain brace.

  • Tall height for more grip on your leg. This brace has a 13″ height from top to bottom. Which can be 4 or more inches extra gripping material compared to other brands.
  • The openings on the front and back of the knee are larger allowing air to circulate better keeping you cooler and reducing the amount of sweat build up in the knees. Less sweat = less movement of the brace.
  • Less chance of material getting crunched up behind the knees, due to larger openings, making it more comfortable to wear.
  • Heavy duty straps that are medical grade meaning they are multiple times stronger than your typical brace found at the drug store.
  • The brace straps close off at the front making it easier for a larger person to put on and take off without having to try to bend around behind their leg.

Overall I find BraceAbility to be the leaders in the field. The quality and heavy-duty straps make this knee brace a certain leader for obese and plus-size people. Do note that BraceAbility has recently updated their sizing chart to make it more accurate so you can make a reliable buying decision. So be careful when reading older reviews where sizes were too small or too big as this may not be relevant to the new sizing chart.

BraceAbility Obesity Knee Pain Brace 6XL


Best Knee Braces For Extra Large Legs

Best Knee Braces For Extra Large LegsWhile the above knee brace for obese people is better suited for day to day activities, I find this next knee brace a better choice for the more physically active people with extra-large legs.

This is because of the amazing support system built into the brace specifically designed to support the knees through more intense activities. But best of all, being a bigger person, it’s great to see such a high-quality product designed with us in mind.

Available from sizes extra-large to 6XL, people with large legs can find the size that’s perfect for them. This Nvorliy knee brace comes with a size guide so be sure to use the above method to check what size you need. Also, if a tighter wrap around your knee is what you desire, don’t be tempted to buy a size up. It’s recommended to buy the smaller size if you’re on the higher end of the size of the measurement.

So if you’re got measurements of 27″ and 30″ you would be between 4XL and 5Xl. So it’s best to go with the 4Xl. However, if you go with the 5XL and you find it a little big you can always wear it over your sweatpants. Sometimes it makes sense to buy 1 of each size to get the perfect fit. If one is too big, save it for occasions when you wear long pants.

The Nvorliy Knee Brace Is For Large People

Now that we’ve discovered that the Nivorliy is a good choice for larger people, what makes it worthy of your money?. Well, let’s have a quick look at what this knee brace offers.

  • Superior support is offered via the 6 steel support springs. These springs run down either side of your knee cap to provide a spring-like support system whenever you walk, run, climb, jump, etc.
  • Neoprene material repels sweat and is quite breathable just like how neoprene car seat covers wick moisture.
  • Adjustable straps to cater to larger legs for maximum grip and protection against slipping.
  • 4 strips of non-slip material implanted on the inside of the brace to prevent the brace from slipping down the leg.
  • Shockproof pad positioned at the front of the knee to help reduce strain on the joints.

Great Brace Choice For Active Large People

Overall it’s very hard to fault the Nivorliy knee brace. It’s certainly one of the best options on the market for active people, including people that play sports, hike, run, climb, etc. The suspension springs make the world of difference and the neoprene material is just a delight to wear.

In comparison to the above BraceAbility knee brace for obese people, in my opinion, this Nivorliy is considerably better. However, keep in mind the BraceAbility is designed for less active people compared to the Nivorliy. Either way, both knee braces come in sizes up to 6XL and suitable for larger people with chubby or fat knees as I like to call mine.

Nvorliy Plus Size Knee Brace


Knee Braces For Obese, Large & Plus Size People

While the above 2 knee braces are my top picks, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best choice for you. However, what we do have in common is larger thighs, chubby knees, and legs. So if the above 2 don’t suit your needs, check out 4 further recommendations for extra large-sized knee braces available on amazon.


Best Plus Size Knee Brace

Up to 32″ Thighs

Best Plus Size Knee Brace
A lot more goes into a knee brace then one thinks which can lead to people often buying the wrong one for their needs. Then on top of this trying one to fit your thigh makes it even more difficult, which is why this brace from DonJoy is highly appreciated.

One of the biggest issues that come with a leg brace is that they can get really hot and sweat a lot. This can cause a number of issues such as getting a rash or worse. I really appreciate that this brace is made out of anti-microbial wicking fabric that is lightweight and extremely breathable. This helps to reduce the sweat build up associated with knee braces.

Trying to keep the comfort on a leg brace can be difficult but there are ways to increase it. Having comfortable patella support is one of the ways of increasing the overall comfort of this leg brace. With the low-profile design, it puts a consistent pull on the kneecap which helps with realigning the patella.

You’re able to remove the plastic hinges on this brace that can make this more comfortable but you lose some of the lateral stability. This will come down to your personal needs for this feature and if it will be useful for you.

The thing that really stands out with this leg brace is that it’s not just for athletes. It can also just help people who have issues with there day to day tasks.

Sizes From Extra Small To XXX-Large in left or right leg options.

DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite Knee Support Brace


Knee Brace For Fat Thighs Legs

28.5″ – 33″ Thighs

Knee Brace For Fat Thighs Legs
It’s always a great feeling when you know a company makes something that was designed just for heavy people. Considering we are rarely the target audience for most things it speaks volumes that VieVibrante has made this leg brace with bigger people in mind.

You will get a lot of support with this leg brace thanks to the 21 side metal stabilizers and several metal springs. This allows it to flex when it needs to while giving you support. You’re able to remove the metal stabilizers if you’d like if you find them too uncomfortable but you will lose some support.

An issue that a lot of people face when using a leg brace is how they constantly slide down the leg which is not only uncomfortable but also frustrating with the constant adjusting. To reduce this issue VieVibrante put anti-slip strips that are wide to help with keeping this leg brace up.

One of the things that I really like about this leg brace is the patella support it offers. It has a gell cushioning around the patella that makes it really comfortable while still offering that support you will need.

A lot of people would see this as a negative but I think it’s a positive. Which is it’s not designed for intense workouts or playing sports. It was designed for people who are larger and are recovering from an injury or suffer things like chronic knee pain. Again it’s great that bigger people are the target audience for once.

Vievibrante - Plus Size Knee Brace Exclusive


Best Compression Sleeve For Plus Size Women

Up To 35″ Thighs

Best Compression Sleeve For Plus Size Women
There are a lot of leg braces on the market with some offering very little in terms of support which can make choosing one difficult. With this leg brace being developed with medical doctors you won’t have this issue. You will get an excellent leg brace designed by professionals of the human body just to make your life more comfortable.

With this leg brace, you’re able to use it in a variety of situations and not just for when you’re at the gym. It’s been designed to not only be used in the gym but to also help with giving you some pain relief and excellent support.

One of the biggest issues that happen with a leg brace is how they will constantly roll down which is a frustrating experience. With how well this brace compresses on the knee this isn’t an issue unless you get it in a size that is too large for your leg. Which might be a possibility since this brace can fit an impressive 35″ thighs.

It’s made out of a strong material that gives it a good amount of durability. It has a blend of cotton and spandex that is thin which allows it to breathe while keeping its strength up. One thing to note is that it does have latex in it so if your allergic it might be a good idea to go with one of the others on this list.

Doctor Developed Knee Compression Sleeve 6XL


Plus Size Compression Sleeves For Large Legs

Plus Size Compression Sleeves For Large Legs7XL Up To 30″ Thighs

ArthritisHope has worked its magic when it comes to this impressive leg brace that offers some excellent features that will hopefully one day be the industry standard. By focusing on excellent compression, comfort, and the ability to help people’s muscles to recover you get one of the best braces on the market.

Compression is one of the main focuses of ArthritisHope when they designed this leg brace. It was designed with the ability to massage the tissue when you’re moving which helps with reducing the pain when walking. This can also help with speeding up the absorption of things like effusions and edemas.

They did a number of things with this leg brace to keep it comfortable for when you need to wear it every day. Things like the comfortable material it’s made out of and the extremely useful anti-slip silicone really add to its comfort and helps prevent the usual frustrations.

3D Braiding Technology

In my opinion, the thing that makes this leg brace really stand out from the pack is the amazing heat effect it has. It was designed to keep your leg warm which helps with the stiffness that comes from arthritis. This alone is an extremely useful feature that will help with your everyday pain relief.

You might think since it has that heat effect that it might cause your leg to get hot and sweat which would make it uncomfortable. That’s not the case since it also has a breathable design to help with these issues.

ArthritisHope Knee Compression Sleeve - (7XL)


Why Larger People Need Knee Braces

The significance of a knee brace is to be worn by people who are in need of stability and to simply protect the knee. Knee braces are worn especially by the elderly and especially people who are overweight. Obesity is known to cause chronic knee pain and is therefore a serious condition one should not take lightly.

Medical professions have found knee braces to be effective when it comes to preventing injury and it securing a wounded or broken knee that is healing for surgery or an injury. The primary purpose of a knee brace is to support the knee and when you’re a larger person, the knee has to feel up to 5 x the body weights pressure. So it’s also important to consider the types of knee braces based on a person’s condition as well as their weight.



How a Knee Brace Works

Truth be told I was in the dark for many years and I never really understood how a knee brace worked until I experienced it first hand. Or should I say, at first knee. Do not be afraid to ask a medical doctor how it works for it is important to understand how it’s advantageous and beneficial in the long run, especially if it is directed by your physician.

Wearing a knee brace will depend on what condition it’s treating and the purpose of the activity. Some people wear a knee brace from morning to evening while some only wear it during physical activity such as exercising or for sports. Many large people wear a knee brace on a daily basis to help with simple day to day activities around the home.

Knee Braces Can Be Worn For Multiple Reasons

People use a knee brace such as functional braces to support a knee that has been injured or hurt in the past. An example of this would be the athletes who have had an injury that has been healed or an elderly who needs to stabilize the knee and to control the motion of the knee in order to prevent possible injuries.

One of the advantages of using a knee brace is that it allows the knee to have a limited or controlled movement while it is in the process of healing. Knee braces are built to help relieve pain for the elderly who are experiencing arthritis in the knees and are designed to control the pain and the swelling.

Obese People Need To Wear Knee BracesObese People Need Knee Braces

In addition to this, carrying too much body weight has consequences in which damaging the knees is one of the key consequences. People who tend to be overweight experience more pain because of the cartilage that the knees are covered with.

I learned that the cartilage helps the knees glide smoothly as it moves with the joint while walking, however, this is the opposite for those who are overweight. People who are overweight are exerting more force on the cartilage which causes knee pain. Additional body fat also leads to the development of osteoarthritis which is a common knee problem.

Advantages To Using Knee Braces As A Large Person

Knee braces are proven to effectively support the ligaments of the knee, helps control movements by protecting it from doing excessive movements particularly on injured knees. It comes in different sizes and shapes and those who are overweight must have buy a size appropriate brace as most don’t cater to larger legs.

Knee braces are less invasive and less expensive than performing surgery. It is definitely worth consulting your medical professional if you are overweight and are experiencing knee pain on a regular basis. A knee brace might be just the thing you need to get the spring back in your step.

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