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Weatherproof 500 Lb Outdoor Setting

Weatherproof 500 Lb Outdoor Setting
This set is a top idea for the entertaining area or garden. As it is claimed to be 100% weatherproof (Made from 100% Polyester which is resistant to water, wind and the harshest of environments) you will find yourself spending a lot of time outdoors. Whether it to just sit on the 500 Lb capacity love chair with that special someone or to entertaining guests by the fire.

The positive factors towards this outdoors set are that fact it's weatherproof, 500 pound capacity, very sturdy, quality and pretty darn comfortable.

However, this piece of back yard magic, doe's need to be assembled. While it is pretty straightforward to assemble, it's still worthwhile mentioning for those that don't like the challenge of following instructions. Or you could always pay the neighbor $50 to put it together.