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600 lb white outdoor rocker

Outdoor Rocker For Big Men - 600 Lbs
Firstly, this rocker is a good choice in terms of catering to the heavy Man. It's a rocker that can withstand up to 600 pounds. Which is quite impressive for a rocker.

Made from recycled materials this rocker not only feels amazing but is also helping the environment. The seat is rather large and appears quite comfy.

The chair comes in an assortment of colors so it can also be an interior rocker during the colder months without looking out of place.

Top 2 reason's I love this rocker!
1. It's not made from timber, so therefor maintenance is not existent. Say goodbye to sanding, oiling sanding oiling year after year.
2. It's incredibly sturdy and durable. The strong build of this easy to put together rocker speaks volumes from numerous reviews. For an outdoors rocker to last in the elements is simply incredible. My hot tip for outdoors rockers for plus size people.