• The Best Mattresses For Large People With High Weight Capacities

    Our Recommended Mattresses For Large People.

    The humble mattress, the place where we spend a third of our lives. One of the most underestimated and most crucial product any heavy person can invest in. While mattresses come in many different sizes and styles, what matters the most is how our bodies feel after a good nights sleep. It’s detrimental to our health, especially as a big Man the health concerns can be amplified.

    A really good mattress for heavy people can set you back a few bucks more then what you may be willing to spend. But when your buying a mattress, your not just buying any ole thing. Your investing in your body. The average person would aim to sleep 8 hours per night. This is equal to 1 third of your life. Now when you look at it like that, I think spending a few extra bucks is a great investment for your back, neck and giving the body a good chance to relax and re cooperate for the next days adventures.

    Before You Buy Any Mattress For Obese Or Heavy People

    So what type of mattress should you buy?. Well, from my experience I usually follow a couple simple rules when finding an oversize mattress suitable for plus size people.

    • Memory Foam I find to be my favorite type of mattress for us overweight folk. Memory foam is a unique system that essentially molds to your body shape. Lately technology has evolved to make memory foam one of the coolest surfaces to sleep on, which is highly important as a bigger person due to sweating more. Find out which mattresses are suitable here.
    • At least 8″ thick support is what I recommend
    • Usually start at a 9″ thick total thickness of mattress
    • If your find yourself in the 400 – 500lbs+ range, I would recommend to go even thicker to 12 inches. Generally the thicker the better for us heavier people.

    Remember, quality really matters when buying a mattress to cater to our higher weight capacity. A decent mattress should last you a minimum of 10 years in my opinion. Unless you buy a cheap mattress, then you will most likely be replacing it much more often. Try to avoid mattresses with a thinner thickness then recommended. It will not be comfortable at all and could possibly fail on you anyways. So let have a look at some of the available extra large mattresses for big Men and Women in 2016 and beyond.

    12 Inch Memory Foam Mattress For Larger People

    Best Mattress For Large PersonMany of our families favorite 12″ memory foam mattresses belongs to Sleep Innovations. What’s so special about this mattress?. Well some memory foam can tend to retain heat which can make you feel a tad too warm. However with Sleep Innovation’s unique Sure Temp 2.5″ thick memory foam, airflow is improved. Which is good for those hot hot nights.

    The 12″ thick mattress is a good start for supporting the bigger peoples bodies. It’s not too plushy where you feel like your sinking. It’s firm enough to provide you with the right amount of comfort and support. This is a personal opinion and the comfort level may vary from person to person.


    Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Sure Temp Memory Foam Mattress


     12 Inch Heavy Duty Gel Memory Foam Mattress

     Best Mattress For obese PeopleOur second recommended big Mans mattress is the ever popular Fresh Breeze 12-inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress by Dynasty Mattress. I’ve heard claims that this mattress is really good for bad backs and spinal injuries. However it’s important to seek professional advice for serious back problems when sleeping. The Dynasty Mattress has also been accused of amazing support and comfort for people who haven’t had a decent nights sleep in years.

    However, everyone has their own unique body and the real question is: Can it support a large person adequately. The simple answer is yes. It meets my basic criteria and has heaps of consumer reviews backing this mattress from which you can base an opinion. The 3 inch thick ‘cool’ technology memory foam not only provides a soft yet firm surface, but also allows greater airflow. Again, very important in the Summer months.

    Depending where you buy from, this mattress can come with 2 free gel memory foam pillows, which I think is excellent value. I’ve looked into buying memory foam pillows at over $100 alone!. The mattress can usually be used after about 30 minutes after unpacking but be sure to read the specification card.


    Cool Breeze 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam Mattress


    Discover Some Of The Most Innovative Memory Foam Mattresses For Large People

    Below you can find a link to some of the most advanced memory foam mattresses which are highly targeted towards heavy people. The best part is they are super supportive yet won’t cost the same as a high end coil mattress.

    Memory Foam Mattresses For Heavy People
    Memory foam has advanced in recent years and it is mind boggling how amazing they are for heavy people. Cooper and gel infused, air cooling systems and internal coil support bars. Just some of what's available. Find out WHY they are ideal for heavy people below.


    Permanent Airbeds Are Growing In Popularity

    Find out why airbeds are growing as a popular sleeping item for larger folks. These air beds are semi permanent and will stay inflated 24/7. With high weight capacities and a low price tag, they are the perfect solution if you are on a tight budget.

    Top 5 Air Beds Recommendations For Heavy People


    Video Review Of A Plus Size Mattress Set Up

    What To Expect!

    Never ordered a Mattress online before?. This detailed video shows exactly what to expect when you buy one of these extra large mattresses for heavy people. Really quick and easy setup and fast delivery.


11 Responsesso far.

  1. Chris says:

    Any recommendations for box springs to go with the memory foam?

  2. Mirage says:

    Any advice on box springs? We have a great memory foam mattress, and the hand me down metal frame we have has held up awesome, but the box spring is bowed in the middle (causing the boards on the edge to be slightly separated , now, and even breathing causes loud squeaking, and rolling over or simply climbing into bed can be heard on the other side of the house! Most of the box springs I see don’t list a weight limit, or say vague specs like mattress +450lbs. How much do they assume the mattress weighs?

  3. big fig is the best mattress I found for under 2000 bucks.great support and a great nights sleep.temporpedic beds are great to but you need to go on the high end to get a good one.

  4. Leon says:

    While I don’t doubt that these mattress are capable of handling overweight people, my 5 cents of advice is to stay away from any type of foam mattresses. I used to suffer from a form of fibromialgia, which started after using a foam mattress. I suffered for 4-5 months at a time then it would go away, only to return a year later. Whether it was because the foam was too firm, the way I lay down on foam, or because my body simply couldn’t relax while using a foam mattress, I don’t know. I only know my fibromialgia went away as soon as I got a different mattress 3 years later.

    Yesterday, I made the mistake of listening to a salesperson, and purchased a new mattress and he talked me into a foam mattress, “because I’m overweight.” The first five minutes laying on it, I liked it, but it’s the first night now, and I can’t relax enough to fall asleep. I feel the muscles in my hips twitching, and my shoulders and neck are growing stiff.

  5. maidul says:

    Choosing the best support mattress is so important for a obese people.I am confused to choose a good mattress.

  6. Donna Totter says:

    Great article; good information.
    Unfortunately, your incorrect homonym usage is a distraction from the valuable content.
    -Big English Teacher

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