• What Are The Best Oversized Beach Chairs For Heavy People?

    The Best Oversized Beach Chairs For Heavy PeopleThe thought of relaxing in 30 degree heat by the beach is often a thought neglected by us plus size folks. Why? Besides the obvious reasons, the simple fact many beach chairs cannot handle our large weight capacities. Fortunately I’ve managed to source out what I think are the best oversized beach chairs for heavy people whom want to live life!.

    It hasn’t always been an easy task facing the public shirtless down at the local beach. But as I grew older I started to realize the importance of celebrating life. Big or small, we all deserve this human right. However these plus sized beach chairs are not solely for taking in the Vitamin D. So shirts on or off, I find myself spending many hours every summer down at the beach for families parties, lunches with friends and for simply gazing into the bluest of blue oceans.

    These beach chairs have been classified into certain weight limit restrictions. Which I think is just brilliant. You can See More Beach Chairs For Heavy People Here. Never again will I buy some ole cheap flimsy beach chair rated to something far less then my actual weight.  So I will start with good beach chairs from each weight capacity to make our lives a bit easier. All you have to do is choose by weight capacity and before you know it, we could all be down by the beach having the time’s of our lives.


    Big Person’s Beach Chair With The Bells & Whistles

     325 Lbs Beach Chair For Fat People
    With a weight rating of 325 Lbs, this Ostrich beach chair brings some pretty cool unique features. It’s the ideal beach chair for complete laziness. By laziness I mean relaxation. I can feel it now, the wind in my hair, smooth sound of the ocean and glistening sunsets.

    So how cool is this beach chair really? Well let’s have a look into its features. So for starters it has a towel rail built into the back of the chair. It can pull out to hang your towel on and tucked away for convenience when not in use. The chair has a unique method of adjusting into 5 different positions, including laying flat on your back.

    This big man’s beach chair even makes sure when your resting, your resting in comfort. The padded head rest is such a cool idea. Even when laying on your stomach, one could enjoy a nice comfortable day at the beach.


    325 lb Ostrich 5 Position Beach Chair
    *Available in 5 Cool Colours
    *Heavy duty steel framing for support
    *Handy carry straps on the back
    *Extremely Roomy


    RIO 300 Lb Capacity Backpack Beach Chair

    This heavy duty beach chair by Rio is phenomenal if you ask my Wife. Its rust resistant heavy duty tubing make this chair a great choice for heavy people up to 300 pounds. Again like the Ostrich chair, this chair by Rio also has all the bells and whistles appeal. It even has a slide out food tray. Which is just super handy for lunch down at the beach.

    Another very cool feature about his chair is that it’s a backpack too. Folds up relatively easy and straps onto your back forming a lightweight backpack. So it’s really convenient and portable for outdoor trips and so light you won’t even notice it attached to your back.

    The 4 adjustable positions are a good touch, however I think the Ostrich has the edge here as this Rio doesn’t quite get as flat as the Ostrich chair. The pillow is also removable and can be located to suit your comfort level. It’s the small little touches that make this 300 Lb beach chair stand out from the rest in my opinion.


    Heavy Duty Backpack Beach Chair
    *300 Pound Weight Capacity
    *Large Pouch For Storage At Rear
    *22 Inch Wide Seat
    *Padded Straps/Backpack Feature


    This Beach Chair Is An Option For The Obese

    Massive 800 Lbs Weight Limit

    This King Kong chair is not only awesome to take down to the beach but it makes for a good camping chair as well. Honestly I think you will find yourself taking this extra wide beach chair with you on many excursions. It’s just too darn comfortable to be assigned to beach duties only.

    What I like most of all is how light it is. It feels like your carrying around an oversize newspaper or two. It’s pretty easy to set up and wont take up much of your time. It’s big enough to fit anybody from the overweight to the obese within reason. Alps Engineering have really out done themselves here.


    Extra Wide King Kong Beach Chair


    500 Lbs Capacity Beach Chairs

    Next in line is a beach chairs with the ability to withstand up to 500 pounds. Which is quite a hefty amount for what would seem like flimsy beach chairs right?. It’s amazing how these chairs made for camping or for the beach can hold such high capacities, yet most common office chairs are usually between 200-250 lbs each. Crazy hey!.


    Quik Chair Heavy Duty 1/4 Ton Capacity
    *High weight capacity beach chair
    *Very durable and sturdy large diameter steel tubing.
    *Compact and folds away nicely with straps
    *2 drink cup holders are a nice touch


    400 Pound Capacity Chair For The Beach

    What I find most intriguing about this 400 Lb capacity beach chair is it’s unique features. In particular the material on the chairs backing. Its made from rip proof polyester, but its breathable. Which is especially handy for us bigger Men that tend to sweat a lot. Having this breathable material on your back will help circulate air flow resulting in less sweat. That I’m a fan of.

    Besides it’s support system, I am also a big fan of the padded arms. Although they are curved and prevents cup holders being present in the usual location. A cool addition of a cup holder is attached to the arm via a pouch. Nice touch. I highly recommend this chair if your under the 400 pound barrier.


    400 Lb Picnic Time Beach Chair
    *Huge 23 Inch Seat
    *Unique Breathable Design
    *Matching Drawstring Carry Bag
    *400 Lbs Weight Capacity
    *Convenient Drink Holder Pouch
    *Superior Strength And Support


    Camping Chairs For Heavy People Make Great Alternatives

    This short video shows the 5 camping chairs for large people which also make excellent beach chairs. They are strong, durable and very portable. Perfect for the beach as well.






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