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    Camping Beds For Heavy PeopleWhen you are living on the plus size of life it’s easy to get discouraged by many of the ‘normal’ outdoor activities. Having the extra luggage to carry around 24/7 can get real tiresome and trust me I know it’s easier to just not do these such activities. Such as camping. Then when we do decide to brave the waters and head outdoors, we soon realize that not all camping gear is created equally. It may take just one broken or flat camping bed before you retire from the outdoors activity. It’s just easier right.

    However, camping is way too much fun to miss out on. Big or small I say we should all enjoy camping as much as possible. While it’s not easy doing most things as an overweight person, we do have some resources behind us to help us get back on the horse. Such as these camping beds recommended for us heavy people. While sleeping is just one aspect of camping, it’s a pretty important one. Especially for us bigger guys and gals.

    To make sleeping under the stars that much easier we have gone out and found what we think are the best suited heavy duty air beds and camping cots to cater to heavier weight capacities. As well as extra wide sleeping areas and preferably raised beds. More width will assist us to relax a bit more without the potential fear of flipping the bed or rolling off. The higher the bed sits from ground level the easier it is to get in and out of the bed. Which I know I’m concerned about when buying a camping bed.

    Below you can find reviews and links to more products. With regards to achieving a hopefully successful camping trip, starting with a comfortable nights sleep in a oversized camp bed. The best heavy duty airbed/mattress for camping vs the best camping cot. You decide which camping bed is better for you.


    Our Best Choice Camping Air Mattress For Heavy People

    SoundAsleep 500 Pound Capacity Air BedBest Queen Air Mattress For Obese People

    The high quality Big Man’s camping bed by Sound Asleep boasts a 500 lbs weight capacity. This air mattress has the lot if you ask me, including a super strong exterior shell. The soft and thick padding I’ve found is unbelievably comfortable. I reckon it may be the type of bed where you lay down once and before you know it, it’s morning.

    When fully inflated this bed is raised 19 inches from ground level which I believe is sufficient for us large folk. So getting up from a good nights rest is no longer a 2 person job from the ground floor. Whats more incredible about this camp bed is it’s comfort level. I think SoundAsleep have the upper hand on the competition with the innovative comfort coil technology. The mattress is compiled of 40 odd air coils spread evenly throughout the bed. The air coil pockets are meant to create an evenly balanced and therefore potentially a super comfortable camping bed. Not a bad camping bed for the overweight camper.

    The ‘Suregrip’ bottom of this bed is the gripping function so the bed shouldn’t move around during the night, which is a huge bonus for when you’re camping. The material used to finish this bed looks of pretty high quality. The multiple layer material is comprised of 15 gauge puncture resistance which is topped of with a flocked waterproof top.  One click installed pump makes pumping this bed up so simple, and it’s done in mere minutes. Now that’s speedy.  Comes with a handy storage bag too (easy to roll away). Easily my highest recommendation when it comes to a high quality durable camping bed for heavy people.


    SoundAsleep 500 Lbs Capacity Air Bed



    Camping Cot For Big People

    Teton XXL 600 Lb Camping Cot ReviewCamping cots For Obese People

    Teton Sports have produced one mammoth of a camping cot, this thing has a huge weight capacity of 600 pounds. It’s even a little bigger then a twin size bed. The support system on this cot is ultra heavy duty which uses a patented reinforced steel frame. This design makes setting up and dismantling this cot super easy (in minutes), plus very strong. Which is a great advantage over the typical air mattress as it requires no power source to pump it up.

    Is the Teton XXL Cot comfortable enough as is?. With the addition of a sleeping bag, this strong canvas cot should be sufficient for most people. However for those that like the extra padding, Teton Sports have a XXL camping mat which compliments this big cot.

    As for measurements, this camping cot sits at 19 inches from ground level.  It measures in at 40 inches wide and has a length of 85 inches, which makes it a good option for the big and tall. Overall this is one great camping bed for large people and even families. It’s very heavy duty and stable. So much so you could even sit on the end of the cot as a chair and it shouldn’t tip over and shouldn’t make too many squeaking sounds. It’s one heck of a big and strong cot for us bigger guys which I highly recommend.

    Our Favorite Camping Cot



    5 Camping Cots For Bigger People

    Short Video of 5 relevant camping cots suitable for us heavier persons.

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