Big And Tall Office Chairs With 500 Lbs Capacity

The Best Big And Tall Office Chairs With 500 Lbs CapacityI never want to waste another dollar on a cheap and inferior office chair again. Especially because I’m a big Guy, I think its valuable to compare the features and prices of Big And Tall Office Chairs. With 500 Lbs Capacity is even better for me. We have listed the our top 5 500 pound capacity big and tall office chairs that we discovered during 2015. Compare the features of each individual heavy duty chair and its always advisable to read the consumer reviews before you buy any office chair online.

While there are a few big Man’s office chairs with high weight capacities on the market nowadays, this doesn’t mean they are all a wise investment. Below you can find out exactly which of the available 500 lb office chairs we think are actually worth buying. After all, spending a few hundred bucks on a office chair that could potentially last longer and which may even be beneficial for your body, is the best investment I think office workers can make.


Compare 500 Pound Big And Tall Office Chairs

Use the below comparison table to quickly discover which 500 Lb capacity Big & Tall office chair is suitable for you.


OFM 811-LX Avenger

Safco Vue Mesh Padded Chair

Safco 3500BL Serenity

Flash Furniture Hercules Series

Alera Plus Big and Tall High-Back

Weight Capacity 500 Lbs 500 Lbs 500 Lbs 500 Lbs 500 Lbs
Available Colors/styles 2 2 High/Med Back High/Med Back 1
Seat Width Between Arms 23.25 20.5 21.5 22.5 22
Adjustable Lumbar Support No Yes No Built In No
Material Poly Leather Fabric Vinyl Mesh Leather Fabric/Leather Fabric
Padding 5" Thick Padded Seat 1-2" Mesh Padding 1-2" Leather Padded 1-2" Padding 1-2" Padding
Our Rating 9.4/10 7.2/10 8.6/10 6.2/10 9/10


Our Best Recommended 500 Pound Capacity Big And Tall Office Chair

OFM 811 LX AvengerOFM 500 pound weight capacity office chair

The best 500 lb capacity office chair we think belongs to the Avenger by OFM. This chair is built like a tank and offers ample space between the arms for most people. While it’s lumbar support is not ideal the amount of padding this chair offers is incredibly comfortable. Optional Lumbar Support can be added to this chair at any stage, but even without it the 5 inch thick padded seat is something you should experience to believe.

The back rest and arm rest is very well suited to tall persons as well as the big person. The arm rests are not too low and sit at a good height so you don’t feel like your slouching over the chair, depending on your height of course. But as this chair is designed for big and tall people I don’t recommend it to shorter folks. Without the addition of a foot stool, your feet could be dangling, even from the lowest setting on the lift.

I think it’s important to be sure that your height would be adequate for this chair. The actual height of the chair from the floor level ranges from 40.5″ to a maximum of 44.75″. If you’re unsure what is the lowest setting you need, just measure the distance from floor to bottom of the seat your currently sitting on. If that is a comfortable height for you, then make sure any chair you buy can cater to this requirement.

Why is the OFM Avenger 811 LX our best office chair recommendation for big and tall people?. For me it’s the superior design and build of the chair. It’s solid and made from high quality steel. Unlike some of the cheap plastic chairs I have unfortunately experienced in the past, the Avenger hopefully wont crumble underneath me. The strength of this chair is comparable to that of a tank in my opinion. Well made with a 500 pound weight capacity and supreme padding makes this an easy choice for me.


OFM 811 LX Avenger

Mesh Padded Office Chair For Heavy People

Safco Vue 500 Lbs Mesh Office Chair

*Optional Arms Are Available, so check your supplierSafco 500 pound weight capacity office chair

As a big person myself I know what it’s like to sit extended periods in any office chair. The extra heat and sweat that generates from our larger bodies while parked on a chair for hours is not really ideal. Which is why I love this mesh padded chair by Safco. The breathable mesh backing and seat can allow for extra airflow to the body which then reduces heat in theory. Which I find it more comfortable to work when in hotter conditions.

The seat itself is 20.5″ wide and is padded with the mesh material. The padding is not as much compared to the Avenger chair but is still sufficient for most users. When you press your finger into the padding you can get about 1 inch of padding. So it’s not too soft but it’s not a hard seat either. Which may suit the people whom don’t like the overly soft chairs.

The actual height of the back rest is adjustable to suit the taller persons. It can extend from 14 to 17.5 inches (Measured from the top of the seat). While the seat measured from floor level goes from 17.5 to 20.5 inches giving the chair an overall height of between 31 and 37 inches.

In comparison to the Avenger this chair is a bit smaller overall, but still is one heavy duty chair. Actually it’s apparently intended for 24/7 usage, so it can take a beating. However the height of the chair may not suit the really tall persons so much. Where it lacks in height, it gains a positive with adjustable lumbar support and dual wheel carpet casters. Which are great for home offices. I would recommend this chair over the Avenger if you were no taller than 6 ft and worked in warmer office conditions. It’s a great chair and I’m sure it would please my co-workers in the office.


Safco Vue Mesh Padded Office Chair


Safco Serenity High Back Leather Office ChairBest Big Mans Leather Office Chair

The third of the 500 pound rated office chairs is also by Safco. Another high quality and very heavy duty chair built with the Big & Tall person in mind. With a roomy 21.5 inch wide seat I find it has plenty of backside space. While the chair is rather wide, I don’t expect the same sort of comfort level as the Avenger. With less padding overall you may find this chair the hardest of the 3. Firm but not too soft you sink into it.

This model comes in a high back and a med back size. So if you’re a taller person be sure to consider the high back version otherwise the back rest could fall short. A pretty basic office chair all in all. With tilt/lock feature and Pneumatic height adjustment being the major features. Which is fine for us bigger Guys because we don’t need to be moving around too much anyway.

Overall opinion leads me to think this chair has potential, but for the price I would opt for either the OFM or the Mesh padded chair. However that is just my opinion. So if you want a oversized Leather big and tall office chair, then this chair is an option for you. It’s heavy duty, easy to assemble and made from Leather which many people desire in an office chair.

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