Plus Size Recliners For Big Men Power Lift To Rockers

Plus Size Recliners For Big Men Power Lift To RockersPlus Size Recliners For Big Men

Find Plus Size Recliners, power lifts, rockers and standard oversized recliners for big men on display here. Categorized into weight capacities to make buying a Big Mans recliner chair hopefully less stressful and easier for you.

As the overweight and obese population continues to grow in large numbers, it’s no surprise manufacturers are finally catching onto our plus size needs. Instead of abusing us and telling us to loose weight, they are actually taking positive steps to help the heavy community enjoy life to the fullest. Which is great considering obesity rates have risen to 27.7% and continue to grow year after year. So now that we know we are being taken care of now and into the future, lets have a look at some Plus Size Recliners on the market.

We have categorized the Recliners into individual weight capacities where you can find the appropriate Power Lifts or Rockers for that weight limit if available. Click on the appropriate links or images to get the full lists, read more reviews and where you can buy one for yourself. It’s important to remember we should all aim for a recliner with a higher weight capacity then our body weight. This is because our initial impact of sitting down has a greater force then our standalone body weight.  As a rule of thumb I generally recommend someone buy a recliner at least 50 lbs heavier then there weight.


450 Lbs Lift Recliner – My All Time Favorite

Omni Catnapper

I’m going to start by recommending my all time favorite plush recliner for big men who need a 450 pound weight capacity rating. The Omni Catnapper – Power Lift. A couple years ago, one of my friends was suffering severe back pain (A fellow big guy as well), so much so that he could no longer use the lever on his recliner to get into the recline position. The pain was too intense on his back that his old and dated recliner was rendered useless. So he came to me for advice as he knew I had some previous experience with the Catnapper.

It only took one quick demo and my friend was sold on the Catnapper Power Lift. Fast forward a couple years and he still continues to thank me for the recommendation. He even bought a second recliner for his Wife, as she become to too familiar with ‘sleeping’ in his recliner. Smart move my friend.

The comfort level is something else, especially when reclined. It works wonders for when I’m getting to sleep when the bed is just not doing the job. It seems to cure that ‘I just can’t get comfortable feeling’ when finding it hard to sleep.

Some important information about the Catnapper. Well as you can tell form the name, it’s powered. So with a handy remote you have full access to any available recline position with the push of a button.  Which is very handy for big people with sore bodies, back pain and or illness. Oh, this chair also has battery power back up installed. Just incase your taking it very easy one day, fully reclined loving life and out of nowhere you loose power. The battery power should kick in and can be used as an emergency power source.

The lift feature is particularly handy too if you’re an obese person, suffer from bad knees/back or have a weakness disorder. Without a lift feature, I find it almost too hard getting in and out of any recliner. So an extra large recliner needs to have this lift feature in my opinion. It’s just too helpful to disregard as a large person myself.

I personally rated the Omni as the #2 lift chair for heavy people. Find out which lift chair I rated #1 here.

Catnapper 450 Pound Lift Recliner



Big & Tall Recliners 500 Lbs Capacity

If your in the market to buy a 500 pound Big and Tall recliner chair, but have no idea where to get one. I’ve narrowed down 500 lb capacity chairs to just 2 suitable candidates we recommend. These 2 chairs are beasts when it come to spaciousness and width. One’s a Power Lift recliner and the other is a standard recliner. If you are a really big person, I highly recommend getting your backside into a Lift recliner. It could change your life in regards to easy access in and out of the chair.


View Our Recommended 500 Lbs Recliners
Click on more details below to see the 500 pound weight capacity recliners I Highly recommend.


Big Man Recliners 400 Lbs Weight Limit

Malone Catnapper Recliner Review

Big Man Recliners 400 Lbs Weight Limit
The Malone Catnapper Recliner is the Big Man’s recliner with a weight capacity limit of 400 lbs of choice. This huge recliner is available in store from Jackson Furniture and is also available online. Check availability at Amazon.com.

The 400 pound weight limit is possible because of the Catnapper’s unique heavy duty frame. The reinforced steel frame and full steel seat support are what contributes to this recliner’s ability to hold heavy weights.

I must say I do like the idea of gel memory foam inserts on a recliner like this one. Memory foam is especially comfortable in office chairs, and mattresses. I’m liking the idea of it becoming more popular in recliners too. Memory foam is a comfortable material that molds itself to the shape of your body for what I reckon is complete comfort. The added ottoman or leg rest on this oversized chair is a great idea for the especially tall big guys. Nothing worse then feet hanging off the end and being uncomfortable.


400 lb Capacity Catnapper Malone


500 Lbs Premium Comfort Recliner With Massage

THERAPEDIC Lift Chair Recliner with Carbon Fiber Heat & Sonic Massage
The Good
  • 500 Lbs Weight Capacity
  • 27" Wide Between Arms Seat
  • Gel Infused Foam In Arms, Seat & Back
  • Offers Heat And Massage Therapy
  • Heavy Duty Double Stitching
  • Premium Quality
  • Comes With Warranty
The Bad
  • Little Pricey, but considering the features. Totally worth it.

This is going to be my chair for 2018, no if buts or maybes. This is a beast of a chair which also happens to have a 500 pound weight rating. I’m not sure how long it’s been on the market, but becasue of the features on it. I would assume less than 2 years.

The chair in question is by Therapedic and is just great value for money if you ask me. While it may be considered expensive to some, what you get for the dollar is really valuable.

For starters, it has the widest seat (distance between the arms) for a power lift chair that I’ve seen. As presented here on the widest recliners page. The distance between the two arms measures about 27 inches. Which is about 8 or 9 niches wider than a standard power lift chair. A lift chair by itself is a great investment for heavier people as it literally helps you get in and out of the recliner. The chair is operated by power (most have battery back up power) and raises to a height where you can just fall back into. Push the button again and get lowered into position. Same with getting out of the chair. Push the button to lift you out of the chair. Very much a much loved Big Mans tool.

500 Lbs Premium Comfort Recliner With MassageSo it’s big, wide, has a high wight capacity and makes life easier for the big person via a power lift. What about the other features I’ve been going on about?. Well, a hidden gem in this recliner is the gel infused foam that makes the comfort on this thing out of this world. With traditional memory foam, big people like us tend to sweat a lot. That is becasue memory foam retains heat very well. Nobody likes sweating in a recliner right. But with the gel infused foam, air can circulate much better letting heat escape. Genius idea and one I haven’t seen too often on recliner chairs (just yet).

This chair also offers massage and heat options. This is where the real value is added to this chair. A massage chair for heavy people can cost double if not triple the price. So getting a feature like this included just adds great value to the Therapedic recliner.



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9 Responsesso far.

  1. Marge VanGorp says:

    Hubby is 6’7″ and 375 pounds. Need power lift chair that would fit him reasonably well. What do you suggest. Longer is better as he needs lower leg support. Any help?

  2. allen swinson says:

    iike to rock and I like to kick back and take a nap but ive went out and payed big money for rocker recliners in the past and I break them all the time is there a chair out there for me I way 450lbs I would have to make payments for one…

  3. Renee says:

    Where do i order one of these chairs

  4. Looking for a recliner lift chair for myself, I’m 6’7″ 650 lbs

  5. Anita Gibson says:

    6’8″ 250 lbs need lift chair

  6. I like the looks of this chair (leather?). I sleep in my recliner and watch TV in it also. I need a lift chair because I am having trouble with my knees. My main concern is whether the back goes down at the same rate as the foot comes up? I need to elevate my legs all the time and I do not want to lie down to watch TV. Can you help me? need at least for 450 lbs and 5’10”. Need delivery and setup and live in Piqua, OH 45356

    • bigman says:

      Which chair do you mean. The Therapedic?. For this chair the back and the foot rest don’t adjust independently. So when you recline back the foot rest elevates.

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