• Padded Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs For Heavy People

    Padded Oversized Zero Gravity Chairs For Heavy PeopleIt’s not always easy relaxing in a comfortable chair as a plus size person. Especially one in which you put faith in when reclining. One that can actually support your body weight. Which is why padded oversized Zero Gravity chairs for heavy people are so hard to find. When reclined in a zero gravity position,  the chair needs to pretty much absorb the body weight to create a feeling of weightlessness.

    Now as you may know, us overweight people need a higher weight rating in just about everything we sit, stand or lay on. This is especially important when it comes to zero gravity chairs. Being reclined in such a position is putting a lot of faith in a couple of chair legs don’t you think?. If it topples…. There is no winner!. So a larger body will not only put extra strain on the foundation of the chair and possibly cause it to break beneath. But being a lot heavier than the normal (But what’s normal?) person, laying on your back from a sitting position can be more difficult to achieve. Not to mention pulling yourself up out of the chair. This greater force of essentially landing on the back of the seat can cause unwanted tension for a ‘standard’ zero gravity chair.

    What To Look For When Buying A Zero Gravity Chair For Big People

    • High Weight Capacity – Bigger the better as it generally resembles the quality and strength of the foundation.
    • The chair must be adjustable so that a 90/90 degree angle can be achieved. This is the position experts believe to be neutral for the spine in order to feel weightless. The knees should ideally be raised just above the level of your heart so that a large angle can be formed between the pelvis and the back. This opens you up for increased oxygen flow and increased circulation.
    • Padding is a must in my opinion. While not all zero gravity chairs are massage chairs, the outdoor chairs need to be padded. The edges of the material can tend to dig into the body and cause discomfort. Padding for obvious reasons also improves the comfort level for which one may be seeking a oversized zero gravity chair.
    • The size matters. Make sure to take note of the chair. Is it oversized and can it fit not only your width, but your height as well. No point having a zero gravity chair if the legs are all bunched up or hanging freely off the end and causing discomfort.

    The Best Padded Outdoors Zero Gravity Chairs For Overweight People

    Faulkner X-Large Malibu Outdoors Recliner – 300 Lbs Capacity

    Zero Gravity Chairs For Overweight People
    This XL version of the Faulkner recliner is not only wider, but has a higher weight capacity than the standard model. Designed for the big Man wanting to totally relax outdoors on the porch or take for a classy camping trip. I found this zero gravity chair to be one of the best padded outdoors chair for the money. Many zero gravity chairs are super expensive, but the Faulkner is affordable and very heavy duty. Which is perfect for any outdoor occasion.

    The frame is surprisingly strong for the price, which is a must considering the 300 pound weight capacity. This is a padded chair which is about one inch thick. Which is not huge, but better than having no padding unlike many other chairs. Normally I prefer meshed chairs, but in instances where you lay back I feel padding is a must.

    The lock feature is controlled by a lever, but there doesn’t seem to be a lock for once you fold the chair up for transport. This is not a critical thing for me, but for someone who is on the go all the time and needs a portable chair, you may find the lack of lock when folded annoying. However, a separate carry/storage bag is available which makes this chair much more portable.

    It’s the small details with the Faulkner that make is a great Zero Gravity Chair. The way the arms are contoured rather than straight add an extra touch of comfort. The pillow can be slide into position under the neck for extra support and even taken completely off the chair. The customization combined with the padding are why I recommend this chair.

    Faulkner Malibu Padded Zero Gravity Chair
    The Good
    • 300 Pound Weight Capacity
    • 1 Inch Thick Padding
    • Heavy Duty Frame
    • Lightweight & Portable
    • Contoured Arms
    • Suitanle For Indoor Living Also
    The Bad
    • Carry Bag Must Be Purchased Separately
    • Could do with more padding

    The Most Comfortable Outdoor Zero Gravity Chair

    The 350 Lbs Capacity XL By WestField

    350 Lbs weight Capacity Zero Gravity Chairs
    If comfort is a requirement for your outdoors relaxation period, then I don’t think there are many more comfortable zero gravity chairs on the market for this price. The padding on this chair is just right for reaching that zero gravity position.

    The 350 pound weight capacity rings true when you see the size of the actual chair. As it’s called the ‘XL’ you would be right to assume it’s intended for the Big Man or Gal. The width of the seat is a nice 22 inches wide so plenty of room for the oversized person to relax in comfort.

    The padded pillow that’s included can also be adjusted or even taken off. But what I particularly like is sliding the pillow down and using it as lumbar support for a even more comfortable seat. The side table is also a nice extra touch, if only it had a canopy and a carry case. But all in all I find the XL zero gravity chair a good fit for most plus sized people.

    350 Lbs XL Zero Gravity Chair

    Zero Gravity Chair For Obese People

    450 Pound Weight Capacity Zero Gravity Chair

     The Best Zero Gravity Chairs For Obese People 450 lbs capacity
    Finding any sort of chair for an obese person is ridiculously hard. Especially with chairs that recline backwards because of the tipping over hazard and the high weight rating needed to support an obese person. There’s not much in the way of 400 lbs capacity outdoors zero gravity chairs on the market. So the way around this is to consider the double wide 2 person zero gravity chair.

    This chair is huge, and I mean huge. It has an impressive 450 pound weight capacity, which is incredible for a portable reclining chair like this. While this chair is intended for 2 ‘normal’ size adults, I still believe it would be a squeeze to get 2 slightly larger folks into this chair. Which is why this is the perfect zero gravity chair for obese people in my opinion. It’s the better option for a single large person.

    What I also like about this double chair is how light it is. The thing only weighs 34 pounds, which makes it super easy to move around or use as a heavy duty camping chair.

    While the entire chair is not padded, we have to compromise a little with this 450 lbs capacity chair. The headrest is padded like most zero gravity chairs, but for an all round comfortable chair you may need extra padding. What I suggest to folks is to grab an old chaise padded cushion or what’s even better is to use a Geri-Chair Comfort Cushion. This cushion is 75 inches long and has straps to tie down, its the perfect solution to adding a new element of comfort. It may not look all the flash, but boy is it comfy.

    Double Size 450 Lbs Rated Zero Gravity Chair


    Padded Indoors Zero Gravity Chairs For Heavy People

    320 Pound Capacity Massage Chair

    Padded Indoors Zero Gravity Chairs
    If you want to take the zero gravity comfort to the next level, then a zero gravity massage chair is a great choice. While obviously a massage chair is going to cost more than a outdoors zero gravity chair, I see that as a positive thing. This is because, you are not only get a awesome massage, but a chair with a 320 pound weight capacity that is built super strong and durable. As a big Man, that’s just what I like to know. Note: Seller states weight capacity in Questions & Answers.

    The fear of a larger sized person and massage chairs could typically put down to 2 things: weight capacity and width of chair. The Revive massage zero gravity chair by Bhealth delivers the peace of mind we may be seeking. We have already mentioned that this chair has a high weight capacity, but it also has a XL size seating area. The actual width of the seat is 21 inches and 19 inches from front to the back of the seat.         Padded Indoors Zero Gravity Chairs

    Like some of the other massage chairs for overweight people, this chair has many airbags including the arm and calves zones. In fact there are 12 airbags for the arms and 8 for the calf region. While the Revive may not have all the latest technology inbuilt, it does offer a lot of bang for the buck. The Revive offers plenty of features that I love and it is just amazing in the zero gravity position. The rolling L track back rollers complete the package for me as they get right down into the lower back/buttocks region rather well.

    The Revive chair does have 5 popular massage types which include Rolling, kneading, tapping etc. But what I find amazing about his chair is the fact it comes with some very good automatic massages setting pre built into it. Which is just fantastic for those days when you just need to get into a chair immediately and ‘revive’. But having the manual option should not be disregarded either (Even tho it’s hard to pass on the Auto programmed massage #4. The manual option allows you to manually choose which massage you want and which part of the body needs the attention. For example, when I climb up my heavy duty step ladders the back of my legs really burn the next day. If I didn’t want a full body massage, I could just focus on that one region. Brilliant choice for anyone not wanting to remortgage the home just to buy a chair.

    320 Lbs Zero Gravity Massage Chair
    The Good
    • 21 Inch Wide Seat
    • 320 Lbs Weight Capacity
    • Auto & Manual Massage Targeting
    • Multiple Massage Styles Available
    • Easy To Use Display
    • Built In Heat
    • Various Colors Available
    • Easy To Put Together
    The Bad
    • Can Be Too Expensive For Some Folks

    Take Zero Gravity To The Bed

    Extra Large Zero gravity bed systems
    When all else fails and none of the zero gravity chairs are suitable, a body support for the bed may be a viable option. The best thing about this particular made in the USA ‘System’ is that it also comes in the extra wide variety. So it’s great for us bigger people. I often find myself laying in bed to try get comfortable as the chair just simply doesn’t cut it. While my Big Mans Mattress is pretty comfortable most of the time, finding the right resting position is difficult at times.

    This is why I like the 3 piece zero gravity back/body support for the bed. They are light weight and easy to store. So its just a matter of putting them in the 30 degree decline position and I instantly have a amazing place to lay down and rest.

    Large 3 Piece Body Support System Made In USA

    The Concept Of Zero Gravity Chairs

    Not exactly sure what the benefits of a Zero Gravity Chair are?. Watch this short video to learn more.



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