• Heavy Duty Bunk Beds For Heavy People – Are They Really Safe?

    Heavy Duty Bunk Beds For Heavy People

    Sleeping in a bunk bed has always been a daunting experience for me since I can remember. Now that I’m older and much bigger in size, the fear has only but increased. Is there such heavy duty bunk beds for heavy people that cant safely handle high weight capacities.

    This is the question I had to answer after visiting my Cousin this Summer. Why?. Because I was forced to sleep in his bunk bed as I had no other bedding option. Even sleeping on the bottom level was nerve racking. Just the thought of the top level collapsing on me was terrifying (Yes my Wife took the honors of sleeping on the upper level) .

    I got thinking that that there must be other heavy adults, or even overweight teenagers in this oversized population whom are put in a similar position. So after some solid research and trying out bunk beds first hand I’ve come to one conclusion. If you’re a big person, avoid bunk beds if possible.

    Maybe it’s my personal fears haunting me, but the majority of bunk beds available simply wouldn’t handle my large body night in night out. Just climbing on top for a few minutes is enough to hear and even see stress being put on the foundations of the bed.

    Not only that, but the shear difficulty of pulling yourself up the ladder is a really tough task. On the other hand it’s kind of a work out and one which over time would increase the upper body strength.

    Bunk Beds As A Temporary Solution?

    If you’re asking me about large people and bunk beds as a temporary sleeping solution, I will say this. Have you considered taking or using folding beds designed for heavy people as your temporary option?.

    Some of them are rather comfortable and much safer in my opinion. However, not all’s lost if you’re 100% positive you need a heavy duty bunk bed. A  few bunks were actually classified as heavy duty and did show really good potential as permanent bunk beds for us larger guys and gals. The bunk beds I found to be suitable for heavier people are listed below. Do also note the width of the bed as well. As you know, us bigger people are considerably wider then the normal folks.

    Heavy Duty Metal Bunk Bed For Big And Tall People

    Coaster Fine Furniture 400 Lbs Top Bunk CapacityBest Heavy Duty Metal Bunk Beds

    This bunk bed by Coaster Fine Furniture is one of the more stylish and modern bunk beds I’ve ever seen. Regardless if your big or small, I think this bunk bed could match many home decors. It looks just fabulous. Looks aside, it’s one mammoth of a bunk. As for floor space it takes up the same area as a queen bed would and the top bunk is the same size also.

    This bunk bed is one of those products I think will last for quite some time. From first sight I can notice this heavy duty bunk bed is made from the high quality materials. Imagine a tank, and now imagine a bunk made from a tank. That’s how I vision this bed, very impressed by the strength of the build. It’s seems squeak free too. Unlike many other heavy duty metal bunk beds, this bed appears as tho it’s quite as a mouse.

    As for weight capacity, the user manual states it to hold 400 lbs on the top bunk which is quite sufficient in my opinion. I couldn’t imagine too many 400 pound people would want to voluntarily sleep on the top of a bunk. However if you are 200-350 pounds in weight, this 400 lb capacity gives you some leverage.

    For mattress thickness it’s important you don’t have higher then recommended mattress otherwise you will be reducing the guard rails ability to stop you from potentially rolling out of bed. For the top level I wouldn’t go any thicker than a 8 inch mattress.

    As for the lower level, I think this depends on the amount of room you need between the two beds. As the thicker you opt in for the less room you will have when you sit up in bed and potentially bang your head. 12 inches maximum I would say. The actual gap between top and bottom bed frames is 37.5 inches.

    Overall I believe this Bunk Bed is one of the better options as a sturdy bunk beds for big and tall people. The design is amazing and I love having the ladders built into the 2 long sides of the bed. They add an element of style and also convenience.

    Only draw back is that some people may need to enter and exit the bed from the feet end. Not a huge problem and not one that would greatly influence my buying decision.


    Heavy Duty Metal Bunk Bed


    More Bunk Beds With High Weight Capacity?

    Twin Over Twin Spirit Bunk Bed – 800 Pounds Capacity

    This whopping 800 lbs capacity bunk bed is proudly made in the USA by Max And Lily. Each bed has a weight capacity of 400 lbs, so there’s no fighting over the top or bottom here.

    This particular bunk bed comes in natural timber look or painted. Me personally, I would opt to paint the entire bed with a hard wearing non flaking paint. This is because, if the natural/stained timber gets chipped or damaged, it’s a nightmare to try and fix. Whereas you can just fill and touch up paint easily.

    Being a twin size bed measuring in at 45 inches wide, it may not be suitable for the very wide people. Again, bunk beds aren’t really appropriate for the really heavy people anyways in my opinion, unless you plan on sleeping on the lower bed. In this case, it’s fine. Plus you mat not hit your head when you sit up on the lower bed either as it’s got quite a big gap between the two beds.

    Probably the best aspect of this bunk is its high 14 inch rail guards. Nothing worse than rolling out of a bunk bed. The ladder itself is not reversible and has handy steps. Down the bottom are smaller spaced steps for younger people.

    Overall, I really like this 100% real wood bunk bed. Because of how sturdy this bunk is, I would easily recommend it to most families of plus sizes. Having the 1000 pound rating can give many the confidence of climbing into bed with the kids to tuck them in and say goodnight.

    800 Lb Capacity Bunk Bed By Max & Lily



    Space Saving Bunk Bed For Overweight People

    Stylish Bunk By Dorel Home Products

    I absolutely love the idea of this heavy duty twin bunk bed. If I was a single Man in a small room, I would be getting this bunk bed in a heartbeat. Why?. Because it’s such an awesome space saver. The bottom half of the bed acts as a bed and also a couch. So after a night in front of the TV or a session on the PlayStation, either sleep on the Futon or climb up to the top and leave the couch ready for the next days sitting.

    While this oversized bunk bed is considerably difficult to put together from scratch, it’s well worth it. I would allow a couple hours to put it together and preferably get another pair of helping hands to make the awkward parts not so difficult. Once set up of the bunk is in place, you can notice how sturdy and strong this bunk bed is just by its appearance. The quality materials yet sleek design combine for one heck of a space saving sleeping arrangement.

    While I do suggest a minimum of a 6.5 inch memory foam mattress for total comfort on the lower bunk, it’s not completely necessary on the top level. The top level of the bunk bed has a decent weight capacity of 225 pounds which is suitable for some overweight Adults. The lower bunk is where you have even more weight capacity freedom. A very generous 400 pound capacity is plenty for many us plus size people who need a space saving bunk with the added bonus of a cozy couch. I would easily recommend this heavy duty metal bunk bed to my slightly larger friends and family members in a heart beat. It’s such a great space saving idea for small apartments and bedrooms with a really nice clean and modern appeal to it. It’s worth noting that the bed size is a twin mattress, so if you require a larger sized bunk I would go with the full size metal bunk instead.


    Dorel Home Products Bunk Bed


    Top level 300 Pound Capacity Full Metal Bunk Bed

    Powell Full Over Full Heavy Duty Metal Bunks

    Another great alternative full over full metal bunk bed is by Powell. It’s top level bunk is rated to hold 300 lbs. This particular bed is also available a twin over twin. I like the design but not as much as the Coaster Bunk Bed.

    Also the ladder comes out on an angle on this bed. Which can be a tripping hazard but also beneficial to us bigger people. As straight up and down bed ladders can be difficult to climb with extra weight to carry around.


    Powell Heavy Duty Metal Full Bunk Bed


    Bunk Beds For Big People Feedback

    Have you experienced any of these bunk beds before?. Are you a big Man or Woman and had a bad experience sleeping in bunk beds before?. We would love to hear your horror stories and even the funny experiences you have endured when challenging the bunk as a larger sized person. I know I have had a few over the years and would love to believe I am not alone. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


22 Responsesso far.

  1. Ani says:

    My daughter is 11 yrs old and 210lbs. She’s not overly overweight. She’s tall (5’6) and big boned. Still, she’s a little girl in a big body. She runs, jumps and plays like a little girl, so, the idea of a bunk bed thrilled her. I’ve been looking all over for
    a full top bunk with a desk for homework on
    the bottom.

    • Brittany says:

      Yeah if your daughter is only 11 years old, and 210 lbs, you should see a doctor and a nutritionist about that. I had a family friend who was 11 and only 175 and she had knee and back pains that got so bad she was forced to lose weight. Just saying, get your daughter some help lady.

      • Jeannette says:

        That’s called growing pains. My daughter is 5’2″ and weighs 220. She is big boned too. People say she looks thick but not fat. She is gorgeous and loves sports. Exercise and yoga helped my daughter with growing pains. As a therapist, putting emphasis on weight can bring unwarranted emotional issues not to mention disorders.

      • Me says:

        You should mind your own business and just answer the questions asked. I am sure she brings her child to the doctor and that if there was a problem her doctor would tell her. Do you have an answer about a bed or not???

    • AGR says:

      You should not be a mother if you let your daughter get that big. That’s unhealthy and there is no such thing as big boned until the fat inside pushes the bones to stretch. Seriously. Disgusting.

      • Lizz says:

        Who the hell are you to speak to someone like that you are a horrible human being telling someone they should not be a mother. You should learn how to be encouraging instead of discouraging how dare you tell somebody something like that it’s people like you that make this place this world a horrible place if you have nothing nice to say then don’t say anything at all you should be ashamed of yourself

      • Desiree says:

        You are pathetic if u have to pick on a little girl. She didn’t ask your opinion on her daughters weight! She is on here looking for a bunkbed as well as I am. Now obviously you have no life if you go around and bully people AGR. And obviously your too scared to use ur real name! Why don’t you grow up! U much fatt if your on this website. I advise u to leave her the hell alone. Your the one who shouldnt be a mother of father( don’t know what u are) because u would a horrible mother/father!

      • Big boned family person says:

        Yes let’s bully a child we don’t know judge a mother we don’t and tell them how to live their life and what we think is right because we are ignorant people and don’t know each person has a different bone structure and build.

      • Kim says:

        AGR: Is absolutely correct! Let’s stick to the Q & A , please. You people are acting sophomoric.

      • Samantha R Smith says:

        Oh my lord. Fat can’t “push in” and make bones stretch. Ok, how any of this has anything to do with beds is beyond me. I am going to say this though. I have been “big boned” from birth. It has nothing to do with “fat pushing in” or any of the other crazy answers here. If x-rayed you can see that my frame, or bone structure, is thick or large. This means that my frame has a “normal” weight of about 180-200 pounds. Just because you have a certain age or a certain height means nothing. And to shame these children and their mothers is disgusting.

    • Tracey B says:

      I’m sorry but your daughter is severely overweight. “big boned” does not mean 210lbs at 5′ 6″ that weight to height makes her obese. You are doing your daughter a disservice that will effect her her whole life. I say this as someone who has been heavy since my late teens and is struggling with the effects of being obese.

    • Jill says:

      I’m really sorry that everyone has to concern troll you and your daughter. You might find what you are looking for listed as a loft bed rather than a bunk bed.

    • Jim says:

      11 years old and 210 lbs at 5’6″? Wow!! That’s some child abuse right there! I’d bet you’re a fatty too with all this “big boned” talk. Help your daughter out and teach her how to eat properly and exercise! Knowledge like that will serve her well throughout her lifetime. Teach her healthy life skills before it’s too late instead of buying her a fat people bed.

  2. Jason says:

    My girl and I spent the night at a friends house a while back. Well at the time my girl weighed about 500 pounds, she’s heavier now, but I’m at the time 230 pounds. The bed we slept on was a twin bed with a trundle. So, it was pretty quiet where we were and middle of the night. My girl is pear shaped I’m medium build, well one thing leads to another my girl is on top of me, we are to big to lay side by side on such a small bed and she was hanging off both sides (85 inch hips) lol!! Well some bouncing and squashing later….. yep it broke. It was fun till that point. We laughed it off and help pay for the new bed.

  3. Odalis L Gonzalez says:

    I’m looking for a bunk bed for two 6ft tall 20 yr Olds. I’m a little confused on which are better. They weigh around 225lbs.

  4. Marci B says:

    I’m looking for bunk beds for a farm bunk house to use for adult men. We want economy, but safety!! What is your advice to hold men, yet be comfortable. Rustic farmhouse style. Thank you,

    • bigman says:

      Most bunk beds have a weight capacity of 160 lbs for the upper bed, so it’s extremely hard to find a more supportive bed on a budget. For a real sturdy bunk bed you could be looking at over $2000. Have you considered a full over queen bunk?. Something like the Steven Bunk Bed by Furniture Of America. It would really depend on how heavy the adults sleeping in the bed are. Then there is the full over full option like the ‘Modern Rustic Bunk Bed‘ found on amazon. However this bed only comes with 6 slats. So it would need more reinforcements which can be a good thing. As you can modify it to be as strong as you need it. Of course there’s the option of finding a custom bunk builder in your area.

  5. Jennifer says:

    Our kids are young (still in a crib). In our spare bedroom, I am looking to buy some strong bunk beds that can be separated and put side by side to make a king for the guest room with the intention of putting it back as a bunk when the kids get older. Some of our guests that might use it as a king are older adults that are bigger people, so I want them to be strong enough. I really like the second bunk listed above (white, wood), but I need beds that will look the same side by side too – any recommendations?

    • bigman says:

      Hi Jennifer, that solid white wood Bunk bed by Max & Lily does come down into 2 identical twin size beds. The ladder and the side rails can be removed. At this exact moment,that bunk bed is unavailable. However there is this WE Furniture white wood bunk bed that looks similar and can also be used as 2 identical beds. It can be found on amazon.com here.

  6. Brant says:

    These guys (Tribunk) make a king-sized triple bunk bed. Just ask them about it.

  7. Ronald weighs a normal amount Johnson says:

    Terrible parents with egregious parenting. Who would harm their own kids to such an extent? A 215lb 6 foot male is obese and your ELEVENYEAROLD daughter tops that? Dont complain when she dies at 35 or 40 Lord almighty i hope you all get some help with your cognitive dissonance and atrocious standards of health. Almost unbelievable and wholeheartedly pathetic. Seriously im mouth opened flabbergasted at this do you really exist??? G E T H E L P YOU ARE OBJECTIVELY UNHEALTHY

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