• Extra Large Massage Chairs For Overweight People

    I heard of a story recently about an obese person being refused a professional massage because of their size. While this is obviously not the right approach, it got me thinking about the variety of extra large massage chairs for overweight people. After some extensive research, I have managed to find 5 massage chairs suitable for us heavy people.

    But I am surprised that the maximum weight capacity for a massage chair available is only 350 lbs. With some recliner chairs with 500 Lbs capacity, one could assume a massage chair could withstand 500 pounds as well. But it appears not, and 350 pounds is the highest ‘official’ weight capacity I found from my research.

    Why Heavy & Overweight People Should Get A Robotic Massage Chairmassages for big people

    Being obese or even slightly overweight can have some significant affects on the body. Besides the health issues, having the extra 100, 200, 300 pounds extra weight to carry around can really take its toll. The more common affected areas of the body from living with extra weight include: Knees, back, neck, ankles, feet and the hips. These are common impact zones and when one is overweight, extreme pressure can be forced onto these zones. All sorts of injuries can occur as a result. It’s not uncommon for a overweight person to have high blood pressure either.

    Fortunately a simple massage may help with these conditions. However with the stigmata attached to obese people, it’s not uncommon for a massage parlor to turn down the business. This may be a result of either personal judgement from the staff or inadequate massage tables, stools etc. Whatever the reasons are behind the business, hope is not lost. This is where the heavy duty robotic massage chair plays their role.

    Massage chairs are relatively new in the grand scheme of things, according to Wiki they were first introduced to the market in 1954. But it hasn’t been until the last decade or so that they have really taken off. Prices are starting to reflect the popularity and decrease slightly, which I’m very happy about. So it’s important to note that some of the newer massage chairs may actually be cheaper than some of the older models. So lets get going and reveal 6 electronic massage chairs suited to plus size people.

    Highest Weight Capacity Massage Chair – 440 Lbs

    The Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Best Bang For You Buck Chair

    One of the best massage chairs of 2017. With a weight rating of 440 lbs and what I consider an affordable price, there’s not much out there that competes with the Real Relax. In terms of the high weight capacity, built in features and attractive price, I think I have found the perfect massage chair for the big person on a budget. This chair even has a heater in the seat, which as we know is a health benefit of heat therapy. This is something I wasn’t expecting from this chair that just keeps on giving.

    Whats To Love

    • Ive compared the Real Relax to other $2000+ massage chairs and this affordable massage chair boasts the same if not better feature then its competitors.
    • FDA Registered product.
    • Comes in one piece (Thankfully) and is fairly straight forward to assemble.
    • Looks like a high end massage chair if looks are something of concern to you.
    • Great selection of settings you can customize to suit your individual needs. Speed, density, intensity etc.
    • Rather comfortable and offers a great range of massage. With 35 air bags in this chair, getting a shiatsu massage is a true pleasure. The 8 massage points in the back rest are ideally located in my opinion
    • Has an extendable foot rest to cater to taller people
    • I love the neck and shoulder massager. It actually wraps around your neck to give a more life like massage.
    • 440 pound weight capacity. Simply nothing better in my opinion.

    What To Be Mindful Of?

    • Cheaper than you may expect. How is this a con?. Well becasue the price is so much cheaper that the $1000+ massage chairs, you may think this is cheap rip off. But it’s not, its just a really good massage chair with a realistic price tag.
    • The remote control face plate is a little loose as in it needs to be glued down if this happens to you. Not a big deal, but it just shows where they put the money in this product. Into the chair! Highly recommended massage chair for heavy people up to 440 lbs.


    Real Relax Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair


    300 Lbs Weight Capacity Massage Chairs For Big People

    Possibly The BEST Massage Chair In The World!Extra Large Massage Chairs For Overweight People

    The Luraco irobotics 7 massage chair has some pretty amazing testimonials scattered across the net. This 300 Lbs tested made in the USA massage chair has certainly left a lasting impression on many Americans. In fact it was voted best medical massage chair by Tech Guru at the International Consumer Electronics.

    The i7 feels like it is is the ultimate advanced version of any massage chair, with up to date technology that’s sure to leave a smile.  Advanced, yet simply. Which is why this chair is so popular. Nobody likes to mess around with a control for an hour just to turn the thing on. Which is why I like the idea of the smartphone style display. The simple layout makes the chair easy to use, which is a attribute we all want.

    While simple in display, the irobotics 7 is more advanced in the areas that matter. The actual massaging!. With an incredible 5 intensity settings, controlled massaging is now the way of the future. But what I found the most appealing for a big person is the scan feature. The chair will actually scan your body so the rollers can adjust the massage to suit your individual body shape. This is just incredible for a custom full body massage. While you maybe able to get a good idea from consumer reviews about what to expect from the iRobotics 7, the below video will give you a complete run through on this amazing massage chair.



    Luraco iRobotics 7 Massage Chair

    Bells & Whistles Massage Chair For Heavy People – 264 Pounds Capacity

    The Panasonic EP-MA 73 Review

    Massage Chairs For Heavy People
    The thing with being a big Man and finding seating is one must always look into the width of both the seat and the back. This is why I like the Panasonic MA73. Unlike more common narrow thinner massage chairs you may have seen at the Mall. This beast of a chair is wide enough for the big Man. As for weight capacity, it isn’t the highest with a maximum weight limit of 264 pounds. But the build of this massage chair is pure quality. The chair doesn’t feel like its going to bend when in use, which is credit to the heavy duty frame/support the Panasonic MA73.

    While this Panasonic massage chair is not too dissimilar to the iRobotics, it does have a lower weight capacity. But the other features are the true stand out here. The heated hand and arm massage is something that has to be felt to be believed. Not all chairs come with arm and hand massaging devices, so it’s really good if you can snap up the chance to test run when you can. I constantly get hand cramps from repetitive movements and small hand massages work a treat. For someone with serious RA, this chair could be a very nice addition to relief.


    What Makes The Panasonic EP – MA 73 Such A Good Massage Chair?

    The extra wide massage chair has 5 different massage settings which is ideal if multiple people intend to use this chair. I prefer the Swedish massage while my Partner cant get enough of the Shiatsu Massage on the hardest setting. Which is too intense for me, but can easily be lowered. Or one can just mix up all kinds of massages to best perform to suit there body.

    The conveniently placed control is particularly good for these scenarios. A few hits of the button and change the settings to suit you, brilliant. But at first the control can seem daunting, after some extended use it becomes just another control you know like the back of your hand. Mastering the control is just another reason to indulge in a full body massage.

    For the price of the Panasonic EP-MA73 you get a lot of bang for your buck. It’s one of the more up to date models that offers full body massages with 5 different massaging styles. But for the fact it has a higher than standard weight capacity, wider seat area and hand and feet massage capabilities make this chair an easy recommendation for the overweight population.

    The Panasonic EP-MA 73


    Massage Chair For plus Size People

    250 Lbs Capacity For The Budget Minded

    Heavy Duty Massage Chairs For Plus Size People
    Massage chairs can vary in prices from the hundreds to the thousands. This Electric Shiatsu Full Body Massage Chair fits into the budged end of the scale. Which is fine for a 250 pound capacity. But for anything heavier than that, one might question the amount of strength and support the chair can offer for what I consider a low price.

    One of the features of The Shiatsu that I think is one of it’s best is the shear amount of extension the roller heads have. They can go down and get into the tail bone area, which other chairs can sometimes struggle with. For me, it’s my lower back area that needs the most attention and because the Shiatsu can focus more on the lower back region it’s a good choice.

    Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Review
    The Good
    • Good Price - Which may reflect longevity
    • Full body massage targeting all the way up to the head
    • 3 Function Settings: RElax/comfort, Fatigue relief and Pain relief
    • 30+ Air Bags
    • Massages target lower back region well
    • Heat available to feet and waist regions
    • Easy to use control/display
    • Very minimal assembly required but rather heavy so allow 2 people to lift the box
    The Bad
    • Seems to be hit and miss. I've read a few reviews where folks have had a hard time contacting support in regards to faulty equipment.
    • *Not suited to people over 6'2"
    • Chair can be a bit stiff to sit in without using the chair as a massaging chair

    For the buttock and thigh region the shiatsu and vibrating function stop just above. This is where you get a pressure massage from the 20 or so air bags in the lower section of the chair. In terms of a massage experience, this chair delivers. However, after going through many reviews there seems to be some mixed reviews on the after sales support. Many people got answers immediately, while some were left disappointed. So be sure to read the reviews before making a decision.

    My overall opinion is pretty straight forward. If you can’t afford a more expensive massage chair, then this may be your best bet. The comfort, massage features and the 250 lbs weight capacity will suit many folks. But at the same time may leave some folks wanting more. For those interested, the chair reclines back but not to zero gravity and the distance from the top of the chair to the feet is about 75 inches.

    Electric Shiatsu By Best Massage


    Additional 300 -350 Lbs Weight Capacity Massage Chairs Available



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  1. Ellensburger says:

    The “Real Relax” brand massage chairs say they have a 440 lb weight capacity and are less expensive than the other chairs listed here. I have been researching massage chairs and am thinking about buying one. The iDeal brand chairs have some with weight capacity of 320 as well and very nice features.

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