• 6 Big Kitchen Chairs For Heavy People

    Heavy Duty Weight Scales For Obese People Up To 1000 LbsDinner time is a pleasant time of day for most American Families. When your part of a big family as in overweight, it’s common knowledge to have many super heavy duty Kitchen Chairs For Heavy People. However they are not all that common.

    In fact it’s almost ridiculous how few there are available to the overweight and even obese community. With obesity rates doubling since the 1980’s and currently 34.9% of Adult Americans are obese. So why’s it so hard to provide us with heavier capacity rated kitchen chairs right.

    Finding Chairs Can Be Difficult

    Moving on, below you can find some Heavy Duty Kitchen Chairs For us Big People. The kind of chairs that hopefully won’t break beneath you when your trying to eat dinner. Which is rather annoying, not to mention can get expensive to keep replacing inferior chairs. While most kitchen chairs don’t come with an official weight capacity rating, one must go from word of mouth.

    Quickly Compare Heavy Duty Kitchen Chairs






    Merax Dining Chair 300 Lbs Padded Woven Linen 22"L X 18.9"W X 5.5"H 17.7"L X 3"W X 17.5"H
    Nutmeg Light Oak High Back 350 Lbs Stained Timber 19.5" W x 16" D x 17.5" (Overall) 22" W x 20.5" D x 41"H
    Windsor Chair 220 Lbs Natural Timber 18.50”W x 15.43”D (Overall) 17.5"W x 16.5"D x 37"H
    Flash Furniture 1000 Lbs Black Resin 15.5''W x 16''D 13.5''W x 19''H
    Flash Furniture 500 Lbs Metal Frame Wit Padded Seat Or Timber Seat Various Colors 16.5''W x 16.5''D 16.5''W x 15.5''H
    Coaster Home Furnishings 300+ Golden Oak Stained Timber 16.5" Rear x 19.5" Front x 16" D 39"H Total


    Padded Fabric Dining Chairs 300 Pound Capacity By Merax

    These chairs by Merax don’t just look amazing, the feel pretty awesome too. They can hold up to 300 pounds, which is pretty evident from the solid foundation. The parts of the chair are bolted together for a heavy duty and strong built. These bolts are covered using the fabric and Velcro found under the chair. I found this to be a nice touch. If the bolts were visible, then the whole visual appeal would be lost. So well done Merax.

    The seat padding is very cushy which appears to be made of high quality thick foam. While there are arms on this chair, they are very small. So they will not be an issue for a wider person to fit into. They are more of a design element over anything else.

    But what really makes these chairs ‘pop’ are the bronze copper nail trims. These nails run along the outer edge of the arms all the way across the front of the chair and up the back. This creates a very elegant and noble appearance that makes the chairs seem far more expensive then what they really are. The only issue I would see people having is the back is not all that high. So if you are relatively tall you may feel it’s too short for you.

    Merax Elegant Dining Chairs 300 Lbs Capacity


    Windsor Natural Twin Set Kitchen Chairs

    This set of heavy duty kitchen chairs were the only one’s with an official weight capacity that I could find from my extensive research. I think that these Winsome Windsor kitchen chairs are good value for a sturdy and strong pair of chairs. Many brick and mortar stores sell these types of chairs as well.

    They are a fine looking piece of timber. The grains are highlighted beautifully. The high curved back of the chair really offers some extra back support. Probably the best part about these chairs is the fact they come delivered to your door assembled. Phew!.

    Word of warning, if you intend to use these chairs for anything other then sitting around the dinner table, you may need to buy some cushions. While they are comfortable to sit on, after about 40 minutes your butt tends to get a bit sore.


    Twin Pack Windsor Natural Chairs

    Unique 1000 Lbs Capacity Dining Chair

    This chair by Flash Furniture is not your conventional kitchen chair. However I say what’s wrong with having a unique kitchen chair that stands out, yet still looks fabulous.

    Plus, we are after plus sized kitchen chairs right, and this beast can apparently handle up to 1000 pounds from its super strong polycarbonate and the highest form of resin possible. This high weight limit alone gives me the support, confidence and freedom I need at the dining table.


    1000 Pound Capacity Chair
    *Made from resin of the greatest form none - Hence the incredible Lb weight capacity of 1000 Lbs
    *Can style it to match any room of the house with the addition of cushions
    *Seat made from ultra strong polycarbonate.
    *Low maintenance - No painting, sanding, oiling required etc.
    *Choose from various colors.



    Roundhill Solid Wood Parsons Chair For Big Men

    For the sophisticated kitchen table. These chairs will match many existing dinning rooms, they look great and are made from solid timber for true strength.


    Roundhill Solid Wood Padded Chair
    *Available in various colors
    *Easy to clean
    *Very stable design
    *Comfortable back support which us larger people need
    *Simple to assemble by following instructions


    ‘Hercules’ By Flash Furniture – Black & Burgundy Chair

    The Hercules range from Flash furniture are the heavy duty range of kitchen chairs. The padding is vinyl and is quite comfortable. Perfect for the longer stays around the dinner table.

    The back support frame is made of black 18 gauge steel and metal for that added support for bigger guys sitting on it. The seat is timber which needs to be screwed into the frame. Other then that there is no assembly. Screws included, taped to the underneath of the seat.


    Hercules Series Black Vertical Back Metal with Burgundy Vinyl Seat
    Available in various colors - With or without vinyl padded seat.

    Stained Kitchen Chairs

    These dining chairs are simply beautiful. Looks aside they can handle some large weight loading.  They are really sturdy and solid looking chairs. Moderately priced in my opinion as well especially for timber of this quality.


    Stained Timber Heavy Duty Chairs


    *Alternatives To Kitchen chairs can also include over-size bar stools. This is if you sit around the main kitchen bench, which is growing in popularity.

    Another good idea for kitchen chairs are folding chairs. These can be interior and exterior chairs. I know most folding chairs are quite boring, but these few selections are more stylish with heavier weight capacities. If nothing above takes your fancy, give the folding chair range a chance.












17 Responsesso far.

  1. Odalys says:

    Where can we find these chairs and how expensive can they be??

    • bigman says:

      If you click on the ‘Check Price’ from the more details tab below the images. You will find more information. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Patty Dudzik says:

    Will they really hold that much weight?

  3. Sonja says:

    This was super helpful. Thanks for putting it together!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Just FYI the first chairs listed here actually have a weight capacity of 220lbs, not the 300 it says. We have those exact same chairs and they’re falling apart which is why I’m looking now. I was shocked to see in the description on Amazon that they go up to 300lbs, then I looked lower and manufacture’s weight limit is indeed 220lbs. So if you or your family weigh more than 220 I would stay away from those.

    Otherwise this list is great! I think we’re going to purchase the last ones listed here as they look great, reviews say how solid they are, and I think they’ll match our table better anyway.

    • bigman says:

      Thank you so much Jennifer for clarifying the weight capacity. There is a lot of mis guidance around the place. Hopefully you have better luck with your new chairs.

    • Diane says:

      Thank you Jennifer!!! I need chairs for a restaurant and your review saved me from making an error with these chairs!

  5. Duane D. Brodnick says:

    I’d like to know what’s the weight capacity for the Round Hill solid wood padded chairs?

  6. J Cook says:

    Custom made chairs are an option too. I am search By for a design for a family who even after being reinforced turned the round Hill into junk in a matter of months. Joinery properly tongue and groove with strong wood like ash is really the only way to go. Stain it pad it make it pretty, but they are about $500+ a chair custom made.

  7. Heidi says:

    I am looking at the windsor chairs. They advertise as 1000 lb chairs. When I went to the pricing page it took me to Amazon. The chairs at Amazon are listed as 220lb chairs. Am I looking at something different?

    • bigman says:

      Hi Heidi, it appears as tho they have changed the weight capacity to 220 pounds. Which is simply not enough!. The flash furniture chair made from resin below the Windsor chairs on this page has a capacity of 1000 pounds. Not as nice looking I know, but it’s very hard to find good stable and reliable kitchen chairs with high weight capacities.

  8. Andrea says:

    So first, thank you for a site that recognizes this problem in the furniture industry. I’ve been amazed that you can’t find weight specs for chairs for crying out loud. I’m still having a problem because the chairs I am finding are the typical wood chair, and I’m looking for something more modern, which I haven’t found yet. But at least you recognize the need here. Thanks.

    • bigman says:

      I know what you mean Andrea. It’s beyond frustrating. Many other types of chairs have a capacity, but for wooden dining chairs, it’s very much a guessing game. Which is one reason I don’t like going out for dinner, either to friends house or restaurants.

  9. Derenda says:

    I’m interested in the Windsor Chairs, you don’t have the details listed and price check shows a winsome wood that I am unable to verify the 300lbs weight capacity. I need the item number, etc. in order to get the correct one.

    • bigman says:

      Hi Derenda it appears the manufacturer has updated the weight capacity to just 220 pounds. Sorry for the late reply but thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  10. Kathy Boss says:

    Looking for rolling bar stools for heavy man that is 300#

    • bigman says:

      Hi Kathy, is there any specific style you’re after?. There’s this padded stool found on amazon here with a 350 pound weight capacity. It has a durable steel tripod and 5 star base with casters. It is also height adjustable to a maximum of 28.8 inches. Hope this helps.

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